tagIncest/TabooMatt, Suze, and Kerry

Matt, Suze, and Kerry


I was 20 years old and a junior in college. I played on the football and wrestling teams but my real love was the drama club. I'd already been in a couple of plays and I was pretty good, too; at least, that's what my friends told me. But the real reason I gravitated toward drama was the girls in the club. They were pretty, flirty, and (so I'd heard) horny. Maybe it was a manifestation of their artistic orientation; their expressive, emotive tendencies. Or maybe they were just flirty and horny.

I didn't have much experience with girls and desperately wanted some. The little dating I'd done in high school hadn't gone very far sexually so at 20 I was still a virgin. And while I really really wanted to change that, I was also afraid of being awkward with more experienced college women, so I was too shy to ask anyone out. Pretty pathetic.

It happened during a cast party following our last performance of "West Side Story." Susan Martin gave me a ride to the party, which was a real coup for me: 'Suze' was 21, a senior, a cheerleader, and a total babe. I'd been lusting after her since the first play rehearsal.

She had long blonde hair, a beautiful face with deep blue eyes, and a California tan covering a knockout body. She almost always wore tight short-shorts that showed off her long, toned legs, and hugged her perfect behind like a second skin. It took me twice as long as it should have to learn my part in the play because at least half of my attention was always on Suze.

She had always been nice to me, but never seemed to show much real interest. Which wasn't surprising: smarter, better looking guys were always hanging around her and it was obvious to me that she could have had any man she wanted. I thought of myself as reasonably good looking, and I was taller and more muscular than most guys guys I knew. But I was just a second-string wide receiver on the football team; her most recent boyfriend was the starting quarterback. So when she asked me if I wanted a ride to the cast party, and I realized on the way to her car that it was just me and her, I was floored.

"Oh my God, Matt, can you believe it's over?" she said as we walked through the parking lot. "We were great tonight! I wish we could just keep doing this play for months, like they do on Broadway."

I walked a bit behind Suze on the pretense of following her to her car. It was a very warm night, and she was dressed accordingly: I watched her rear end as it moved like a living thing under her trademark thin white short-shorts, which positively glowed under the lights. Just above her butt, I thought I could just make out a distinctive triangle that announced the presence of thong underwear.

Just watching her, I felt myself starting to get hard. I picked up my stride a bit to catch up with her, then sneaked sideways peeks at her large breasts, which bounced a bit under a tight peach crop top as she walked. I couldn't tell whether she was wearing a bra or not. I hoped I'd find out before the night was out.

"You were outstanding tonight," I said. Which was true. With her looks and her excellent singing voice, Suze was the perfect 'Maria.' "I, on the other hand, totally messed up my part in the gang fight scene. I don't understand how I could get it right five times in a row then blow it on the last night."

"Don't worry about it," Suze said as we reached her parents' SUV. "It was the kind of mistake that nobody in the audience could have possibly noticed." She opened up the car and slid behind the wheel.

I climbed into the passenger seat and shut the door, and Suze pulled out into traffic. "Well, Kerry," she said, "how'd you like the play?" Surprised, I looked at Suze, then turned to look behind me.

"Great!" said the girl in the back seat. She grinned at me. She appeared to be 17 or 18 years old, and looked like a younger version of Susan Martin. With a sinking feeling I scaled down my expectations for the evening.

"Matt Peters, meet my little sister Kerry," said Suze. "Kerry, this is Matt."

"Hi, Matt" said Kerry.

"Kerry's 18 and a senior in high school. She wanted to see the play and I invited her to the wrap party, too," Suze said.

"Ah," I said.

"You screwed up in the gang fight, right Matt? I could tell because you sort of stopped and rolled your eyes, and you weren't moving the way the other guys were."

"Kerry!" said Suze.

"Shit!" I said. "I KNEW everybody would notice."

"I don't think so," said Kerry. "I only noticed 'cause I was watching you, because Suze said she likes you."

"Dammit, Kerry!" said Suze.

She likes me? I felt a warm glow start in my chest. It worked its way up to my face, and down towards my nether regions. I looked at Suze, who was staring straight ahead at the road.

"God, I am so embarrassed," she muttered. But there was a small grin on her face.

"Don't be," I told her. I decided to take a major chance. "I was seriously in lust with you when I first saw you, and that feeling has only grown since I've had the chance to get to know you. I haven't done anything about it, though, because I know you have a boyfriend and because, well... I'm nobody."

