tagGay MaleMaverick Cattle Company Ch. 09

Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 09


There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren't in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Darrin and Josh watched as the multicolored goats streamed from the stock trailer and into the small enclosure. Josh was excited, and worried, as he watched the alert animals move past them. His pestering about getting the goats had finally paid off. Mitch had actually been impressed with Josh's written proposal and he and Darrin had agreed to loan Josh the capital to get started. Once all the details had been worked out, Josh had put many miles on his pickup searching for the perfect animals to build his herd from. In addition, his hours of researching the breeds had made him choose to use Spanish Goats instead of the popular Boer breed. The Spanish goats had evolved in the region and Josh thought they would be more adapted to the environment of the ranch.

Darrin glanced at Josh and saw the look of concern on his face, but did nothing to lessen it. This was Josh's first business arrangement, and he should be a little concerned. But as Darrin watched the goats flow past them, he couldn't help but chuckle, at least to himself. These goats were exactly what Mitch didn't like. They were all colors, sizes and horn types. The horns alone made Darrin shake his head in disbelief. Who would have thought so many variations would exist for one breed of animals. As the last of the females streamed into the pen, Darrin heard the scuff of boots. Max turned and yapped softly as Mitch walked up behind them.

Mitch looked over the animals and let out a low sigh. But Darrin was glad that he at least didn't voice his opinion. Josh had presented his plan, Mitch had agreed to it, and, for now, Mitch had to live with the agreement they had. As Mitch and Darrin watched, Josh closed the first pen and then opened the second smaller enclosure for the males. When the shaggy bucks ran into the enclosure, Mitch covered his nose and moaned.

"God! Those smell terrible! Oh my god! What the hell is wrong with them," said Mitch as he waved his arm at the four animals.

"It's breeding season, they pee on their beards to make them more attractive to the females," explained Josh.

Darrin looked over the animals and started chuckling, which soon became rich laughter. Josh and Mitch both gave him with a questioning look. Eventually Darrin was able to speak, weakly waved his arm at Mitch and finally managed to gasp out.

"I think that's the same method some of the guys at the bars in Dallas were using to attract a mate too!"

Soon all three of them were laughing as the odoriferous bucks moved around their new home.


Darrin tossed his keys onto the table, pried off his boots and then sat down on the couch. He was tired of being a single parent and more than ready for Mitch to be home from his scouting trip. He understood the need to locate more stock, but Mitch had been gone for a week and Darrin was missing him quite a bit.

As he looked around the room, Mitch's stuff was everywhere and just brought up fond memories for Darrin. From his work boots left by the door, with spurs still on them, to the hats carefully displayed on handmade hooks around the room. It definitely looked like a man's room. Darrin had to laugh a little, because neither of them was given to frills and lace. You could almost sense the masculinity that was ground into their house.

As Darrin thought about Mitch and their lives together, he opened his shirt and let his hand roam over his chest. Darrin sighed as his fingers slipped through the hairs, sending shocks of pleasure through his system. He missed Mitch, and his nightly jackoff sessions hadn't been more than temporary relief. His body was again primed for release and in no time Darrin's nipples were hard and aching as he scraped over them with his fingernails. After a few passes over them, his cock was hard and making an obscene bulge in his pants.

Reaching one hand lower, Darrin grabbed his crotch and squeezed it hard while he ran his hand over his furry chest. Several long minutes slipped by as Darrin enjoyed the pleasurable feelings coursing through his body. Looking down, he saw a growing wet spot as the precum soaked through his pants. With a smile, Darrin opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out. Stroking its length slowly, Darrin twisted his nipple, causing a cascade of precum over his hand. After another slow stroke, Darrin released his steel hard cock and lifted his hand to his mouth and spit into it. Dropping his hand back down, he again stroked it slowly as his spit and precum melded.

Soon the build up of pleasure drove Darrin's hand faster, his hand a blur on his aching cock. He let his free hand slide lower, grabbing his balls and pulling them taut. Soon the rhythm of his pleasuring reached a crescendo and white cum shot from his slit. Darrin moaned, his muscles tensed as stream after stream of hot sperm splattered across his chest. As he striped the last drops from his softening cock, he slumped back against the couch.

