tagLoving WivesMaxine Does 'Em All Ch. 01

Maxine Does 'Em All Ch. 01

byA bit of Africa©

Thanks to English Bob for the inspiration.

Note: Part 2 of this story is in the Extreme Section.

Clive had been cuckolded one time too many. He made his way quietly down the stairs and out the front door. He got in his car and slowly backed out his driveway. He had a plan in mind. He headed for a section of town he hardly ventured in – a place full of seedy nightclubs and pool halls. He stopped at a likely looking place and went inside. After ordering a drink he eyed the denizens and sauntered over to two guys playing pool. He started up a conversation with them and bought them a round. After a bit more conversation he made his proposition: how would they like to make some easy money. They were interested.

They were even more hooked when the told them the deal: round up a couple more fellows for a gangbang. Clive felt confident about this investment; after all he had just got a promotion and salary increase.

One of the guys he had been talking to stepped out and came back a half-hour or so later with three other guys in tow. Clive was pleased to see they were all colors and sizes. The original two he had been talking to were white. One of the new three was black and the other was Mexican. All of them looked sleazy, unshaven and unwashed.

The men piled into two pick-ups and followed Clive back his suburb. "Whoo-ee, man. This place looks rich," Clive heard one of the men say out his open window as they approached his house.

"Hey, we want to get paid first," another man said. "Have patience," Clive replied. After you do your job getting paid will be like a fringe benefit." Clive was anxious, giddy with expectation of what was about to unfold. He put his key in the door and called out to his wife.

Maxine was none the wiser that he had been there earlier. She hollered out a reply as she finished applying some make-up and tidying herself up. It had been a job making sure there were no tell-tale signs in her work-out room, and she had douched herself, given herself an enema and taken a shower. Clive wouldn't have a clue what had gone on today, she smirked to herself.

She came down the stairs and was startled to see five strange men standing and sitting in the front living room. "Clive, what is going on?" she asked with irritation.

"Hello dear. I have wonderful news," Clive beamed. "I got a promotion and a raise. Those old bastards at work have finally seen my potential."

"That's wonderful dear," Maxine said, confused. "Uh, but that still doesn't explain who our guests are."

"Well I thought we would celebrate. I have some money to spare now, eh?"

"What?… What do you mean," Maxine said, still befuddled.

"Well, my dear, I had gotten off work early today and wanted to surprise you with the good news. And guess what I discovered?"

"Uh… what?" said Maxine, a bit nervously now.

"That my wife is a fucking whore – that's what," said Clive, still beaming. "And if she's a whore, she won't mind being whored out – except in this case the gents are being paid for the services."

Maxine was aghast. She recovered herself and said in her familiar steely tone: "What the hell are you talking about? How dare you talk like that – and who are these men?!"

For the first time in a long time, Clive felt in charge again. "Come now dear, let's not pretend. I came home early today and I guess you were making too much noise fucking your black friend to notice me. No offence about the black bit," Clive said aside to the black man with the motley group.

"None taken," replied the black man. His eyes were on the tasty piece of ass he and the others were all ogling on the stairs.

Maxine was gripping the banister with anxiety now. "Dear, I don't know what…"

"Oh shut the fuck up," Clive interrupted. "I was here – I saw everything: how you slid your cunt back and forth on his black pole, how you sucked him, how you even took him in the ass."

Tears sprung up in Maxine's eyes. She was shocked and scared now. "Clive, I'm sorry. I don't want you to think…"

"Think what?" Clive interrupted her again. "You don't want me to think you're a fucking whore who lets strangers fuck her? Well, I do think that and I've got some more strangers for you."

Maxine's hands went to her mouth as she gasped. "No dear, what are you thinking?"

"Enough thinking. Let's get to business," said Clive. "Gentlemen…?" he said, motioning to the stairs.

The five men were only too happy to get this gangbang on the road. They moved towards the stairs and Maxine was horrified. She scrambled up the stairs and fled to the bedroom.

The men were quick on the uptake and ran after her, with Clive sauntering behind.

One of the men caught Maxine by the wrist before she could close the bedroom door. She started screaming and another put his dirt-stained hand over her mouth. Clive heard her muffled screams with satisfaction. He caught up with them as they were flinging her onto the bed.

"Let's do this properly now," he said to the men. "Not too much violence and I don't want her permanently marked."

"We'll do our best," grinned one of the men.

