...Running to clear his mind...

His heart was racing as he tore through the underbrush. Chad didn't know how long he had been running, but he knew it wasn't long enough. He was so angry and the forest felt his fury as he lunged through the trees. Tiny pink lines laid strewn across his arms from the thorns and branches. His feet were torn on the bottom, making them so tender to the soil on the forest floor. Chad stopped abruptly and smelt the air, the scent of a shewolf crossed his nose and he smirked as he quickly turned to the right and pounded his feet into the ground. He was angry and wanted to take his frustrations out with a fight. He jumped in the air and broke through the tree-line. To his surprise the shewolf was waiting on him, her teeth bared and her back arched in the air making her look very intimidating. Chad smirked and growled at her, his body shook all over and he fell to the ground. Anyone would have been shocked by what happened next, the man writhed on the ground as his body trembled. His face started to distort, his nose elongating into a muzzle. A small whimper escapes his lips as his arms start to bend and his elbows become hocks, his back legs following suit.

Once where a man was, a wolf stood. His mouth opened and a gruesome growl emerged as he turned to the shewolf. She looked uncertain and very confused about what just happened in front of her. Her teeth bared and he took that moment to curl his lips into a wolfy smirk. He lowered his head to the ground and they began their dangerous dance, pacing in a circle. Their eye contact never broke as they walked in a tight circle, he noticed the way her back legs gracefully crossed as he snapped viscously. Chad waited until he saw her make the mistake, she stepped on her back foot and tripped ever so slightly. He lunged forward at her with a war growl, she was taken by surprise and tried to side step away. She thought she had gotten away, until she felt his teeth dig into her side. She fell to the ground in a daze, her neck was throbbing as the blood started to pour out onto the ground.

Chad looked down at the wolf as she laid there, she was giving up! He angrily snarled at her, he wanted a fight and she wanted to let him win. This didn't help his anger as he barked and growled angrily at her, he pressed his head to her side and nudged harshly. This mistake was what she was waiting for as she turned her head quickly and grabbed his muzzle in between her sharp teeth. Chad yelped and tried to jump back, but the shewolf wasn't having that. She shook her head to and fro, ripping his muzzle down. Chad could taste his blood running down into his mouth, he growled and with one last tug he pulled free of the deadly trap. He tumbled backward and lay there panting, he couldn't smell anything because of all the blood covering his nose. His eyes stung as he looked up and saw the shewolf standing over him. He couldn't move, he was torn between fear and realization that he was going to die. She leaned down and met his eye, growled deeply at him, then she turned and ran into the forest. Chad laid there bleeding, he slipped in and out of consciousness.

By the time he woke up, it was nightfall. It took him a moment to realize what had happened, then the memory slowly came back. He slowly pushed himself to his paws and whimpered as his head pounded. He closed his eyes and tools in a deep breath, placing one foot in front of the other as he started to walk towards the forest line. He limped about a mile and collapsed, he didn't think he was going to make it at all. Slowly he slipped into the darkness again.

The first thing that Chad felt when he woke was the feeling of a softness under his body. He sighed softly and came to the conclusion that he had died. His thought process was broken by a sharp pain on his face. He reached up and touched his nose, he almost screamed when he felt the hole in his flesh. For some reason he was in his human form, he touched his nose once more and looked around. He was in a small room, tucked into a bed that was comfortable. A noise came from his right and his head turned abruptly to face the sound.

A beautiful woman stood in the doorway smiling as he stared at her. She held a tray of food in her hands and he could smell the delicious stew from where he sat. Without thinking he threw the covers back and slung himself off the bed, striding over to her. She let out a giggle and he was confused momentarily until he felt the breeze. His eyes glanced down and he realized that he was stark naked. A red blush formed on his cheeks as the chuckling woman handed him the tray and turned around. He didn't say anything and began wolfing down the food. It was so very tasty, and it was gone far too quickly. He was in the middle of licking his fingers when he noticed that the woman had returned. He looked up at her and saw that she had a pair of pants in her hands, along with a shirt. She walked over slowly and set the clothes on the bed. As she turned to leave, Chad caught her arm and hoarsely spoke.

"Who are you?"

She turned to him and his voice caught in his throat as he looked at her face. A long deep scar traced from her nose down to her neck. He stared for a moment and then averted his eyes when he realized that he was gawking.

