tagMatureMature Jill's Revenge

Mature Jill's Revenge


I gasped in surprise as I felt the cock force its way into my wet cunt. I knew it was big, but was not expecting it to feel so big. After all, my cunt was not as tight fitting as it used to be when I was younger. I was 57 years old, and had been around the block a bit during my time. I'd been married and divorced 3 times – and to be honest each divorce was my fault entirely – I'd whored myself around quite a bit and acted like a total slag. I'd slept with numerous men and had always been pretty adventurous sexually. I had tried and enjoyed most things – but staying faithful was not something I was good at. So you can understand why my pussy may not be as tight and compact as it used to be. I'd describe it more as well used and accommodating to most things!!

So I gasped once again as Dan pulled his cock out of my wet willing pussy and then rammed it back in as hard as he could with all the finesse and experience of an 18 year old boy.

What was I doing here – well that was easy? My name was Jill, and I was on a revenge mission. Revenge against three spiteful women who had turned my office against me. They knew I was pretty promiscuous and spread the word around the office. The women generally all shunned me and the men – well most tried to sleep with me. I accommodated a few and that just made matters worse. The three women – Jan, Kathy and Sue just fuelled the rumours. It didn't bother me for a while – but eventually I just got fed up and plotted revenge.

At first revenge was obvious – I was going to fuck their husbands one by one. But then I found out that Jan's husband was fat, unfit and extremely unattractive – even for me (and I wasn't particularly choosy); Kathy was divorced; which only really left Sue's husband as a real target – he was ok and I would have quite happily shagged him.

But then fate dealt me a better hand. We had the annual 'bring your child to work' day at the office. That's when I hatched my new plan. All three women had sons – and all were 18 years old. I managed to collar Sue's son Dan at the photo copier and told him that I may need some help from him later in the day and I'd need his mobile phone number to be able to contact him.

He willingly gave it to me and that evening I called him. I was quite blunt on the phone and told him that I didn't really want any help from him – and instead would like to have a drink. He was a little confused as to why a woman my age was asking him out – but also intrigued as well. He agreed and I told him to also bring Pete and Matt (Jan and Kathy's sons). I agreed to meet them at 8pm in a bar near my house.

So I set to work preparing myself for the evening. My plan was to look very slutty and shock them from the start. After all they were 18 years old and would probably not be able to resist an older woman offering herself on a plate. I wasn't too shabby for a woman nearing 60. My body is ok and relatively slim for my age – probably a size 12. I'm told that I am still quite pretty, but I do look my age – crows feet set in a while ago, and I have other wrinkles that didn't exist 20 years ago. But on the whole I know I look ok for my age. My boobs are normal size – a decent handful but they are starting to sag now, and there are bulges in the odd place – my stomach is no longer as flat as it used to be. But my view for tonight was – fuck it, dress slutty and go for it. So I put on a scandalous tube top stretching tightly around my 38C breasts, leaving much of the upper halves of my still fairly firm tits exposed and nipples clearly outlined against the white, elastic cloth. This combined with a very short white skirt to make me look like the whore that I've become. The look was completed by four inch 'come fuck me' heels. My longish black hair hung down to my shoulders, and I topped things off with far too much make up. The tube and skirt material was shiny and quite stretchy and was almost totally sculpted to my body. The boys would clearly see I wasn't wearing a bra. I knew the look was totally wrong for a woman my age, and I would get odd stares and quips as people saw me, but I didn't care. I'd acted the slut for too long now to be bother by that sort of thing – in fact it turned me on. I could feel my pussy slowly soaking my panties. Time to go to work.

So without wanting to bore you further in my story, I met the three boys in the pub, and enjoyed their shock as I revealed my outfit to them. Then revelled in the attention they gave me when they realised what I had in mind. I was right – they were 18, horny and well up for fucking a 57 year old whore. Within 1 hour I was leading them back to my London apartment.

We all entered and I stood in the middle of my lounge surrounded my three horny teenagers who all had visible erections.

The boys did not need any encouragement. They pounced on me straight away – pawing and grabbing at me. They were not interested in any form of foreplay and just wanted to rip my clothes off.

'Stop' I ordered. 'Guys, you can have me any way you like. I'll fuck you in any position and do anything you want. But one condition. I want you to video it all.' I looked at the boys.

They paused, then all laughed. 'Sure' Dan said. 'Matt, get your phone out and start filming. Fuck Jill – you're one hell of a dirty bitch!' Dan exclaimed as the boys all laughed.

