tagNonHumanMaurice Ch. 04

Maurice Ch. 04


I couldn't believe it, Regina was in my face and as mad as hell which I believed to be a good thing at the time. Annie stared at her in shock as Regina asked me again what we wanted with her, her exact words were, "What in the hell do you things want with me?" I knew what I wanted with her but I don't think that she was ready to hear that any more than she was ready to hear what Micah Lannister wanted with her or that her brothers were vampires. I was absolutely certain that she wasn't ready to hear the truth about her parents.

"Regina." I said not moving away from her, "I am not here to hurt you."

She looked as if she didn't believe me and I suppose that she didn't at least not entirely. After all, it was one of my kind that destroyed her family and the life that she should have had.

Annie moved closer so that she could hear what was being said.

"Who the fuck are you?" Regina asked.

"Maurice Delgado." I replied.

"You're one of those things that.... That.. Did something when we came here before." Regina whispered.

"Yes Regina, I am a vampire but I give you my word that I did nothing to you or your family."

"Liar!" she hissed. "You're one of them and that makes you guilty."

Annie put an arm around Regina and tried to comfort her but Regina pulled away and slapped me as hard she could. I should tell you that it didn't hurt me at all but I could tell that it hurt her so when she went to slap me again, I caught her wrist.

"Bastard!" she hissed as she tried to raise the other hand to slap me again. Fortunately the lobby was deserted and the person at the desk was on the phone.

"Regina, calm down and let me explain what's happening." I said as I held her wrists with no effort whatsoever.

"Maurice? What is she talking about?" Annie asked.

"It is as she says, I am a vampire and I swear to you that I mean you no harm."

"What... how.. A real vampire?" Annie breathed.

"Yes now be quiet." I commanded and turned my attention back to Regina. "Regina, I can help you remember everything if you really want to remember but I must warn you none of it is pleasant."

"Get your fucking hands off of me!" Regina hissed and tried to pull away. I released her and stepped back just in case she decided to take another swing at me.

"Regina...." was all I got out before she turned and ran away headed to the busy street.


By the time we made it to the lobby I'm more angry than scared. As soon as I saw Maurice that anger boiled over. I walked over to him and I got into his personal space but he didn't move. I wanted to hurt him, it didn't matter whether he was one of the ones responsible for whatever it was that happened or not, he was one of them.

I was surprised when I actually made contact with his face when I slapped him. He didn't even flinch nor did his face turn red from the impact of the slap and I'll tell you something else, it hurt like hell but I was going to hit him again. I could see Annie in my peripheral vision looking totally confused and appalled at my actions but I didn't care. That first slap was the only one that I got in, by my third attempt; he had both of my wrists in his hands. I tried to break free but I couldn't, his grip while firm was gentle.

He can help me he said, he's not one of the ones who did whatever he said but I don't believe him. He is one of them and that's all that I need to know. I have to admit that I was surprised when he told Annie what he was but in the whole scheme of things, it didn't matter. When he said that he could help me remember, that gave me pause but then I discounted it, why would he help me? But it did sound like he knew something but instead of asking, I demanded that he let me go.

As soon as he released me, I ran out to the street and started walking as fast as I could walk. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care. I just had to get away from that...thing. I could hear Annie calling my name as she tried to catch up with me and then I heard him, he was right next to me. How had he caught up with me so fast? I wondered. Yes I know that he's vampire but you have to remember that anything about them scared me so I had very little to no knowledge about what they could and couldn't so except this one thing; how was he out and about during the daytime? The sun was supposed to hurt them right?

"Regina, stop." he said but I kept walking.

"Stop now!" he said and I stopped right where I was and I couldn't move. I started to scream and he said one word- "Silence" and I couldn't talk. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us but they weren't, he probably controlled that too.

Now that he had a captive audience, Maurice moved so that he was standing in front of me.

"Now, you are going to listen to me." He said firmly.

I didn't want to listen to him but what choice did I have? And where was Annie?

"She's fine." Maurice said. Fuck! He read my mind! I realized. If he could do that, what else could he do besides making me obey him?

