tagIncest/TabooMaureen Swallows Granddad

Maureen Swallows Granddad


Maureen examined herself in the mirror. "I could probably stand to lose a few pounds." She thought. The boys in college couldn't get enough of her, though. Maureen had bright green eyes, short spiky red hair, and a very cute smile. She was not ugly by any means, but many of the girls in her school were prettier than Maureen. She had one thing going for her that the other girls didn't though. Maureen was very busty. She had a mouth-watering 36DD chest! She had inherited her boobs from her mother and her grandmother. She glanced again at the mirror while running her hands over her luscious mounds. Maureen smiled.

Due to her considerable attributes, Maureen had no trouble getting dates with the boys in school. She had gone all the way a couple of times, but what she really loved was giving her dates one of her world famous blowjobs. Nothing made Maureen happier than sucking a huge load of cum into her mouth, or onto her massive tits.

She became aware of the joys of blowjobs from looking through her parent's stash of porn videos. One Saturday afternoon, while her parents were out shopping, she decided to pop one of the tapes into her parents VCR. The title was "Top heavy blow jobs." What she saw on the screen amazed Maureen. There was a very curvy, black woman taking the largest cock that Maureen had ever seen, deep into her mouth. In fact the tall white guy on the video was fucking her in the mouth. Maureen was instantly aroused.

With every thrust of his hips, the man drove his cock deeper into the black girls throat. Her thick lips worked up and down his shaft, sucking him in even deeper. She had her tongue sliding underneath his cock and drool was leaking out of her mouth and onto her considerable chest. The girl was even bigger than Maureen in that department.

Soon the man started to moan and cried out "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

The black girl opened her mouth and Maureen could see jet after jet of sperm shooting into her mouth. A few drops leaked out of her mouth and onto her tits. To Maureen's amazement, the girl lifted her giant tits to her own mouth and slurped up the errant strands of cum. Maureen had always had her boyfriends wear condoms and had thought of cum as nasty, and something to be avoided until this very minute. Now she knew she couldn't live another day without tasting some herself.

Maureen had never felt so turned on and wet in all of her life. She started to rub her moist panties. She just had to try a blowjob herself. As if on queue, there was a knock on the door. Maureen hid the stash of videos away and ran down the steps, her giant boobs trying to escape her much to small tank top in the process.

She opened the door and was disappointed to see Rob the paperboy. Rob was very nerdy and almost squeaked when he talked. "Hi Maureen." He said sheepishly. Rob got picked on in school a lot and Maureen knew he had never even been on a date before.

"Hi Rob." Maureen replied. She suddenly had a very naughty thought. "Uh Rob?" she said.

"Yes." Rob squeakily replied.

Maureen decided right there and then that she would give Rob the thrill of his life. This was a golden opportunity that she couldn't miss. Maureen grabbed Rob's hand and pulled him into the house, kicking the door shut behind him as she did. Rob Lost his balance and fell into the couch.

"Don't say a word Rob, Just sit back and enjoy what's about to happen." Maureen told him.

Maureen ripped off her tank top and threw it behind her. Her big floppy tits fell into Rob's view. She noticed that his shorts were starting to tent. Maureen fell to her knees directly in front of Rob and pulled his shorts and boxers down, revealing a pretty impressive cock.

"Uh, very nice Rob. If I'd have known you were packing that weapon, I'd have done this a lot sooner." She told him. Rob was still too stunned to even smile.

Maureen leaned forward and sucked Rob deep into her mouth. "Urg. Ummm." Rob moaned.

Maureen really enjoyed the sensation of having a cock in her mouth and she could taste Rob's precum on her tongue. She started swirling her tongue around Robs cock. "I'm really gonna love this." she thought. She started to bob her head up and down the length of his cock, taking him deeper into her mouth each time. Then she started to suck as she was doing this.

Rob was in heaven to say the least. He started to buck his hips up to meet Maureen's lips. "Thank you god, thank you god." he thought.

