tagNonHumanMaurice Ch. 10

Maurice Ch. 10


So here I am on a Sunday trying to do what I normally do which is cross stitch and watch television. If I sound as if I was bored, it's because I was. I'm usually quite content to spend my Sunday quietly relaxing because Mondays are usually horrible. I managed to get a little of my quilt done and then gave up and called Annie to see what she was up to.

I was surprised when Gremlin answered the phone.

"Regina, how are you?" he asked.

If I didn't know any better I would have to say that he was pleased to hear from me.

"I'm fine." I replied, "How's the new house coming?"

"It is almost ready, Daniel and Edward are helping me put the baby's crib together and the women are decorating the nursery as we speak."

Alright, I have to admit that I felt left out and before any of you say it I'm well aware that it's my fault that I'm not there helping.

"Could I speak to Annie?" I asked.

"Of course, please hold while I go get her."

While I waited I was thinking about when I should leave for New Orleans. I could save myself some airfare and go back with Delgado, he's already made that offer to me but I haven't said yes or no.

Annie came to the phone sounding out of breath; I wished that I hadn't bothered her.

"Reggie! Hi!"

"Hi yourself!" I replied, "I hear that the baby's room is being decorated as we speak."

"It's almost done." Annie replied, "I wish that you were here helping us."

"Me too." I replied surprising both myself and Annie.

"When are you coming?" she asked.

"I don't know yet." I replied.

I didn't mention anything about going back with Delgado and she didn't ask which was fine by me. I spoke with Danny and Eddie for a few minutes and then I hung up. I did more of my cross stitch and within minutes I was bored again but I wasn't going to do it, I wasn't going to call Delgado like some little kid who needed a playmate and ask him to come over and play.

I decided to go out for a walk, I put on my shoes and glanced at the clock, it was only eleven in the morning, and I still had hours before I could even begin to think about going to bed. I cursed under my breath and headed out into the warmth of the day and started to walk. Neighbors who happened to be out spoke to me and a few asked me about my gentleman friend with the Lamborghini. My only response was that he was just a friend and nothing more but why did it feel like more than that?


I did some paperwork to keep busy. I wondered how much longer Regina would hold out before she took that first step toward me, after that step things would begin progress. Unlike her I'm not too stubborn or proud to admit that I missed her and I'm not too stubborn to say that I was seriously thinking about just showing up at her home, but I wouldn't. I had to exercise patience as difficult as that was becoming.

It was early yet there was still the possibility that she would call me and when she did I would run and not walk as fast as I could. I was no longer concerned about her feelings for me; she felt something when I kissed her when we were dancing the evening before. She is feeling something now and I would wager she is fighting the urge to call me hoping that I'll call her but that wasn't going to happen.

I went back to my paperwork and tried not to think about Regina all it did was give me a hard on and make me impatient. Just so you know; I hadn't been with anyone since I first found Regina and it wasn't because there wasn't opportunity. In my mind once I found Regina we were married, it just wasn't consummated and I knew that she hadn't been with anyone for far longer than I have.

Since I couldn't seem to stop thinking about her I gave up and planned my next move. The florist already knew to deliver flowers to her office every morning which included a note that said something like "have a nice day" or "I can't wait to see you." you know the generic sentiments, well starting tomorrow those notes were going to get more personal. Since it was early, I decided to call the florist and get that little detail taken care of and then I decided to stop for lunch.


I finished my walk, kicked off my shoes and made myself a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich and poured myself a big glass of milk to go with it. After eating with someone all week it felt odd to be eating alone and the sandwich just didn't taste as good as I thought it might. I ended up eating only half of it and throwing the rest away although I did finish the milk.

But damn I was restless! I thought about calling Annie again but if I did she would ask me about Delgado and then tell me that I should call him. I looked at the clock; it was only one in the afternoon. I thought about taking a nap but if I did that I would be up late and Mondays just weren't good days to go in sleep deprived. What in the fuck was I going to do all day?

By three, I gave in.


I had actually managed to push Regina out of my mind for long enough to finish the paperwork that I had started earlier in the day. I looked at the clock; it had taken me a couple of hours to complete the tasks that should have only taken me minutes.

I was about to go out for a walk when the phone rang, I knew who it was even before I answered it.


She had finally taken her first step toward me and I was overjoyed.

"Hello Regina." I said not giving her a chance to identify herself, "How are you today?"

"I.... I'm fine, I talked to Annie today." she replied.

She was stalling but that was alright, the important thing was that she called.

"And how is she feeling?"

"Tired but good, they're working on the baby's room."

I knew that because I had already spoken with them as well as her brothers.

"Have you decided when you're going back?" I asked.

"I thought that if the offer was still open that I would take you up on the plane ride back."

Those words were music to my ears!

"Of course it is! I still have some business here so it will be another three weeks." I replied.

She hesitated and then agreed.

"Was there something else?" I asked.

"Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?" she asked.

"I would enjoy that, why don't you let me provide dinner?" I asked.

A minute later we hung up and I let out a whoop that I'm sure was heard all the way across town.


What was I thinking inviting him here? I mean I knew what he wanted, he made that quite clear when he kissed me and I invited him here! But it was just for a movie and nothing more I reminded myself... but why was I so excited then?