After his breathing had returned to normal, Darrin grabbed his pants and carefully walked into the bedroom. Reaching under the bed he grabbed the small towel he'd been using all week and wiped the cum off his torso. As he finished he had to chuckle to himself at the cream colored stiffness of the towel, but knowing he could throw it into the pile of clothes Mitch would have, he tossed it back beside the bed. As he buttoned his shirt, he heard a faint yip. Remembering that Max hadn't been out of his kennel all morning, Darrin checked his watch. He realized there was just enough time to get to the airport, he decided to leave Max for Josh to deal with and rushed out of the house. As he pulled down the driveway he smiled in anticipation of seeing Mitch again.

Standing at the airport with the other families, Darrin was excited to see his husband again. He knew they had to keep the public displays to a minimum but it would be good just to give Mitch a hug. He scanned face after face as they came down the hallway, wondering how he could miss the cowboy hat topped stud who he loved.

Suddenly he heard a loud whoop and turned just in time to catch Mitch as he launched himself into Darrin arms. Locking his legs around Darrin, Mitch started covering his face with kisses. Darrin's face reddened as his husband unabashedly showered him with affection. Finally realizing that most of the other passengers were smiling indulgently, he relaxed and returned the kisses. After a few moments of mutual affection, Mitch released Darrin and jumped to the floor.

"I've missed you so much, babe!" said Mitch almost squealing.

"I've missed you too, Mitch. A whole lot!" said Darrin with a grin, "That was an enthusiastic greeting."

Mitch chuckled, "Yeah, I thought you could do with a PDA."

Darrin chuckled again and pulled Mitch by the arm. "Yeah, well let's get home and I'll give you a PDA, but it won't be a public display, it'll be a private display."

Mitch wiggled his eyebrows in anticipation and grinned back at Darrin. They both chuckled and went to get Mitch's bags. On the trip home they fell into an easy rhythm and talked about what had happened at the ranch, as well as what cattle Mitch had seen. The time passed quickly and soon they were pulling to a stop in front of their house. As they opened the door, Max flashed by with Josh running behind. They both chuckled as Josh paused and gasped for breath.

"Sorry! He's been tearing around your bedroom ever since I let him out and then just now he grabbed the towel that was on the floor and has been running like a maniac. I don't know what got into him!" said Josh in exasperation.

Mitch chuckled and then looked over at Darrin, only to see an odd look on his husband's face. As Josh took off after the dog again, Darrin ran to their bedroom. Within seconds Darrin was back and hissed at Mitch.

"Help me catch that damn dog!"

Mitch continued to chuckle. "Why? What up, babe."

Darrin turned bright red and looked to make sure Josh wasn't close. Leaning in he hissed out, "He has my cum towel, with a weeks worth on it!"

With that Mitch collapsed on the floor in laughter as Darrin gave him a look a pure disgust before taking out after Max. Never moving from the wall, Mitch was wiping tears of laughter from his eyes as he watched the three make round after round through the house. After several minutes of chasing, which included Max making vaults over Mitch on several occasions, he stopped beside Mitch's face, shook the towel, and dropped it. He looked at Mitch with a look of mirth on his face, cocked his head and then took off racing again as Darrin came barreling around the corner. Mitch waved the towel in the air, feeling the stiff crustiness under his hand and catching a whiff of its pungent aroma.

"I've got it," Mitch said with a smirk.

Darrin grabbed at it, but Mitch yanked it away and chuckled. "Oh no, big boy. I think this is worth something to Max and me, just as soon as I figure out what it is."

Darrin looked at him with a frustrated look and stalked off, with Mitch's laughter ringing in his ears.


Josh had parked his pickup in a remote corner of the ranch, under the shelter of a grove of towering cottonwoods. Looking for some down time, and maybe a little fun, Josh had talked Zach into the little outing. Sitting on the tailgate, they started out just catching up, discussing the various classes each of them were taking this semester. Josh was taking some of the courses Zach had taken the year before, so he was absorbing all the hints that Zach could provide. When the conversation reached a lull, Josh leaned over and kissed Zach on the cheek. Rocking back he smiled at the smaller man. Looking at Zach's pale complexion and spiked blond hair, Josh had to chuckle, if only to himself. If he were to describe how a stereotypical gay boy looked, Zach would not miss the mark by much. Realizing his silence was making Zach uncomfortable, Josh reached over and rubbed his hands over Zach's back.

