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Matter of Size


Many thanks to bythewx for first editing and improving this story and to BeautifulStorm for further corrections.

Grateful thanks to ScarletFrost and Dowageroftwo for challenging the writer with corrections and ideas that made it better. ScarletFrost is also an accomplished Literotica author who writes sensual/consensual tales of female domination, bobcat-boys, vampires, woman pirates, wolverines and happy slaves.


"This sure went in a weird direction," Selma said.

"What do you mean?" Minx asked.

"I mean, when we started, we were all complaining about our husbands. We can nag them or be really nice or give them great sex, but nothing works. They're still impossible and infuriating."

"What's weird about that?" Dora asked.

"Because while we were bitching, we all admitted they've grown up and are a lot more thoughtful and responsible than when we married them. We don't give them any credit for doing better, because we want them to change even more."

"I suppose I should be grateful, but I'm still frustrated," Haley said.

"Maybe this means we just need to be patient," Audrey said. "They're moving in the right direction. There's nothing they can't change if we find the right way to encourage them."

"I guess you're right," said Laurie.

Most of the lunch crowd at Denny's was gone, and the dishes had been cleared from their table. The table was quiet for a moment, until a strange smile came over Selma's face. She whispered something in Dora's ear. Dora laughed, and the others looked at her.

"Tell us what's so funny," Minx said.

"I can't," Selma said. "It's an inside joke. Not everybody would get it."

"Then you can explain it," Haley said. "I can see you're dying to tell us."

"It's something from high school, isn't it?" asked Audrey as she saw the others passing on the joke through whispers into eager ears.

All the others at the table knew each other from childhood, but she had met them in college.

Once everybody knew, they looked at each other, but not at Audrey, and suppressed giggles with varying degrees of success.

"Don't look away from me," Audrey said. "You all get the joke except me. It's not fair. Tell me, Minx."

"Not me! I love you, Audrey, and this is mean. I don't want to make you cry."

"Shut up, Minx," Selma said. "She obviously doesn't care. I'm going to --"

"No!" said Dora, Haley, Laurie and Minx, almost in unison.

Selma only hesitated for a second before she continued.

"It's about what you said about men, that there's nothing they can't change if we encourage them. Well, there are some things they can't change."

"Like what?" Audrey asked.

"I mean, yes, they can change those things, but not without surgery," said Selma. "Do you get it now?"

The giggling turned into laughter.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know," said Selma.

Minx managed to control herself and tried to sound serious.

"That's enough, Selma."

Audrey was quietly thinking. There was a puzzled expression on her face. Finally, she spoke.

"All I can think of is it's something to do with Jasper. You all grew up with him, so you know things I don't. You're going to have to spell it out, I'm afraid."

"Oh, Audrey, I'm so sorry," said Minx.

She turned to the others and spoke in a scolding voice.

"I told you she was sensitive about it. But you don't care about her feelings as long as you can have a laugh."

"I wish I knew what I was sensitive about," Audrey said. "I can't think of anything you could say about Jasper that would upset me, except if you told me he was cheating on me. I know he used to get around, but that was before we met, so I don't care."

"Maybe she's in denial," said Dora.

"No, she's not," said Laurie. "She just can't imagine we all know about Jasper. We're building this up all out of proportion. It's no biggie. Omigod! Did I just say that?"

She and the others began laughing again while Audrey looked at them in frustration.

"All right," said Minx. "Audrey, we're talking about Jasper's equipment. We all know how tiny he is. That's what Selma meant about men not being able to change some things without surgery."

Audrey still looked puzzled. She seemed to be processing what Minx had just said. They waited for her reaction. Finally, she spoke.

"Let me get this straight," she said. "You all know about the size of Jasper's cock. Is that what I just heard?"

"Yes," Minx said, "but that's not important. You've never complained, so it's obvious that you're happy. Nothing else matters. I hope you forgive us. It's one of those silly high school memories that nobody ever forgets."

"Wait a second," Audrey said. "You said that everybody knows. You mean everybody from your high school?"

