tagErotic HorrorMating Season Ch. 02

Mating Season Ch. 02


Chapter 02: The Offspring

It was another quiet night at Old Calhoun's. The bartender wiped the counter off with a wet washcloth. The same woman from the other night stepped in. Like before her high heels clicked on the old tile floor. she was sexier than ever wearing a black leather corsette laced up. Her breasts rose and fell in the restraining garment like pink bread dough rising in an oven. They quivered with every breath.

"Whiskey" she said, "Two shots."

The bartender complied.

"You're back," he said, "Whatever happened to Jimmy? I haven't seen hm since the other night."

"Oh I don't know," Samantha replied shrugging her bare shoulders, "You know men. They have sex with you then they disappear."

"Ha ha ha. Yeah. That's Jimmy for you. So what are you up to?"

Samantha smiled an evil toothy grin. She leaned forward giving the bartender a great view of her cleavage. She lightly touched the man's wrist.

"I don't know. I was thinking of getting out of here and having a little fun. What do you say you join me?"

The man at the bar gulped. His breath shortened and his heart raced at the woman's touch.


Samantha reached behind her corset and pulled the string. It loosened a little revealing a bit more of her cleavage.

"Why not stay here?" the bartender replied. "We can have our own little fun in the back."

Samantha smiled.

"Hmmm. I see you're a naughty one."

The woman walked behind the bar. The man led her into the storage room in the back. As soon as he closed the door Samantha slipped out of her corset and pinned him against the door. Her breasts pressed against his chest.

"Touch them," Samantha said.

The bartender pressed his hands onto the two fleshy bags. He kneaded them and pressed them together as the woman moaned and grunted in excitement. He could feel something deep inside wriggling and moving around. They felt like plastic tubes.

"Oh yes," Samantha said, "That's it. Keep going. My little darlings are hungry."

The man stopped. He gave the woman a puzzled look. Before he could say anything Samantha shoved one of her breasts into his mouth. she squeezed it. Sweet juices flowed out and into his mouth. He swallowed surprised at her secretions. She kept squeezing more of her juices into him.

The bartender's arousal went straight up and he was ready. Samantha slowly moved her hands down his body massaging his chest. she tore open his shirt. Then she knelt down opening his pants and pulling them off. His erection popped out.

"Oooh," Samantha said, "It looks like you're almost ready."

Samantha stood up and straddles her victim. He slid down against the wall under her pelvic thrusts. Her lithe and flexible body made everything all the more pleasurable for him. Soon the massaging vaginal walls twitched and spasmed around his penis. He spurted into her as she threw her head back to let out an unearthly screech.

Samantha looked down at her victim panting as she brought him to orgasm a second time. The skin around her breasts folded away. Then the skin on the rest of her upper torso.

The man screamed when he looked up. In place of the woman's flawless face was a triangular head. Two large compound eyes stared back at him. Small antennae grew from above the creature's eyes. Below that was her exposed chest. In place of breasts were two translucent sacs filled with wriggling worm-like larvae. She kept her fleshy skin around her arms and stomach. It split and folded behind her.

"You will feed my babies for months," Samantha's voice came from the mandibles. They clicked with each word.

The creature leaned in. The two sacs that used to be her breasts sagged toward the terrified man. all of the larvae inside moved and jostled and wriggled vying for the chance to be first to taste human flesh. She shoved both nipples into the bartender's mouth and squeezed. He felt each larva force its way down into his throat wriggling into his body. There were fifty to each breast.

When Samantha was done, she brought the skin back around her upper body. Then she put her clothes on. Before she left she lifted her breasts and squeezed a white liquid out onto her victim. It hardened into a cocoon that fused him to the floor.

Outside the bar was still empty. The woman walked over to the door and flipped the sign to closed and turned off the lights.

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