tagMatureMature Women Can Teach You So Much

Mature Women Can Teach You So Much


Dan was 18 years old. He was quite a good looking guy, and always did well with the girls. He was confident with women, and generally got what he wanted.

Dan had left school a year ago and began working at a local office as a trainee. He was not too keen on the job, but did enjoy giving one of the other trainees a hard time. Luke was a small weedy boy who was low on confidence, was not particularly good looking and was generally the opposite of Dan. Dan often ridiculed Luke and played stupid jokes on him just to humiliate him.

Dan knew that this verged on bullying, but it seemed to be the only way he could relieve the boredom. However little did he know that his actions would lead to a strange chain of events.

It was a Saturday morning and Dan was at home alone. He lived at his parents' house and like most 18 year olds treated the place like a hotel. His parents had gone away for the weekend. He was sprawled on the sofa watching TV when the front door bell rang. He looked down at himself realising he was only wearing his boxer shorts and immediately ignored the ringing.

The bell rang again. Dan ignored it. A few seconds later it rang again. Getting a bit irritated Dan slowly jumped to his feet and wandered through the house to the front door.

As he lazily opened it, he realised a middle aged woman was standing there. He had never seen her before.

The woman was clearly not expecting to see an 18 year old boy in his boxer shorts and looked a little surprised.

She regained her composure quite quickly and said 'Are you Dan?'

'Yes' Dan replied.

'Are you parents in?' the woman said quite abruptly.

'Uh no they've gone away for the weekend. Can I help?'

The woman looked at Dan. 'Yes you can' she said. 'I'm Luke Thomas's mother. I need to talk to you.'

Dan was now looking a bit confused. 'Uh.....right' he said, 'You'd better come in.' He stood to one side inviting the woman into the house.

'Come though to the lounge' Dan said gesturing to the door on the left. The woman walked towards the door. Dan could not help but notice that the woman was wearing a skirt that clung to her backside very well and she had a very nice ass.

They both went into the lounge. The woman turned to Dan 'As I said, I'm Lesley Thomas, Lukes mother.'

'Nice to meet you' Dan said and stuck out his hand.

Lesley briefly shook it. 'Dan I'm not here to be sociable. I wanted to talk to you about how you are treating Luke. He's really upset about what is going on at work. Dan you're 18 and you're bullying him. He's thinking of leaving his job because of you.'

Dan was a little taken aback. 'Hey, Mrs Thomas – look it's only a bit of fun. I didn't mean to upset him like this.'

'Well you have' Lesley replied.

Dan thought for a moment. He started realizing that Lesley was actually a very good looking middle aged woman. He was guessing that she was about 45 years old. She had dyed blonde hair cut in a shortish spiky style that really suited her. She was wearing a nice tight fitting silky blouse that revealed a very small amount of cleavage. She had quite small tits but with the tight fitting blouse they looked a nice handful. She also had on a knee length black skirt that hugged her hips and ass very well. All in all she looked very good for her age.

Despite think about how attractive this woman was, he was also a little annoyed that Lesley was here having a go at him about his behaviour.

Dan was now starting to get a little defensive. 'I can't believe that Luke has sent his mother here to fight his battles' he said. 'Why doesn't he speak to me himself?'

'Look Dan, he's really upset. He doesn't know I'm here. I just want to sort this out as quickly as possible. It's not nice seeing your children upset.'

'What do you mean he doesn't know you are here?' Dan said. 'What do you want Lesley?'

Lesley was now looking a bit worried. 'God' she said, 'I want you to stop harassing him. He's too sensitive for this sort of thing Dan. I've spent my entire life defending him and sorting these sort of things out for him.'

Dan now realised he had the upper hand, this woman was trying to reason with him. He could use this to his advantage. He also realised the irony of his situation. He was stood in his boxers talking to a good looking older woman. The thought excited him.

'Look Lesley' Dan said, 'look at things from my point of view. It's just a bit of fun, so I'm sorry. But I need to know what you're going to do if I stop. How are you going to make it worth my while?'

'What do you mean Dan?' Lesley asked.

'Well, unless you come up with something really special, then I'm not sure I feel like stopping harassing Luke' Dan said.

'You little shit' Lesley shouted. 'Who do you think you are? Just tell me what you mean?'

'Lesley, you're a good looking woman. I'm a young horny boy. Work it out for yourself?' Dan smiled.

'Fuck' Lesley said shocked, 'I can't believe you suggested that. I'm old enough to be your mother Dan. You can't say that sort of thing to me!'

Dan smiled again, 'Lesley, you're an attractive woman even if you are a bit old. I've never had a woman your age. I was thinking that perhaps you could help me out, so I'll tell you what – you fuck me really hard right here, right now, and I'll leave Luke alone – promise.'