"Ashamed of what you did Eh?" His eyes quickly went up to hers as a look of shock crossed his eyes.

"Excuse me?" he said with a curiosity in his voice.

"You heard me, do you remember the wolf that you fought?" He held his breath and looked at her, slowly letting the air out of his lungs as he studied her face. He had never met someone before and didn't know how he felt to finally meet one.

"Oh uhm... I apologize for that.."

She laughed and lightly touched his nose, making him wince ever so slightly. "It's fine, I got you back"

He let out a soft growl and moved his hands up to his face, feeling the hole there. It was slightly smaller and he knew it would be healed soon. She looked him over and nodded, standing to leave, speaking one demand. "Get dressed"

After she left he stood and ran a hand through his hair. He wasn't sure what just happened, but he was relieved when she left. He picked up the jeans and smelt them, a strong smell of detergent clung to them. There was no trace of the last person that wore them, and Chad liked that. He slipped them on, they rested just right on his hips. He turned to look at his reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. He smirked as he checked himself out in the mirror, running a hand across his broad chest. He left the shirt laying there as he walks past the bed to the doorway.

The only way to turn was right, so he turned down the hall and cautiously listened. He heard a sound coming from above him, and figured the house had two stories. He stepped carefully and came to the end of the hall where two doorways stood. He looked to the right and saw what must have been the living room. He looked to the left and found the kitchen along with the door that separated him from his escape. He peeked in the kitchen and saw no one.

Quickly and as quiet as he could, he took three steps and was by the door. He reached out and turned the handle, it didn't make a sound and he thanked God that it also opened without a noise. He looked over his shoulder and smirked, waving cockily at the empty kitchen and stepped out. As soon as his foot crossed the barrier, he felt an excruciating pain in his throat and he fell to the ground. It was almost as if invisible hands were cutting into his flesh. He rolled on the ground screaming in pain as he thrashed about. The pain continued and soon enough he passed out when he couldn't take it anymore.

Chad woke up in the same bed, and his hands immediately went to his throat. He didn't feel anything, and he growled.

"What the hell was that" he wondered out loud.

"You tried escaping. After all I did for you too" she was at the door staring at him. His hands left his neck and balled into fists as he slid off the bed and headed towards her. Before he even reached her, he felt the pain in his neck again and he hit the ground at her feet. She smirked down at him wickedly and spoke softly.

"I wouldn't try to do that again, and I wouldn't try leaving either."

He looked up fearfully at her, a small whimper escaping his lips. She smiled wide at the sound and turned quickly. He didn't know what had just happened, but he was cautious with his next move.

Chad slowly stood up and walked down the hall, there was still a dull pain in his throat, but he wanted answers. He heard her whistling in the kitchen and he stumbled in to find her cleaning some dishes.

"What the fuck was that?!" he growled angrily.

She turned and looked at him over her shoulder, smiling as she shrugged.

"Just something I picked up over the years"

He looked at her and took a step forward, she tutted and spoke sweetly.

"I thought you would have learned, if you try to do it again.. I'll make sure it's twice as painful."

He glared at her, not sure if she was serious or not. He didn't want to take any chances so he settled with sitting at the tiny white table that was placed in the middle of the small kitchen. The woman turned around and faced him, her hands were still wet from the sink. He looked up at her face and could barely make out the scar that was once there. She watched him as he stared at her, placing her hands on her hips. He caught her eye and quickly looked away. She gave a small chuckle and walked to the refrigerator, pulling something from the top shelf.

"I presume you're hungry?"

She turned to him with her head cocked at an angle. He grunted a response and she shook her head.

"That is no way to answer someone who has graciously taken you into their home and fed you."

Chad looked down and replied, "yes... Please... I'm starving..."

The woman seemed satisfied and she turned away, humming again. She turned the stove on and threw something into a frying pan. Chad felt the smell of the ham waft over him, and his mouth began to water. He sat there and watched her cook, his eyes wandering down to her ass. She had a nice figure, a small frame with a nice hour glass shape. Her bottom was plump and he could tell she wasn't wearing any panties under her black tight sweatpants. He looked away as his mind went off on a tangent, he needed to think straight. This woman had him trapped here, he needed to get out. He needed to get home.

