tagNonHumanMates Ch. 04

Mates Ch. 04


...Back in the forest...

Leona opened her eyes to see two naked forms standing around her. She shook her head and sat up slowly, an arm reached out and held her up. The girls head was spinning. Did I pass out? What was... What happened..?... Gio-..

"Leona!" A hand was shaking her arm, "Leona are you listening? We need to get out of here.. NOW!!" She didn't get why there was such a hurry, she needed to find her mate. The last shake was all it took to snap her back to reality, "Leona, there are men coming.. Please.. Come on..."

Suddenly she was aware of the situation, but running was the last thing on her mind. Her survival instinct was kicking in, she wanted to fight... To kill even. A growl came from her throat and she shifted there, her panther form standing proudly. Whoever was coming better expect a surprise.

Chad looked over at Sandra, she looked frightened and determined. They shifted together and stood side by side with the black panther.

The bushes rustled to their left and two men emerged carrying guns. They smiled wide as they stopped about ten yards away, their eyes looking at the wolves and the line panther. These were the animals that they had been hunting.

A low growl came from the white wolf, Sandra lowered her front end slightly. She was ready to attack at a moments notice.

The man on the left raised his gun, aiming first for the large cat. To his surprise, however, the white wolf took charge at that moment. It took only five leaps and she was on him, pinning him to the ground. His partner took a few shots, missing the target.

Chad took this moment to leap at the second man, catching him off guard and pinning him down as well. The man whimpered and went limp below him. The black wolf never let his throat go, ready to make the kill if necessary. He looked back, listening for the sound of Leona's steps, but there were none.

A gunshot rang out and he noticed the white wolf go limp beside him, before her could react there was a second shot and everything around him disappeared.

Chad woke up slowly, groggily shaking his head. His eyes were opened, but it was pitch black wherever he was. A low rumbling outside the walls made him realize that they were in a vehicle of some sort. What is this? I'm in some sort of... box... Where's Sandra... And Leona?!

In a panic, he started to rock back and forth with the hope of trying to break the box loose. After a moment of movement the wolf gave up, the crate had to be strapped down somehow.

His next plan wasn't as smart, he started to howl. A few seconds into his noisy escapade he heard the sound of footsteps and a large noise near him. Someone was outside of his crate. He felt the box jolt slightly, like someone had kicked it. A funny smell filled the air and suddenly Chad felt dizzy. Within a few moments he was fast asleep again.

Leona heard the howls, but she remained silent. She knew that once Chad had stopped making noise, it wasn't because he wanted to. The panthers eyes adjusted slowly to the dark interior of her prison, she noticed small light rays leaking into the box from cracks in the roof.

The panther dug her claws at the floor, scraping them into what seemed like wood. After a few moments of digging, she noticed that the wood was actually giving away. Frantically she began digging faster and faster, clawing at the bottom of her crate. Her weight pressed against the bottom and a crack appeared, with a few more strokes it gave away and she tumbled out of the crate.

The panther didn't have much time at all, her captures had already seen her and were heading toward her on the back of the truck bed. Her eyes glanced to either side of the truck, the only way she had was jumping. The panther leapt from the truck bed and landing hard against the ground, she began tumbling head over heel in the grass at an uncontrollable speed.

Her body crashed into a tree and she fell to the side, laying there panting. Her ears pricked up as she tried to listen for the sound of the truck. A screech of tires was all it took for her to understand that they weren't letting her go that easily.

It took all her strength to get up and run, but she did it. Her hind quarters pounded against the ground as she ran swiftly down the incline, making sure not the trip this time. The lean body of her shift animal allowed her to make quick turns to avoid trees, so running became easier as the blow from the tree subsided.

Her ears were backwards, listening to the sounds of boots stampeding through the forest looking for her. She was about twenty yards ahead and wanted to keep it that way. The animal slung her body forward, bounding through the brush and thorns that tried blocking her trial. Nothing was going to stop her, she was running on instinct.

