Maureen, My Queen of Spades


But there is another reason I didn't end up chasing Maureen. I knew that she wanted a relationship. And I wanted one with her too. But I have to admit that I was scared of her erotic power over me. I know how foolish it sounds, but that is true. I have always been able to keep sexual fantasy and my 'vanilla' life separate. Maureen possessed such sexual power over me that I knew that I couldn't have stopped the inevitable, true real life cuckoldry! It was scary because I knew that I really wanted it, deep down. But I am too afraid of crossing the line. This woman could have fulfilled me. And I knew that if she had decided to cross the line from fantasy to reality I would have followed her anywhere . . .

I will never forget Maureen, and that perfect night that we had. I long for her touch. I wish I could hear her voice. I yearn for that sloppy kiss all over again. I regret not chasing this fine lady to the ends of the Earth . . .

It is not impossible that she will read this story, since she knows that I write here, as well as my ID. If you find this Maureen, always know I honestly treasure what we shared, and will forever remember 'us'. . . Kisses!

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