tagMatureMature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 03

Mature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 03


Time always seems to drag slower in proportion to how excited and anxious you are and right now as I sat amongst the shelving and old cardboard boxes time couldn’t have passed slower if it had stopped. My mind raced with thoughts and ideas of what she had meant by my “Treat”.

Maybe I was going to get to eat that juicy cunt of hers - again. I was drooling at just the thought of it. If someone had told me last week that I would be sitting where I was, waiting to service an old woman’s pussy, I would have laughed in their face. Strange how life can turn out isn’t it.

My thoughts were broken when the door swung open. I sat quietly on the old metal framed chair just staring at her because I was unsure what to say, or indeed if I should say anything at all. She smiled at me, bent down to look me straight in the eyes and placed a long fingernail underneath my chin. She pressed it so hard into my skin that it forced my head backwards then she spoke. “You may think that you are cock of the walk but if I ever see you sitting in my chair again, I will make you suffer.” Her tone was soft and calming but the sharp nail threatening to cut my skin open gave her words a whole new meaning.

I went to stand up so I could get off the chair but she quickly pushed me back down again. Placing a leg either side of my hips she told me to find another way off. The only way I could see was to slide out from underneath her, so I took that route. My heart was pounding as my face neared her tightly black covered mound; I inhaled deeply through my nose as I searched for the scent of her sex. My prick twitched to life and began to rapidly stiffen as her musk invaded my senses. I was hoping and praying she would stop me moving, which would give me the excuse to prolong the pleasure of inhaling her scent, but instead she just laughed and told me to get a move on.

Once I was free, I turned around to face her. She still had her back to me and my knees hurt on the hard concrete floor but the view of her round ass cheeks made the discomfort acceptable, in fact I think my submissive posture added to the erotic pleasure I was feeling. My silver haired boss moved to one of the shelves and produced a pair of thin bladed scissors from one of the myriad of boxes. I watched with some fear as she took her place on the chair and toyed with the blade. Slowly, she parted her strong thighs before holding the scissors out to me.

“You will use these to cut open my pants. You will not cut anything else and you will definitely NOT cut me. If you make one mistake you will leave this store because your services will no longer be required. Do you understand?”

My mouth and throat were far too dry to enable me to talk properly and all I could do was nod my head like a fool. I gingerly took the blades from her and attempted to make the first cut. I was so nervous that beads of sweat were forming on my forehead and running down my face.

The material of her Jodhpur pants was tougher than I first thought and it took a bit more persuasion for the blades to have an effect. Gradually a penny-sized hole appeared along the crotch seam, so I snipped a bit more. Pleased with myself I carried on cutting and within seconds the crotch of her panties were on full display to my gaze.

“Enough.” She barked at me.

Apart from what seemed to me the thunderous rhythmic sound of my heartbeat up until that point, the room had been totally silent and I jumped with shock at her sudden command. My prick was threatening to burst out of my pants as I quickly looked up into her eyes before turning my attention to her black lacy panties.

Yesterday because of the darkness under her skirt, I didn’t get to see much of her pussy, but today I could just about make out her pubic hair and the top of her slit. The combined smell of her heat, sweat and perfume tormented my senses until I was on the verge of lust-crazed insanity. But I knew my place and held back from devouring her.

Looking up into her eyes once more I saw a sparkle in them that I knew meant she loved her position of authority, and right at this moment I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I watched with bated breath as she slid the palms of her hands over her glorious covered breasts, across her plump belly and onto her inner thighs. She used her thumbs to pinch either side of her sweet cunt so that her labia nipped at the gusset of her panties.

Gently massaging her pussy in this way, she lifted one of her feet and pressed the sole into my crotch.

“Oh fuck.”

I gasped as I continued to watch her fingers. She pressed harder onto my prick with her shoe whilst moving her hand in such a way that she now used two fingers of one hand to do the job that her thumbs had been doing. Then with her free hand she used one of her long red fingernails to graze along the creased material covering her slit.

I suddenly became aware that I was panting like a dog at the erotic show she was putting on for me.

“Are you hungry little puppy?” she barely whispered the question. She had obviously noticed my panting as well.

“Yes… yes very hungry.” I stammered. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as I waited for her to speak.

“Good. In that case why don’t you feast on my pussy.” She grinned down at me.

I didn’t need a second invitation as I quickly leaned forward and clamped my mouth over her panties. I sucked and licked them with all the energy I could muster.

Drawing the soft cotton and her cunt lips into my greedy mouth, trying to suck her juices through the thin material. I was soon rewarded for my efforts when my taste buds sparked like an electric shock as the familiar tang of her juices seeped over my tongue. I whimpered with pleasure as I sucked and sucked more of her into my mouth.

“Oh God… you… you are hungry… aren’t you.” She panted huskily as her hips rocked up and down against my face.

I wanted her naked cunt. I desperately needed to feel her soft wet pussy lips on my tongue. I wanted to rub my face all over her sex so I would be covered in her juices. I picked up the discarded scissors and deftly snipped at the gusset of her soaking wet panties. The elastic snapped them out of view and there it was – my prize. For a few long seconds I stared at her full bush of graying tangled pubic hair.

