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This is a true story and happened a few years ago now, I have changed the names of the characters but the story is essentially the same as it happened. So I hope the main characters enjoy the his re-run.


I had been living at Bob and Marion's for a bout two weeks. They were a mature married couple in their late 50s but both were fit looking having never had children, and I rented a room in their large detached house.

One afternoon I had come home early, and went looking for bob to pay my rent I found him in the garden. I went over and sat down, being a naturalist he was naked on his chair, I noticed he had a erection which he was gently stroking, bob knew I was bi so he motioned me over ...I knew his wife would be back soon and that this was her idea. I kneeled down and took him into my mouth, he groan and pulled off my shorts leaving us both naked in the sun.

I swivelled down so we could get into a 69, gobbled my cock greedily into his mouth, my cock leaving a sticky trail of pre come on his cheeks.

We both had our cocks in each other's mouths. Moaning loudly. . As the pleasures of lust over took us... He started moaning on my cock that he was coming and begging me to give him my spunk too. We came together sperm erupting from my cock. And downs bobs throat. . Tears of joy streamed down his face as I emptied my orgasm down his throat...some spilled down the sides of his mouth...he came in my mouth at the same time, I gripped his cock with my tongue and sucked his sperm into my mouth and over my face, then gorged it down my throat as I came hard...we turned round seconds after...and kissed passionately, my lips coated in your sperm, your mouth full of mine, you thrust your tongue deep into my throat and lock your lips to mine, as you thrust your cock deep inside me both of us riding the after glow, then still kissing still locked in our embrace we drift slowly off to sleep, hearing Marion's key in the door.. She sees us on the bed takes off her clothes then gets under the covers and cradled bobs cock and balls and massaged the area where he was inside me, and snuggled up with us.....



As we awoke I spotted Marion squatting above the toilet as she let go a torrent of pee into the bowl. . Then still dripping she came over and lowered herself over bobs face .he reached a round her stocking clad legs and pulled her onto his waiting tongue, the smell of hot sex was overpowering...I slid behind her and entered her arse whilst bob sucked and licked her piss drenched pussy, she leaned down and took his huge cock into her mouth moaning in wanton lust us she slowly gagged on his cock,

I lost control and orgasmed jamming my spunking cock between her arse hole and bobs mouth, Marion came at the same time as bob, come slurping down her throat and out of her mouth, as she gushed pissy woman-come into his mouth, she collapsed quivering and crying out in a powerful orgasm, as bob and I licked her holes, our fingers diving into her and rubbing her clit, she lay there covered in our come...quivering. Her stockings were matted with it, her hair was dishevelled, she had come oozing out of both her holes, and it also covered her face... and dribbled out of her mouth, I kissed her deeply, and rubbed my body against hers, feeling the lustfulness of her come coated body.

I turned round and climbed on top of Marion, and as we kissed deeply, my cock found her matted cunt, my cock slipped in deeply. She moaned out in ecstasy as bob kneeled beside our heads put and slipped his cock between our lips, as we sucked on each other's tongues, he shot a huge load into our mouths. We fucked and kissed sharing his spunk, it dripping down our chins as we kissed,...Then as we both approached a another massive orgasm, bob pissed all our entwined lust filled bodies, as we were fucking, aiming warm piss at her cunt and arsehole then, over our fucking bodies, and as a huge orgasm ripped through us he finished off in Marion's willing mouth. . She slurped down the warm liquid, it ran down her neck and soaked her swollen nipples as I twisted and sucked them. I pulled out of her cunt and slowly slid between her legs. Her very hairy cunt smelled so good as I buried my face into her licking and sucking her clitoris, she humped her pussy up and down my face using me in her lust. Bob now rammed his cock deep into her throat, as a powerful orgasm shook him to his core Marion nursed and began to feed on his thick rod...as it jetted hot spunk down her throat. Gagging she pulled out, but I had moved up to her and opened her mouth as bob rammed his pulsating throbbing orgasm deep down her piss and cum fucked throat. As bob withdrew Marion pushed me down onto my back then dribbled his hot come onto tongue and then they both deeply kissed me.



After we had all rested a little I turned Marion onto her side, I was son mine facing her, bob laid behind her. We tenderly caressed each other revelling in the smells of hot horny filthy sex. The bed sheets were soaked, our bodies warming the whole melee. As Bob slipped behind Marion she whispered " put it in my arse," then with me deep in her piss soaked spermy cunt and bob slowly fucking her up the arse, we snuggled up and slowly started to pound her arse and pussy, all three of us kissing, caressing each other, biting her engorged nipples and neck, whilst we both frenziedly fuscked both of her holes. ..Marion cried out in wild abandonment. coming... coming.. again and again.. Then as her cunt and arse throbbed on our cocks, her she relaxed and her amber nectar soaked us both, adding more pungent aroma's to the heavy sex scent that hung in the air. Bob and I kept fucking her. biting her neck both front and back.

I swivelled around until my face was underneath her dripping cunt, then bob slowly inserted his throbbing hairy cock into my quivering butt. When he was deep inside me she knelt down and took my hard again cock into her mouth then as we all started to cry out and moan in our lust, she lowered her smelly hairy piss soaked hole onto my out stretched tongue, the smell of her pissed soaked pussy overpowered me with animalistic lust as I came hard moaning deeply into marions pussy, at the same time bob pulled out of my arse and sprayed his come all over my hole and balls, his spunk running down my legs. I came crying my love for both into marions...piss dripping pussy, "ohhhh god, marionnnn" I moaned, as she fed on my spewing cock taking it all deep into her throat then as she swallowed I felt her moan and groan o my cock making it throb, and as I ejaculated Marion let go a torrent of strong female piss into my mouth.. I lapped and drank from her as she came screaming and humping her pissing cunt into my face... Well what session that was I thought.. As we slowly snoozed through the afternoon. I wondered what the evening would bring...Marion had invited her sister over for dinner to meet me. Apparently she was a bit Dom....But that is another story, for another time.

The End


Hope you liked that dear lovers of the erotica any feed back comments etc.

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