"Well maybe not everybody," Dora said. "but the senior class for sure. Once a secret like that is out, it spreads like wildfire. Jasper took a lot of ribbing. None of us ever made fun of him in public, but I heard some other girls tormenting him, and I'm ashamed to say that I stood there and listened without saying anything."

"Me, too," Minx said. "I should have stepped in a few times, but I was really self-conscious in high school and didn't want to do anything that drew attention to me."

"It didn't seem to bother Jasper," Haley said. "He hasn't changed a bit in that way. Even back then, he was always cool as a cucumber. No matter what happened, he was always positive, always smiling.

"I never saw any guys bother him, and whenever a girl would pick on him and bring up his size, he smiled. Sometimes, it made the girl angry, because she wanted him to be embarrassed or humiliated, and she would get really abusive. But he just kept on smiling. You would have been proud of him."

"That's right," Minx said. "I remember that, too."

"Me, too," Dora said.

"Me, too," echoed Laurie and Selma.

"Okay," said Audrey. "I think I'm starting to understand. Everybody in your high school class thought Jasper had a tiny cock? Who started the rumor?"

The other women looked at each other and at Audrey.

"I'm sorry, Audrey," Selma said. "I don't think any of us wanted it to go this far. All of us found out for ourselves, so for us it wasn't any rumor."

"So you all slept with Jasper in high school?"

"But only one time," Minx said. The others chimed in that they had also only slept with Jasper once.

"And that's when you discovered that his cock was smaller than what you were used to?" said Audrey. "You had no idea before that?"

"Oh no!" said Laurie. "We all knew before we had sex with him. We talked about this at your bachelorette weekend after you and the others went to bed and we kept on drinking. Each of us had two or three boyfriends in our senior year. But Jasper was much smaller than any of them. We all remember how little it looked."

"If you knew beforehand, why did you have sex with him?"

The others began giggling again.

"We were just silly eighteen-year-olds," Selma said. "We were dying of curiosity."

"We're much more mature now," said Minx.

That got them all laughing so hard that two of them rushed off to the ladies room.

When they were all sitting at the table again and calmed down, Audrey looked at them thoughtfully before she addressed them.

"So you didn't sleep around that much, but each of you had sex one time with Jasper. That means he slept with five different girls in his senior year, but only once."

"Oh there were others," Laurie said.

"Really," said Audrey. "How many?"

"I don't know," Laurie said, "but I remember talking about how small he was with a few friends on the song leading squad. Each of them told me she had had sex with him once."

"I didn't know you were a song leader," Audrey said, "but I should have guessed it. All of you are so cute. Were you all song leaders?"

"No," Minx said. "Dora and I were cheerleaders."

"And the rest of you were song leaders?"

"Except for me," said Selma.

"But you're so beautiful," said Audrey. "How come you weren't chosen?"

"I didn't go out," said Selma. "I was too busy studying."

"Of course," said Audrey, "you're Miss Brainy. Let me guess. You were in the honor society with Jasper."

"That's right," Selma said.

"Did you talk about Jasper with any other girls in the honor society?"

"I know what you're asking," Selma said. "Yes, there were some other girls who were curious about him. If you're a scientist, you want to personally observe the specimen.

"And there were some other cheerleaders, too," Minx said. "Wow! Audrey, you've uncovered a whole new side of Jasper. He sure made the most of what little he has."

"Hmmmm," Audrey said.

"You don't sound angry at all," Minx said. "I'm so glad."

"Like you said, it all happened long before you met Jasper, anyway," Haley said.

"I'm not angry, but I've got a lot of questions. When each of you had sex with him, did he let you examine him? Did you measure it and then measure your other boyfriends? How did it feel with such a tiny thing inside of you, or did you feel anything? Did you ask him out to trick him into showing it to you? I'm curious, or is it too embarrassing for you to talk about?"

The others looked at each other as she spoke. When she finished, there were gales of laughter. Once it got quiet again, most of them were out of breath.

"I'm sorry," said Haley. "But when you asked if we are embarrassed to talk about it -- we've been talking about it for years. I think we've memorized every second we were with Jasper. He really made an impression on all of us."

"Then you don't mind telling me?"

"You're not going to use it against him, are you?" Minx asked tentatively. "You're so calm. You must be a volcano underneath?"

