tagNonHumanMates Ch. 08

Mates Ch. 08



Ariel awoke the next morning, sore and tired. She felt broken, as if something inside of herself had been switched off. She stretched her wings out briefly and looked back at her feathers. They were untidy and ruffled, she didn't even have the care to keep herself groomed. Why would she even try to? These people hurt her, made her do things she didn't want to. They were treating her like a slave and she didn't care anymore. They had bred her to Giovanni several times in the past day and she was tired. At this point she was sure that she was unable to get pregnant herself or it just wasn't meant to happen, either way these people weren't getting their way and they weren't happy about it.

Scott was always the one to come get Ariel it seemed, she had pecked him good the first time that she saw him after the incident. He beat her pretty badly after that and she soon gave up on fighting. What good would it do? It could possibly get her to the end faster, which was what she prayed for every day. She silently hoped that they would find out that she was useless and just kill her already. Death seemed like a friendly option at this point.

She stretched once more and heard the familiar sound of metal clanking. A small mouse rushed to the ground from her food slot and she quickly dropped on it. The bird scarfed down the food, thankful that her belly was actually becoming accustom to the small amount of food they were feeding her. How she longed to stretch her wings and soar over the trees again, it seemed so long ago. She couldn't even remember what the air felt like beneath her wings.

Ariel hopped back up on the perch in her cell and sighed, she was a mess and she could only hope for some kind of help. She had been inspecting the area every time they brought her from the cell. She knew the way to the breeding rooms, but did not know anywhere else. They had taken her different ways to be checked out by the doctor, each time it was a different room. She did note however that they did not need badges to scan themselves in and out of doors, which would come in handy if any of them ever escaped.

The girl knew enough to watch carefully whenever they entered codes, it was different for each person. Scott would enter a four followed by two and three at the same time. She had only seen Clark enter his in once, but she thought that she knew it. The doctor was the only one that she didn't know, but she figured if she at least knew one, then if the time ever came, she could find a way out of the doors.

Ariel had no clue what was beyond the doors, but she figured it couldn't be any worse than where she was being held. She didn't know exactly how the doors to the cells were opened, and put that on her next task when she was pulled out.


Giovanni woke with a start, he had been dreaming of Leona again. In this particular nightmare, some men were torturing his loved one and he couldn't catch them. Every time he got closer to hunting them down, they would magically become farther and farther away. The sound of rushing water was what had woke him and he lazily lifted himself to walk over to the water. The panther took a few large gulps of water and then laid back down. He hadn't seen Leona since they captured her in that building.

Was she alright? He had hoped so.

His thoughts wandered to Ariel, she was so young and scared. Leona was young too, but Ariel was much more innocent. Giovanni was sure that this girl had never partied or strayed from the line a day in her life. He felt protective of the girl, as protective as he could be with these men around. A low growl came from him as he thought of the man Scott and the way that he would grab Ariel and leave bruises on her. She seemed so very fragile.

The panther rolled on his side and thought to himself, there had to be a way out of this prison. He wished that he could talk to the others and see where they were being held, to find some way of communicating and finding a way to get out of this place.

He knew that Chad was a few cells down, but wasn't sure exactly which cell it was. He could hear the wolf whimpering at night when he laid awake in his own cell. He had no clue where Leona and Sandra were being held, but figured that they had to be along the same hallway. He lifted himself and paced around the room, the cat did this frequently during the day. Giovanni had been plotting an escape, but didn't know where to begin with it. He couldn't simply just escape and leave the rest of them behind, but he definitely wasn't going to leave without Leona.

He stopped in front of the door and inspected it for the hundredth time. There were no cracks or anything that could give way if he put his claws into it. The metal of the door had several scratches from where he had tried to dig his way out but only managed to break one of his nails clean off. He cringed and walked to the food dish, there was a small latch that opened there and dropped food in. It was big enough to put his head in, but he had no way of sliding his body in. Plus this door seemed to shut with some force and he felt as though it might take his head off in the process.

