Max and Julie


She sucked on the head of his throbbing cock as the first shot hit the roof of her mouth. She quickly swallowed, taking every drop of cum he pumped into her, sucking him dry.

After she had finally released him, he pulled her up to him, their lips meeting in a deep, hungry kiss. "That was fantastic," he murmured to her.

She blushed shyly, not knowing what to say. Max suddenly stood and scooped her up in his arms, carrying her out of the cabanna across the backyard. "Where are we going?" she asked nervously, looking around, worried that someone might see them.

"No one can see us, except probably from your house, and we're going to my room. We'll finish there. The cabanna is no place for your first time," he said, kissing her again.

He laid her on his bed and gazed down at her for a moment before laying beside her, his head dipping down to again suckle her deep pink nipples. He moved between her thighs and she eagerly spread them for him.

She could feel his hardness and she breathed deeply as he lifted his head and stared into her dark green eyes. "You ready?" he asked.

Clutching at his back, she nodded. "Yes, I'm ready," she replied.

Using his hand, he stroked his cock through the folds of her pussy, wetting himself before placing the head of his dick at her entrance and gently pushing in. She arched her back and cried out at his entry, matching his deep groan.

"God you feel good," he panted, still pushing in. "So hot and tight," he groaned, burying himself to the hilt. He paused a moment, savoring her before he began stroking himself within her.

Julie's head was spinning, she was astounded by how good his cock felt inside her. How big and hard he was, how full her pussy felt. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, lifting her hips from the bed, grinding against him. It only took a few thrusts before she cried out again, the walls of her pussy again clutching at him, soaking him with her cum.

He quickly rolled them over so that she was on top. "Ride me," he groaned, his hands sliding up her body, gently squeezing her breasts.

She began to gently move her body getting used to the sensations, the incredibly erotic feel of it. Finding a rhythm, she increased her speed, enjoying the feeling of him repeatedly impaling her. Max reached down and began to rub her clit and it didn't take long before another orgasm flooded through her body, causing her to fling her head back, a loud cry escaping her lips.

Gripping her hips, he lifted her off of him. "On your hands and knees," he told her. She obeyed and he knelt behind her. Even though his hands were parting the lips of her pussy, teasing her before entering her again, his eyes were on her ass. He was aching to part her firm, round cheeks and plunge his cock into her tight, puckered opening.

"Max, don't stop, please," she begged, bucking against his gently probing fingers.

Without warning, he suddenly plunged his cock deeply into her, groaning loudly. He gripped Julie's hips and began to fuck her with long deep strokes.

"Harder, faster," she gasped.

Without hesitating he slammed his cock into her, driving quickly in and out, plunging in deeply. He held onto her hips with one hand while the other kneaded her ass, pushing aside her cheek, desiring her tight ass hole.

"Oh, yes, Max. You feel so good!" she cried out as he pounded into her pussy.

"How wild do you want to get?" he asked teasingly.

"Anything," she gasped. "I want to do it all."

She cried out with alarm as his hand came down sharply on her ass. He pulled out and began to spank her, his blows alternating between cheeks.

At first she wasn't sure what to think. Why was he hitting her? But the warmth that spread across her ass as each blow mellowed she soon found very erotic and her pussy gushed anew.

Max stared at her quickly reddening ass and at Julie's face, pressed into the pillows muffling her cries. He paused, resting his palms against her ass, feeling the heat emanating from her flesh. "Do you like being spanked?" he asked her.

Lifting her head, she murmured, "Yes. Yes, I do."

"Do you want more?" he asked, his hands gently pinching her tender butt.

"Yes. Can you fuck me and spank me at the same time?" she requested, a faint blush tinting her cheeks.

"My, what a dirty girl you are," he chuckled, driving his cock back into her hot, wet pussy. He plunged in and out of her again, spanking her ass in time with his thrusts. Her hot butt pressing against his stomach was driving him crazy and he felt his orgasm building. He thrust in deep and with a loud groan, slapped her ass quickly as his cock pumped his cum deep into her cunt.

He withdrew and flopped down beside her, desperately trying to catch his breath. She leaned over and kissed him. "That was fantastic," she giggled. "I had no idea getting a spanking could be so hot."

"Like I said," he gasped, "you are turning out to be a very dirty girl."

She hesitated before saying, "You said earlier that you can sometimes go three times in a row?"

"Yeah," he replied, his interest piquing.

"Well...I was wondering..." she trailed off, her cheeks blushing bright red.

"What? What do you want to do?" he asked, hoping beyond hope.

"Have you ever had anal sex?" she asked shyly, her voice barely above a whisper.

His spirit soared as she whispered the words. He forced himself to calm down and answer her without sounding too eager. "No, but it is something I've been wanting to try."

"You don't think it's too weird?" she again asked shyly.

He kissed her gently. "Not at all," he replied sincerely.

"Will it hurt?" she asked.

"I think it hurts a bit at first, but you just have to relax and get used to the feeling and then I think it can feel quite good," he answered, hoping to persuade her.

"Alright," she said. "If you can go a third time, I'd like to try it."

He wanted to jump up and dance for joy! Finally he was going to get some ass!

