tagNonHumanMaurice Ch. 05

Maurice Ch. 05


I looked around to see if I could at least figure out if I was still in Louisiana and after several minutes I realized that I wasn't. The thing that brought me here was sitting in a patio chair watching me with a wary expression on it's face, maybe it thought I was going to jump. I might be scared, angry and disgusted but I wasn't suicidal. I looked over the rail and heard him move toward me and I backed away. I didn't want him touching me again; I wanted to forget the flight- I guess that's what you'd call it over here.

"There is no escape from here pretty lady." He said from behind me. "And even if you managed to get out of the house, you wouldn't get far and you would hurt yourself and that would upset your groom."

"Groom?" I asked turning to face him.

"Yes love, your intended."

"I don't have an intended!" I retorted.

"He'll be here shortly and he would like for you to be presentable. I believe that everything you need has been provided for and there is a change of clothing on the bed."

I stared at him; I wasn't going to get presentable for anyone!

"Kiss my ass!" I hissed.

"Was that another invitation?" he drawled.

"No! Touch me again and I'll tell my intended!" I screamed not knowing what else to say.

The thing shrugged its shoulders; it really didn't seem to care.

"Go ahead, I could care less if you tell him or not. As I mentioned before, he doesn't care as long as I don't stick my cock up what I am sure is your delectable pussy and ass."

"Oh fuck." I murmured as I backed away

He gave me a lopsided grin that under normal circumstances would have been incredibly sexy.

"Here are your choices," he said still grinning at me, "You go in there and get ready of your own volition or I help you. Please, go ahead and refuse, I would like nothing more."

"Where's the bathroom?" I whispered.


Gremlin and I met in front of the hotel and compared notes. None of the vampires that I had sensed were Regina's brothers which begged the question where in the hell were they? It was now one day before Regina's birthday and time was getting short. It was already past one am and I could tell that Gremlin was anxious to see and tend to his mate. I have to tell you that I was jealous of him, the only way that I could touch Regina was under compulsion and that is hardly satisfactory.

We agreed to go check on the women and to reinforce the compulsion to sleep if necessary and to continue to search for the brothers. I was also going to call Olivia and have her make preparations to ward the house. Once that was done we would take the women there and Gremlin and Annie could have some much needed privacy.

Both of us scanned the hotel and thought it strange that there was no one watching it. A feeling of dread filled my stomach as both of us flew up the stairs and into the room. Annie was still asleep exactly where Gremlin had left her but Regina was gone.

I looked in the bathroom and out on the patio, how could she be gone? How could she have woken from the compulsion? And where could she have gone?

"She left the hotel." Gremlin said in his raspy voice. "Tremaine took her; I can smell his stink from here."

I made myself calm down and inhaled deeply. Gremlin was right, Tremaine had taken her and wherever it was, it was away from New Orleans, as a matter of fact, it wasn't in the state of Louisiana. I was glad that I took blood from her, it would take me some time but I could find her. Once again the ability to be out in the daylight was going to be to my advantage. Neither Tremaine nor Micah Lannister had that ability and I was certain that Regina's brothers didn't either. I just had to figure out which direction they had gone and leave, they had a good four hour start but I could make that up in no time.

Gremlin was sitting on the bed next to Annie who was still asleep, he wasn't going to go with me and I didn't want him to. Annie was his first priority and was still in danger until he did what he needed to do to ensure her safety. Micah wouldn't dare come after Gremlin himself but he would go for Annie and there was no telling what he would do to her once he got her.

As I prepared to leave Gremlin did something that was amazing and surprising at the same time, he stood, walked over to me and bit his wrist so that he bled and offered his bleeding wrist to me. What did that mean? It meant that I would always know where he was. It meant that Gremlin, a cold hearted killer trusted me not to betray him and that is no small thing. I reverently bowed to him and took his wrist in my hands and drank.

"I thank you for your trust in me." I said my throat tight.

