Mature Teacher Defiled


I couldn't look any of them in the face as I fumbled over the buttons on my blouse. At Mr. Marshall's command I dropped it to the floor and stared into space as I heard the men whistling and making comments about my cleavage.

"Sexy bra, Mrs. Saunders. Do you wear that to school?"

Mr. Marshall continued. "Now take off the bra, Linda!"

I must have turned a bright shade of red, but I turned to face away and unclasped my bra, letting it follow my blouse to the floor.

"Turn around, Linda -- we want to see your tits."

I meekly turned around and stared at the ceiling as I heard wolf whistles and Mr. Hall's voice saying, "I always thought she had small ones -- she must hide them because she has a great set of knockers!" Despite my embarrassment, my nipples were getting hard.

"Well Mrs. Saunders, you are certainly providing a nice sight for my guests," Mr. Marshall told me. "Do you think you are making them hard?"

I mumbled back, "I don't know Sir. I am an old woman -- I don't think they would like someone like me."

"Yes Linda, you are almost old enough to be my mother. But you are very sexy and I think you should find out for sure if you turn us on. Go over to Mr. Hall and sit astride his lap."

I had no choice but obey. I walked over to the sofa without looking at the gym teacher and straddled him, my knees either side of his legs. Immediately his hands went to my breasts and started pawing them, pinching my nipples then sucking on them. I felt so debased, having this slimy toad feeling my naked breasts. I felt a distinct stirring in his crotch area as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Is he hard, Linda? Feel his cock!"

I tentatively reached down between us and found a large bulge in his pants.

"Take off his pants and get his cock out!"

Kneeling back on the floor between Mr. Hall's legs I fumbled with his belt and unzipped his pants. He raised his hips and slid off both the pants and his underwear. His big hard cock flopped out and hit me in the face.

"Well I guess we know the answer to that, Linda -- stroke it for him."

I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and slid it up and down, the way I had taken care of my ex-husband before we were married. Mr. Hall just leaned back and groaned, looking at me with a wicked grin on his face.

"Now move over to Mr. Gallagher."

I repeated the performance with the Principal, sitting astride him and allowing him to grope my breasts.

"You have great tits, Mrs. Saunders", he mumbled as he sucked on my nipples. He, too, was big and hard when I pulled off his underwear and stroked him. At least he was quite good looking and was quite gentle with me.

"My turn now, Linda!" the Assistant Principal demanded. I sat astride him and again submitted to a man groping and feeling my naked tits.

After I had stroked his huge cock, he told me to once again stand in the middle of the room and entertain them.

"Drop your skirt, Mrs. Saunders."

"Yes, sir", I said and obeyed. As my skirt hits the floor I realize I am half naked in front of three men, with only panties, stockings and heels on. Three men who knew me at school as a staid, conservative, middle-aged woman. I was mortified!

"Now the panties, Linda -- but leave the stockings and heels on."

I was shaking uncontrollably as I turned my back on them and lowered my panties to the floor. As I did so I heard gasps, and suddenly realized that I was giving them an intimate view of my ass and my pussy from behind. I stood up quickly, almost totally naked. Nobody but my ex had ever seen me like that in real life.

I glanced around at them and realized that all three now had their cocks in their hands, stroking themselves as they leered at me. I felt extremely vulnerable as they made filthy comments about me.

"Wow - nice shaved cunt Mrs. Saunders. Bet it's nice and tight. I can't wait to feel my cock up inside you".

"Love that ass! Those cheeks are gorgeous. They will be nice and red after I spank you."

"That cunt won't be as tight after I fuck you, Mrs. Saunders."

I looked nervously over to Mr. Marshall. "That's right, Linda. We are all going to enjoy your body and there's not a thing you can do about it."

I hung my head and my shoulders slumped in defeat. I knew he was right. I would have to do whatever they said.

Mr. Marshall continued. "You can start by crawling over here between my legs and sucking my cock."