"You look good today, Zach. Good enough to eat," said Josh and then jokingly snapped his teeth at the blond boy beside him. Zach scooted closer and then leaned against Josh. Josh could tell that Zach was still a little tense, but didn't know what he might be thinking.

"What's up? You seem a little down," said Josh.

"Nah, I'm fine. Just got a lot on my plate, I guess."

Josh curled himself downward, raking his teeth over Zach's tender neck. Zach responded with a soft moan and a shudder that ran through his body. Josh whispered with a slight edge, "I'll get you nice and relaxed. And you will be so full of me that you won't have time to worry about a full plate."

Zach stiffened further and started to sputter. "Here? But we're outside. And we don't have any cond—" Zach stopped, his litany of reasons broken when he realized that they didn't use condoms any more. With an audible gulp, Zach turned his head and looked at Josh.

"Yeah, I think . . . Yeah that would be fun. I think it would be kickass to do it out in the wild countryside."

Josh chuckled at his partners stammering and then thought about what he wanted. Josh thought the idea of fucking outside was hot, but he wasn't sure how Zach felt about it. Finally his hormones making the decision for him, he leaned over and gave Josh a passionate kiss as his hand caressed the inside of his thigh. Josh's hands drifted over his slender body, tugging Zach's t-shirt out of his pants and then running his hands over his skin. Zach's breathing quickened as his levels of passion shot through the stratosphere from Josh's soft touch.

Soon Josh had his hands inside the open front of Zach's jeans and was groping him hard while he fastened his teeth to Zach's neck. As his teeth sunk into Zach's alabaster skin, he slid his hand lower, piercing Zach's rectum with his finger and then sinking it deep inside his gut. Zach let out a high-pitched squeal of delight and immediately started rocking back and forth over Josh's finger. He grasped Josh's neck with both hands and was soon bouncing up and down on the finger as it explored him.

Josh was moving quickly, instinctually knowing that Zach's comfort with the outdoors was going to plummet once he had shot his load. With that knowledge, Josh slowly let his finger slip out, and grinned at Zach's accompanying moan of disappointment at his sudden emptiness. Josh quickly pulled off his own shirt and then opened his pants. His tight white underwear was stretched to their limit by his massive erection and a large translucent spot marked where the head of Josh's cock was pinned. Josh ran his hand over the length of his trapped cock, while Zach watched enrapt with the tableau before him.

Josh's nipples were rock hard and his cock was leaking like a faucet, much to Zach's delight. Once his ardor had reached a boiling point, Josh shoved down his underwear and released his fat cock, which arched upward and hit Josh's stomach with a resounding slap. With a look of lust on his face, Josh flipped Zach over and shoved his jeans down his thighs. Spreading his ass cheeks, Josh leaned in and rammed his tongue deep into Zach's pulsing hole.

"Ohgod! Fuck! Eat my ass, oh damnit eat my hole good!"

Josh pillaged Zach's ass, licking, sucking and biting him until his butt was swollen with desire. Zach had lost himself in the sex, behaving like a doe in rut. With grunts and sighs, he signaled that he was ready for his needs to be met. With a final swipe of his tongue, Josh lifted his head, planting soft kisses on Zach's ass cheeks.

Josh's breath was coming in gasps as the excitement of the moment washed over him. With his hard cock in his hand, he moved closer to Zach and rubbed his leaking cock over Zach's exposed crack. As the spit and precum mixed, Josh pushed forward, thrilled by the sensation of tight ass around his bare cock. With a steady push, Josh was soon buried deep inside Zach, his body twitching as he tried to not unload immediately in his lovers gut. With a slow pull backwards, he scraped the swollen head of his cock over Zach's prostrate.

"Oh fuck! Yeah! Hit it again! Damn that feels good!" squealed Zach.

With that, Josh released his inner animal and power fucked Zach. Taken to the limit of his youthful endurance, he pounded the smaller boy below him. The increased sensitivity from fucking bareback was not helping Josh's staying power, but he really didn't think Zach cared, since he was a writhing pile of boy sex under him. Suddenly Zach screamed and started shooting cum over the pickup bed. His slender cock erupted with volcanic force and volume. His ass clamped around Josh's dick as his orgasm sent him into delirium.