She glanced at me, and grinned again as her eyes moved from my face, down over my body, and back up to meet my gaze. "You are DEFINITELY not a nobody," she said as she returned her attention to the road. "And my boyfriend and I are through. I told him that I like somebody else."

I thought I might explode from the way she had looked me over. It was a serious turn on and I was pretty sure that it was also an invitation of sorts. I had no experience to tell me what to do next, but I couldn't just sit there. I inched my left hand towards her, not sure if I should let it rest on her hand or on her leg. Her hand was the safe bet but I decided to go for broke. My hand moved across the center console and ever so casually came to rest on her bare thigh. I sneaked a sideways glance. She was still grinning, which I figured was good news for me. I was certain of it when she placed her free hand over mine.

"Are we there yet?" Kerry asked from the back seat. Jesus! I'd totally forgotten about her.

"Almost," said Suze. I felt her hand move mine down her smooth bare leg almost to the knee, and then back up again – all the way to the top of her thigh. My hand was now resting on the material of her shorts, and when I glanced sideways again I realized that the tips of my fingers were maybe an inch away from her pussy. My hard-on pushed painfully against my jeans but I didn't dare try to adjust it for fear of Suze noticing. I felt her move my hand another half inch towards her crotch. I realized that I wasn't breathing.

"Well, how much longer is it gonna take?" whined Kerry.

"Almost there," said Suze as she moved my hand onto her mound. We each let out a little involuntary moan.

"What?" said Kerry from the back. I had no idea whether she could see where my hand was, and frankly by that point I couldn't care less; this was the furthest I'd ever been with a girl. Suze's shorts were so thin that I could feel the softness and heat of her flesh beneath the material. My index finger was nestled in the depression between her outer lips. I pressed the tips of my fingers down harder against her and moved them up and down over her mound. Her hand pressed mine down even harder and she let out another little moan.

"What?" Kerry said again. "You're mumbling, Suze. Are we there?"

Suze laughed. "Oh, we are SO there."

I was in heaven and I wanted it to never end. But just a few moments later Suze gave my hand a squeeze and moved it back onto my side of the center console. She put on the turn signal and pulled off the highway and onto a dirt road that led to the beach. In the distance I could see other cars in the flickering light of a wood fire; as we got closer and parked the SUV I began to recognize some of the other cast members. Suze grabbed a blanket out of the back and

the three of us went to join the party.

There was a chorus of "Hey, Matt" and "Hi, Suze!" from our friends. Some of them had brought food and there was a large ice chest full of beer. I smelled the sweet scent of marijuana in the air. Suze was sniffing the air, too.

"Now Kerry," said Suze, "remember our little talk. I agreed to bring you to the party, but you're going to see some things here that Mom and Dad can't know about. What happens here stays here."

"Gotcha!" said Kerry, eyeing the food. "I'm starving. Can I have something to eat?"

"Come on over, Hon," said my friend Kevin. "I'll fix you up. Beer, Matt?"

"Great," I said. I looked at Suze, and she nodded. "Make it two," I said. With beers in hand we made the rounds to say hello to everyone, then eventually settled back down on the blanket. I was frustrated: Suze was so close, but with our friends all around and Kerry sitting on the blanket with us, I was embarrassed even to try holding Suze's hand.

Half an hour and two beers later, my state of mind was very different. Suze and I were sharing a joint. Fascinated, Kerry sat at the end of the blanket and watched us. I took a deep drag and held it for as long as I could, then exhaled and watched the smoke curl up into the night air. I was definitely feeling no pain. I rolled towards Suze to hand her the joint, but instead of taking it she pushed me back down, leaned over, and kissed me on the lips, softly and sensuously. I was hard almost instantly.

"Matt, can I tell you something?" she whispered as we finished kissing. "When I told my boyfriend that I like someone else... well, it's you. I sort of schemed to get you to myself tonight." Suze looked away, almost demurely. "I want to make love with you," she said. "Do you feel the same way about me?"

I tossed the joint aside, took her in my arms, and pulled her down to me. As we kissed, my hands moved over her back and down to cup her ass. I moaned as she ground herself against me.

I heard a sucking noise, and looked up to see Kerry taking a pull off the joint. I broke our kiss and said, "Uh, Suze," and motioned towards her sister, just as Kerry began coughing violently.