I had always refused my ex when he asked me to do that -- I thought it was dirty. But I obeyed -- got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him. I looked at his hard cock and stroked it. I tentatively licked it then took it just a little between my lips. Suddenly I felt hands on the back of my head pulling me onto his cock, forcing it down my throat.

As I gagged a little I heard Mr. Marshall growl, "I said suck it bitch!"

I did the best I could, taking it up and down between my warm, moist lips, swirling my tongue around the head the way I had read about in the stories. I was inexperienced at this but I wanted to get it over as quickly as possible. As I did this I felt a hand insinuate itself between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy. I realized I was wet down there as I felt two fingers penetrate my inner sanctum. Another pair of hands was caressing and tweaking my nipples.

I heard Mr. Gallagher's voice. "Wow -- you are really wet Mrs. Saunders. I never knew you were such a slut. You are enjoying my fingers in your cunt, aren't you?"

I couldn't answer with a cock in my mouth but meekly nodded my head.

"Well get ready," Mr. Gallagher continued, "Because I am going to fuck your tight little cunt, Mrs. Saunders, and fuck it good. I bet you haven't been fucked since your husband left you."

He was right, and I gulped as I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. With one thrust of his hips he rammed it all the way in, deep inside me. Deeper than I had ever felt before, stretching me with the thickness of his cock. As he fucked me from behind, my body swayed forward when he hit my ass with his hips, making me take more of the Assistant Principal's cock down my throat. I could see the gym teacher watching us, stroking his cock, apparently waiting his turn.

Despite myself, I was getting very aroused. The thought passed through my head that if I had behaved like this, I might not have been divorced. Being the center of attention of three men was turning me on. I began to moan as I felt Mr. Gallagher's cock thrust ever deeper inside me. At the same time I felt Mr. Marshall's cock begin to swell and spasm. I guessed that he was going to cum so I backed my head off his cock..... but he wouldn't let me, pulling my hair as he forced his cock down my throat and exploded with cum. I had no option but to swallow most of it, with the rest dripping from the side of my mouth.

My own orgasm was building fast, and very soon I was screaming as it ripped through my body, my vaginal walls contracting around the Principal's cock. This seemed to set him off and soon I felt his hot cum flooding deep inside me. As he calmed down he told me, "Wow -- you are a great fuck Mrs. Saunders. I really loved your tight cunt sucking me in."

I was exhausted and spent, but saw Mr. Hall was still hard and leering at my naked body. "I guess it's your turn," I told him resignedly. "What would you like me to do?"

He didn't speak put pulled me to my feet and led me to kitchen table. There he pushed me face down over it, so that my pussy and ass were open to his lustful gaze. He stared at me, his eyes moving from my ass, to my pussy and down my stocking-clad legs to my heels.

Mr. Marshall looked over to me and said softly, "Mr. Hall has, let's say, different ideas about sexual pleasure, Linda. You will allow him that pleasure."

I wondered what he meant and watched as the gym teacher walked to the opposite side of the table, grabbed my wrists and pulled them until my arms were stretched to the corners. Before I knew it, he had whipped out some rope from a bag he had and bound my wrists to the table legs. Now I felt really vulnerable.

I looked over at Mr. Marshall with pleading eyes, but he just laughed. He picked up a digital video camera and started taping.

"No -- please sir! Don't tape this -- I feel so degraded!"

"Linda, Linda, Linda. When will you learn that I am your master. The recorder was taping the whole time we were in the living room, showing what a slut you are. Now we are going to see how you handle Mr. Hall."

The Assistant Principal had a weird smile as he said, looking across the room. I followed his gaze and saw Mr. Hall pull two more pieces of rope and handed them to the others.

The Principal and Assistant Principal walked around behind me. One of them slapped me hard on the ass, then I felt each of them grab an ankle. They spread my legs, in my heels, and tied an ankle to the other two table legs - I was now tied spread-eagled across the table. Mr. Hall walked around to my head, his big hard cock in my face.