Matt started filming. 'Fuck, I can't wait to replay this to the guys. They'll never believe this.'

Dan's hand reached out and he slipped fingers under the elastic band of the tube top and pulled downwards. My right nipple, hard and swollen got hung up on the material and then my whole breast bounced as it burst free.

'Oh, my God!' Dan moaned as his fingers dug into my tit, squeezing it and then he laughed as he let go and pinched my nipple. He pulled the tube top down off of my other tit and I watched as he kneaded, squeezed and played with my breasts. I shivered with delight as he tugged and worked my sensitive nipples.

'Suck them!' I said, stroking his black hair with my hand. Dan wasted no time in getting his mouth around one of my nipples, sucking in as much tit flesh as he could fit in his mouth. I sighed happily as I felt his tongue flutter over my throbbing nipple and then squealed as I felt his teeth nip at my rubbery flesh. He switched to the other breast and continued sucking and nursing. I could feel my cunt burn with need. What this boy lacked in finesse he made up with enthusiasm.

As Dan roughly sucked and kneaded my breasts, I felt another hand rub my stomach.

It was Pete. I gasped as his touch felt electric. I felt his hand crawl along my stomach, rubbing the flesh there, then move south to the top of my thigh and then under my short skirt. He paused just long enough to appreciate the softness of my upper thighs, rubbing his fingers over my skin before sliding on forward. I spread my legs wider to give him better access and felt him engulf me in a full on kiss. He inhaled against my mouth as his fingers slid over the wet silk of my panties. I flexed my pelvis to press against his hand as he cupped my barely clad and soaking wet cunt. A delicious shiver went through me as he rubbed back and forth, pressing the material slightly between my swollen labia.

Pete broke off his kiss and looked at Matt filming. 'Dirty whore is soaking wet down here' he laughed into the camera.

'It gets better, guys,' I gasped. 'Take my panties off' I ordered, lifting my skirt and showing off my panty clad pussy complete with a large wet spot – the white satin now almost completely transparent as it hugged my wet cunt. Dan had now stopped playing with my tits and stared hungrily at my crotch. The boys didn't move until I urged them on by saying, 'I want you to touch my cunt boys.'

Dan reached out with his right hand and his fingers gently slid over my already blooming cunt lips. He extended his forefinger and began to press it between my lips. I nodded and said, 'that's it Dan. I want you to finger me now – hard.'

'Oh my god,' Matt gasped as he continued filming the orgy.

I gasped as Dan slipped his finger into me. No finesse, no foreplay allowing me to adjust down there. He just shoved it in, past the first knuckle. Then a second until his finger was all the way inside me and he began to stir it around, poking and probing my wet, slick flesh. His hand and fingers started ramming in and out of me hard, making me gasp with pleasure and slight pain.

'Give Matt a go' I gasped to Dan. 'He's missing out on all the fun.'

Pete grabbed the camera to continue filming and Dan removed his fingers.

'Shove a few more fingers in sweetie,' I urged Matt. I sighed happily again as Matt did exactly what I expected him to do. He shoved three fingers right into me. Then pulled them out and added a forth as he tried to push his entire hand into my wet cunt. I moaned in pleasure, revelling in the knowledge that I was letting three absolute strangers (all barely adults) touch me.

I gasped and stared at the camera. 'Look how wet these boys have made me. My pussy's hot and wet because of you boys.'

I pulled Matt's fingers from my pussy and mashed my body against his kissing him hard. My tits crushed against his chest and I felt his cock press hard against my stomach.

I straightened up and undid my skirt, letting it fall to my feet. I wormed the tube top back over my tits and then over my head and flung it carelessly away, now standing naked in front of three eighteen year old boys. 'Do you like my mature body boys?' I asked in a sexy voice. I rubbed my tits as I spoke, tweaking my nipples hard.

Slowly I began to squat, dropping until I was facing Dan's crotch. I could see the bulge inside his trousers.

I ran my hands back up his long, gangly legs, up along his thighs until my fingers were reaching over the waistband of his trousers, undid his belt and pulled them down along with his boxers.

I gasped when his erection sprung out, slapping me in the face. I was at a loss for words for several seconds as I could only stare. Dan was a scrawny teenager – scrawny legs and arms and chest, but there was nothing scrawny about the penis that was now standing up straight and slapping against his stomach.

