tagIncest/TabooMaura and Me Ch. 01

Maura and Me Ch. 01


Author's Note: A lot has happened since my last post. And I'm not sure it's either good or bad. It is very exciting, though. And scary. Over the past few weeks, I've had a series of FaceTime conversations with my sister Maura. We usually have a few drinks and chat over the air. Anyway, in an unguarded drunken moment, I let her know about my writing on Literotica. And she read it. She called me to question me about some of it - especially some of the similarities between her and "Ruth," one of the characters in "Hanging Out With the Girls."


I spent the week of my birthday out in Arizona and I guess the best way to explain how the truth is stranger than fiction is to write about it. Without giving away the whole plot, I'll say that during my visit more than a few lines were crossed. We've got a lot to talk about before my next visit.

She's given her consent for me to write the story. In fact, she said she was really turned on by the "Hanging Out With the Girls" stories. I was going to complete that series but I guess, I've got a whole new story to write.

I don't quite have all the dialog the way everything was said exactly, and who knows - she may offer her own version to amend this one. One thing I did learn is that during real moments of intimacy, brothers and sisters don't always refer to each other as 'brother' and 'sis.' Suffice it to say, I've written a few non-fiction entries - I didn't think I'd be doing it in this particular category.

Day One:

I was waiting at the terminal of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. It was October, though it wouldn't feel like it to a New Englander because the air was dry and hot. Scorching, in fact. Just walking through the jetway to the gate let me know that I was would be walking into the seventh circle of hell when I hit the outside.

Maura's face shone on my iPhone indicating that she was calling. She'd recently lost her job due to a layoff at her company and she had time to come down from Flagstaff to pick me up. She lived with our mom in a nice single family home in University Heights and my vacations consisted of taking either one of my kids to visit with them for a week. Usually we'd just do a few hikes, play board games, cook and drink wine in the hot tub. This time I would have no kids as school was in session.

I am divorced and have been for about four years. During a FaceTime chat, Maura told me that she and Alex, her boyfriend (who was also her boss) had broken up. I had just ended things with Iris, my girlfriend for about the past three years. We were both looking forward to a week off to just hang out.

"Happy Birthday! Brother "N!" she called into the phone. I could see her waving at me on the other side of the baggage claim. I walked quickly over to see her and we hugged.

"It's not my birthday till Sunday. You've still got a week! Don't make me older than I am!"

"Ah!" she said, "Once you hit forty, who's counting?"

I would be forty-three this Sunday and counted myself among those people who could always say they were in the best shape of their life. I hike, swim, run and lift weights. I tend to eat lean meats, whole grains and salads. Maura is forty-one and a hiker too but has a coat of "fluffiness" from simultaneously indulging in rich foods and cheap wine.

We collected my bag and hit the sweltering miasma of heat outside. We got into Maura's car and headed north towards Flagstaff, stopping at Trader Joe's to pick up snacks and wine. Wine was important and usually fueled the most vigorous discussions we had as a family.

The drive up was humor and small talk. Gossip about my Aunt Petra and our cousin Micah filled the two hour drive north. At about six, we got off on our exit and drove up the hill to what I fondly think of as my home away from home.

We pulled into the garage and the house echoed with the woofing of their two large dogs, Rufus and Louie. We dragged our travel-weary bodies into the house amid the clatter and into the kitchen where my mother was preparing some snacks.

We hugged and sat down in the spacious Southwestern-themed living room. I lit a fire in the fireplace, Maura lit some candles, and my mother put some New Age music on the the stereo.

We talked and caught up for hours. Mum is a doctor though and goes to bed early. She usually falls asleep before the beginning credits of a movie have rolled and we often tease her about her inability to stay up for prime-time. That being said, she's also quite a light sleeper and is up sometimes as early as four.

Mom hugged me goodnight and asked us to make sure the fire was out before we went to bed - and told us not to drink too much.

I was getting a bit tired myself as the time-zone is two hours different and it was nearly ten. Also, the three glasses of "two-buck Chuck" didn't help. Maura, being unemployed for the moment, had adjusted to a later schedule and was eager to hang out. I agreed to get in my jammas and come back out. She did the same.