Driving past the edge of desire, Josh rammed himself in deep and held Zach tight as his body shook. With a final growl of release, Josh's cock started pumping Zach full of man cream. His body spasmed and twitched as the contents of his nuts pumped into Zach's gut. Over and over he shot as Josh experienced the biggest orgasm of his life. But eventually his body exhausted his supply of semen.

Wrapping his arms around Zach, he held the smaller man for a few moments, until Zach wiggled out of his arms and turned to look at him. Instead of the look of contentment he expected, Josh saw a mix of discomfort and disgust on Zach's pale face. Finally he took a deep breath and asked.

"What's wrong, Zach?"

"I gotta . . . oh god I'm so full and its leaking. Oh god Josh what do I do?"

Josh could tell the panic was setting in while he tried to decode Zach's cryptic explanation. Finally he realized that his semen was having the effect of an enema on Zach.

"I can take you back to the house. Come on!" said Josh as he started to get out of the pickup.

"No! I can't make it! Oh god Josh, whatda I do?" said Zach almost in tears.

Josh scanned around them, trying to find a spot where Zach would eliminate his problem. He motioned to a cluster of cedars. "There, go in the cedar trees. No one can see you in there."

Zach grabbed his pants and waddled to the trees. Soon sounds that could only be described as 'wet' were erupting from the trees, while Josh tried not to laugh out loud. He did shake his head in disbelief as he fished the roll of toilet paper from behind the pickup seat, knowing it was going to be requested soon. Josh had to wonder what other quirks Zach had in store for him.


Darrin hung up the phone and after a long silence Mitch turned to look at him. "What's wrong, babe? You don't look good."

Darrin paused for a few minutes, obviously trying to bring his thoughts together. Mitch waited, allowing Darrin the time he sometimes needed. After several minutes, Darrin started. "It was my sister, she and Mom want to come visit and see the ranch." He paused for a minute, obviously in shock, and then continued, "They said they wanted to come, get to spend more time with you . . . and meet Josh. I'm not sure about this, babe. You know how they are. Do you think Josh can deal with them?"

Mitch chuckled slightly. "I think Josh can deal with them better than you can. He's told off his dad, most of the town and talked us into letting him get goats. I think he'll be fine."

Darrin shook his head, the slightly sad look never leaving it. "I know, I just worry about him. He's had a rough life."

"We've all had rough lives at some point. Josh is almost 20 and he's doing fine. Better than either of us at that age. You decide if you want them to come, don't use Josh as your excuse."

Darrin sat still for several minutes as he considered Mitch's comments. Eventually he sighed, smiled slightly, and nodded his head. "Yeah, I hate to admit it, but you're right. They can come and be nice or I'll let Josh give them one of his speeches!"

Mitch chuckled and motioned Darrin over to sit beside him on the couch. They cuddled against each other in the cool winter evening as they flipped through television channels, with Mitch making cracks about various shows. Darrin laughed at his husband and took away the remote, changing it to one of the cooking shows and then laid on the couch, resting his head in Mitch's lap and pulled a blanket down from the back of the sofa over both of them. Mitch soon reached down and lightly caressed his face and then let his hand rest over his chest. Both men looked very content, and extremely happy in that moment in time.


Darrin was busy scrubbing the counters for the 12th time while Mitch was working at the computer. Mitch had warned Darrin several times that he was going to rub the color off the counters if he didn't quit. But ever since his mother and sister had called to say they were coming, he'd been a maniac about cleaning everything. Josh had even taken to closing his bedroom door so Darrin couldn't see in his room. The obsessive behavior was starting to get to both Josh and Mitch. Everyone would be happier when the two women finally arrived tomorrow.

Suddenly Mitch let out a whoop of delight that made Darrin jump and emit a most unmasculine sound. Josh even opened his bedroom door to see what was going on. Darrin tossed his cloth into the sink and walked over to see what had gotten the huge reaction from Mitch. As he got closer, Mitch looked over at him and grinned,

"Sam and Gordy are coming through and wanted to know if they could stop in and catch up. I told 'em, hell yes!"

An honest, warm smile broke out on Darrin's face for the first time since he'd gotten the news that his family was coming to visit. He missed the time the two couples had with each other and was thrilled they were coming for a visit. As he leaned against Mitch and reminisced, Josh wandered into the room. Glancing over Mitch's shoulder, Josh asked,

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