Maureen was really enjoying her self and started to fondle Rob's balls as she was sucking him. Without warning Rob erupted into Maureen's mouth. He moaned as he shot stream after stream of cum. Maureen swallowed as much as she could but just like the girl in the video she lost some as it leaked onto her tits. She sucked every last drop of cum out of Rob's cock. Maureen then lifted her heavy breast to her mouth and slurped up the few drops that had escaped.

"Rob, please don't tell anyone what we did here today, this is just between you and me. If you keep your mouth shut, I promise we'll do this again." Maureen told him. After all, she couldn't have everyone thinking she was some kind of slut. Rob smiled and thanked god for his good luck.

After her first blowjob with Rob, Maureen couldn't get enough cum. She had blown almost everyone on the basketball team, including one of the coaches. She had picked up a couple of garbage truck drivers at the local truck stop. She even sucked off three construction workers at the same time. Of course, Rob had gotten lucky again on more than one occasion. Maureen made it a constant habit to go to every party she could. There was always lot's of guys willing to give Maureen her dose of cum for the week.

It was after one of those Saturday night parties that Maureen was walking home. She had swallowed three loads of cum and was very happy. She was pretty drunk and had forgotten that her grandfather was staying over at her house this weekend. Maureen let her self in the back door and snuck up stairs, being careful not to wake her parents up. She stumbled on the upper landing and went into the wrong room!

Maureen pulled off her top and unclasped her bra letting her pendulous boobs swing free. After completely undressing, Maureen flopped onto the bed started drifting off to sleep. She was suddenly aware that someone was in her bed, and worse yet that it wasn't her bed!

"Oh god, where am I?" she thought. She reached her hand across and found a raging hard on in her grasp. "Hmmm, I don't know who this lucky guy is, but he's about to give me some sperm!" Maureen thought happily.

Maureen leaned over and sucked her mystery man into her mouth. He was very large. Maureen was determined to take as much of him as she could though. She could tell that the stranger had awoken. He started to moan and grunt, and thrust his hips up to meet her mouth. Maureen grasped his cock and started to pump him with her fist and tightened her lips on his shaft.

The man placed his strong hands on her boobs and pulled at her huge nipples. Maureen knew that he would have a huge load for her and she started to slurp and make sucking noises as she continued to worship his cock.

In a strangely familiar voice the man warned her that he was going to cum. Maureen took him into her mouth deeper. Within seconds her mouth was filled with sperm. The man gasped and started to shoot what seemed like a gallon of cum into her willing mouth. After swallowing as much as she could, Maureen pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed the last couple of shots onto her tits.

"Now that was fun." Maureen exclaimed and collapsed onto the mans chest and fell into a deep sleep.

Maureen awoke to find herself in her own bed, not sure how she got there. She remembered her mystery man and the fantastic load of cum he had given her. But didn't know who he was or why he was in her house. "Was it Rob?" she thought. No he didn't have the balls to sneak into her house, or the balls for that much cum!

Maureen got dressed and headed downstairs. Her mom and dad were heading out the door. Her mom called out "Maureen, Can you make some breakfast for your granddad when he comes down? We'll be home before dark. Thanks honey!"

Maureen was horrified. "It couldn't be." she thought. Maureen heard a noise behind her and spun around to her grandfather standing there.

"Honey, I want to thank you for last night. You have no idea how bad I needed that." He told her. With that he dropped his pants revealing another raging hard on. "I sure could use that again if you don't mind?"

Maureen was in shock. They stood there staring at each other for what seemed like minutes. But finally her love of cum prevailed over her morals and she removed her top, letting her giant breasts fall free.

"Cum is what is most important in life." she told herself. Maureen stepped over to her grandfather and dropped to her knees. As she engulfed him in her warm mouth, she thought, "what would mom think if she could see me now?"

The end part one.

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