The panther moved around expertly in the trees, she limped slightly from the blow earlier but made her way efficiently enough. She looked around in the brush for a place to hide, but found none. A large tree stood to her left and she looked up at it. The branches looked easy enough to climb, but she didn't know how well she would be able to with her back leg.

She lowered herself and made the leap up, her claws digging into the bark of the tree. She gathered enough leverage to climb up on the first branch and then moved higher into the tree, trying to hide herself within the leaves at the top.

Leona could hear the sound of footsteps approaching and then disappearing again. They made several circles around the area that she was hiding, but never caught on that she was above them. She heard them talking as they walked in the distance.

"Well shit, he's going to be so pissed off that we lost one of them."

"Calm down Scott, we'll find her sooner or later."

"Calm down?! This is our JOB we're talking about Clark! What's he going to say when we bring only two of them back? Huh? You think he's going to just let that slide? Do you even know who we're talking about? The man has a terrible temper."

"Man, he's not going to know because we're going to come back and find the bitch. She can't have gone far, she's injured."

"Whatever dude, let's just get back to the truck before the other two wake up and play escape." The panther remained motionless until she was sure that they had left the area and then slowly climbed down out of the tree. Her leg was hurt pretty badly now that the adrenaline had worn off and she was walking on it. She looked around and couldn't recognize the area.

She knew that she needed to get out of this area before the men came back for her, but she didn't know where she could go. The animal lifted her head and smelled the air, nothing smelt familiar at all. She headed down into the thick of the forest, not knowing where she was heading.

A big sigh came from her lips as she walked on, she had been walking for what seemed like an hour and she still didn't see anything that was remotely recognizable. A sound came from her left side and she jumped, panicking. A white fawn bounced through a bush and immediately turned to run away from her, she caught it by instinct by pouncing up and onto the animal.

The deer fell to the floor and the cat began to tear it apart, growling at the first bite. She hadn't eaten in a while and this was a treat to her. Once she had cleaned the deer down to its carcass, she began to walk again. The panther felt a little better with a full belly, some of her energy had returned.

The sun was setting now, she didn't want to be caught in this forest after nightfall. She began walking at a quicker pace, eventually moving into a slow jog. The animal listened for any sign of life ahead of her, but heard none. The sounds of birds calling was in the distance, but she didn't hear any footsteps around her.

Leona shot forward and caught sight of an old building ahead in a clearing. It looked abandoned from the outside, but she couldn't fully tell until she was closer. There were windows boarded up with wood and nails, and a few signs warning trespassers that they would be shot if caught. She ignored them and quickly dug under the fence that was surrounding the warehouse.

She jogged around the building once, looking for a sign of life inside. When there was no sign of humans, Leona cautiously moved to a door that was half ajar, her head pressed through and caused the door to swing open along her body.

The panther snuck into the dark building, stopping a few feet in to let her eyes adjust. The door behind her shut slowly, the wind catching it and causing it to latch this time. She blinked slowly and looked around, there were various medical tables laying everywhere. They looked newer than usual, and that made her a bit uncomfortable.

Slowly, she started to move through the aisles of tables, making sure to look every direction before stepping ahead. A figure to her left caught her eye and she stopped mid-step. There was something, or someone, laying in the middle of the floor.

Leona walked very slowly, the form wasn't moving at all. She stopped about five feet away and sniffed the air, her eyes widened as she smelt the familiar smell of her lover! The panther jolted over to the form, noticing now that it was Giovanni's naked form. She shifted quickly and bent down over him, wrapping her arms around the unconscious man.

She listened close to his mouth, he was breathing normally. Tears streamed down her face as she shook him slowly, his eyes began to open slowly and she became confused. Giovanni looked at her with shock and anger, she was expecting thankful or compassionate.

"What are you doing here?!" His voice was strained and he sounded more afraid than angry. The man quickly stood up and immediately stumbled, almost like he had been drugged. "Where.. How... What.." He blinked and looked around confused, he didn't know where he was, he didn't now how he had gotten here.

Leona stood quickly before Giovanni could say another word. Her lips were on his and embracing him, she kissed him lovingly and he returned the kiss in a very tense manner. His kisses soon became very loving and his hands started to grip at her. The woman he loved was back in his arms, he never wanted her to leave them.

