tagGay MaleMatt's 1st Adult Physical Ch. 02

Matt's 1st Adult Physical Ch. 02


"Matt, as I said earlier, guys usually get an erection during physicals so don't be ashamed if it happens. I repeated my question, as I looked at his still flaccid but thick cock. His soft foreskin covered it perfectly and it matched his olive complexion. A thick bush of hair surrounded the shaft. "What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?"

"Doc, I really don't want to talk about this."

I could see Matt was very uncomfortable lying naked on my table and my question wasn't making it any easier and that made me hornier. I know he wasn't a wrestler but he was built like one and now that I had finished shaving his chest, I could see his muscle definition perfectly. My eyes moved along his fit chest and abs and paused on his dick. He was hung with large low hanging balls. My mind raced with thoughts of how big his cock would be when it was hard. "I asked about your fantasies because you said you ejaculate quickly and you don't have much semen when you do. I need to find out if you have some emotional issues that might be causing a problem."

I began examining with both my hands the area around his collarbone for lumps. I then felt around his neck and his throat. "You have a very pronounced Adam's Apple. It's indicative of a high level of testosterone.

"Is that bad?" Matt asked, as I continued to run my fingers along his jaw and to his ears. His wavy brown hair covered them as I ran my fingers through to feel the area behind them.

"No, it's because you masturbate often and at nineteen you've matured ahead of people your age." I continued feeling his neck and his firm chest.

"When you masturbated this morning, was it quick as usual and was there little semen?"

"Yes," he replied, recalling a conversation he had with his older brother a few weeks earlier. "Shaun says that it should take a half hour and I should shoot tons of it. I usually blow my load in a couple of minutes and there is almost no jizz."

I was intrigued by his conversation with his brother.

"Your brother is right."

At nineteen, Matt was taking after his older brother Shaun in every way. Shaun has the same great looks and is just as athletic as Matt. Shaun is nearly six feet tall and must have taken all the height genes. However, what Matt lacked in height, he made up in his upper body strength.

I put my index finger on his right nipple and moved it in a slow circular motion.

"Did you know nipples are very sensitive and they can help when you masturbate to get more enjoyment of the session and then more semen?"

Matt was astounded, "Really, nipples can do that?"

I looked at his cock and it was still soft but mine was growing hard as a rock and it was becoming evident since I was wearing thin scrubs.

I inspected his nipple closely, squeezing it. I moved to the left one and rolled it between my thumb and index finger, slowly massaging it. I glanced down and still no sign of movement in his cock. It was still limp.

"This nipple looks a little pale in color."

He looked worried. I reached for a clamp and put it on his nipple and he screamed in pain, "What the fuck are you doing doc?!"

Matt was no idiot, so I explained to him pressure on the nipple would allow blood to flow to it more freely when it is released. "I need to see if it gets any color when I release the clamp."

He wiggled in pain and I assured him the pain would go away if he stopped bouncing around and placed my right hand on his tight belly to calm him down, looking into his hazel eyes. I moved my hand down his belly to his bellybutton and inserted my middle finger before continuing to slightly touch the base of his shaft with the tip of my fingers.

He wasn't finding the clamp enjoyable and bit down on the corner of his lip to counteract the pain. Without warning, I clamped his other nipple tight. "Arrghh!" He grimaced. "Son-of-a-Bitch, what the hell?!"

"Matt," I replied. "You have two of everything for a reason. I need to compare the two. Relax."

I could tell the pain was unbearable and placed my left hand on his chest to reassure him but moved my right hand closer to his soft cock and played with it. The distraction of the pain kept him from realizing that I began to fondle his cock in an effort to arouse him and get him hard. I squeezed the shaft, feeling the veins under my palm and pushed the soft skin back exposing the bright red mushroom and felt each of his nuts with my fingers.

The ache from his nipples made him breathe heavily as his face began to turn red. I released his cock and balls before he realized what I was doing but before it swelled.

"You're probably going to enjoy this exam, so relax."

He looked at me with trepidation. "Enjoy? You're fucking kidding me, right?"

"This is your first adult exam so you may experience things you might think are not necessary but they are necessary to determine your well being."

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