Lesley looked completely shocked at what she had just heard. 'Who the fuck do you think you are?' she hissed. 'You need to learn some manners you idiot.'

Dan moved closer to Lesley. 'Look' he said, 'you want me to leave Luke alone right? Then give me what I want. It's not a lot to do to ensure your sons happiness is it? Besides, how many chances are you going to get to be able to fuck a good looking young guy like me? You should be biting my hand off? I'm young, fit, good looking. With all due respect Lesley, your old enough to be my mother and past your prime!'

'How dare you Dan', Lesley said, 'I've got.........'

Dan's hand reached out and grabbed Lesleys tit, stopping her mid flow. She immediately took a step back, directly into the wall behind her. Dan moved forward again. His body was now close to Lesleys. 'Give me what I want' he said as his hands again found both of Lesley's tits.

Lesley could not move anywhere. All she could do was push Dans hands away. As she did, Dan pushed his body against Lesley and kissed her hard on the lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth.

Lesley grunted and squirmed at the intrusion. Her body pinned between the wall and Dan. Dan's hands again found Lesleys tits and started rubbing and massaging.

Lesley could feel her nipples starting to harden. She was fuming with rage that this boy had the cheek to violate her in such a way. But she also felt strangely aroused having a young boy paw her and molest her like an animal.

Dan felt Lesleys tongue start to respond. Suddenly her hands were around his neck pulling him closer. She was now kissing him hard.

Lesley moaned with pleasure as her tits were kneaded and her nipples teased through her clothes. 'You want me Dan? Then you can have me' Lesley said, 'but you had better fuck me hard, because I need you now!'

Lesley started pulling Dans clothes off. Within seconds he was naked, his large cock sticking out proudly in front of him. Dan pulled Lesleys blouse over her head, and undid the zip on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Within seconds Lesley's bra was off and Dan started sucking her hard nipple. Lesley moaned in appreciation and Dan's hands quickly pulled her knickers off revealing her shaven pussy.

Lesley pulled Dan up to her face and started to kiss him again. As she did her hand moved down and grasped Dans cock. Dan moaned in appreciation as she started to pump her fist up and down against his hardness.

'Right you little fucker' Lesley said, 'Lets see how you handle a real woman? I want you to cum on me! Cum on my stomach, shoot your load all over my belly!' Her hand was now wanking Dans cock with long swift strokes.

Lesleys grip was tight and every upward stroke was followed by a hard downward one which made Dan gasp with both pleasure and a little pain.

'How do you like that you dirty little fucker?' Lesley whispered in Dans ear. 'Do you like the older slut pulling your cock? Do you want to spunk on my belly? Or do you want to spunk in my pussy?'

Dan was now groaning – he was beginning to feel his orgasm build.

Lesley gave Dans cock a really hard downward stroke. 'Answer me!' she ordered.

'Ahhh....' Dan said, 'I want to cum in your pussy.'

'I thought you might' Lesley teased. She knew his orgasm was building. She could feel the tension building in his body.

Lesley started wanking even harder. Dans body tensed and he pushed himself hard against her body as he came in her hand. Against her stomach.

Lesley felt Dans orgasm explode and increased her speed. She could feel his warm cum all over her belly shooting hard spurts against her.

'That's it, pump your cum over me' she said, her hand wanking Dans cock harder and harder with each stroke.

'Shoot your spunk onto my stomach. Give this older woman your cum' Lesley whispered into Dans ear. 'I may be old enough to be your mother, but I can still make a young boy like you cum.'

As Dans orgasm subsided Lesley released her grip and looked down. Her belly was covered in a huge amount of cum that was smeared across her. The cum was already dribbling down towards her pussy.

Dan looked very pleased with himself. 'You can do that to me again babe' he said. His hands were rubbing his cum across Lesley's body.

Dan scooped up some of the cum into his palm and pushed his hands between Lesley's legs. Lesley gasped as Dan rubbed the handful of cum into her cunt, running his hands across her wet slit. His cum covered fingers pushed up into Lesley as she gasped. 'You fucker' she said, 'you might make me pregnant doing that.'

Dan smiled, 'Don't worry, take a pill tomorrow' he said.

'You are one cocky son of a bitch' Lesley replied. 'You don't care if you make me pregnant do you?'

'Not really' Dan replied. 'At this precise moment, all I care about is fucking you.'

Dan pushed Lesley down so she was kneeling in front of him. His cock was still hard and he thrust it quickly towards Lesley's mouth. 'Listen old woman, you must have sucked at lot of cocks in your life. Show me what you can do' he ordered.

As Lesley was about to speak Dans cock forced its way into Lesleys open mouth. He shoved it right into her mouth to the hilt. Lesley instantly gagged and pulled back, but Dan was prepared for this. He again shoved his cock into Lesleys mouth. She gagged again.