I rushed up the stairs and took a quick shower taking care to wash those private areas thoroughly. My nipples were stiff and tingled..... I was.....I didn't want to complete the thought.

I finished my shower, oiled my skin and avoided touching my nipples and between my legs as much as I could in the hopes that they would cool down. I dressed casually but comfortably wearing a brand new matching purple bra and panty set that I bought months ago.

I know what you're thinking but I'm not there yet, as far as I was concerned nothing was going to happen tonight other than watching a movie or two and eating whatever Delgado brought for dinner.


Chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne.....and ......pasta with grilled chicken and rolls. That sounded like a winner to me. I called the hotel restaurant and placed my order and then called the florist to tell them to have a dozen of red roses ready for me.

I quickly showered and changed before calling to check on my dinner and flower orders, when I was told that they were ready, I left the house and was standing at Regina's door an hour later. She looked lovely and I told her so as I handed her the roses and kissed her cheek.

The table was already set for two so I took the sack with the food to the table and set the food out. I remembered that she didn't like cold fruit so I left the strawberries in the sack but asked to put the champagne in the refrigerator to keep it chilled.

Dinner was pleasant with idle chitchat which normally I hated but she was nervous so I let it go. While she cleared the table, I looked at her movie selection and found myself rather impressed. There were documentaries on various subjects ranging from prehistoric history down to current events. There were also some movies, none of them horror or having to do with the supernatural which didn't surprise me but there were plenty of action movies and historical dramas. I took note of a few movies that hadn't been opened yet and looked at them, all of them were historical dramas and then it hit me, none of the movies in her collection were comedies. I wondered about that, I understood why there was nothing pertaining to the supernatural but why no comedies?

"Did you find anything interesting?" She asked from behind me.

"You have quite the collection." I replied, "but why is there nothing meant to cause laughter?"

I could tell that the question both surprised and confused her. I knew that there was a fun loving streak in her, I had seen it and for her and Annie to have been so close it had to have there.

"I don't know." she replied, the tone in her voice suggesting that she had never really given the matter any thought.

"Come on." I said walking toward her, "we're going shopping."


Dinner smelled wonderful, the half of a sandwich that I had eaten for lunch was long gone. While Delgado sat the food out, I took a moment to really look at him. As I've said before, he wasn't handsome in the traditional sense and if I hadn't known him and passed him on the street he wouldn't have drawn my attention. But now that I knew him I was beginning to see him in a different light. I began to see that he had physical attributes that I had always found attractive in a man. Like what?

His eyes.

The eyes are usually the first thing that I look at and his were a beautiful dark brown that showed whatever emotion that he happened to be feeling, right now it was curiosity.

The next think that I notice is the smile and he had a nice one that reached his eyes. After that I usually stop looking, height and weight was never really an issue, if you recall I'm not built like an Amazon warrior myself. The realization that I was even thinking about him like that made me nervous, it had been a long time since I paid attention to a man like that.

I chatted through dinner about everything that I could think of instead of what I was sure he wanted to talk about, us and what my feelings were but I wasn't ready. He knew what I was doing and to his credit he didn't push me, he let me ramble on until dinner was over.

I cleared the table while he looked at my movie collection. I didn't know what his interests were but figured we could watch a movie on pay per view on cable or streamline one from netflix. I watch mostly documentaries and historical dramas and if I watch any comedy at all it's on television and until he asked me about the lack of comedies in my collection, I hadn't really thought about it.

I liked to have fun, I mean look at who my cousin and best friend was and I was having fun...... shit.

He wanted to go shopping? The only thing open was the super Wal-mart.

"What are you shopping for?" I asked.

"Not me, we." he said, "It's time we add some lightheartedness to this amazing movie collection."

"I don't watch comedies." I said as he grabbed my hand as he walked by me.

"Then it's time to start." he replied, "I know that you like to have fun, I saw it last night so come on."

Twenty minutes later we were in the movie section of the Wal-mart. I had no idea of what I would like and let Delgado choose. By the time he was finished we had over twenty movies some of which I was sure that I wasn't going to like if the picture on the front was anything to go by.

When we got back to the house Delgado gave me the task of opening the movies and choosing one to watch while he poured champagne and put the chocolate covered strawberries on a plate. I had only managed to open three of the movies by the time he came back with dessert.

With his help we got the other movies unwrapped and chose a movie.... 'Date night' with Tina Fey and Steve Carroll. I had to admit to being skeptical when the movie started but it wasn't long before we were both laughing. I didn't realize how close he had moved to me or was I the one to move? At any rate, his arm was around me and my right hand was on his knee. As soon as I realized where my hand was, I jerked it away and he pretended not to notice but didn't move his arm.


Ah progress! I love the way that she is reacting toward me without being really conscious of it. Going shopping with her was an experience that I would love to repeat. Why? Because her guard was down. I touched her several times and even had my arm around her as we or shall I say I picked out movies. Her guard stayed down until we were watching a movie and she realized that her hand was on my knee and my arm was around her shoulders.