Suze looked up at Kerry and grinned. "That'll teach ya'," she said as she took the joint from Kerry's hand. "I thought you told me you never wanted to smoke. Let's get you some water." Suze got up and walked over to the ice chest. Kerry was still coughing so I sort of held her and patted her back. "You'll be OK," I said. There were tears streaming down her face, but she managed to smile at me.

I looked around at the others. Some were sitting by the fire, drinking beer or smoking weed; others had paired up and were kissing and touching, oblivious to anything but each other.

Suze came back with a bottle of water, which Kerry took and eagerly tipped up to her mouth.

"Are you OK, honey?" Suze asked.

Kerry put the bottle down and wiped her lips. "Better," she said. "But my head kind of feels like it's floating." Suze and I laughed.

"Kerry, will you be okay here for a while? I want to take a walk with Matt."

"Sure, Sis." said Kerry. "I'll be fine." She got up and walked over to the crowd standing by the beer chest.

My hand found Suze's as we walked away from the crowd and the firelight and toward the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. It felt so natural, yet the newness of holding hands with Suze made me a little giddy.

"Kerry doesn't have much experience," she said.

"With parties?"

"With anything," she said. "She's this serious genius at school, all honors and advanced placement classes. She hardly has any free time at all, and when she does she uses it to build her 'college resume' by working, tutoring other kids, doing non-profit stuff, and so on. She's 18 and she's never even been on a date."

"That's weird," I said, thinking of my own lack of advanced experience. "She's as gorgeous as you. I'd think the guys would be all over her."

"You say the nicest things, Matt." She squeezed my hand. "Most guys are intimidated by her smarts, and other guys by her looks. But mainly she just doesn't have the time. She'd be in her room studying right now if I hadn't dragged her out of the house tonight to see the play and come to the party. I hope you don't mind."

We turned and headed back to the party.

"I don't mind," I said. "But it is a little frustrating. Now that I know how you feel, I'd really like to... get to know you better."

She stopped and looked at me and smiled and leaned towards me and kissed me softly. My arms went around her and pulled her to me and the kiss became more urgent, and I felt her tongue lightly touch my lips. Soon we were kissing deeply and Suze's body was tight against mine. My erection pressed hard against her and she ground herself against it as we kissed. I wanted to touch her everywhere but I wasn't confident enough to start.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other and both took a deep breath. Her face was flushed.

"I want to get to know you better, too," she said. We walked the rest of the way back in silence, hand in hand.

"Hi guys," Kerry said. She was sitting alone on the blanket, drinking a beer.

"Hey," Suze and I said at the same time. We looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm so hot," said Suze. "Let's go swimming, Matt."

"Great," I said. "But I don't have a suit."

Suze tilted her head and gave me a "Duh!" look. "Skinny-dipping, silly. I've got towels in the truck. Kerry, will you be OK here?"

"I'm coming with you," Kerry said.

"Are you sure?" asked Suze. "Have you ever seen a guy naked? Are you OK with a guy seeing YOU naked?"

"Whatever," said Kerry, looking at me. "I don't mind Matt seeing me naked."

As we walked to the SUV I willed my erection to subside. Suze handed us each a towel, grinned at me, then unselfconsciously pulled her top up over her head. In the dim light I could see that she wore no bra and I couldn't help but stare as her big, full, beautiful breasts came into view.

I wanted to reach out and touch them, but all I could do was stare. Suze bent over to pull down her shorts and her tiny panties, then stood back up to see me staring at her clean-shaven pussy. She laughed and put her hands on her hips and shook her shoulders like a belly dancer, which made her breasts jiggle provocatively. I groaned.

Behind Suze, Kerry was shucking her clothes, too. I watched as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse; underneath it she wore a demure white bra. She kicked off her tennis shoes and wiggled out of her jeans, revealing matching white panties.

"Aren't you going to get undressed, Matt?" asked Suze.

"Uh, yeah," I muttered. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my T-shirt and when I looked again I saw that Kerry was now naked. She had smaller breasts than Suze but they were perfectly proportioned for her petite body. Unlike her big sister, Kerry had a small tuft of pubic hair. She looked up at me and smiled shyly and hesitated for a long beat, then covered herself with a towel.

Still naked, Suze said, "Well, Matt?" She looked down at my jeans. Kerry watched me expectantly.

I was rock-hard. "I can't," I said.