We reconvened back in the living room with a new bottle of wine and both of us dressed in flannel bottoms and a t-shirt. Maura poured and I asked her about her and Alex. I hadn't had time earlier to talk about the details of her break-up and I wanted to get the full story.

"Well, he wasn't the person I thought he was. I guess it was one of those things that only worked when we had to keep it a secret at work. Once I got laid off, I guess the sense of purpose diminished."

"I'm so sorry to hear that," I said.

"It's alright. I guess if you have to live as someone's secret, it probably not worth clinging to anyway."

"Any guy should be proud to have you at his side," I said.

That was true. Maura is smart and beautiful. Her face is warm-and-friendly-girl-next-door-type and her figure, though a bit husky by some standards is an abundance of curves. I wouldn't have written fake stories about my fake sister if I didn't carry real feelings about my real sister.

"You're sweet, but biased," she said.

"So speaking of sweet, did you read all the stories on Literotica?" I asked.

"All the stories, or just the ones by you?"

"By me."

"All the stories by you or all the stories by you about me?" she said.

"Either way," I sighed.

"I read the Jenn stories. I read the comments too. I think that was more interesting in some ways. Seeing what people felt as they read them."

"It's kind of a thrill, actually. A lot of people didn't like the ending."

"Yeah, well. How do you end something like that? Who wants to read about you raising babies?" she said - and quite rightly.

"Did you read the "Hanging Out With the Girls" stories?" I asked.

"There were only two," she said.

"You're evading the question, and there were three," I said.

"The one about Micah?" she asked.

"Sure. That one."

"I thought you portrayed yourself as a cad. I could see it happening. I remember that apartment too. And I can totally see Mary walking in on you. The buildup was pretty hot too. I liked how she put the fake cock right on his crotch and started sucking it. I have to admit I was a bit aroused."

"Did you read the others?"

"Yeah, yeah!" she sighed, "What do you want me to say? I've secretly been lusting after you and it was like seeing my own fantasy in writing?"

"Well what is your fantasy? Or you can at least comment on how flatteringly I portrayed you."

"My fantasy? My fantasy is to have a normal relationship where I'm not hidden away like a disease!"

She was tearing up a little at this sentiment, and I did my best to console her. I pulled her up and hugged her as her hot tears soaked the shoulder of my "Life Is Good" tee-shirt.

The clock read eleven, and I was surprised to see snow falling outside in the pale porch light. Maura looked up and wiped her face with the loose sleeve of my shirt. The snow seemed to distract Maura from her sadness for a brief moment

"It's snowing. Let's get a quick hot-tub soak before bed. It's been a long night."

I'm not one for being half-naked in the snow, but trudged toward the guest room and put on my swim trunks.

Being a guy, I was ready first and slipped out onto the brick patio to flip off the cover. I immersed myself slowly and let the warm wet heat envelop me. I realized I had forgot my wine and was about to get out when Maura came out in a white terry-cloth robe with two refreshed glasses of wine.

"Last glass of the night. Make it count!" she said and handed me my glass.

I drank a sip of the ruby liquid as she let the robe fall to the bricks revealing her full figure in a black two-piece swimsuit. Maura has a nearly flat stomach although her hips, rear and breasts are especially curvy. The moon was full and the bright light let the shadows play across the contours of Maura's body.

"And no, you don't get to rub oil all over me like you do in your story. I'll suffer through the 'moonburn' all by myself," she said, chuckling.

The hot tub itself is small. Rather more of a two person fixture than one meant for four or five. There's a bench seat on one side that also doubles as a recliner if a single person should want to lay down for a luxurious soak. This being the case, it's hard to sit inside without your arm being around the other person. But, Maura and I tend to be pretty close so perfect boundaries are never an issue. Neither one of us has much of a bubble of personal space.

"For the record, you portrayed me in a very good light, but let's get down to brass tacks," she said.

"Kay, lay it on me," the literature lesson was starting.

"Well for starters, you've got me doing a very similar job, but I know next to nothing about solar power. I'm open-minded sexually, but I don't think I could ever get something going with Micah. In fact the writing staggered a little with the first story. It got better with the second, but the third is where it really took off. Maybe because you brought real conflict into the story. That being said, what's going on with the panty collection? And did you ever creep up behind me in my sleep?"