"I can't believe he's paying us to fuck his wife," said another, still incredulous that he was being given the opportunity to screw the beautiful, classy woman now thrashing on the bed in front of him.

They pulled Maxine's skirt up above her waist and tugged on her panties. She was still struggling wildly, a man's hand still over her mouth. While the one man kneeled on the bed above her, holding his hand over her mouth, two others each grabbed an arm and the other two took her legs, tearing down her white silk panties. She was also wearing garters holding up nude-colored hose. Her pussy exposed, Clive noticed that she had cleaned up good since her earlier fuck. "Stuff the panties into her mouth," he said to the men, and the one holding her head released his hold so that one of the others could stuff the panties in her mouth. She tried to let out a scream but it was quickly muffled by the panties.

Clive's attention went back to Maxine's now bare crotch, her skirt bunched up around her waist, her garter belt in view. The visitors' eyes were also glued to her exposed pussy. Maxine had a beautiful pussy, with a neat slit and perfectly trimmed triangle of hair above it. Her vulva and asshole were shaved clean of any hair.

Clive leaned over her. "Now shut up dear or we'll have to hurt you. We'll take the gag out if you keep quiet. You hear me?"

Maxine looked up at him with tear-filled eyes and sobbed. She nodded yes.

"OK, take out the gag, after all we'll need her mouth as well." The men happily obliged.

Maxine coughed and sniffed. "Why are you doing this?" she choked out.

"Now, now dear. We all know why," Clive said in a reassuring voice. "Why don't you lie back and enjoy it like you enjoyed that black cock this afternoon. By the way, boys, she may be a bit messy from her afternoon fuck. Anyone mind?"

They all chuckled. "She's gonna get pretty messy now anyways," said one.

"I cleaned up," sobbed Maxine. "I always clean up."

"Aww, did you hear that boys? She cleaned up for us," said Clive.

"Well like I said, she's gonna get messed up again real good," said the man. Hold her now boys." The man tore off his shirt and pulled down his pants.

The two men holding her arms now also each held one of Maxine's long legs. Clive admired how they looked up in the air. It was going to be so good watching her get fucked with him in charge, he thought to himself. One of the men stepped back and let the talkative one get on his knees between Maxine's stretched out legs. The man held his cock in one hand and positioned it closer to Maxine's neat slit. She moaned and didn't want to look. He placed the glans on her slit and pushed in, parting her outer labia. Maxine tried to close her legs but the men held her firmly in place. The man between her legs slowly sank his cock deeper inside her. She was dry, but he pushed in insistently. Maxine cried out and the Mexican put his hand over her mouth again, but she looked up at him pleadingly. "I won't scream. I promise," she said.

He decided he wanted in on the action and unzipped his fly with one hand while holding her chin with the other. She looked at him nervously while trying to detach herself from the feeling of a stranger's cock in her pussy. The guy in her pussy was thrusting more insistently now and fumbled at her breasts through her cotton blouse. He squeezed one breast and Maxine groaned. It was too much for the guy, being here, fucking this beautiful woman – a gangbang – and he came with the loud groan, his sperm shooting into her tight cunt.

The Mexican had meanwhile freed his cock and placed it over Maxine's mouth. Her eyes were wide with terror as he traced it over her pouty mouth, drops of pre-cum making her cheeks and lips glisten. She noticed his cock was crooked, bending in one direction. "Open up, baby," he said and she reluctantly did. He pushed his unwashed cock into her red-lipped mouth and she gagged at the taste and tried to back off of it, but she had nowhere to go.

"Suck it now, bitch!" he ordered, and she relented, for fear he might hurt her. She took more of it in and he rocked back and forth on his heels, savoring the feel of her warm mouth around his member.

Another guy replaced the first at Maxine's cunt and pushed inside her, more easily now because of the cum of the first guy and Maxine's awakening pussy. She jerked upward at the feel of the second entry and by this motion took more of the Mexican's cock in her mouth. She gagged but he loved it, holding her face as he fucked into her. His balls were dragging over her nose and she could smell his musk and ass.

The second guy in her cunt held onto her stockinged thighs as he slammed into her, loving the feel of her tight cunt. "Ain't none of my girlfriends had a cunt this tight!" he exclaimed. "This is prime pussy!"

With a cock in either end of her, Maxine felt like she was in another world, not one of her own choosing. But she felt the undeniable pangs of arousal, her pussy responding to the cock inside her. She was getting wet as well, making the passage easier.