The panther growled and scratched at the ground, the only way that seemed possible would be to escape while they were out of the cells. This meant taking control of the people and killing them, then rushing to find a way out. The only problem with this plan was that Giovanni had no clue what the layout of this place was. It seemed to be a building, but he had only seen the cell hallway and the one that lead to the breeding room.

He flopped down on the ground and thought quietly to himself, trying to find a suitable plan to escape with his friends.


Leona groaned and rolled over, she had been in a blissful dream with her lover Giovanni and had been woken to the sound of clanking outside. For a moment she let the dream wash over her, keeping her warm and in a happy place. When the clanking stopped outside of her cell she leapt to her feet and growled silently.

"Here kitty kitty." Scott laughed and opened the door.

The bright light from the hall made Leona squint and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust. She growled at him and he placed his hands on his hips.

"What? Not happy to see me? Well I'm happy to see you. The doctor just got your test results back, guess who has a happy kiddo in their belly?" The grin on his lips never faded as he pulled a black picture from his pocked and tossed it to the ground at her feet.

The cat carefully stepped forward and looked down at the picture, it was of her own sonogram a few days prior. The doctor hadn't let her view the picture and left without saying much that day.

Leona slowly let the news sink in, a pit fell in her stomach as she looked at the small picture on the paper. She was pregnant, with Chad's baby? She knew that they had been breeding, but didn't think that this would happen this soon. She growled up at the man standing there and he smirked.

"See, I could shock you right now. However the doctor ordered me not to 'stress you' in order for your baby to grow and for it to be safe.. but..."

An electrical current streamed through her and she whimpered as she hit the ground. She laid there convulsing for a moment and then stayed still. The cat panted lightly as Scott leaned down and looked at her.

"Don't piss me off kitty cat. I just might have to give you the same fate as the other girl.. "

Leona laid still, holding back everything that she wanted to do. She snarled lightly, but kept her place. She could easily reach up and rip his entire throat out, but that wouldn't end well for her. Of all the times that she was pulled from the cell, she never saw anyone else other than the doctor, Clark, or Scott. That didn't mean that there weren't others, but she knew that there were at least three of them to contend with.

Scott stood up and loomed over her, "Come on. Let's go."

He attached a chain to her and she got up slowly. The man led her down a hall, but this time they turned to the right and headed down a hall that was unfamiliar. There weren't any doors on the side walls like where the cells were, only one big set of double doors.

The man stopped and entered a code, there was a beep and the double doors slowly slid open. Leona looked around as they entered, there seemed to be grass on the ground. When her paws touched it, she realized that it was indeed grass that was being grown inside. In the corner was a big tree, her gaze followed it up until she saw the giant glass roof that let the sun shine in.

In all the bad that was happening, the sun shining on her coat made her smile inside. She was a prisoner, but at least she would see light again. It was more than she had hoped for. Scott removed the chain and disappeared out of the room as she stepped on the grass.

The panther suddenly fell to the ground and started to roll around in the green soft lawn, purring for the first time in a long time. The sun hit her belly and she laid there for a few more moments. This wasn't bad at all, but then she realized where she was again and wearily got to her feet. She smelled around the perimeter and walked over to the tree.

Her paws lifted up and she raked her nails against it, it was real bark. How could they grow a tree in the middle of a room? She looked up, it was about ten feet to the first branch and she could easily climb that. She hoisted herself up into the tree and looked down from the branch, the room was just one big pasture.

She laid against the tree and began to clean herself, letting her black fur soak up the warmth of the sun.


Chad and Sandra both woke up at the same time, stretching together. Their bodies were still intertwined from the passionate night before. Sandra smiled at her mate and placed a small kiss on his lips. Chad growled playfully at her and returned the kiss slowly. His hand crept behind her and pressed into the small of her back, she arched into him and gave him a longer kiss this time.