That's when it hit him. Home. Rachel. His wife, or so he thought. The memories flooded back into his mind as his head fell into his hands. He had caught her in his bed with another man! He remembered it clearly, how he had stopped by to get the roses. He was so excited to surprise her, he had come home early from a business trip. When he walked into the door, he heard the sound of music upstairs and climbed them quickly to see his lovely wife. He remembered opening their bedroom door and seeing her riding him. He didn't recognize the man, nor did he care who he was. In that moment, Chad felt so many emotions; betrayal, hatred, hurt, anger. He wanted to rip them both apart. When Rachel turned to see why the door had opened, her eyes were wide with surprise. The man under her, moved his head to see what had stopped her and he looked like he had seen a ghost. His face lost all color and he shoved Rachel off of him. She grabbed the blanket and looked up at Chad, her eyes filling with tears as she stammered.

"It wasn't what it looked like.." without a word, Chad turned on his heel and ran out of the house. He headed towards the only place he knew would be safe for him and calm him down. The forest.

The sound of a plate hitting the table in front of him, was what brought him back. He looked down at the meal and began eating with his hands. He was still angry, no, he was furious. He wanted so bad to kill the both of them, his heart felt like someone had ripped it into. A dull ache left in his chest. He scarfed down his food and looked up, the woman was watching him.

She spoke softly, "my name is Sandra, and this is my home. As you already know, I'm a shape shifter. And I know that your name is Chad, you're a shape shifter as well."

He was taken by surprise and she answered before he could ask, "your wallet." He nodded and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. She watched with a smile and leaned back in the chair she was sitting in.

Chad watched her and spoke in a soft voice, "So... What do you want with me?"

She smiled at the question and answered with one of her own, "How many shape shifters do you think exist on this planet?"

He raised his eyebrow and shrugged, "Well considering you're the only other that I've met in my 25 years on this earth" his eyes met hers, "Not many." Sandra nodded and clasped her hands together, placing them on the table in front of her.

"Yes, I have met two others like us. They are mates that live in a town nearby."

Chad listened and shook his head slowly with disbelief, he thought he was the only one that was like this.

His mind wandered back to the day he found out what he was. Just a teen, barely over 14, he was playing in his backyard when he felt sick suddenly. He fell to the ground and he heard his mother scream from somewhere inside the house. She had been watching him through the window, and she was the only one there when he changed. It was a horrible feeling, his first time. He remembered the pain in his back, almost as if someone was ripping his spine. He could picture his arms, as they began to sprout dark black hair from them. He was so terrified, not knowing what was happening. He blacked out and when he woke up, he was inside his house.

As he came too he heard his mother whimper, he looked up at her. She looked funny to him, her hair seemed more defined. The wrinkles on her face were more prominent. He shook his head slowly and turned to speak to his mom, a small bark escaped his lips and he looked puzzled. Then he noticed the long black thing between his eyes, he shook his head and caught a glimpse of his body. It dawned on him what he was, he whimpered and looked to his mother for help. She didn't know what to do for him. She just stared as her poor son lay there trapped in a beast's body. He felt sorry for his mom, she couldn't take not being able to help her baby.

Three days after his transformation, he heard a gunshot from upstairs and he cautiously walked up the steps. He found her dead on her bed, a note in her hand that read "I love you Chad, I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry."

Chad howled that night, he wept by her body and when he awoke, he was human again. The young boy ran away the next day, no one ever heard from him again. He learned over the years, how to switch between forms. He had managed to live on his own, hunting animals and moving around a lot. He met Rachel at a bar when he was only 18, they hit it off and got married three years later.

Chad reminisced over the past as Sandra watched his expressions. She didn't know if he was going to break down or punch something. She cleared her throat and it brought him back to reality. He looked at her and she gave him a soft smile.

"See Chad, I have two choices for you. One is, you can leave this house and I will never contact you again. The other is that you can stay here with me, and be my mate." She said it so calmly, his eyes looked shocked for a moment and he stammered a response.

"Your... Your mate?" She smiled and he swallowed slowly.

"Yes, my mate. Our kind is very rare and hard to come by. We are a specific breed, we need to mate with others so that our species doesn't become extinct."