The very unkempt nature of it excited me even more. In the past I had preferred my girls to have it neatly trimmed but this had more of an effect on me than I could have ever known.

Her fat pink labia shining with her slick juices begged to be eaten and once more I leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Her womanly aroma was even stronger now that she was uncovered.

Using my tongue I stroked it up her cleft. I repeated it again and again and each time my tongue buried itself a little deeper into her sopping pussy. Suddenly I felt tremendous pain as my boss grabbed my hair and half dragged me to the floor.

“You little bastard how dare you tease me!!” She screamed at me.

I was dazed and confused and it took a second or two before I managed to get my bearings. I had ended up on my back on the concrete floor and had just enough time to see her big hairy cunt descending towards me. Her hot wetness threatened to suffocate me as she sat on my face with all her weight. She no longer cared about my comfort as she roughly rode my face. I knew I had deserved it somehow, but for the life of me I couldn’t work it out.

Her weight forced my mouth open and her juices flowed freely like a river over my face and down my throat. I tried to drink as much as I could but it was proving impossible to drink and fight for air at the same time. The last thing I remember was her screaming and thrashing about on top of me before I blacked out.

I had no idea how long I had been unconscious for as I slowly opened my eyes. My surroundings had changed because now it looked like I was in a bedroom judging by the chintzy curtains covering the window opposite where I lay. My nose felt very sore and my jaw ached as I became more aware.

I turned my head and saw my boss standing a few feet away from me with her back to me. Apart from bra and panties she was undressed and searching through a draw in the chest against the wall. A little groan escaped my lips that caused her to spin around.

“Oh thank God you are alright.” She cried out as she rushed to my side. Sitting on the edge of the bed she stroked her fingers through my hair and gently spoke to me. “I’m so sorry sweetheart. I didn’t realise how much I was getting carried away. At first I thought I had killed you but then when I saw that you were still breathing I was so relieved.”

“Where am I?” I whispered.

“You are in my bedroom. It’s ok don’t move. You can stay here for the night so that I can keep an eye on you.” She soothed me. Moving onto the bed she carefully lifted my head and cradled me like a baby to her bosom.

Her voluptuous breasts were like big soft pillows and I couldn’t help but lick my tongue up the side of one.

“Of course… of course… hold on sweetheart.” She quickly said. Hefting one of her large tits out of the hammock like cup of her bra she pulled my head and my mouth to her big fat brown nipple. “Suckle on my breast and that will help you relax more.”

That hadn’t been my intention but parting my lips I sucked it deep into my mouth as she continued to stroke my hair. It felt strange at first to be cuddled like a baby, but I was a horny eighteen-year-old guy and my hormones were beginning to take control.

The familiar stirrings began in my crotch once again. The more I sucked on her nipple the more my cock began to waken and stretch. Because of the way I was laying on the bed my quickly expanding prick became trapped and painful so I turned round more onto my side to release the pressure. This caused my dick to spring free and slap against my boss’s leg.

She giggled and muttered something about me been a naughty young man. Still keeping my mouth pressed to her breast with one hand she rested the other on my hip. Not a word was spoken as she slid her hand down and curled her fingers around my throbbing shaft. With a slow feather light touch, she began to stroke up and down my strong member. Somewhere in the room the soft ticking of a clock could be heard but apart from that the room was silent.

It seemed like I had lain there forever as her hand continued to stroke my manhood. Now and again she would alternate from my shaft to my balls, gently caressing and squeezing them. I had been given hand jobs before many times, but this wasn’t just a hand job because she was making love to my manhood with her hand. I looked up at her and saw her smiling back down at me.

“Is that nice?” she softly asked.

Smiling around her fat nipple I nodded my response and closed my eyes. I felt like I was in a dream state in her tender caress. My prick was leaking profusely from the tip and I knew I wouldn’t be far off cumming.

She must have also known this because she began to speed up her motions. She smeared my pre-cum all over the bulging tip of my dick with her finger that sent shivers up and down my spine. I was grunting with lust now and thrust my hips out to meet her hand, any second now I was going to burst as I felt my balls beginning to tighten. Moving her hand further down my shaft and over my cum filled balls she slipped her spunk-coated finger between the cheeks of my ass and pushed it home.

Never in my life had I ever experienced anything like that and I couldn’t help but bite down hard on her nipple as my dick erupted with such force that the first three jets splattered all over her shoulder and tits.

She unrelenting worked her finger in and out of my asshole as my white-hot cream continued to boil from my balls. The spunk on the tit I was sucking at trickled down to my lips but I didn’t care as I also sucked that into my mouth as well because if had I let go of her nipple I would have screamed out so passionately and loudly that someone might have called the police.

Eventually my body ceased its convulsions and I slumped exhausted like a rag doll onto my boss. Our bodies were covered with my sticky cream but I still refused to let the nipple go and with her finger remaining imbedded deep inside me I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

I would like to thank the good people who have left me comments on my previous stories. I have taken note of all comments placed on my previous posts and I will incorporate those subjects into future submissions. Because of the lag in time from posting to actually been posted on the site I had already written parts one to three before I had chance to react sooner to your requests. Your words of support have been a great help to me and I hope that you continue to read my works. As always all comments will be most welcome.

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