I then bared my wrist which was pencil thin in comparison to his and bit into it. I offered my wrist to him as he had offered me his but because of the great difference in our height, he dropped to one knee, bowed his head as a show of respect before taking my wrist in his hands and drinking. We were now linked for eternity, as with Regina, I would be able to find him anywhere and he me but I had to know why he decided to trust me.

"My Annie loves your Regina; if anything happened to her she would be inconsolable as your Regina would be if anything happened to Annie. The best way to protect both of them is for us their mates to be linked together, now go find your mate. When and if you need me I will be there."

I don't mind telling you that I was speechless; this had to be a first. I thanked Gremlin again for his trust and went to the window. I closed my eyes and searched for Regina, after a moment, I knew which way they had gone; north. Which state I didn't know but if I had to guess I would say Arkansas, it only made sense as it bordered Louisiana. In a flash I was gone, in a day or two; either I or Micah Lannister would be dead.



Reggie and I have always been close. I had no sisters and neither did she so we became as close as sisters. Either she was at my house or I was at hers which is why it hurt when her parents wouldn't let me go to New Orleans with them. I remember that both Reggie and I begged and pleaded to the point of Reggie refusing to go if I couldn't go with them. Her mom, my aunt got this panicked expression on her face that I didn't think about at the time but now....

Anyway, I didn't go and Reggie promised to bring me a gift- something with Vampires on it. You see, even then I loved vampires and things like that to the point where I believed that they really existed and before Reggie went on that trip she liked that kind of thing too but not to the extent I did. I think that even though she really didn't believe in the supernatural, it still scared her a little.

I remember the day that they came back; they hadn't been gone for long. When I asked Reggie why they were back so soon, she said something about Danny and Eddie being lost in New Orleans and after that she wouldn't talk about the trip at all. Whenever I mentioned vampires, she totally freaked out but here's the weird thing, soon after they got back they moved. When I say soon I mean days after they got back and.... I never did see Danny and Eddie. Reggie said that they were on punishment because of what they did on the trip and weren't allowed to come out of their rooms. I didn't think too much of it as those two were always being punished for something.

I asked Reggie where they were moving to and she said that the Lannisters, the people her mother worked for bought a new house and that both of her parents were moving to a small house located on the property. Even after they moved Reggie and I stayed close with me even spending the night over there a few times. What I thought was strange was that everybody was up at night. Now you know that I love vampire stuff so... I thought that they were vampires-the Lannisters I mean. Did I have any proof? Of course not, but still the signs were there.

Then the boys were gone off to college and Reggie's parents were killed in that horrible car accident. The boys came home for the funeral but they didn't seem quite like themselves but then again it had been a while since I'd seen them and people do change. Both Reggie and I went to the same college with the Lannisters footing her bill and me doing the work study/ grant/loan route. We both graduated with degrees in social work and even got jobs at the same agency.

The last time I recall seeing the boys was... two years ago I believe and they were... odd? But then there was Micah Lannister, talk about a dreamboat! He was there the last time I saw the boys, as a matter of fact it was at the Lannister home. I don't know where the parents were but I do know that Micah Lannister only had eyes for Reggie and she wasn't biting.

You know, that was the last time Reggie saw her brothers, I know that they call her on a weekly basis from wherever they happen to be working but the phone calls never last for more than ten minutes tops. I know that you're wondering why I brought Reggie here knowing what happened here but I really didn't know what happened here. She never talked about it and not only that, I got this bee in my bonnet to come here, call it an obsession if you want but coming here was all that I could think of. I don't know when it started or how the idea got into my head to come here but here we are.

From the moment we arrived Reggie started acting funny. That night during the vampire tour she was over the top, she verbally attacked that cute man who I considered to be a friend. There was one thing that I did know something was happening and I was the one that brought my cousin, my friend here and if anything happened to her, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.