"Well, well, Mrs. Saunders. You have always been mean to me, looking down on me as a lowly gym teacher, thinking your better than me, you bitch. Well now I have you where I want you, and I'm going make you beg me to fuck you," he said quietly, stroking his hard cock in my face. "Tell me that you want me to fuck you. Tell me you have always wanted my cock. Tell me that you want me to fuck you in your virgin ass."

I was shocked. Not so much that he wanted to fuck me but that he wanted my ass! That was off limits. My ex-husband had tried putting a finger in there on a couple of occasions, but I didn't like it. It was dirty!

"I... I can't do that!"

Mr. Hall stared at me silently, then walked around the table. Suddenly there was a swish, a loud slapping sound and a burning pain on my ass cheeks. He had spanked me, and none too gently.

He walked back to my head, pulled my hair hard to make me look up at him and asked me again to say those words. I shook my head no, tears falling from my eyes. Without saying a word he once again walked behind me and spanked my ass -- and kept spanking it as hard as he could for several minutes. I was crying as he came to my head again. He pulled my hair to make me look up at him and once again told me to say the words.

The camera was taping as I acquiesced. "Mr. Hall -- I want your cock. I have been wanting you to take me for a long time. I want you to fuck me..... to fuck me..... to fuck me in my ass!" I wept uncontrollably as I forced the words out.

Again without a word he walked behind me. I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy and he pushed it in.

"Don't worry Mrs. Saunders" he said softly. "Your cunt is very tight, but I am just getting my cock lubricated. I am sure your virgin ass is much tighter!"

With that he pulled his cock out and walked back around to my head. He pushed his hard cock at my mouth.

"Get me wet, Mrs. Saunders. Taste your own pussy on my cock."

I had no choice as he pulled my hair and shoved his cock between my lips. As his cock moved in and out of my mouth he belittled me, telling the others what a good cocksucker this prim and proper teacher was.

"I am going to fuck you in the ass, you closet slut," he snarled at me.

After a few minutes of fucking my mouth he moved back behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his head against my anus, putting more and more pressure on as he thrust his hips forward. I clenched my cheeks tightly but his cock was unstoppable. I felt my anus ring spread as his great, hard cock desecrate my most intimate hole, and it slipped into my bowels.

"OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!," I screamed. It hurt as his head entered my ass, but I think he wanted it to. As it moved deeper inside me the pain eased a little and he started pistoning back and forward, fucking me in my virgin ass. Each time he thrust forward he slapped one of my sore ass cheeks.

"I was right, Mrs. Saunders," he said as he continued to use my body as his own plaything. "Your ass is very tight. How does it feel to have a lowly gym teacher violate you there?"

I just sobbed in reply. Then I felt another person in front of me -- it was the Principal. His cock was semi-hard as he too pulled on my hair to raise my lips to it. As it moved into my warm mouth I could taste myself on it where he had fucked me. I felt it getting hard again.

I had read stories on line about women being fucked from behind and sucking another cock at the same time. Now it was happening to me. How could I have let myself get into this position? And Mr. Marshall was taping the whole thing!

Mr. Hall's cock was filling my tight ass and Mr. Gallagher was filling my mouth with their cocks. As the gym teacher had not cum yet he was the first to orgasm, grunting hard and spanking my ass cheeks hard as he filled my bowels with his hot cum -- he must have jetted his sperm four or five times into my ass. The Principal came shortly afterwards, again making me swallow it.

As everyone calmed down, Mr. Marshall untied my wrists and ankles. I went to go and get my clothes from the living room, but he stopped me.

"What sir? Haven't you all had enough of me?"

"No Linda, my dear. The evening has just begun. We are going to relax in the living room while you fetch us some more drinks -- with just your stockings and heels on."

I turned around to get another bottle of wine. I felt so embarrassed, almost fully naked. Walking away from them they would be able to see my ass with whip marks across it, and cum dripping down my thighs from both my pussy and my ass. I wondered what else they could possibly have in store....

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So ready for this story to continue and her to continue to get used and degraded

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Arousal by force

This made me so jealous I wanted to be her.

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