Maui Vacation, Little Makena Beach


As Georg lay on his back, I lowered myself onto his new rising erection. We held each other's gaze, then tongue-kissed; our tongues stroked sacred erotic sectors in each other's mouths. I opened my cervix and took him deep inside, hugging his shaft with vagina. I saw, in the shadows on the sand, my tiny, porcelain-like form draped over his deeply tanned athletic form. We moved our pelvises in our eternal rhythm. Georg delicately tapped, then probed my rosebud with his finger, preparing me for delights to come. My female ejaculate flowed and we sang out in the rising momentum of our lovemaking. Then new hands, not Georg's, reverently caressed my bottom. I turned and saw Rolf asking me with his eyes to join us.

"Yes, please!" I invited.

I leaned forward, breasts against Georg's chest. Rolf, from behind me, eased his cock to where Georg and I joined genitals. I opened my well lubricated and stretched pussy to let Rolf's cock snuggle in, a millimeter at a time, next to Georg's. Both lingams fully inside, I squeezed my vaginal muscles on them and they both swelled within me. I felt the electricity of Rolf's and Georg's cocks against each other as both gradually expanded deeper into my vagina. I quivered as waves of bliss radiated from my pussy where my guys' penises pulsed in a double vaginal penetration. Waves of bliss became a continuous pulse of pleasure for all three of us as Georg and Rolf's penises reached my A-spot, the erogenous area next to my cervix. The three of us lost our separate self-senses, experienced triadic consciousness. I'd heard that some lovers achieve pure grace, but never believed I could with complete strangers. But here I was in continuous euphoric bliss, one unending Oneness with these two men.

This was truly one of our best vacations!


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/28/17

great story

wished I could have met people like you when i lived there..

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