"Like I said, I'm just curious. He never told me any of this, but when I tell him I found out, I'm sure we'll have a good laugh about it. So who goes first?"

They looked at each other and laughed again.

"The funny thing is that after we told each other about our dates with Jasper, we found out that they were almost identical," Dora said.

"I can't remember who told about her date first, but we were rolling on the floor, because each of us could pick up the story at any point and tell exactly what happened next. Jasper has a great sense of humor, but not much imagination."

"Really?" Audrey said, sounding more bemused than curious.

"I think Selma should tell you," said Laurie. "She tells it best. I vote for Selma."

The others agreed that Selma should tell the story. Selma seemed flattered. She was beaming. She turned to Audrey and took her hands for a moment as she began speaking.

"Okay. But I want you to understand that no matter what I tell you, I have a lot of respect for Jasper and you and what you've built together. Promise me you won't hold this against me, or Jasper."

"I promise," Audrey said.

"Okay. It happened like this. It was in January, right after I had been dumped by a boy named Ralph over the holidays. I had heard the rumors about Jasper, and someone had once pointed him out, but I didn't know him. He must have known Ralph, though, because he knew about the break-up almost as soon as my girlfriends did.

"He came up to me at lunch and said he had heard that I had broken up with Ralph and wanted to tell me he was sorry. I felt strange and said thanks.

"He asked me if I would meet him for coffee after school across the street, and I asked him why. He said that he had something he wanted to tell me in private. I told him I didn't even know him, and he said he thought I'd be interested in what he had to say. Then he said he'd be waiting for me if I chose to show up. The last thing he said was, 'See you there,' and then he walked away.

"I couldn't concentrate on school the rest of the afternoon because I was dying of curiosity.

"After some small talk, he asked me if I had heard anything about him. I blushed, and he said that's what he wanted to talk to me about. He flattered me and told me every guy in school thought I was hot, him especially. He said when he heard about Ralph and me splitting, he wanted to cheer me up but knew he was the last person I'd think of talking to. What could he possibly do to make me forget my blues?

"So he was offering me the only thing nobody else could. He told me it was really little and whenever a girl sees it, she starts laughing. He said no matter what her mood is, she brightens up. She plays with it and asks questions. If she wants to know what it feels like inside, he's happy to show her. Afterwards, he asks her if she felt anything, and usually her answer is she isn't sure, and that makes her laugh some more.

"He told me that sometimes a girl says things that are unkind and then apologizes, but he always tells her that he's heard everything and doesn't mind a bit as long as he can make her laugh and forget her troubles.

"He suggested that I let him show me Saturday night. He'd get a nice hotel room, and at least for a little while, he'd make me forget Ralph. He promised to pleasure me until I was in ecstasy. If that didn't work, I'd laugh so much while he was trying that I'd be happy anyway.

"I was stunned, as you can imagine. I told him thanks for his good intentions, but what he was suggesting was so bizarre that it creeped me out. I said that I felt sorry for him, and he should see a therapist who could help him deal with his problem. The last thing he should do is something that would make him feel even more humiliated.

"He thanked me for my consideration and then asked if I had ever seen a tiny cock on a man and if I remembered how big Ralph was. I felt my face getting red.

"'If Ralph's thing was as big as my pinkie, you would be laughing right now,' he said.

"He asked me to look at his feet and stuck them out from under the table for a second. He said his feet were really small for his size and I must have heard what that meant, and if not, I should look it up.

"He kept coming up with more reasons for me to agree. He said I might never meet someone who looks like him again. He told me I could imagine he was Ralph and work through some of my anger by humiliating him. He said he might cry if I was cruel enough, but that we'd laugh about it afterward. He asked me if he struck me as being depressed.

"I said no, but I still wouldn't do it.

"He asked me if I wasn't even a little curious, and I told him, of course I was, just like any girl would be, but that didn't make it right to do to him what he was suggesting.

"Then he asked how I felt right then.

"I told him fine, and he said he would bet that during our conversation, I hadn't thought about Ralph once except when he brought him up. I admitted that I hadn't.