The second guy didn't last much longer than the first before gushing into her. Clive could see semen leaking back out along his cock and then a bigger dribble as he withdrew. Maxine's cunt still looked neat and tight, even though it was a little inflamed now.

The Mexican eventually came inside Maxine's mouth as well. Some of it shot down her throat and she almost choked. The guy told her to swallow and removed his penis to blow the rest of his load on her pretty face. He had a prodigious amount of cum. Some splattered into one nostril and over the bridge of her nose, more splattered over her cheek and into one eye, making her wince, and a third jet went into her beautiful hair. Clive loved the look of her – she looked like such a slut with her face covered in cum. The Mexican told her not to wipe her face. She lay there, blinking her one eye. It was tearing up again from the acidic cum pooling in the corner of her eye.

The black visitor was now naked and took third place at Maxine's cunt. His stiff member was about as big as the one Clive had seen in Maxine earlier today. She would love this, thought Clive. He leaned in closer to get a better look at entry. The black guy told the others to release her legs, just to keep holding her arms. He held her slim ankles in each hand and put them on his shoulders. Her face was unobstructed now so he could lie flat on top of her with her ankles over his shoulders. He felt for her opening with his penis and pushed inside her. His aim was impeccable – he got inside her on his first thrust. Maxine moaned loudly and gurgled, the Mexican's cum still in her throat. Her head arched back, exposing her pale, elegant neck and the black guy massaged it, making her swallow the cum. He gained purchase and thrust all the way inside her hot, tight cunt. Clive knew she was even tighter for the black guy because of his girth and the position she was in. The black guy must be feeling her cunt around him like nobody else, thought Clive, with a bit of envy.

The black guy started thrusting in and out of Maxine and Clive knelt down to observe the black cock penetrating his wife. He hadn't been able to get this close a look at the adulterous couple this afternoon, but he was going to make the most of this. With Maxine's legs in the position they were, her ass was rounded into the air and Clive could get a good look at her asshole in between the hairy black balls banging against it. Previously, because Maxine would never allow him there, or even to see that kind of nudity, Clive had never got a good look at his wife's asshole. Now he was fascinated by how attractive it was, the soft skin framing the dark pucker, carefully denuded of any hair. She was even vain about how her asshole looked, he mused. Who did she think was going to notice? Then he thought about this afternoon's events. Had she waxed herself for the expectation of getting buttfucked, he wondered? He noticed with glee that her pretty asshole even dilated ever so slightly from the fucking she had received earlier. In fact, as tight as it was, it was twitching open and closed from the fucking she was getting now.

Clive turned his attention back to Maxine's pussy, which was stretched obscenely wide over the thick black cock now pounding into her – the guy must be four inches around! He was so turned on seeing her labia forming a tight seal around the strange cock inside her. Maxine had seen Clive come in closer and knew he was watching her get fucked – the realization that he was enjoying it titillated her. Maybe this was the excitement missing from their marriage, she thought, bewildered that she was even rationalizing her current predicament. She was being raped! Her husband was in on it! But she was starting to enjoy it! And oh, the cock inside her felt so wonderful. It was big, filling her completely like Bruce's earlier. Bruce, the muscular instructor from her health club. She had been fucking him for weeks and kept it secret from her husband till now.

Maxine's cunt was releasing fluid, coating the black guy's big cock as it thrust in and out of her. The passage was definitely becoming easier, but it didn't detract from her tightness, the black guy thought with satisfaction. He was glad he had the stamina to make this last. He looked into Maxine's cum-coated face. She didn't want to look him in the eyes, but he admired her beautiful features, tanned cheeks from the sunlamps at gym, big blue eyes with long eyelashes, the drying cum in the corner of one eye making her look even more slutty and desirable. She had a nicely bobbed nose, and was only able to breathe through one nostril at the moment because the other was blocked with semen. Her lovely long auburn hair was splayed out on the pillow beneath her head.

The black guy also loved the feel of her hose against his chest and shoulders, her black high heels strapped to her ankles. She was born for fucking, he thought. He decided to change position and told the guys holding her arms to let her go.

"Are you sure?" Clive interjected, worrying that Maxine might try to make a break for it and ruin the momentum of the fuck.

"Yeah, she's into it now," replied the black guy.