Tears streamed down her face as they stayed in their locked embrace, the only reason her lips left his was because a noise startled them both. The pair turned quickly and looked in the direction of the noise, no one was there. Nothing else moved in the dark, dusty space around them.

Giovanni mumbled through her lips, "Must have been the wind..." His eyes moved from the empty space back to his lover, he pulled away and gave her a stern look. "Leona, you need to get out of here now. I don't know why I'm in the place, but if they catch you.. You have to go.." The look in his eyes made Leona realize he wasn't kidding.

"I'm not leaving without you! You're coming with me right now..." With his hand in hers, she headed towards the door. He reluctantly followed, looking around everywhere making sure that they were truly alone.

They made their way to the door that she came in from, and she reached out to turn the handle. A jolt of electricity ran through her as soon as her hand made contact with the metal of the door. She yelped and jumped back away from the door, bumping into Giovanni's arms.

He held her as she whimpered from the shock and looked around for another door. He saw a window that had several glass pieces missing, and decided to head in that direction.

Another noise had them spinning to their right, Giovanni stepped instinctively in front of Leona. A man had appeared about three feet away and was watching them. Giovanni recognized Scott right away and he backed up closer to her. His eyes narrowed, he was ready to fight for her.

Scott laughed slowly, "Seriously? She was dumb enough to fall for the trick? And you? You kept her here long enough for us to seal the building. Bravo my friend." His smirk made Giovanni want to rip his face off.

"Leave her alone... You can have me... But not her.... Let her go.." The man's voice sounded firm, yet it wavered at the end. Leona whimpered at his words, not agreeing with the statement at all.

"You have got to be kidding me... You really think we are going to let her go when we've been tracking you both for over a year now?! Hah. You are truly funny my man." Scott's smile never faded as he took a few steps towards them, "Besides, she's very cute and I haven't been able to get a piece of ass for some time... I think I might just fuck your little bitch myself.... And what do you thin-"

Before Scott could finish his sentence, Giovanni was on him. The fury in his eyes said something that words could not express. The man shifted on top of Scott, his giant panther claws tearing at his skin. Scott screamed out and tried covering his face, his arms fighting at the six hundred pound cat above him.

Leona whimpered and watched the two men tussle, she knew her mate had the upper hand. She took a step back and felt something other than a wall there. Hands shot up and covered her mouth before she could scream.

A gruff voice whispered into her ear, "Don't you think about moving, I will kill you and him both." A cloth came up to her nose and she tried not breathing in, after a few minutes she smelt the strange odor coming from the rag. The woman went limp in his arms, no struggle what so ever.

Giovanni's claws dug into his prey's arms, ripping his skin as if it were just butter. Scott let out a howl of pain and Giovanni felt triumphant. He readied his next blow, aiming straight for the throat. Scott flinched and knew it was the end, his eyes closed and he waited.

The next few minutes were confusing for Scott, he felt a change in weight and heard a thud. When he opened his eyes, he saw Clark standing above him. An angel if he ever saw one! Clark was smirking down at him, "Did you think I was going to let the kitty kill you?" Scott did not find this amusing at all, he glared up at his friend.

"I could have fucking died you moron, what took you so long?"

Clark's hands went up defensively, "Woah dude, calm down. I had to get to the girl first." he gestured toward the limp female laying on the table, "We definitely didn't have a chance against two panthers." The man slowly propped himself on his elbows, looking beside him at the unconscious cat. "Well it was a little too close for me man, I thought.." He felt a hand on is shoulder, and he looked up at Clark. "It scared me I guess.."

Both of the men started laughing at once, then Clark helped Scott to his feet. "Dude you look like shit, he tore up your arms pretty bad." Scott looked at his arm, wincing at the sight of a long gash running down his bicep. The man sighed and nodded, "Yea... And it hurts like a bitch." Clark picked up the girl by the leg and grabbed a hold of Giovanni's front leg. Slowly he dragged the two towards the door, Scott followed slowly behind limping every now and then.

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