tagNonHumanMating Season

Mating Season

byBob Waters©

Bright light stabbed deep into my head forcing a groan from my lips as I slowly regained consciousness. I squinted against the light, trying to see past it, but it hurt. I screwed my eyes closed and tried to roll away from it. That was when I noticed I was restrained.

Awareness exploded upon me like a bomb. I suddenly realized I was naked, fastened to some kind of metal table at wrists, biceps, waist, thigh and ankle. My head was held in place by padded blocks up against it on either side. My arms were over my head, my legs pulled wide apart. My heart began to race, my breathing quicken as the reality of my predicament burst in upon me.

"Please, do not be frightened," a voice echoed in my head. Yeah, right. That voice was scary on it's own, neither male nor female, androgynous, unaccented, too perfect. I began to struggle against my bonds.

I felt a sting and then a slight burning in my left thigh. My fear retreated, intellectually I was still afraid, but the massive amounts of adrenaline my body had dumped into my system was suddenly counteracted. My heart rate slowed, my breathing returned to normal.

"Better," the voice said.

I say voice. I can't say that I actually HEARD anything. Sure they were words, I think. The THOUGHT of them was in my mind. I sure didn't put them there.

What the fuck was I doing here? I remembered driving home from the party, the long, dark Vermont country road. Sudden bright light and then….nothing. Waking here.

I tried to speak, nothing came out. I cleared my throat and tried again.

"Wh-Where am I?" I sounded calm enough although in some deep, locked away part of my mind gibbering horrors struggled to break free. Whatever they had shot into my leg was good stuff.

"You are perfectly safe and will not be harmed," the 'voice' replied in my head. "We are sorry for this, but it is necessary."

"Sorry for what?" I asked. I was amazed at my calm tone.

"We regret we had to disturb your life and would not have done so if it were not a matter of the gravest importance."

"Who are you. Show yourselves," I demanded.

"Very well," the voice answered.

The blinding light dimmed and a blinked my eyes open. The gibbering horrors tried to come back, but the drug flowing through my system kept them at bay. Standing over me was, well, an alien.

Yah, yah, I know. Tabloid stuff. Bad TV movies. Maybe I was passed out someplace having some strange dream but standing over me was your basic stereotypical bug-eyed alien. Big head, big black almond shaped eyes. Little hole for a mouth. No nose or ears. Gray skin, 2 arms and (I assumed) legs. No hair or any other disruptions to that smooth, leathery looking skin.

"I…uh….you…" I stammered.

"Yes Ellen, I am not from your world," the voice said in my head.

"How do you know my name?" I asked, fearing some kind of, I don't know, brain scan or something.

"It was printed on your driver's license," it answered prosaically.

Feeling stupid, I asked, "Why have you kidnapped me like this?"

The thing had no face or anything to give me any emotional cues, but I'm sure I sensed great embarrassment. Well, the thing seemed to be a telepath, was it also an empath - projecting emotions as well as thoughts? I pushed that aside to concentrate on its reply.

"We have a problem that one of your species may be able to help with." It replied. "Our pilot is….sick and we think you can help him. Until he becomes well, we cannot go home. We believe you can make him well again."

"How am I supposed to do that?" I asked. "I'm an accountant, not a doctor."

"If his condition were a medical one we would not need your help," it replied. "Pilot is of another species from myself. Our biochemistries are very different. Although I look superficially like you, we are vastly different. Pilot looks nothing like your people, but your are biochemically very similar. Very similar."

I've watched way too many horror movies. "So," I whispered, the fear finally breaking past the drugs, "Are you going to feed me to him or something?"

The thing seemed annoyed. "No. Pilot is in…heat - for want of a better word. He is in his season and must mate. He has lost the capacity for rational thought and will not regain it until he successfully mates."

"Well, hook him up with a missus pilot," I said, not liking the direction the conversation was heading. It gave off the impression of being even more embarrassed. "We do not have a female of his species on board. We should have been home long before pilot went into his season but we have been….delayed."

"So you are expecting me to…'mate' with your pilot?" I asked incredulously.

"If he accepts you. We think he will but are not sure." It answered.

"Wait a minute, you said I look nothing like your pilot's species, why would he want to mate with me?."

"You are correct," it said. "You look nothing at all like pilot's people, but pilot is not a visual creature. Pilot's species find their mates by pheromones, scent, and as I said, you are almost biochemically identical with pilot. We think we can 'fool' his system into recognizing you as a female of his species. The appropriate 'parts' are close enough in size that a mating should be physically possible."

"Forget it!" I said angrily. "I'm not 'mating' with some alien monster!"

"You are a sexually mature human female. We have examined you and know that this is so. We can also tell that you have mated in the past so there should be no physical impediment to the union."

"I don't give a shit!" I yelled. "I'm not doing it."

"I am sorry, but you do not have a choice." It said walking away.

Another alien, similar to the first came into view carrying an obvious hypodermic needle. A part of my brain noted it's similarity to terrestrial ones – a case or form begetting function – while the rest of me screamed, "NO!"

The alien plunged the needle into the meat of my left thigh. He depressed the plunger and the large bolus of fluid burned into my leg.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed, clenching every muscle as the serum spread, turning my veins to molten metal as it coursed through me.

"We are sorry," the first alien was back at my side. "We are altering your body chemistry to temporarily give off pheromones compatible with pilot."

"Wha…what…." I gasped as my body began to burn.

The second alien looked at a monitor above my head and announced, "It's working."

"Get pilot," the first agreed.