"If I release the compulsion, will you listen to me?" he asked.

I was going to say yes but had no intention of listening to anything that he had to say. I tried to imagine a brick wall in my head you know like that movie with those scary blond haired kids? Anyway, I nodded my head yes and as soon as I felt myself being released I took off. I heard and exasperated "Damn it!" As I ran around a corner right into.... him.


I let her get several feet in front of me before I vanished to beside her. I also knew that I was going to have to compel her but I gave her the chance to stop. She seemed surprised at the compulsion and I realized that because of her fear of us that she probably didn't know much about us. I read her mind, and no I won't apologize for what you may consider an invasion of her privacy. Let me ask you this, if you had this ability and you had a loved one in danger would you not use it? That's what I thought. That was the case here, Regina was in danger but she wasn't about to talk to me so I did what needed to be done to keep her safe. Her first concern was about Annie, I assured her that she was fine and she was. Gremlin had her in his sights. The second thing was she realized that I could read her mind.

When she indicated that she would stay and listen I knew better but I was still surprised at how fast she moved but I was faster. I was around the corner seconds before she was, she ran right into me. Once again I compelled her but this time I compelled her to walk back with me to where Annie was waiting. She fought the compulsion for all that she was worth but to no avail. It was time to find out exactly what she remembered. I saw Gremlin standing on the corner- you're wondering what he is that he can be out during the day. He is... for lack of a better term an hybrid, he is part vampire and part something else but he has never divulged what the something else is but whatever it is, it makes him formidable. The fact that he isn't afraid of the Lannisters bears witness to that.

I wanted to take her to my house or should I say our house because that's what it was but I thought better of it, we would go back to her and Annie's room. Since Gremlin was present, I left it to him to take care of getting Annie back to the room while I tended to Regina.

"Regina, walk with me." I said and held out my arm. I had to repeat the command twice; my mate had a strong mind.



Gremlin has betrayed me. Believe me when I say that I didn't see that coming. Why? Because Gremlin is legendary for completing a job, he has never, ever switched sides as he has just done. How do I know that he switched sides? I have spies everywhere some that even Gremlin knows nothing about. One of them works at the Royal Sonesta and happened to be on duty when Gremlin talked with that pain in the ass Delgado. She even heard why he switched sides; it is because of the woman. No not Regina, she is mine but her cousin Annie.

He knows that we do not take betrayal well and he will be dealt with- not him directly but through his woman. He will think twice before he betrays me or anyone else again. What will I do to her? I haven't decided yet, I have many options. Why not punish him? Because he is not afraid of any of us and he would almost relish the attempted punishment so we have to hit him where it will hurt the most-his woman.

There are only two days left until Regina's birthday and the last chance for me to have what is mine. I know that you are wondering why I didn't court her and get her to fall in love with me. It is because she would have refused me. How do I know? I just do and not only that, this is the Lannister way. My mother was human and her birthday fell on the exact day, year and time as my father's. Like Regina, my mother's parents worked for us but unlike Regina's parents they fulfilled their end of the bargain and lived to be very old. They were cared for until the day they died and are buried in the Lannister family cemetery, why shouldn't they be? They became family the day my father married their daughter- my mother.

One of my spies has informed me that Delgado is with Regina and her cousin as well as the traitor. There is nothing that I can do for now but wait. I have no doubt that Delgado and I will fight to the death even though Regina and I will be married and if I lose, I will kill her, I will not allow him to get his hands on her. What I need to do is to get her alone and I already know how I'm going to do that.


Gremlin had already introduced himself to Annie and fortunately she was as drawn to him as he was to her but something was amiss. I could see it in the way that Gremlin kept looking around and in the way that he stood close to Annie with both arms around her.

"We must get the women to safety." he whispered to me, "someone is coming."

He took Annie by her hand and then pulled her close to his side and began walking back to the Royal Sonesta as quickly as he could taking into account Annie's short legs. I grabbed Regina's hand after compelling her to come with me and pulled her close to my side all the while looking around me, Gremlin was right, someone was coming.