"I don't know. Well, I never did anything to you in your sleep. Can't explain the panties. The first story came off because I thought it was something that could've happened. I've helped Micah move a few times and she's always a big flirt."

"True that. Her boobs aren't nearly as big as you make out in the story though."

"My fantasy, my boobs," I said.

"You got mine right though. Is that your fantasy too?"

"Just a natural fact," I said and took another sip of wine, "And no I never crept up behind you in your sleep."


Maura was fading fast from the lateness of the hour and the strength of the wine. Her eyes were at half-mast and the water was getting tepid. I tapped her shoulder and suggested we go to bed.

"Damn," she said, "Now I'm gonna go to bed thinking about you. Bastard!"

"I'll be thinking of you too. Fair's fair."

"Y'know what I liked best about the story?" she said as I helped her out of the tub.

"What?" I asked, attempting to put the robe around her.

"You made me feel beautiful," she slipped into my arms and we kissed. Not just a quick brush of the lips - our tongues entwined - my sister and me kissed for a full ten minutes. I realized that my hands were pawing at her like an untamed werewolf and how hard my own cock had become.

I'm aroused even as a remember it now, but feeling her wet, half-naked, helpless body in my arms electrified me. Our arms caressed each other, clinging to a little bit of something we both wanted but knew we couldn't have.

We kissed like teenagers, letting our hands explore each other - inviting, yet tentative - and I felt myself get hard as my hands pressed into the small of her back to bring her closer to me.

"We should go to bed," she said abruptly.

I barely slept at all that night.

Day Two:

I woke up at five-thirty and Mum was in the shower. The coffee maker was brewing and the aroma alone was enough to extinguish my slumber.

Mum went of to work and I grabbed a cup of coffee. I tried to piece together the events of last night.

Maura and I had kissed. That much I knew was true - kissed like horny teenagers. We were two years apart in school and nothing like this had ever come up. We're both over forty now and what-the-fuck?

I sat at the breakfast nook and tried to piece together last night's events.

Maura had read my stories about her and Micah and felt in some ways both violated and exulted.

I lay on the couch drinking coffee until ten when she emerged from her room. The dogs scuttled out like escaped crabs to the yard.

Maura turned on the kettle. She preferred tea to coffee. The kettle whistled shortly after and she grabbed it off the stove and poured the water into her mug.

She sat down across from me.

"We kissed last night, didn't we?" she asked timidly.

"Yeah," I said. I let the the answer hang as if it were its own question.

"Wanna do Red Mountain today?" she asked, totally changing the subject. She sounded excited like a kid. She really loved nature and she always displayed a palpable energy when the possibility of the outdoors presented itself.

"Yeah," I replied. Red Mountain isn't a mountain as much as a orange striated lava formation. We'd been there before together so it wouldn't be virgin territory, but it's so stunning and unearthly that it's hard to pass up an opportunity to go and scamper on the rocks.

We packed up some snacks and a few beers and headed out by noon-thirty.

We drove up with the dogs, making small talk and listening to XM Radio. During the hour-long drive we talked a bit about family stuff and friends from school. We didn't talk about our kiss.

The hike was tiring, especially for me as I wasn't quite used to the altitude. As we clambered over the rock formations, I noted to myself that my sister has a particularly stunning rear. She's very curvy, like a slightly shorter Christina Hendricks with larger breasts and wider hips.

We let the dogs scamper about a bit more and get tired while we each had a half sandwich and a beer. The sun was descending and it felt like the end of the day was upon us.

"Do you want to talk about last night?" I asked.

"Not really," she said, "You?"

"Not unless you do."

"I just want to enjoy the sunset. Let's not ruin it by talking."

With that, she scootched down the small knoll we were seated on and leaned back into me. Instinctively, I put my half-empty beer down and rubbed her shoulders. As I did this, I could see straight down her v-neck shirt. Ordinarily, I wouldn't stare at my own sister's cleavage, but her unwillingness to discuss last night gave me a bold feeling of entitlement as far as ogling her ample rack was concerned.

We sat in silence some more and as the quiet intensity between us built up, Louis sauntered up and dropped an abandoned sneaker right in Maura's lap, bursting the bubble that otherwise probably would have been our second kiss.