It didn't surprise me when she moved her hand but I wasn't moving my arm unless she said something. I waited for several minutes and the requests didn't come. I was grateful that I decided to wear loose fitting slacks, it gave my cock room to grow and grow it did, it was rock hard and throbbing and Regina? She was aroused. Her nipples were hard and I so wanted to touch one but I didn't because as aroused as she was she wasn't ready yet but almost.....

When the movie was over, I poured the champagne and handed her the plate of chocolate covered strawberries. I watched her close her eyes in pleasure when she took the first bite of one. I left the champagne on the table, took the plate from her and kissed her. When she didn't resist I pulled her closer to me and cupped her face in my hands, her lips tasted like the chocolate and strawberry that she had just eaten. I could have stopped there but I decided to see how far we would go before she stopped me. I could feel her struggle within herself, she wanted to stop but she didn't. I stayed alert for any sign verbal or otherwise that she was no longer enjoying what we were doing, that she would be angry at herself later I had no doubt but we needed this.


There was nothing wrong with him having his arm around me and I have to admit that it felt good. I knew that something more was going to happen even though I tried to convince myself otherwise and if it did...... it had been a long time for me and well damn! We were both consenting adults weren't we? And I knew that if I told him to stop, he would. A little light petting was all that I wanted.... I thought.

When I took the first bite of that strawberry, I thought that I had gone to heaven. I love, love, love those things and for that reason I rarely buy them, I would eat them all in one sitting. I was but wasn't expecting the kiss at least not so early in the evening but here it was and it was good.

Do you remember your first real kiss? How you got lightheaded and you felt like you were almost floating? That was how that kiss felt. The kiss at the club was very nice but it wasn't anything like the kiss after the movie and I didn't know what the difference was and I wouldn't for a while yet.


Regina, whether she know it or not had just accepted me. I could only imagine her reaction once she figured it out and I wasn't going to tell her. I was gaining a good understanding of her, she had to realize things and come to terms with them on her own time. Her physical reaction to me is a case in point, had I told her that she was aroused and needed release she would have fought and denied it and I wouldn't be kissing her right now.

At that moment she was choosing to believe that what was happening was nothing more than lust and to a point I supposed that was true, I wanted her and she wanted me and for that time lust was alright. I broke the kiss and moved my lips to the spot where I had bitten her when we were in New Orleans. That spot would forever be one of the most sensitive areas on her body and I kissed it. She turned her head to give me easier access and moaned when I sucked on it, she had to be soaking wet by now but I had just come to a decision, I wasn't going to take her tonight. I would make her come and I would come as well but it wasn't going to be inside of her. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment and the anticipation would feel delicious. Think of it as knowing that you're going to get something phenomenal for a gift, when you finally get it what happens? It's all the more special, do you see my point?

I pinched her nipples through her dress and wished that it was gone. I wanted to see if her nipples were as large as they appeared and I wanted to touch them with my tongue. "Patience." I reminded myself, we had come too far for me to fuck it up by trying to rush things.


I was warm and my clothes felt like I was wearing a cocoon but there was no way I was taking them off. I almost changed my mind when pinched my nipples and then sucked on my neck. The need to come overshadowed any other thought, I knew that I would be pissed at myself when it was said and done but at that moment, I just didn't care.

I let Delgado push me back on the couch as he stretched out on top of me and positioned himself between my legs. My dress was pushed up to my waist and then he touched me. He ran a finger up and then down my panty covered slit and then he sniffed his finger.

"Is this for me?" he asked with a smile.

I don't know what happened but I wanted him to stop. I didn't want to continue, no that's not exactly true but I had to stop this.

"Maurice, we have to stop." and as I suspected, he stopped immediately and without question. Somehow I don't think that he was that surprised as he backed off of me, pulled my dress down and smiled at me. There wasn't a trace of anger or disappointment on his face as he helped me sit up and gave me one of the glasses of champagne. He was and had been the absolute gentleman.

He left shortly afterwards leaving the strawberries with me. The question I asked myself was why I made him stop. I liked what we were doing so what was the problem?


We had actually gotten further than I thought we would and as much as I wanted to make her come, I was pleased with how far we'd gone. We hadn't talked about Monday and it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see each other or talk, she would want the time to process what happened between us tonight. When I got back to the hotel there was one thing that I had to take care of or else I would be miserable for the rest of the night- I was still rock hard.



I called in sick and then I called Maurice and told him that I didn't want to see him. I needed time to think and in spite of what I said about us being consenting adults things had gotten a little too intense for me. He took the news about seeing him as well as he took my request to stop, with understanding and grace.

I started asking myself the same question that some of you have been asking-what in the fuck is wrong with me? I mean, he had been nothing less than a gentleman, he hasn't pushed me at all and he didn't get mad when I told him to stop.

N o matter how I felt, I had to stay away from him for the day.


Told you didn't I? I know and understand how my Regina thinks. Yes, Yes, Yes I know that it's been six months but remember that to me six months is nothing in the whole scheme of things. I also I know that some of you are thinking that I should just leave her and see if there's someone else but there isn't anyone else and I don't want anyone else. I also know this, when she finally acknowledges what she feels for me, there will be no reservations on her part. So you see I can wait.

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