"He told me that proved his point. He'd managed to make me forget about Ralph just by talking about his offer.

"He said that maybe I was thinking that afterward he'd bother me, but he swore that he would never call me. If we ran into each other, he wouldn't talk to me, and if I said something to him, he'd be polite but cool.

"He said it would be a one-time thing, and he would never tell anyone what happened, but if I wanted to tell people, he didn't care.

"Then he said to prove he was telling the truth, he was going to leave and would never call me or tell anyone about our conversation. He gave me a piece of paper with an address and a number on it and said that was the address and the room of the hotel where he'd be Saturday night at seven o'clock in case I changed my mind.

"I said thank you and left. I knew that I would never go to that hotel. But of course, I kept wondering what his little thing looked like. I imagined myself playing with it and laughing at him and making him cry. Saturday night, I knocked at the door.

"He opened it and said hello, and when I came inside, he shut the door and grabbed me and gave me a big French kiss. It was a great kiss, but I got angry and pushed him away and even slapped his face. I asked him what that was all about and told him I wasn't there to have sex with him. I just wanted to see it and leave.

"He said that I must not remembered the part about him pleasuring me. He was going to show it to me, but it was going to be the climax of his performance. First, he wanted to make me so happy and satisfied that it would drive all the unhappy thoughts from my mind. Then would come the presentation and all the laughter and humiliation. He apologized for not making this clear before, and he wouldn't be angry if I left now.

"I was upset, but I didn't leave. I sat on the couch looking at him, and my mind was spinning. Of course he wouldn't tell me before. He was tricking me into some strange sex game. He made no move to come closer to me. Then he got up and went to the door and said that he was sorry and I probably wanted to go.

"That's when I realized that I had wanted to be tricked. I wanted to see his little thing and make fun of it. I would see what he meant by pleasuring me. Even if I liked it, I would know he tricked me into it.

"That would make it easy to do what I really wanted to do. I could make fun of him and humiliate him without feeling guilty at all. I got up and went over to one of the chairs and started taking off my clothes with my back to him.

"I saw him walk over to another chair and turn his back to me and do the same thing. I smiled as I watched him. No matter what he had told me, he still wasn't eager for me to see it. I tried to look at it as we got into bed, but he kept hiding it.

"In a couple of minutes, though, I stopped thinking about anything except how I was feeling like I had never felt before. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, Audrey. I guess to make up for his shortcomings in one area, Jasper became a master of everything else. Never before or since has a man used his lips, his mouth, his tongue, his hands and everything else the way Jasper did. The orgasms he gave me were so intense that I began crying from sheer happiness.

"After I came a few times, I wanted something inside me. I forgot all about how small it was and told him to put it in. He asked if I was sure.

"I said, 'Yes, goddammit! Put in right now!'

"I was burning up with lust. He put it in and started moving it slowly. I yelled for him to go faster and kept yelling until his body was pounding mine really hard. I came at least two more times before I heard him, and he was coming with me.

"We both collapsed and lay there next to each other. My mind was a blank for a while as I was trying to get my breath back. I began thinking about his cock again and how it had felt. I couldn't remember. I had been too caught up to think about it. I told him I wanted to see it.

"He said he had a rubber on and was going to the bathroom to wash up first. He was in there for a long time. I was wondering if he had gotten cold feet and would try to cheat me out of what I came for.

"But then he came out and lay down in the middle of the bed. I got up and turned on the lights. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I wanted a good look.

"It was just like he had said. I couldn't help laughing. He tried to pretend it didn't bother him, but I could tell he wasn't comfortable. I poked and pulled and flicked and squeezed, and I got a little carried away. He asked me a couple of times to take it easy. I guess I was thinking of Ralph, and I wanted to hurt him, but then I came to my senses.

"We didn't say much while we were getting dressed. Before we left, I told him that I had a great time. I told him that I was sure he'd find a girlfriend who didn't care about his weakness, because otherwise he was a fabulous lover.

"The funny thing is that a month later, I thought about him again. In the meantime, I had started dating another guy. We had sex, and it was fine, but one night I thought about Jasper, and I called him. I don't think he was alone from the way he talked. He asked me to call him the next day.

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