Maxine's face flushed red from the realization she was into this fuck, and they were all going to know it. What was worse, none of them were wearing condoms and she had taken out her diaphragm after this afternoon's fuck. She hoped she wouldn't get pregnant and she hoped none of them had diseases. Why was Clive putting her at risk like this, she wondered, starting to sob again.

The men released her arms and her hands instinctively went to hold onto the black guy's back, but that's not what he wanted. He wanted to feel her from a different angle. He was strong and he held her in the position she was in and flipped over. He released her back and she straightened up, his cock still insider her and her legs still stretched over his chest to his shoulders. He pulled her hips in close and she groaned – it felt like he was even deeper inside her in this position. She wanted desperately just to pull her legs alongside, to straddle him, but he held her knees. He was insistent on keeping her weight resting on her cunt, so that he remained in maximum penetration. He stopped moving for a while and told the guys to pull her blouse and skirt off. Up till now nobody had yet seen her tits in all their glory. The men ripped off her white blouse and unzipped the back of her black skirt and pulled that up over her head. She just had her white lace bra on now, her hard nipples poking though the material.

"Take it off," said the black guy and Clive did the honors, unclipping his wife's bra so that all could appreciate her tits. They tumbled free and the black guy's eyes gleamed at the sight of her full breasts, with their wide pink areolas. Her nipples looked like they were standing out an inch. Maxine flushed red again and tried to cover herself, ridiculous considering she had a cock in her cunt, but she just felt vulnerable and frightened. The black guy gently pried her arms away and admired her tits. He fondled them and weighed them in his palms, then squeezed her hardened nipples between his forefinger and thumb till she wanted to cry out.

"What size are they?" he asked. Maxine couldn't think, didn't want to answer.

"I said, how big are they?" he demanded.

"38D," offered Clive. "Nice, eh?"

"Man, with a bitch this good I'm wondering why you weren't fucking her 24 hours a day, every day," said the black man.

"Because she could be exactly that – a bitch!" retorted Clive, suddenly feeling small and jealous. Why was this black guy making this fuck last so long, he wondered?

Maxine started squirming. She was feeling uncomfortable in her position. The black guy was still hard as a rock and it hurt her in this position – he was so deep and she had no control over the depth of his penetration. It felt like his cockhead was pushing against her cervix. That's exactly what was happening. Maxine's cervix began to dilate and the black cockhead nudged deeper inside her. She shivered and moaned while the black guy stroked her hose-covered legs and ankles. This one is such a beauty, he thought. She needs to be fucked so badly.

The other guys who hadn't got a chance to fuck her yet were meanwhile watching intently and jerking off. Even the guys who had come were stroking their growing hardness again.

Maxine didn't think it was possible that the man insider her could get any deeper, but it happened – her cervix opened and his cockhead slipped in. It immediately tightened instinctively from the invasion – her womb wasn't meant to be invaded like this, she thought and tears flowed from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. The black guy almost came right then, when he felt her tighten on his crown deep within her. But he wanted this to last. He rocked his hips up off the bed a bit, moving his cock inside her. Maxine gasped and moaned. Then the black guy put his hands under Maxine's smooth asscheeks and lifted her off him. She drew in a breath of relief. The black guy lifted her butt right off him, just his cockhead remaining in her. Her ankles pressed more firmly against his shoulders to get some kind of support. Then he dropped her and her slick cunt slid all the way down his cock again, his cockhead piercing her cervix in one motion. Maxine's breath was knocked out of her, then she shrieked from the pain. Her cervix tightened around his cockhead, her whole pussy convulsed around his cock, and the black guy groaned and shouted, his sperm pumping out of his shaft and directly into her womb. Maxine had in fact experienced a painful, jarring orgasm from the deep and sudden penetration, but on feeling his hot cum filling her womb she blossomed into a full, wonderful, stupefying orgasm. It felt like he was jetting gallons into her. Her own fluids welled up and streamed around his cock, forming droplets around the tight seal her labia made around the base of his cock. Their cum mingled inside her and Maxine felt delirious. The black guy felt her own gush of warmth deep inside her and noticed her cunt cream oozing from her puffy labia. He admired how tight she was, how snugly her cunt lips encircled the base of his cock. Her puffed out labia were pushed right against his balls. He hadn't managed to get this deep inside any of his black bitches – they hadn't let him – but now this hot white bitch had taken him all the way inside. If she wasn't taking the pill she was surely being impregnated right now, he thought to himself with satisfaction. He was confident his sperm was finding a home in her egg right now.

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