I could do nothing more for Delgado than I did. This fight is his but I will help him if the odds are not in his favor. Just because I am a killer it does not mean that I am without honor or that I do not have a sense of fairness and as I told Delgado, if it would help to keep Annie safe and happy then I will join with him. I guess that answered the question as to my profession, I was no longer a killer for hire and I was at peace with that. I now had what I needed to be able to leave my life of violence and move to a new kind of life. Did that mean that I wouldn't kill again? No, it meant that I would no longer do so for money, if I kill it will be to protect my Annie, her cousin and even Delgado as they are now my family.

All I could do was wait and tend to Annie. I had no doubt that when I told her of all that had transpired that she would take the responsibility on herself when none of it was her fault. She was just a pawn in a much bigger game and to punish me for my betrayal, the Lannisters will try to take her. She will not be safe until she is completely mine and once that happens no one will dare to touch her for she will be protected by all of my kind.

When I looked at Annie, I saw such beauty and kindness. She will be a good mother to my children and a good mate to me. It was time for us to finish what we started and then when the time comes for me to help Delgado, she will be safe. I don't look forward to telling her about what happened although I think that on some level she knows that things are not right, I am anxious for this to be over.

I woke her with a word and a kiss, the smile that she greeted me with was beautiful. When she looked at me, I knew that she wasn't seeing a cold blooded killer for hire, she saw her mate, the one who would keep her safe and love her always.

"Are you ready for me?" I asked.

I received my answer when she reached between my legs and stroked my cock.

"Do you understand what this means?" I asked, "Your life as it was is over, your place is with me no matter where that may be."

"I understand." she replied as she continued to stroke me.

"Annie, do you accept me as your mate?"

"Yes." she replied without hesitation.

I helped her sit up and kissed her on the neck where I had marked her. I needed just a little more blood from her and she would take from me. Why? Because it will create a two way link. Just as I will always be able to find her, she will always be able to find me. Chances are when this is over, Delgado will taste of her and she of him as well as Regina, it would be the prudent thing to do.

I nicked the earlier wound and watched as the blood welled up and I drank from her for a few seconds. I lay her back on the bed and was amazed by the total trust that shone in her eyes as I made a small bite into my wrist and offered it to her. There was no hesitation on her part as she put her mouth to the small wound and drank. The feeling of her sucking the blood from me traveled straight to my cock.

"Annie, stop." I said when I knew that she had taken enough.

She stopped, looked at me and then kissed my wrist. This woman who did not know me before yesterday loved me and I loved her. Not wanting to waste time, I stripped us. She was ready for me, I could smell her arousal, and I could see it in her eyes. As much as I wanted to take my time this first time, it was imperative that we be mated. I tried to be as gentle with her as possible but I still caused her some pain but after a moment, she was moaning in pleasure as I emptied deep inside of her. Afterwards, she slept while I held her and waited for word from Delgado, I would tell Annie everything once she woke up and if time permitted.



I could hardly wait to see her-Regina. She was already at one of my homes in Arkansas and was preparing for me. Everything she needed to please me was already there; you thought I was going to wait for the wedding? Oh no, she was going to be mine as soon as I got there. It doesn't change anything though, we still have to be married and if Delgado finds her there will still be a fight to the death.

Daniel and Edward were still in the city and would join me in Arkansas the night of the ceremony. I was still worried by Edward's hesitancy about Regina. He was remembering things but nothing important. Why was I worried? If he remembers that she is his sister, he will protect her and will die doing it. I was actually thinking about leaving him behind but I decided that I needed to keep him in sight. Daniel on the other hand remembered nothing; he of the two adjusted the quickest to this life and loved it. I had also planted a command in his memory-if Edward should happen to remember who Regina is, he was to kill him immediately. I didn't want anything to fuck up what should have happened twenty-two years ago.


I stood in what was probably the biggest bathroom that I had ever seen in my entire life. The bathtub which looked like a small swimming pool was already filled with clear blue water that smelled of lilacs, the fixtures were gold colored and I would bet real gold. I touched the fixtures and then the sinks; someone had a lot of money I realized.