"Why not?" said Suze.

"I... I'm... you know..."

"He's got a boner, I'll bet!" said Kerry.

"Yeah," I said.

"Come on, Matt; it's only fair," said Suze. "You've seen us. Take it off!"

Shrugging, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and slid them to the ground. My penis, finally freed from its painful confinement, popped out and stood to attention in the warm night air. I kicked the jeans aside and looked at the girls.

"Wow," said Kerry. Her eyes were locked on my rigid cock.

"'Wow,' indeed," said Suze. She smiled at me. "Very nice."

"Is that big, I mean, compared to other guys?" asked Kerry.

"He's nicely big," said Suze.

All guys measure, right? I knew I had a little under 7 inches. I looked down: my dick was thick and pointing slightly upwards, the way it does when I'm fully erect. I felt proud and embarrassed at the same time. I held out my hand for a towel.

"Not so fast," said Suze. "Turn around."

I did, and I could feel them both staring at my ass. I knew that I was nicely muscled from weightlifting for football and wrestling. While I was embarrassed at being on display in front of girls for the first time, I was also very aroused.

I heard them moving closer. "Turn around again," said Suze. When I did, I found Suze standing very close to me. Close enough that as I turned, my hard-on rubbed across her thigh and wound up pressing against her tummy. She moved closer still, and when I leaned down to kiss her, my penis sort of lodged between her legs.

Immediately she moved her legs together, tightly clamping my erection between her inner thighs. I gasped at the sensation. As we kissed, I reached around and grabbed her naked butt, pulling her into me and instinctively beginning small thrusting movements. Suze chuckled.

"I guess the swim will have to wait," she said. I watched her ass as she turned and walked to the SUV, opened the back door, and fiddled with the seats. "Come here, Matt," she said. "And Kerry, I need your towel."

When I joined her, I could see that Suze had folded the rear seats to form a large flat space in the rear compartment, and was arranging the towels to form a bed of sorts. "Climb in, guys," she said.

The three of us crawled into the back and lay down on the bed of towels. I was on my back in the middle, Suze was on my right, and Kerry was on my left. Suze slid her left arm under my neck, leaned down, and kissed me; her right hand trailed down my chest, across my abdomen, and onto my penis.

I gasped as she encircled my member with her fingers, and began slowly moving them up and down along my shaft. I stole a glance at Kerry; her mouth was hanging open as she stared at my rod, and at Suze's hand slowly jacking me.

"Suze," I groaned. "Kerry is right here."

Her hand never stopped as she said, "When I told Kerry that I liked you I also told her that I was going to try to have you tonight. She said she wanted to watch. She's gotta learn sometime. What happens here stays here, right Sis?"

"Right," said Kerry, still watching her sister's hand moving up and down my rod.

"This is for educational purposes," said Suze.

Between the beer, the weed, and my sexual excitement, Suze's argument made sense to me. We were going to fuck, her little sister was going to watch, and the thought of it turned me on. I said, "Well, if it's for education, I should tell you that I'm not all that experienced."

"That's OK," said Suze.

"I mean... well, I'm not experienced at all."

Suze's hand stopped moving. "You're a virgin?" she whispered.

"Yes," I said, embarrassed.

"That is so excellent," Suze said softly, looking down at me. "I'll be your first." She nuzzled my neck, then kissed her way down my chest. She licked and sucked first one nipple, then the other, making me squirm and groan. When she began working her way down my abdomen, I finally realized what was about to happen. I looked up in time to see her lips encircle the head of my penis.

She wrapped both of her hands around my rod, and then her head began to slowly move down and up. As her lips moved down over me, I felt her tongue make sideways flicks back and forth across the sensitive underside of my shaft. As she moved back up her mouth tightened and suctioned me, and simultaneously both of her hands moved rapidly up and down my erection from her lips to the base of my penis.

I groaned out loud at the pleasure of it; my head fell back against the floor of the SUV. I looked to my left and saw that Kerry was up on her knees now, leaning in close to watch her sister's movements.

"I'm not going to last long," I said.

Suze pulled off me long enough to say, "I don't expect you to." Then she took a breath, placed her mouth on me again, and pushed her head down until her lips were against my pubic hair. I was in her throat, and the sensation was incredible. When she moved back up her hands were instantly on me again: one playing with my balls; the other moving quickly up and down my shaft, now wet from her saliva.

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