'Oh my god, Dan!' I whispered. 'It's fucking enormous. It's the biggest cock I've ever seen!' It was at least ten inches long – and as nice and thick as a woman could want. I looked up at him, grinning.

I then looked at the camera. 'It's gorgeous, beautiful – why any woman alive would love to have this big old thing inside her any day!' I reached out and took him in my hand, wrapping my fingers around the big slab of cock meat, feeling it pulse powerfully in my hand. "Baby, when it comes to cock, big is always good!"

Dan grinned in obvious relief and then he expression changed as I began to slowly stroke him up and down. His eyelids fluttered and a tremor went through his whole body and even before he said, "I – um, Jill, I'm going to...' I knew he was about to cum. I moved to take him in my mouth and almost made it. He gave a cry as the first burst of semen splashed into my face, splattering across my cheeks and chin and into my open mouth. He cried out even louder as I took him in my mouth and began to suck as he shot wad after thick wad of cum. He tasted different than anyone I had ever sucked, at least since I was a young woman. His semen was salty and fresh, there wasn't that strong undertone that comes to a man's sperm with age. It was delicious and I hungrily sucked him for everything he could give me.

His whole body was rigid as I sucked and he moaned and sobbed with the sheer intensity of his joy. I felt his fingers twist in my hair, pulling strands of my black hair tight as he thrust himself into my mouth. His spurts lessened until finally there was nothing, but still. I sucked and licked his cock, enjoying the moans and shivers I was producing until finally he just collapsed back onto the bed. I heard him murmur sadly, 'I'm sorry – I tried to make it last.'

I let him slip from my lips and after giving him one last kiss, said, 'Right, Matt. Cock out. Your turn.' Then looked at the camera again and laughed. 'By the way Dan's cum tastes fucking lovely.'

I turned to face Matt and was presented with another big cock – about 8 inches this time, but just as thick. Mat was a little bolder and thrust it hard into my mouth whilst at the same time putting his hands on the back of my head and pulling me down. His cock rammed into my mouth and right to the back of my throat before I could adjust myself. I gagged hard as he held me there for a good few seconds before letting me come up for air. I gasped before he pushed my head down hard again and held me gagging for longer this time.

My eyes were now watering as I gasped for breath. I knew Matt was enjoying this by the ferocity of his thrusting and the hardness of his cock. It was also turning me on. I had never been abused by an eighteen year old boy in this way.

As I continued to allow him to ram his cock deep into my throat my gagging got worse until I felt him stiffen and them with an almighty thrust he pushed my head hard down and buried his cock deep into my throat. I could feel his pubic hair smother my face as I gagged then a bellow as he unloaded what felt like pints of spunk down my throat. With each spurt of cum I gagged even more. Cum was dribbling down my chin, it was all over Matt's balls and stomach, but he kept thrusting. He held my head hard in position so that I couldn't lift it and come up for air. Eventually he released his grip and I gasped for breath.

I looked up at him as he laughed. 'Fucking hell Jill. That was awesome.'

I laughed as well. 'You cheeky bastard. You nearly made me pass out. But fuck that was sexy – god I feel so turned on right now. You can fuck my mouth anytime.'

Again, I turned to the camera and said 'So who'd have thought Matt would be such a dirty bastard. Abusing a woman's mouth like that.' I laughed, knowing that I'd look like a total whore on camera.

I then turned my attention to Pete. 'Right sonny, your turn' I beckoned to him.

Pete eagerly walked towards me with his hard on bouncing in front of him. He handed the camera back to Mat.

I grabbed Pete's cock and pulled him close. He gasped as I started wanking it hard against my stomach.

'How do you want me big boy?' I teased. 'Do you like having your cock against an older woman's stomach?'

Then I fell back on the bed dragging Pete between my open legs. He kissed me hard as I could feel him breathing hard against me. He adjusted himself and I could feel him pushing his cock against my pussy. As I felt his cock head nudge at my opening, he groaned. I let his cock head push in a little then said 'Stop. Not yet. You can fuck me later, but not just yet – it's too early.

I pushed him back and he looked very disappointed. Then I grabbed his cock and started wanking it against my wet fanny. I gripped him hard as I pumped long strokes up and down. I let his cock head tease over my pussy lips, rubbing him all the way up and down my slit. I could feel him breathing hard and every time his cock head brushed against my clit I shuddered. Then I felt him stiffen and his breathing got heavier.