I could hear it just outside of the door and hoped that he stayed there; I had no desire to feel its touch again. It was the thought of his semen on me that got me out of my clothes and into the tub. I submerged my entire body under the scented water and stayed there for as long as I could. When I came up for air, it was watching me, the front of his pants tented out.

"Need some help?" it asked.

I didn't answer, I was too afraid that I would say something that it would take as an invitation. It waited for several seconds and then was gone. I mean he vanished from where he was sitting! I looked around and didn't see him and then I relaxed only to tense again. What if he was still here and I just couldn't see him? I hesitated not sure of what I should do and then I heard him talking to someone. I got out of the tub as fast as I could, dried off and put my clothes back on.

I didn't care what he said; I wasn't wearing clothes that weren't mine.

"Are you finished pretty one?" he called in and then flung the door open.

"Those are not the clothes that your intended wants you to wear." he said looking me up and down, "but then, I don't see why it matters since you won't have them on for long anyway."

"What... what are you saying?" I asked as I realized just how stupid I'd been. If I would have only stayed in the room I wouldn't be here now trying to find a way to escape.

"Why wait until the wedding night to sample the goodies?" he replied chuckling at my surprise.

I looked around frantically; suddenly jumping off of the balcony didn't seem like such a bad idea. I must have edged toward the balcony because he moved with me the amusement in his eyes and voice gone. I realized then that he was responsible for me until my intended arrived.

"Don't think of it." he said his voice low.

I froze and waited. For the first time since I met him, Maurice didn't seem so bad. I wondered if he had returned to the room yet and if he had, was he looking for me? But I was in another state and I didn't know which one so how would he find me? Yes, I know. I wanted to get away from vampires, hated them and now I was hoping that one would come to my rescue.

"What are you thinking about pretty one?" He asked.

"N... nothing." I stammered but I could tell that he knew that I was lying.

"I bet I know." he said as he circled around me until he was standing behind me. "Would you care to make a wager?"

I wasn't about to wager anything with this thing and I had to get its mind off of sex.

"Do you have a name?" I asked.

That surprised him but only for a second.

"I know what you are doing but very well, my name is Tremaine."

I knew him from somewhere. Remember I thought that the first time that I saw him but I don't remember why or where.

"My name is...."

"Regina, yes I know." he said interrupting me. "You are also hoping that Delgado finds you before your intended arrives, am I correct?"

I didn't answer him, there was no need to, he already knew that I was hoping for help although I wasn't specifically thinking about Maurice-alright, yes I was. It was time for me to start using my head instead of reacting with emotion, what could I use against this thing in front of me?

I started to replay our conversations in my head, there had to be something that I could use but I couldn't recall him saying anything that could help me. I had to watch what I said; it had a tendency to take what I said as an invitation even though it wasn't my intent.


Damn it! How had she overcome the compulsion? I knew that she was mentally strong but I had no idea that she was that strong. That was an error on my part, I should have known better and yes I know that I'm supposed to be able to do all of these supernatural things but it doesn't mean that I'm not infallible. I can only hope that my error doesn't bring Regina to any harm. I know that they are in Arkansas and not far over the border, I will be there in a matter of minutes but I can't go in like gangbusters until I know that Regina is out of harms way.

I had to wonder what she was thinking when she left the room, where was she going? If I had to guess, I would say that she was looking for me and that she was very, very angry. She wants answers and tonight I think she's going to find out more than she bargained or was prepared for. I hoped that her strong mind would be able to handle the truth which reminds me, her brothers, where were they?



Micah came down and said that he had to leave and that he would see us the following evening at the wedding. What wedding? I didn't know that he was getting married. All he ever talked about was this Regina, maybe it was her he was going to marry. Every time I think about her the feeling that I should know her somehow resurfaces, I didn't say anything to Daniel, I didn't want to hear his spiel about getting a grip and all of that.

"You coming?" he asked.

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