"Dogs are dog-tired," she said, "We should move along."

I attempted to kiss her on the cheek but she either ignored me or missed the cue. At any rate, I used the ride back home to think about things other than my sister's physical charms. As stirring as the situation was to my loins, in real life it wasn't going to bear out anything but heartache.

We pulled back into the driveway and Mum was just pulling out. She rolled down her window.

"I'm going to Shelley's to play trivia. Do you guys want to come?" she asked.

Maura looked at me, then answered that we were too tired after the hike. We let the dogs out and each of us headed to our rooms with one thought - hot-tub.

I had on my second pair of trunks that I keep there. Maura emerged wearing a red one-piece with some kind of crimping on the sides. She looked as if she had positively poured herself into it and it really showed off her curves. She went to the cupboard and brought out a bottle of zinfandel and two glasses.

"Coming? Or are you too scared?" she asked.

"With you in that suit, I might be," I half muttered.

"Maybe I was saving it," she said with a snicker, "Bring the towels."

I watched her walk out the door across the patio in admiration of how well-sculpted she was. She lifted up the cover, poured two glasses of wine and let her shapely body descend into the steaming water. I was quick to follow.

The water was not quite scalding hot and the evening air was crisp. The water didn't quite cover Maura's breasts, so not only did I have a great view of some triple-D cleavage, her nipples were straining against the fabric of her suit. If she noticed my staring, she didn't say anything.

We sat next to each other in silence, staring at the stars in the clear sky as we drained the wine.

"So did you want to talk about that kiss?" she asked suddenly.

"What kiss?' I said.

"This one," and she planted her lips on mine.

I was surprised totally by this and could do nothing but obey. I took her wet body in my arms as our tongues danced and twirled in harmony. Her eyes remained closed.

At the same time I was enjoying the full kisses of her plump lips, I was very conscious of my hands. I didn't know how far she wanted to go with this. Or even, for that matter, how far I wanted to go.

The question was answered for me when I felt her hand on my rear, pulling me into her. She was leaning back against the inclined seat of the hot tub and her legs were parted enough for my thigh to be pressed against her crotch.

"Are we crossing a line here?" I asked.

She looked up at me, still urging me towards her, "It's probably no worse than playing doctor when you're a kid."

"We're not kids - sorry honey - and we never played doctor," I said.

"Shhh," she said, shutting my weak protest down with another tongue-heavy kiss.

My hands reached up to her breast. At first I was caressing and kneading gently. But as I heard her sighs of contentment, I pulled down the cup of her suit freeing her wet bosom and exposing her hard nipple. I quickly cupped her breast and brought my mouth down upon the swollen tip, letting my tongue lap at her enormous tit-meat.

Her hand went to my hardened cock and stroked it with loving curiosity. I was about to pull down the other cup of her suit when suddenly the dogs barked.

I heard the door open and my mother call out for us.

Maura hollered back as she simultaneously pulled the top of her suit back on.

My mother peeked out through the screen door.

"You guys in for a little while longer or should I plan on going to bed?" she asked.

"Actually, we're pretty beat - but tomorrow definitely," Maura answered for both of us.

She got out first and wrapped herself up in a towel and handed me one thoughtfully. I didn't want to have my mother see me emerge from the tub with a raging hard-on, especially after just being in it with my sister.

"Tomorrow then, for sure. I feel like I haven't got to visit with you at all," she said.

I though to myself that Maura was doing enough visiting for the both of them.

My sister had already commandeered the shower. The sounds of Leno escaped my mother's room. I decided just to head to bed. I got into my flannel pants and got under the covers. My cock was still half-hard thinking about Maura. I couldn't decide weather to try and put what happened out of my mind, or play the scene out completely in my head and jerk-off.

I heard the shower stop and thinking about her drying her naked body off clinched the decision. I lay back and started stroking myself. I heard her open her bedroom door and the springs squeak as she planted her exquisite rear on the bed. I wondered if she was thinking about me the same way.

My shaft was throbbing and the tip was shining and purple as I stroked myself.

Then my phone vibrated. It was Maura.

"Probably just as well she came home when she did," she said, "Any later and she would have got the shock of her life."

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