Like the others, without any real warning he exploded his spunk all over my pussy. I gasped as I felt spurt after spurt splatter against my spread pussy lips. I could feel his hot cum dripping down through my lips and into the crevice of my ass. I could feel further spurts of cum shoot up across my belly and towards my cleavage. Like the other two, Pete seemed to produce gallons of spunk and it was a good minute before he stopped.

He gasped and breathed heavily looking down at me. 'That was great Jill.'

I laughed. 'Anything for my new studs.'

Pete pushed himself up and got off the bed leaving me lying there.

All three boys stared down at me. I was lying naked, with spunk all over my face, chest, stomach and fanny. I was 57 years old and just lying there allowing these three boys to abuse me and stare at my naked mature body.

I rose up from the bed and grabbed a towel to clean myself up. As I returned from the bathroom I could see that all three boys were already beginning to recover. Matt once again had the camera and was filming me as I walked into the room. The boys were all staring at my tits as they bounced freely with each step I took.

'So come on then boys' I teased. 'Which one of you is Momma gonna play with next?'

I then walked over to Dan and kissed him slowly and deeply, enjoying the feel of his pounding heart against my chest before I said, 'Momma's going to fuck your brains out, baby!'

Dan's eyes widened and he began kissing me violently while I felt his cock quickly regain full erection. He pushed me back so that I fell back onto the bed. We began to roll around on the bed, hands roaming and squeezing as we moved until finally I was on my back, head almost bumping the headboard and Dan between my legs, humping madly, his cock trying to find a new home.

I spread my legs out, my heels digging into the mattress as I reached down and took his cock in hand.

'Wait' I ordered. 'Where's your rubber? I asked Dan.

He looked down at me, confused.

I could feel his cock pulsating and pressing the entrance to my pussy. 'Dan, what about protection? You need to wear a condom.'

I looked up at the other two. 'Have any of you got condoms?' I asked.

They all shook their heads.

'Fuck' I teased them. 'How do you think we're going to fuck if you don't have any protection? Did you think you could fuck me bareback? What about if I get pregnant? What would your mothers say if they knew you'd got a 57 year old woman pregnant?'

The three boys looked shocked then disappointed. I couldn't keep up the pretence any longer and laughed.

'It's a good job I am 57. So I'm not going to get pregnant' I laughed. 'And guess what boys. Even if you did have condoms, I wouldn't let you use them. I want you all bareback. I want you to fuck me without any protection at all. I want to feel you shoot your young cum deep inside my pussy. Is that ok with you boys?'

They all grinned from ear to ear and I felt Dan push his cock up against my wet slit again.

As he nudged up against me I purred 'You ready to put this big cock in Mommy and make her cum?'

'Yes, yes, fuck Mom, I wanna fuck you Momma!' Dan panted as he continued to kiss me wetly and sloppily.

I knew that all these references to fucking Mommy were turning them on.

I placed his cock between my labia and let him push his cock head up and down my pussy entrance for a while. Then I took his cock and guided the head to push inside me. I let go of his penis and wrapped my arms around his neck. 'Give it to me, baby, Fuck Momma good!' Then I screamed and felt the wind get knocked out of me as Dan's instincts took over and he roughly rammed that big dick home. I'm glad I was so wet and excited because he was big – his thick meat pressing deep inside me, never pausing, just seeking to get as deep inside of me as possible.

As I struggled to get my breath back, I raised my legs and tried to wrap my legs around his ass, but it was too much. My head was spinning madly as he slammed his cock all the way inside me – his wiry pubic hair scratching my mound as he ground into me. Dan's ass was moving like a jackhammer as he just pounded away at me while he kissed me sloppily.

Nothing in all my life prepared me for the intensity with which this eighteen year old was fucking me – even my own first few fumblings in the backseats of boyfriends' cars hadn't been this energetic or powerful. I felt an orgasm swelling inside me as Dan relentlessly thrust his cock into me again and again. I wanted to tell him to slow down, but couldn't pry his lips from mine – his tongue flailing around and attacking mine like a man starving.

He pulled back too wildly and lost his place, his throbbing, stiff penis slipping upwards along my wet sloppy cunt opening – my juices splashing wetly on my lower stomach. He ended the kiss, groaning, "I love you, Momma, I love fucking you, Momma!" while he worked his hips trying to find his way back inside.

I reached down and found his cock. 'You better fuck me good and hard sonny – because I've got two more to get through after you,' I gasped and then franticly kissed him hard. I took his cock and placed it back between my spread labia and then groaned as Dan again rammed his cock home with a vengeance.

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