He smirked against her lips and rolled to his back, pulling her on top of him. They both laid there, tongues winding with the others as Sandra moved her fingers up and down on his chest. Her fingertips played against his skin as she dug her nails lightly into his flesh, leaving pink lines to show their trail. Chad's fingers did their own exploration as they snaked down to her pert bottom and squeezed lightly.

His member was hard when he woke and it was really straining now that his mate was on top of him. Sandra's mouth moved from his own and she slowly kissed a trail along his jawline, small kissed placed here and there as she moved her body against his. His member pressed against her thighs and she began to grind herself against it, teasing him.

Her lips trailed down lower to his neck where she growled low and pressed her teeth into his flesh. Chad let out a deeper growl and his hands went instinctively to her hair, his fingers grabbing a fistful.

"Careful now dear, I'm only letting you tease me."

Sandra looked at him with a playful grin. She licked her lips slowly and continued her trail along his neck, pecking and nipping at the hairs that were growing there. He let out a groan and released her hair once her teeth nipped along his jugular, digging in ever so slightly. A shiver ran through his body once she released the skin, letting it pop out of her teeth slowly.

Her fingers danced below against his belly button, traveling lower as she continued her teasing kisses. Chad moved his hips with her, attempting to line himself with her hole without touching anything, but Sandra was in charge this time. She expertly moved her hips against him and his shaft only slid against her inner thighs.

A gasp came from his lips as she descended further, nipping at his left nipple and then his right. She had never done this before and it came as a rather pleasant surprise. Chad had given her nipple's lots of love before, but this was the first time that she had returned that pleasure.

Her lips wrapped around his small peak and she began to suckle at it. He never knew the pleasures that he could have from this one thing, but his straining member showed proof that he wasn't objecting to it.

Sandra ran her lips along and gave the other nipple the same attentions. Chad could practically feel a pulse coming from his shaft. Her lips traveled from his nipple and down to his naval, he leaned up and watched her. She stopped and her eyes met his, she teasingly ran her tongue up and down his happy trail and he groaned with anticipation. Her tongue and mouth left him completely and he knew what she was doing, this was a game.

He grabbed her quickly before she could get too far away. One fist held her hair and the other explored her body as he pressed her face down into the bed. She wriggled on the bed and he placed his legs on hers, pinning her down.

"Now then, this is much more like it."

His hand moved down between her legs and he moved his fingers over her mound. The woman responded by moving her hips, trying to cause his fingers to graze against her little nub. He grinned and moved his fingers away completely from her womanhood, instead he moved his fingers to her shoulders and drug his nails down her back.

A gasp followed by a deep moan came muffled from the bed, she arched herself and moved her ass against him. She wanted him now and didn't want to play a game anymore, she was turned on by his scratches.

Chad moved his nails along her ass, making sure to leave deep lines there. He loved to watch as she writhed for him. His hand slid down once more and this time he spread her labia apart and looked down. She was glistening from all the juices, some were even beginning to trail down her thighs. He licked his lips slowly and ran a finger just along the lips, capturing some of the sweet nectar there.

Sandra could hear him licking his fingers, which only made the wetness between her legs worse.

"Please baby.." She pleaded into the mattress.

"Please what? What do you want lover?" He cocked an eyebrow as he lifted her face from the bed and continued to lick her juices from his fingers.

"Fuck me.. Hard."

He grinned and shook his head. "Oh no, I'm going to make it excruciatingly slow, just to tease you my darling."

Sandra groaned and closed her eyes, licking her lips slowly. The idea sounded delicious.

Chad slowly moved behind her, his hands freeing her hair and finding their way to her shoulders.

He pulled her back to his chest and began to kiss her neck slowly. She tilted her head and offered him more flesh, he gladly moved his lips to it and began nibbling and kissing there.

