Mature Secrets: Groupie Mom

byGeorge VI©

Mrs. Kegal removed the drumstick from her pussy. "I'm ready for something fatter," she said. She spread her legs, and moved closer to Jim, wrapping her thighs around him, sitting on his lap on the drum throne. She slipped her pussy around his cock, wrapped her arms around Jim's slender back, and humped him.

While fucking Mrs. Kegal, Jim buried his face in her chest, nuzzling and munching on her tits. His hands went down to her ass, which was thrusting in and out towards Jim, an impressive sight from my vantage point behind the horny mom.

Mrs. Kegal stopped fucking, and then turned around. She leaned her ass back at Jim, and then continued fucking, with her back to Jim. She placed her hands on her knees, and bounced back on Jim. Mrs. Kegal's big tits hung down, and they swayed back and forth as she fucked rapidly. Some times her tits danced in unison, and sometimes separately from each other.

Steve was standing next to me, watching his mom fuck. "Are you okay with this?" I asked my band mate.

"I found out not too long ago that when Mom was in college before she met Dad, she went through a hippie "free love" period. I guess since she divorced Dad, she's got the urge to go crazy again. She's pretty wild, huh?"

Mrs. Kegal called to Ronnie and Me, and we approached her. At her coaxing, we each grabbed one of her white pendulous udders and milked them. While still leaning over fucking Jim, she reached out and grabbed our sticky cocks and got them stiff again.

"Oh, Yea!" was Mrs. Kegal's response. With every other thrust back at Jim, she inhaled and let out a hoarse grunt. Perspiration was dripping off of her face as her mussed-up hair hung down. "Huh! Huh! Huh!" She puffed.

"OOOHH! She screamed. And then again. And Again. "AHHHH!" Instead of thrusting straight back, she seemed to alternately thrust slightly to the left, and then to the right. We could hear the "shika shika shicka" sounds of her slurpy pussy, and the "slap slap slap" sounds of her ass meeting Jim's pelvis.

"UUHHNNG!" she wailed, shuddering and thrashing. Finally she slowed down, and stopped altogether, sitting back on Jim's lap, still impaled on his cock, as they both panted.

There was a slight pause in the action. But I was hard and horny again, and hoping for more. I left my cock out, and kept looking over at Steve's mom.

Mrs. Kegal saw me with my hard cock out, and said, "Scott, are you ready for more already?"

"If you are," I replied.

"What about you, Ronnie?"

"I'm up for it - literally," he said.

Mrs. Kegal stood, took my hand, and led me back to my amplifier. "Let's see how long YOU can stand leaning back on that hard amp," she chuckled. She sat me down on the edge of my amp. "Lean Back," she ordered.

Mrs. Kegal stroked my dick a few more times. "I think it needs to be a little more ready," she diagnosed. She knelt between my legs. I thought she was going to suck me again. But instead she leaned her chest over me, plopped her tits down on my crotch, and wrapped my cock in her cleavage. She held her two hooters together around it, and shook them up and down rapidly around my cock.

"Wow," Ronnie said as he watched me get tit fucked my Mrs. Kegal. I probably would have come that way pretty soon, but Mrs. Kegal stopped after a minute.

Mrs. Kegal, spread her legs around me, as I leaned back on my elbows, and she sat down on my cock. She lowered herself on it, and it felt just as good as the first time a few minutes ago, if a little sloppier. She put her hands on the amp behind me, and fucked me on top. Her tits were hanging in my face, and I grabbed her left nipple with my mouth.

Steve, who had only been watching since the early rounds, now began unbuckling his belt. "I'm gonna get me some of that ass!" he announced.

"Oh, Steve," was all that his mother said. Her son yanked his pants all the way off, and he stroked his dick rapidly for a minute. Then he stood behind his mother, and aimed his dick head at her ass crack.

"Scott," Mrs. Kegal said to me, seeing what Steve was up to, "You're going to have to lay all the way back for this." I lied back on the amp. The center of the amp hand a vinyl handle on it, which stuck up into my back, but it wasn't so bad.

Steve pushed his mother down on top of me. I felt her weight fall on me, and her bare tits mash against my chest as I fucked her. I had to keep my legs spread for balance. Our naked chests were stuck together with sweat.

Steve began working his cock into his mom's asshole. This caused her to grunt loudly in my ear. "UNNNG!" We got out of fucking rhythm as he worked his cock into her asshole, just an inch from where my cock was entering her pussy. Finally he was all the way in. We worked at a rhythm for a while, and finally got going pretty good again. I could see Steve, standing above us, leaning forward with a hand on the bench, buttfucking his mom.

Mrs. Kegal managed to lean up on her right elbow. She called for Ronnie to approach her from her left, my right. She opened her mouth, and my bassist thrust his hips forward to stick his cock into it. I could hear the sucking sounds as Mrs. Kegal blew him.

Jim stood to my left, Mrs. Kegal's right. Somehow she managed to get her right hand up, balancing herself by lying on my chest, and stroked Jim's dick.

Now Mrs. Kegal was satisfying all four band members' cocks. It was weird, but I found it erotic that she was acting so slutty.

All four of us guys were panting and moaning. Mrs. Kegal was moaning and grunting, but the cock in her mouth muffled the sound. "MMMphh! MRRRPLLLFPH!"

I think Steve was the first to cum, up his mother's asshole. I shot my wad up into her pussy, and just lied there while the others finished. Ronnie shot his jizm into her mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin. Then Mrs. Kegal turned to Jim, and blew him. Finally he came in her mouth, and I watched her lick his cock clean.

The other three guys backed away, but Mrs. Kegal lied on my chest, panting. I was okay with that.

Finally Mrs. Kegal got up and staggered around the room looking for her clothes. "I think I'll go take a long bath and have a glass of wine," she announced.

"Can we have some wine, too, Mom?" Steve asked.

"Oh, no, Steve," she replied. "I don't want to corrupt you boys."


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