This time she pulled right out and looked up at Dan. 'If your going to fuck my mouth you had better do it well' she said and with that left her mouth open. Dan did not need any encouragement. His cock disappeared into Lesleys mouth again as she closed her lips around him. Dan was thrusting in and out of her mouth as hard as he could. Lesley would gag about every third thrust, but was sucking his cock like her life depended upon it.

With one last thrust Dan exploded his cum into Lesley's mouth and down her throat. Lesley gulped and swallowed as much as she could, before letting some dribble down her chin.

As Dan's cock drooped, it fell out of Lesley's mouth. Her face was sticky with a mix of sweat and spunk, her lipstick was smeared across her mouth, and her eyeliner had run.

Dan looked down at her. 'You look like a right dirty slag' he said laughing, 'I've never seen a woman your age look like such a slut!'

Lesley smiled, 'Dan' she said, 'You clearly like women to act as complete slags with you. I can be as much a slut as any woman – and yes I like being a slut. It turns me on. There's nothing better than having some horny bloke use you like a fucking machine. I must admit though I've never acted like this much of a slag with someone so young – I didn't appreciate how much boys your age would like it. I'll have to seduce more of Luke's friends.'

She stood up, her body close to Dans, cum dribbling down her chin. She kissed Dan full on the mouth.

'Eww' Dan shouted, 'you've got a mouth full of cum.'

'What's the problem Dan, it's all yours' Lesley laughed. 'Now lie down on your back' she ordered.

'Just give me a minute' Dan said.

'Do it now' Lesley shouted, pushing Dan.

Dan lay down on the floor, his limp cock falling against his stomach. He could see Lesley standing above him naked. He could see her slightly sagging tits, the bulge of her stomach and her puffy wet pussy smiling down at him.

Lesley reached down and grabbed Dans limp cock. As she did she straddled Dan positioning his cock against her pussy. She pushed his limp dick into her fanny.

'I want you to grow hard in my cunt' Lesley said, 'I want to feel you getting hard in me' she moaned as she started thrusting back and forth on Dan's cock. 'Come on Dan, how many times have you have your cock stuck bareback in a middle aged woman's cunt? I'm old enough to be your mother and I'm sat on your cock – grow hard in me now!!'

Dan felt his cock starting to stir. So did Lesley – she smiled, 'that's it Dan' she said 'grow hard in my fanny. Fuck the older woman. Fuck me bareback. I want you to spunk in my pussy. Fill my pussy with your babies Dan. Teach my pussy a lesson and cum deep in me.'

Lesley's thrusting was getting faster and faster

'Treat me like a whore Dan' Lesley was moaning, 'treat me like a dirty slag, like a bitch on heat, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard.'

Dan was now rock hard again, looking up at this woman old enough to be his mother who riding his cock like her life depended upon it. He could see the lust on her older face as she talked dirty to him.

Lesley was looking down at Dan as she thrusted back and forth, deliberately rubbing her clitoris against this young boy with each thrust. In her mind she was thinking how wrong it was to be fucking a boy of this age. This was the boy who was bullying her son and she was fucking him and really enjoying it. She loved the fact that he was rude to her, that he showed her no respect and treated her like a common slut. She was turned on by it. She loved the fact that at her age and with her body, she could still turn on and fuck a good looking young boy who could have his pick of women.

'Fuck Dan, I'm going to cum' Lesley moaned as she reached her climax. She thrust down hard on him one last time and her orgasm swept through her. Her body convulsed as she let out a long hard moan and threw her head back. Dans hands went up to her tits and grabbed her nipples. He pulled them really hard as Lesley orgasmed – she felt the slight pain, which just enhanced her pleasure. She thrusted hard and harder and then felt Dans body stiffen beneath her.

As Lesley had orgasmed, Dan had felt her pussy muscles tighten around his cock. He felt Lesley's pussy grip his cock as she convulsed above him. He had never felt such a sweet pussy before and knew his orgasm was cumming. He thrust his cock hard into Lesley and exploded his cum deep into her as she orgasmed above him.

He thrust deeper and deeper to maximise his pleasure before Lesley collapsed onto him, breathing heavily into his neck. After a few moments she looked at him.

'Now wasn't that better than fucking some young girl who doesn't know what they are doing? Lesley said. 'I trust that you will be true to your word and stop bullying Luke now?'

Dan nodded, smiling – he couldn't believe that he had just fucked Luke's mum.

Lesley kissed him long and hard and said 'If you make sure Luke isn't bullied anymore, then obviously I'll need to come around again to thank you. If you're lucky I may act like a dirty whore again!!'

Lesley smiled and quickly got off Dan. She grabbed her clothes, got dressed and quickly left the house.

Luke was never bullied again, and Dan developed a real passion for older women.

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