My body felt heavy, my breasts tingled. I felt my nipples harden, my pussy get thick, wet. I tried to rub my thighs together, but the restraints kept them apart. I burned, I ached. I needed my boyfriend, a vibrator, anyone. Oh my God, I thought, I might actually go through with this in the state I was in.

The first alien returned towing a kind of cart, although I couldn't see any wheels. On it was a…..blob I guess is all I can say. A large, soft looking bag of jelly was all I could think of.

"This is pilot," the first alien informed me.

"What?!" I gibbered though the fog of my chemically induced lust.

"This is pilot. We will see if he will accept you now," it replied.

They pushed it next to me. I tried to get as far away from it as possible, but the restraints held me firm. It twitched.

"It's responding!" one said to the other. I struggled harder. "Her struggling is causing her to give off more pheromones," it said. "Her disinclination to cooperate might actually work in our favor."

The blob twitched again. It…rolled onto the table next to me, up against me. It was warm, dry. I guess I expected slimy or something. I whimpered. With a wet, sucking sound an orifice opened on the top of it and a pink, forked tongue flickered out. I swear, it looked just like the forked tongue of a snake only a hundred times larger. It flicked at me again and I shrieked.

"That is pilot's olfactory organ. He is scenting you," my original tormentor informed me. "Do not be frightened."

The tongue flicked closer, I screamed louder and thrashed.

My thrashing seemed to have an affect on the pilot. It rolled up onto my belly. It was heavy, but the weight was well distributed. It's tongue flicked across my arm, my chest. I jerked as it brushed a nipple. It flicked my armpit and then again a second and third time, sensing the pheromones given off in my fear sweat. It quested, searching then brushed across my chest again, sliding softly against my skin, down lower. I squirmed trying to get away. It found my leg and followed it up. It brushed my open pussy and I gasped. It came back, skimming lightly over my lips and I squirmed in terror and, I realized, lust.

It probed me, I swear I felt each individual end of the forked sensory organ examine me, tracing my lips, probing my urethral opening, delving lower, finding the opening of my vagina. Probing with both ends of the fork. I felt the organ slid in a bit, I hissed. It slid deeper, deeper. I felt it caress the opening to my womb. "Unnngh!" I moaned, God help me it felt good.

The pilot creature began to shake, it seemed agitated. I heard another sucking sound and opened my eyes. Another orifice had opened on it's body and a…tentacle I guess began to probe outward from it. It was tubular, with a rounded blunt end about as thick as my wrist.

"It's working!" the first alien said excitedly. I realized that this tentacle must be the pilot's sexual organ.

"No, please, no!" I begged. "Don't let this happen, please, it's too big. No, this is sick, please stop this."

"We cannot stop this now," the alien said. "Pilot has accepted you as a mate. If we tried to stop him he would become violent."

The tentacle continued to extend, curving down toward my cunt. A second, smaller one followed the first.

"Wha…." I stammered.

"Pilot's sexual organ is two pronged. You're body will not be an exact fit for him, but…." The alien replied. I swear I heard a smirk in his 'voice'.

I tried to struggle but the pilot seemed to flatten onto me, holding me down. His thick sexual organ extended even further, brushing the top of my cunt, pushing downward, inward.

"Nooooo," I whined as the thick organ pushed inward. Stretching me open, splitting me, filling me, pushing deeper. I was afraid I would tear. I burned, ached. It hurt, it felt perversely good. I felt something pressing my leg. I looked down, Pilot's thick tentacle was buried in my cunt, pulsing slightly. Close to the opening in his body it came out of, it bifurcated. The smaller half was what I felt bumping my leg, looking for a second opening that wasn't there.

Pilot began to twitch, seeming agitated. The smaller tentacle pushed me, moved a few inches, pushed again. The tongue-like organ he first explored me with probed my vulva, moved lower, found my anus. The pilot shifted on me, I felt the smaller tentacle against my ass. Smaller, but still way too large.

"Noooo!" I shouted as it pushed in. "Owwwweeee, nooooo!"

Pilot heaved, the smaller tentacle pushed deeper into me, the forked tongue flitted and twitched around my pussy. The tentacles began to pulse, throb, faster and faster, in tune with one another, vibrating. Stimulated in spite of myself, I forgot the pain, feeling only the humming in my cunt as Pilot's organs pulsed deep with in me.

"Oh, ohhhhhh, unnnnnn," I sobbed, no longer in pain but in heat myself. "Oh, oh, oh,!" I felt Pilot's double organ swell deep inside my holes and I groaned as I came.

"Ohhhh Godddd!" I gasped.

Pilot twitched, throbbed and I felt hot liquid pump into my pussy and ass. It burned, but the sensation set off another orgasm as I came again, violently "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Pilot stayed on me, in me for a time. Eventually, his organs began to shrink, to withdraw. I felt a rush of fluid follow from both of my holes, but the table seemed to absorb it, at least I stayed dry. Eventually, pilot rolled off of me and back on to his cart. I felt sleepy, lethargic. I suspected that the drug or hormone or whatever they had injected me with was wearing off.

"Thank you," I heard in my head. This 'voice' sounded different.

I looked over at pilot.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you," the voice came again.

"Is that you?" I asked.

"Yes," it answered. "I'm sorry they did that to you. Had I been able to stop them, I would have. Please know they did it to save my life, not to cause you pain."

"Save your life?" I asked. "I thought you needed to mate."

"I did," pilot answered. "Had I not mated, I would have died."

"Hmm," I answered, thinking. "Maybe you better bring a female of your own species along next time then," I said, inanely.

"An excellent suggestion," It answered dryly. We seemed to have more in common then biochemistry. The other two humanoid alien's hadn't the shred of a sense of humor.

"Although…." I began, "If you find yourself in a jam again, give me a call."

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