He looked at her and came to the realization that she wasn't kidding. He thought to himself on the two options, he could go back to his whore of a wife, or he could be with someone that was like him. He wouldn't have to hide anything from her. Sandra watched the man as he weighed his options, she didn't expect him to make a sudden decision. However, she felt that she needed to put the option out there. Her mind wandered as Chad sat in silence.

Sandra thought about her past, she had come from a rich bloodline. Her father was a governor and her mother was a trophy wife of his. She remembered the toll it took on her parents, when she transformed for the first time. They thought she was a freak and instead of helping her, they sent her away. She was heartbroken and felt betrayed, how could her own parents toss her out?! It was pure luck that she came across this house. The old woman that occupied it was so sweet and kind. She took Sandra in and cared for her just as she would her own child. She left the house to the young girl when she died. Sandra was only 17 when the woman passed away, and she began to take care of herself. Thankfully, the house was in the middle of a forest and Sandra didn't have to worry about people or bills. The old woman had made sure that Sandra was well taken care of, leaving behind funds that took care of everything. She loved the woman more than she did her own mom.

Her thoughts were broken by Chad's voice. "I'll stay, I'll be your mate."

The look of surprise on her face made Chad chuckle. He really did think she was cute. Her hair was a deep brunette and her eyes were a bright blue. An amazing contrast in his opinion. She smiled as he chuckled. She thought he was a suitable mate, he was built and tan. Her ivory complexion was nice, but she wished that she could get a little darker. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment, blue gazing into green. She broke the contact first and stood, smiling at him.

"Wanna go for a run?"

He smiled and nodded quickly, standing as well. She turned and headed towards the back door, he followed. As soon as they were outside, she began to take her shirt off. Her arms sliding the shirt up and over her head. He watched as she unclipped her bra, turning to face him as she did. His eyes moved from her face, down to her breasts. They were beautiful, a nice handful each. Her nipples were a pretty pink color and they stuck out nicely. He felt a twitch in his pants as he stared at her. She smirked and moved her hands to her waist, giving him a little show as she pulled her pants down slowly. He smiled to himself, he was right. No panties. His eyes followed a line down from her breasts to her stomach and then lower. He took a deep breath in as he looked down at her small shaved womanhood. He smelt the air as the wind blew past her, she was aroused. The smell made his crotch tingle more. He looked back up at her and smiled, taking a large step towards her. She chuckled and turned on her heel, pouncing and changing midair. He watched the beautiful shewolf take off into the trees.

He sighed to himself and undid his pants, pulling them down. He noticed his half hard shaft and bit his lip. He shook away the arousal and charged after his shewolf, changing just before hitting the forest line.

He loved being in his wolf form, it made him feel free and careless. He stopped a few yards in and smelt the air, even as a wolf he could smell the arousal. She wanted to play and he was game. He took off towards the smell, bounding in the forest. The shewolf leapt up on a branch a several yards away, she heard him coming and she wanted to surprise him. She was quiet as a mouse when she saw him break through a bush to her right. She held her breath as he sniffed the air. His eyes darted around, her scent trail had ended here and it was strong. He paced in a circle once and then went back the way he had come in. Sandra jumped from the tree and cautiously snuck through the brush. She couldn't hear where he went. Her ears were perked up as she crept low on her belly.

A yelp of surprise escaped her as the big black wolf was suddenly on her back. He had her pinned to the ground, and she didn't like it. She struggled underneath him for a moment, until she felt his teeth wrap around her neck. She stopped moving and laid still. He growled into her ear as he climbed off, his mouth still around her neck. His growl was an order for her not to move, and she didn't. He turned her neck loose as he moved around her. His nose sniffing here and there on her body. He smelt the fragrance coming from her tail end, his nose pushing her tail aside as he licked a slow long line up her slit. She let out a whimper, but remained still. Her hocks trembling as his long tongue lapped at her hot sex. He licked up all the juices that were coming from her, his cock twitching as he did. He licked until he couldn't take it anymore, he needed to fuck this little bitch in heat. He wanted to make her his mate. He jumped up on her back and gripped her waist, his claws digging into her side as he thrusted his long hot cock into her cunt. He grunted several times as he thrusted himself inside of her tight pussy. She moaned out loud, her body trembling as he rode her. He growled and snapped in her ear, as she moved her ass back against his thrusts. The pleasures building up in her lower loins.

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