We had just walked into the hotel lobby when I saw who was coming after Regina and now Annie. They were ugly brutes who wouldn't give up until their mission was accomplished or they were called back. Gremlin and I looked at each other and then picked up our women and flew up the stairs. We weren't afraid of the creatures, but we wanted our women to be safe. As soon as we arrived at room 415, Gremlin opened the door with a touch; the creatures arrived just as the door slammed shut.

We could hear them on the other side talking amongst themselves and knew that the neither woman was safe to go out for the duration of their time here.

"Does someone want to explain to me what in the hell is happening here?" Annie asked looking at Gremlin and shaking slightly.

Gremlin took Annie's hand and led her into the bathroom for some privacy. I could hear his raspy voice and then her softer one that was filled with disbelief and then acceptance. "Lucky bastard" I murmured. Getting Regina to accept me was going to be an uphill battle and here Gremlin's mate had accepted him within moments of him telling her who and what he was. I had to remind myself that Annie was very different from Regina in that she believed in vampires and other supernatural beings. Hell, she probably fantasized about being with one of us. I heard Annie's soft moans of pleasure and then Gremlin's coming from the bathroom and wished that I could give them more privacy but this room was even safer than my home as it was a specified safe area.

Gremlin and Annie came out of the bathroom a few minutes later; Gremlin had marked her which would go a long way toward keeping her safe from the likes of the creatures that were waiting just outside of the door and other lesser beings. I had a decision to make, I could mark Regina as Gremlin had marked Annie but it would be without her consent. What would you do? Mark her and deal with the fall out? Or give her a choice even though you already know the answer? I marked her.

I compelled her to sleep, turned her head to expose her neck, bit, took a small taste of her blood and then licked the wound closed then I repeated the same process on the other side of her neck. I would now be able to find her no matter where she was. Saying that she was going to be furious was an understatement but her safety outweighed how she was going to feel about what I had done.



Damn it all to hell! They were all in the hotel room! And from what I could gather, both women were now marked which meant that all of my lesser vampires and demons would be ineffective. I would have to bring out the big guns and many of those would die if they tried to take the women forcibly. I still have some time to figure things out, I wasn't worried about Regina mating with Delgado, she was too afraid of him unless he compelled her to fuck with him but he wouldn't do that. Maurice Delgado and all in his line were very much into honor, he would see it as nothing more than rape but marking her was another issue altogether, if she had been here I would have done the same. Would I have compelled her to fuck with me? Maybe, probably but then again maybe not. Contrary to what you may think, I am not a monster.


Annie and Gremlin lay curled up together on the other bed. To look at Gremlin it was hard to believe that he was a ruthless, cold blooded killer for hire. With Annie his glittering green eyes seemed less intimidating, hell he seemed less intimidating as he cradled Annie in his arms as she dozed off.

I hated what I was about to do but I had to find out what Regina remembered about what happened to her and her family. I compelled her into a deeper sleep and spoke to her sort of like a hypnotist speaks to the person that he is going to hypnotize.

"Regina love, you will remain asleep until I tell you to wake. Remember that you are safe with me, Annie and Gremlin. Nothing will happen to you when you remember and Regina, I care for you, when you wake you will remember that if you remember nothing else. Say yes if you understand."


"Good, when is your birthday?"

"June 5, 1974"

"Do you have brothers or sisters?"

"Two brothers, no sisters."

"What are the names of your brothers?"

"Daniel and Edward."

"Good, Regina, do you remember being in New Orleans in 1989?"

"Y... Yes."

"What did you like to do as a child?" I asked to relieve some of her anxiety.

"I liked to read, watch movies and spend the night at Annie's house."

"Do you remember the people that your parents worked for?"

"The Lannisters? I remember them."

"What do you remember about them?"

"I thought that they were strange because.... I don't remember."

"Alright love, what did they do that made you think that they were strange?"

"I... my mom had to work at night and... they... they..., I can't remember."

"Did you ever see them during the day?"

Her face scrunched up as she tried to remember.

"N...no and I never saw them..."

