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Mating Season


It was a quiet night at Old Calhoun's bar. Jimmy walked up to the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey. As he drank he looked around just to see how empty the bar actually was. There were a few ladies laughing and having a good time in the back. A man was with them. each woman lay in his arms hanging onto his every word. Jimmy turned back around giving up on the hope of getting lucky.

"Man," he said. "This place is empty."

"Yeah," the bartender said. "We usually have a lot more people here but ever since the clubs opened up down town it's been slow."

That was when a sexy dark blonde woman came in and walked up to the bar. Her double D breasts stood completely on end and her shapely legs curved sensuously to the floor. It was like she was a mass produced machine made for the sole purpose of having sex.

The woman was dressed in a black leather dress with matching high heels that clicked with every step she took. Her bronzed skin seemed to shine in the dim lights overhead.

"Hi," she said smiling at Jimmy. "You're new."

"Actually I've been coming here for a while."

"Oh. I haven't seen you around."

"Name's jimmy."

"Samantha. Nice to meet you."

"That's a nice dress you're wearing. Did you come from a party?"

Samantha smiled. Her eyes narrowed at the man.

"No. I'm going to one. Want to come? My date didn't show up."

"Sure. I could use a little excitement."


Samantha and Jimmy both finished their drinks. Jimmy paid for them and went to the parking lot. Samantha stopped at a bright red sports car and leaned seductively on the hood.

"Do you like it?" she asked. "I've always wanted one. It's so sexy and wild."

Smantha climbed into the driver's seat then opened the door to the passenger side allowing Jimmy to get in. When he was in his seat and buckled in the woman drove off. she drove fast. Barreling down the empty late night streets like she was late or something.

"Wow," Jimmy said. "You must really need to go to that party."

"Oh yeah. This party is very important. We only have two months left before it's over."

Samantha's voice deepened into a husky sultry voice. She licked her lips in anticipation of what will come later.

"Only two months?"


Samantha drove to the outskirts of town. They pulled up in front of a huge sixty room mansion with four floors. It looked almost like a hive.

"Here we are. I hope you brought your appetite."

Jimmy and Samatha got out of the car and climbed the steps to the front door. A woman clad in black lingerie answered. she smiled at the man.

"Well Samantha," the woman said. "Glad you could make it. Come in. All the ladies are in the living room enjoying a little pre-mating dinner."

Samantha and her date for the night walked down a few halls into the middle of the house. That was where Jimmy saw hundreds of naked women all of them massaging themselfs in a huge orgy. there was one woman in the middle rubbing and squeazing her breasts. A sweet smelling clear liquid flowed out of the nipples and the girls lapped it up or smeared it all over their bodies.

Their men were all naked watching on the sidelines. Many of them already had full on erections and playing with themselves as they watched the scene. Soon other women started to secrete their own liquid. They continued to rub it all over each other's body.

"Looks fun doesn't it?" Samantha asked.

"Um yes?" was Jimmy's only response.

"Well too bad. This part's only for the ladies."

Samantha shed her clothes and walke in the midst of the action. She presented her big breasts. Evetually the strange ritual escalated. Using the liquid as a lubricant they inserted their fingers and tongues into each other. They kept going as their excitement rose. Soon they were screaming and moaning and groaning all over each other in ecstasy.

All the women collapsed on top of each other out of breath from the workout.

"That was so good." Samantha said getting up and coming over to Jimmy. "Why don't we go to my room for a little dessert."

Samantha took Jimmy's hand and walked up the stairs through the winding hallways into a bedroom on the left. Jimmy's still throbbing erection bounced and bobbled up and down.

"Looks like you're as excited for this as I am." the woman said.

Samantha opened the doorand they went into the room. It was elegantly decorated with red curtains everywhere. All the lights that were on in the room were also red giving the whole place a seductive look. The minute they were in the room, Samantha pinned Jimmy to the door and pressed her lips against his. She forced her tongue into his mouth and swirled it around.

Samantha lingered there for a while then released him. She moved backward to the big curtained bed in the middle of the room. She laid back against the pillows and opened her legs wide. She gently massaged her crotch. First brushing a finger up one side along one labia and then down the other. She placed her thumb on the little nub near the top of her oval. The feeling of her hand touching the erect clitoris caused her to arch her back. Her mouth hung open a little.

Jimmy couldn't control himself anymore. He climbed into bed and crawled up to the begging sexual woman. He licked the inside of her legs slowly following the path her fingers took earlier. Her juices tasted like honey with a musky after taste.

They were addictive. Jimmy felt his entire body tingling with hornyness. All he could think of was penetrating deeply into her soft hot body. Samantha sensed that.

"You want to be inside me don't you?" the seductress asked.

"More than anything." Jimmy replied.

Samantha's hand darted between Jimmy's legs. She grasped his now red penis slowly guiding it into her. When she felt it slip inside she looked up and smiled at the man.

"That feels so good." she said.

He slowly massaged the inside of her body rhythmically moving his fleshy rod back and forth. At the direction of Samantha his movements turned into thrusts. They went faster and faster building up her excitement stimulating her. She reached below and started playing with the man's testicles. This caused him to reach his peak quicker. Suddenly he exploded into her.

"Oh YES!" Samantha screamed.

After he was spent he fell over.

"That was wonderful" he said.

Samantha streightened up. She climbed on top of him.

"I'm not done with you," she whispered.

The woman picked up one of her breasts and shoved it into his face. She squeezed the sweet juices into his mouth.

"Drink. Drink it all."

The man suckled her healthy breast. she continued to squeeze filling him with her juices. This caused him to become erect once again. Samantha moved a little and guided it back into her warmth. She slowly started to rock back and forth gaining speed with every thrust. She gave him and evil smile.

"Now comes the finish," she said.

Samantha went fastor over Jimmy's body. The collisions between the two caused them to slap together. He winced in pain with every thrust of her torso. Soon he could feel his muscles spasming and squirting his seed into her. Samantha's vaginal walls convulsed as she threw her head up and made the loudest most unearthly noise Jimmy had ever heard.

With a strange clicking sound the Samantha's skin peeled away slowly reavealing a human sized praying mantis on top of him. The man screamed under the giant insect's weight trying to break free of her grip. She leaned over moving her sharp mandibles hungrily digging into his chest.

Blood splattered everywhere as the creature devoured his lifeless body. with her meal finished the mantid got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. Her human skin slowly returned from under her wing coverings unfolding back around her. The woman admired herself in the mirror smiling at her human form holding her glistening stomach as the vibrations of new life wiggled and wriggled deep inside.

She went back out to the living room where the women were congregating. With their stomaachs filled with wriggling life they continued their orgy for the rest of the night.

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