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Mature Wife Fantasy


My wife and I have been married forever. When I state forever, let me clarify, longer than 25 years. We have two grown kids and I would like to share a daily fantasy I have.

First, my wife, Peg and I are in our 50's. She is about 5'4, 135 pounds with very short hair that has long since turned gray. She claims that is due primarily to me but why digress? She has dark brown eyes and simply a beautiful set of breasts that are 36c. Her job in the financial industry has her dressing very prim and proper and that suits her demeanor, as she is very conservative. She wears glasses while at work or reading and her pussy is trimmed slightly.

A few years ago I finally got her into utilization of toys and we discovered her favorite, the giant king. It's a 8 1/2 inch relatively thick vibrator that has a kings head with a rotating shaft and a little elephant that vibrates. Anyway, quite a few years ago I began talking to her as she would insert and work "him" into her. I would talk to her about how "he" is stretching her etc. which leads to my daily fantasies of her being seduced, taken, pleasured by a well endowed man or men. Of late, as she has neared orgasm, I have stated, "make me watch as he makes you cum".

Almost daily, I have fantasized about her meeting a client for lunch and her becoming attracted to him. As the days/weeks progress, they talk on the phone and occasionally meet, again but only business is discussed. I can tell she is slightly aroused by him as after one of their phone conversations, I start to massage her back and shoulders and she responds with comments such as how good that feels. That eventually leads to our normal 30 minutes of love making with us using her toy and than her riding me as I cum deep in her.

In my fantasy, I see them meeting again, at a local restaurant where she has told me there were going. I sneak away from work and arrive there shortly after them. I ask for a discreet table clearly in view of them but not to close to be noticed. I can hear him complimenting her and I can see her blushing. After he has provided her with a drink or two, which I must mention that neither of us are much of drinkers, the meeting concludes, he walks her to her car. I slowly follow just out of their site. She is just slightly buzzed and as he opens her car door for her, he leans in and kisses her. I can tell she is flustered but doesn't appear to say or do anything. He appears to be the perfect gentleman and as she eases into her seat, he shuts her door for her. A week later he calls and after some resistance from Peg, she finally agrees to meet him again for a quick dinner meeting to discuss his financial plan. She phones me and informs me she will be a little late and tells me she is meeting Mike but shouldn't be long.

I arrive at the restaurant in time to see him again, helping her into her car and once again, he leans in and kisses her, this time with more passion and it lasts for what seems like hours but in reality is only seconds. I can see her face is flushed and he leans in again and I can see her lips part, this time accepting his probing tongue into her mouth. This kiss does indeed last for several minutes. As the kiss is finally broken they smile, exchange some conversation that I can't make out and she drives home. I await for a few minutes as I watch Mike also exit the parking lot. As I drive home my mind is racing as all I can think about is my conservative, somewhat prudish wife of 25+ years accepting another mans mouth and tongue.

As I pull into the driveway, I see Mike's car there and I slowly make my way to the front door.

As I peer into the glass, neither of them are visible. I decide to not enter but slowly make my way around our secluded home to our bedroom where I see Peg changing out of her business suit. Mike is nowhere to be seen and as I begin to make my way back to the front door, I stop dead in my tracks as our bedroom door opens and Mike burst through. Peg is standing there only in her bra and panties as Mike takes several steps towards her. I hear her through the cracked window ordering him to please leave. He grabs her firmly, brings her body next to his and begins to kiss her with an urgency neither of us have seen in many years. She tries to push him away but he has his arms wrapped around her body, forcing her to stay next to his as he moves his mouth from hers, down to her neck, than letting the tip of his tongue dip into her ears before returning back to her neck. She continues to protest, to struggle but I notice her nipples have now become erect. He throws her onto our bed and quickly lays on top of her, once again covering her with his kisses. I don't know whether to bust in or stand and watch as I am both mad but extremely excited as well. He is grinding against her and while she continues to resist, I can also detect she isn't fighting quite as hard as she was earlier.

He uses his one hand to unhook her bra and slowly begins to expose her beautiful 36c breasts. Her nipples are not only erect but they appear to be swollen as well. He slides her panties off as he continues to lick, kiss and suck my wifes mouth and neck.

Again, I'm beside myself not knowing what I want. Do I stand there and watch my wife be taken or do I bust through and throw him out of our home? My raging cock makes the decision for me as I see him now attempting to spread Peg's legs as he enters her with first one than a second finger all the while his tongue never stops devouring her. He grabs her hand and places it on the huge bulge which has been present since he began grinding against my wife and she removes it quickly but on his third attempt, she leaves it there. I actually think I hear a gasp escape as she realizes just how big he is. He moves his mouth downward, planting kisses on her chin, her neck before letting his tongue begin curling around first one than a second nipple. He licks, sucks and gently tugs on each nipple as he continues to finger fuck my wife who is now beginning to lightly moan and rotate her hips. He raises back up to her mouth and now I see Peg accepting his tongue as hers begins to swirl inside his mouth. After several minutes, he stands and she just stares as he pulls his dress slacks off to reveal a huge bulge hidden only by a thin veil of cotton. As he pulls them down, I hear her gasp as she gets her first glimpse at what appears to be a huge thick cock that is almost twice my size. He lays back down with my wife and I see she actually reaches for and begins stroking his manhood. It's obvious after all of our years of marriage that she wants to fuck and she wants it now. I see her turn on her side and he places the bulbuous head at her entrance.

It takes him several minutes but despite Peg now almost dripping he finally works the head into her and she lets out a groan. He slowly takes his time and I watch in amazement as she not only accepts inch after inch but begins to push back wanting more. He begins a nice slow rythm but I can tell that is not what Peg wants as she is now becoming vocal telling him she wants more of him. He complies and as he is reaching places neither I nor her toy have ever reached, she is beside herself. Her head is tossing from side to side, her large breasts are swaying with each of his deep thrusts. He begins to talk to her and once again to my amazement, she responds. He asks her if she has ever been fucked like this and she says "God no". She continues to tell him "he is the best" that as I watch, he is taking her to places I never have or will. She is losing all of her inhibitions as she is having one orgasm after another, again, another first for her. He finally has her straddle his massive cock while never actually withdrawing that monster from her. I can see her going not only up and down but also rotating as she pushes her tits out for him. She is in the midst of yet another orgasm and I realize my pants are wet as I have cum without even knowingly touched myself. I watch for several more minutes but Mike still has yet to cum, which my wife is now begging for. Coaxing him to do as she simply begins to worship his cock. I head back to my car and return home about an hour later to find Mike's car gone.

To be continued if feedback is positive.

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by Anonymous01/22/18

Story cut too short

Need more detail when her Mike cums inside her. You should be with her shortly after he leaves, take in a fresh cream pie and have loose sloppy seconds.

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