He raised her hips in the air and spread her thighs wide. His cock was throbbing and his heart was pounding. He had fantasized about this moment for so long and now it was about to happen. He spread her cheeks wide and stared down at her tightly puckered hole. Somehow his big cock was going to fit in there, he was going to bury himself in her ass.

Fumbling in the drawer of his nightstand he found the bottle of lube and squeezed some out onto Julie's asshole. She gasped at the cold gel and at his finger as it began to stroke her hole, rubbing in the slippery liquid.

"Relax," he whispered as he gently pushed a finger into her.

She cried out at the intrusion and Max waited a moment before pushing in further. Inching his way in, his entire finger was soon inside her. He eased it out, scooped up some more lube and pushed back in again, sliding in all the way. He pumped his finger in and out of her, feeling her widen for him.

"How does that feel?" he asked her.

Julie's mind was spinning. His finger had hurt so much when it had first pushed in but now it felt so good. "More," she whimpered.

Max chuckled as he pulled out of her and lubed up two fingers and pushed them into her. This time he wasn't as patient with her and gently pushed all the way in. He finger fucked her a few times and then repeated the process with three.

Julie cried out loudly at each new penetration. At the delicious pain shooting through her. Her pussy was dripping wet and aching to be fucked but then again, so was her ass. The three fingers were exciting her greatly but she still wanted more. "Fuck me Max, fuck my ass," she gasped, begging for his cock.

"You want my cock?" he asked, teasing her, not removing his fingers from her tight hole.

"Yes, I want your cock in my ass," she again begged.

He pulled his fingers from her, leaving her feeling suddenly empty and lubed up his cock. He spread more lube around her asshole as well before aiming his throbbing dick at her back entrance. Earlier he had lamented his orgasm but was now glad for it otherwise he would be shooting his load right now. He pressed his cock against her tight hole and pushed in.

They both gasped at the same time over how tight the fit was. Max paused for a moment more for himself than for Julie before pushing again.

"Ram it in me," she cried.

Max gripped her hips and thrust deeply, burying himself just beyond halfway. Another hard thrust and his balls were pressed against Julie's dripping pussy. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back, savoring the moment. How tight her ass was, how hot and tight, her cries over his rough entrance still ringing in the air and the soft moans coming from between her lips now.

"Your ass feels so damned good!" he muttered. He began to move within her, fucking her with long slow strokes, gasping at how hot it was. It was everything he had imagined, everything and more. He pulled her cheeks apart and watched his cock sliding in and out of her, amazed that she had stretched so wide.

Julie was quivering and trembling beneath him, soft cries slipping from between her lips. "Oh Max, you feel so good inside me. So big and hard. Fuck me with that big cock of yours, fuck my ass good and hard," she pleaded, obviously impatient with his gentle strokes.

He picked up speed and began to drive into her, pushing in deep and pulling back quickly only to thrust deeply again. Her cries became louder and she clenched the sheets in her fists. Who knew that the seemingly mild girl next door would love rough anal sex? He had a sudden idea and raised his hand over her ass, bringing it down hard.

"Oh yes, spank me and fuck my ass at the same time Max!" she cried.

He happily complied, smacking her ass hard as his cock drove into her. Her cheeks were soon glowing red and he gripped her sore flesh tightly, squeezing her ass as he continued to punish her hole. Suddenly the walls of her ass clutched tightly around him as an orgasm swept through her. He could feel the sudden surge of wetness on his balls as they slapped against her pussy.

His cock suddenly twitched and swelled and he knew he was about to cum. "I'm going to cum," he grunted.

"Fill my ass," Julie cried, "Shoot it in me."

How did she learn this kind of language, he wondered. The question was quickly forgotten as his orgasm flooded his senses, obliterating everything except his cock exploding in her tight ass. With a loud groan, he plunged in even deeper still, draining his throbbing cock.

Her own orgasm again shook her body as she responded to his even deeper penetration.

He remained kneeling behind her for a moment, savoring every last sensation before he finally pulled out of her. He gazed down at her gaping hole, still amazed he had stretched her so wide. With fascination he watched a glob of his cum drip from her closing hole and run down into her pussy. He gave her ass a final slap before collapsing next to her.

"You are officially a very dirty girl," he gasped.

"A very dirty girl of your own creation," she replied, slowly lowering her hips to the mattress with a groan.

"Are you sore?" he asked.

"Yes, but in the best possible way," she chuckled.

A loud grumble filled the room and after a moment they both laughed, realizing that it was Max's stomach. "We seem to have forgotten about dinner," he laughed.

Twenty minutes later, Max stood at the barbeque, flipping a couple of burgers when he saw Julie come out of the house. She was completely naked and he lamented his lack of physical ability to satiate the sudden desire he felt for her. She wrapped her arms around him from behind and kissed his neck.

"Will you stay here tonight?" he asked.

"Will you be able to fuck me?" she asked teasingly, rubbing his soft cock through his shorts.

"Yeah, I should be able to come up with something by then," he said mischievously.

"Just try and keep me away," she replied.

Later that night he again sank his cock into her thoroughly spanked ass and decided to rethink his feelings on his first year of college.

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About the only thing missing from this story is realism. It's well-written, but so far it's pretty much a typical teenage boy's fantasy. Not that there necessarily has to be more. But here's an ideamore...

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