His hands moved to her front, cupping her breasts in each and letting his thumb and forefinger toy with her nipples. They became hard quickly as she moved her chest into his hands and her ass back against his groin. She could feel his hardness pressing against her butt and back.

He kissed her neck and then moved to her shoulder, biting hard on the blade and then kissing the spot. She responded with a low moan and her mouth stayed open. He took this chance to lock his lips with hers again and let one hand move away from her chest down to her mound.

His fingers prodded at her little nub, lifting slowly until he felt the hood being slid back. She almost cried out into his lips when he took the little nub in-between his fingers and began to slide them up and down. Sandra felt as if he were jacking off her little clit, his fingers got a bit tighter as he moved them up and down on it.

She almost came unglued as she bucked her hips and moaned deeply against his lips, he moved his hands away as she came close and she whined into his lips. He grinned as he moved his fingers back and started to move them along the clit again, it was swollen now and he could easily run his fingers along it. He started to repeat the process until she was close and then he stopped again. She almost screamed against his lips.

He pushed her forward and she placed her hands on the bed, his hands went to her hips as he grinded himself against her. She was so wet that when she grinded back, his groin and thighs were shining with her fluids within seconds. She was so ready for him.

His fingers wrapped around his cock and he stroked it there while he looked at her soaking wet lips, the sight was beautiful to him. He leaned forward slowly and pressed the head of his cock into her warm wet hole. It was so inviting and her walls hugged him close while he sank inch by inch into her. He held her hips in place to prevent her from slamming back on his cock and he took his time.

Finally, his hips met with her ass and he held himself there. He pulled away from her slowly and then made his way into her at a very slow pace. She gripped the bed in front of her as he teased her with his cock. He slowly began to build his pace into a rhythm and she groaned out as his fingers reached under her and found her clit.

Chad moved his fingers along her button as he moved himself in and out of her hole, each time getting a little faster until he was almost slamming into her. Sandra cried out and rocked back against his body. She yelped and groaned as his thighs slapped against her own flesh, making a clapping sound that resonated throughout the room.

A warmth was building between Sandra's legs as Chad moved into her again and again. Her walls gripped onto his shaft and squeezed as moved out and then back in. The pleasures began to build quickly with each thrust forward. Sandra gasped and cried out loudly as she became stiff underneath her lover. Her walls clamped down on his member and milked it as she coated his cock with her fluids.

With one final thrust, Chad was emptying himself into her as the walls gripped and pulsed around his shaft. He thrust his hips involuntarily as the spurts of semen came jetting out of his head. He slowly pulled himself away and looked down at his girl. She was completely out of it and laid with her ass in the air. Chad watched as her little hole oozed out their love juices.

He sighed quietly and fell beside his mate, pulling her to his chest. They laid there for a while, holding each other and just enjoying the company.

They both bolted up with wide eyes as the sound of a gunshot rang in the air.


Ariel had fallen asleep again on the perch when she heard Scott's voice and another.

"Yes sir." He sounded scared.

"You deliberately took this girl as your own, are you stupid? Did you not know what we are trying to accomplish here? I should fire you and have you sent elsewhere." The man sounded very angry.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't know what to say. I wish that I could take it back bu.." Scott was cut off by the angry man.

"No you don't. You selfish son of a bitch. You don't wish you could take it back, all you wanted was to get your dick wet and then it was over. You don't care about the project at hand at all."

"Yes sir I do!" He sounded desperate. "I didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. She was being a little bitch, she.. oh.. sir what's that? What.. no.. no!" A gunshot rang out and Ariel almost fell from her perch, she sat there wide-eyed as she listened to the sound outside of the door.

There was a quiet whimper and then the angry man was talking to someone else, "You know Scott, you had potential, but I guess you chose to waste it." The sound of footsteps slowly faded and Ariel listened to Scotts ragged breathing on the other side of the door.

"Fuck.. shit..." He whispered softly and then there were running footsteps.

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