Her hands flew to her head and she moaned in pain. The mother fuckers! They associated any true memory of them and her family with pain.

"Regina, listen to my voice, when I say the word white there will be no pain, do you understand?"

I got a hesitant yes in response and continued with my questioning, I won't bore you with all of the questions that I asked but here's the bottom line, Regina was unaware of the plans for her to marry Micah Lannister whether she wanted to or not and she had no idea that her brothers were now one of my kind, she also had no idea that her parents had been murdered and that Annie had been compelled to bring her to New Orleans. I wondered where her brothers were and if they remembered her. I suspected not if they were going to be used as lure but if I could find them and reawaken their memories they would protect her, if not then they would be treated as enemies and I would have no problems with killing them.

Gremlin lay on the bed not moving, his green eyes glittering in their normal frightening to others way.

"Do you know where her brothers are?" I asked.

"I only know that they are in the city somewhere but they cannot be too far away. Micah will want them near for when he needs them." Gremlin replied.

I had to think about that, it made sense but there wasn't enough time to search for them, I went to the window, opened it and extended my senses searching for those of my kind and located eight. Whether any of the eight were Regina's brothers I don't know but I was going to find out. I wanted to have Gremlin stay with the women but he made a good point when he said that we would find the brothers faster if we both looked.

I watched as he kissed and touched Annie with a gentleness that I didn't think that he was capable of and slipped out of the bed. He touched her forehead and commanded that she remain asleep until he woke her and then once again kissed her. What does he look like? He's huge! His size alone frightens people, he has to be at least six-nine and well over three hundred pounds and none of it is fat. His hair is black and falls to his shoulder blades but what amazes me is that he wears it loose and it never gets in his way. As you know, his eyes are a very vivid glittery green and his skin has a very slight greenish tinge to it. Let's just say that I'm glad that he is now on my side.

I looked down at Regina; she was trying to wake up but failing. I kissed her forehead and compelled her into a deeper sleep and repeated the command that Gremlin had given Annie. Before I left, I closed the window, looked at Regina one more time and vanished from the room and appeared where one of the vampires was. He wasn't one of the brothers so I immediately left for the next place.



Once again I wondered who this Regina was and why we had to call her one a week. I must have asked Daniel that question a million times over the years and his answer remained the same.

"I don't know who in the fuck she is so stop asking me!"

But I couldn't help it, every time I spoke to her I felt as if I should know her somehow but I don't know why I should. To be honest, there's a lot that I don't remember and each year the list of things that I do remember gets shorter. I don't know if Daniel is experiencing the same thing because when I ask, he shuts me down. I guess he has no interest in knowing what happened before this.... Whatever this is but I want to know how we came to be here with Micah Lannister.

Do I remember him? Of course I do! His family were the ones that paid for our trip here back in 1989, a trip that Daniel and I fucked up by sneaking out of the hotel room and getting lost. I do remember my parents being frantic and there was someone else too but I can't remember who... she, I think it was a she was upset too. After that, I remember us going to college somewhere, out parent's dying and meeting a girl at the funeral.... Regina, the one that we call once a week. She is supposed to be our sister or at least a pretend sister but I have no memory of growing up with her so how is it that she is so familiar to me? I don't even bother to ask Daniel, he likes this life of excess and of being able to fuck all of the women that he wants. Me? I will admit that at first, I loved it. What wasn't to love right? I mean a different woman in bed every day if I wanted, super human strength being able to have whatever I wanted and being able to do whatever the fuck I wanted without consequences.... So tell me why I now hate it and why none of it explains why we were still with the Lannisters.


Eddie needed to get a fucking grip and let go of the past whatever it was. I didn't know or care who this Regina was although like him I felt as though I should know who she was, she was vaguely familiar to me. Just to shut Eddie up, I did ask Micah about her once and he said that she was someone very important to him and that we were going to help him bring her home. If pretending to be her brother did that then it did. The weekly phone calls were no sweat off of my back, they only lasted for ten minutes or so but Eddie would think about it for hours afterwards whereas I did it and it was over until the next phone call.

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