tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaxine's Impregnation

Maxine's Impregnation


This story is the third & final part of the trilogy of "Maxine's Downfall" & "Maxine's Wedding", unless of course she comes back for more.


Well Maxine had been back from her honeymoon about 4 months and was very crabby to everyone because she wasn't pregnant yet, as she had dreamed she would be as soon as she had married the Pillsbury Doughboy, as us Keycare Midlands lads called him.

I was in the office dropping off my work sheets from the weekend and I had gone into the kitchen to make a brew prior to hitting the road out to a local maintenance job that didn't open until 9 o'clock. As I was waiting for the kettle to boil I could hear Maxine telling the other girls in the service centre next door how disappointed she was that she hadn't fallen pregnant yet despite lots of practice. Maxine went on further to explain that she had now started a chart recording her periods & temperature etc she could establish the best time to have sex. This made me smile as she didn't know I was there or she won't have given out that sort of information in my presence after I had plundered her so wickedly before on two occasions, including her wedding night. She reckoned that this weekend was going to be her prime time and she was going to make the most of it.

As I made my drink I thought that I should make the most of it too, but I needed a plan.


Well the idea of making Maxine pregnant had stuck in my mind and I thought about it constantly as I worked on various banks & supermarkets' maintenance needs. I had resisted fucking her pussy on her wedding night, taking her arse instead in the bridal suite, so that her new hubby could get his end away on his wedding night under Maxine's strict supervision, of course!. Maxine likes to control men, and we got the impression that she ruled & dominated the "Doughboy". It had been pleasurable showing her that she didn't control all men.


My plan had taken shape so I stopped off at the sex shop in Nottingham between jobs to buy the necessities I would use to make my plan a success. This cost quite a wedge of cash, but you have to invest in your kid's future, especially when conception was going to be the only part I would play in its life. I enjoyed the time in the sex shop as seeing what was available gave me further ideas to enhance my plan, and the cash register rung its bell a few additional times before I managed to get out of the door.


The evening was spent tidying up at home in preparation for this special weekend I had planned for Maxine. I made sure all my newly purchased props were placed correctly so they were right at hand as I had a practice run through the plan moving through the lounge, bathroom, stairs & bedroom to ensure everything was ready. I wanted this to be a weekend to remember. Finally I made sure that I could operate my new video camera correctly using the remote control. I had set up books & furniture in each room so I could capture all of the action throughout the weekend for later enjoyment, as I could quickly place the camera at these points and it would be angled correctly to record the action in front of its lens. Alongside each position I placed a couple of spare tapes so I could quickly change the tape & get back to the action. I placed brighter bulbs in all the rooms so it improved the level of lighting. Reading & bedside lamps were readjusted to illuminate various locations.

By the time I had finished I was as horny as could be after imagining all the various fucks & play sessions we would enjoy throughout our special weekend. Before heading to bed I turned up the central heating to ensure the house would be nice & warm as we would be naked for most of the weekend.


The day that the plan would be actioned dawned sunny & bright as I headed out early for my first job of the day. It was hard focusing on my work during the day as my mind went over the plan continuously looking for anything that I might have missed.

About 3pm I finished my last job and headed back to the office at Heage to submit my paperwork as planned at 4.30pm. I parked my van around the back out of sight to be collected later as I walked in through the store shed into the office. I dropped a weeks worth of job sheets, purchase orders & collection dockets in the IN tray deliberately to piss Maxine off as part of the plan. As they were late coming in it meant that she would have to work later than the rest of the office to collate my paperwork and leave it on Tony's desk ready for him to do his invoicing on the Saturday morning, as it is a golden rule in Keycare that all completed jobs are invoiced within 24hrs.

I had reckoned on this taking Maxine an hour to complete and that she would rush out of the office in a foul mood to her car wanting to race home to get pregnant now her biological thermometer had reached boiling point for this month. I positioned myself along side the passenger door of Maxine's car out of sight awaiting her arrival.

Bang on 5.30 Maxine came storming across the car park and threw her bag on the bag sit before jumping into her car and putting on her seat beat. At this point I quickly arose from down the side of her car, snatched open the passenger door and jumped into the front seat.

"What are you doing here?" Maxine exclaimed in utter surprise as I quickly fixed a cable tie around her seat belt catch preventing her undoing her seatbelt and any means of escape.

"Shut the fuck up & drive to Mansfield," I growled menacingly.

"What's going on?" Maxine demanded.

Gripping her slim neck roughly I growled "Do as you are instructed and you won't get hurt, now drive."

Meekly Maxine did as she was told & reversed out of the car park and headed north.

"Give me the name of one of your elderly aunts that was at your wedding," I demanded as we headed along the A38 towards my home.

"Why?" Maxine queried.

"Give me a fucking name." I demanded as I gripped her neck again.

"Aunt…..Aunt Alison, why?" she answered meekly.

I reached into Maxine's bag on the backseat & pulled out her mobile as Maxine focused on driving, trying to work out what was happening to her.

"You are going to ring your hubby and tell him that Aunt Alison has had a fall at home and that you are going to stay with her over the weekend to ensure she is okay." I instructed.

"What… What is going on?" she asked fearfully.

I gave her a slap on her cheek and growled "Just do as you are told and do it now," as I handed Maxine the mobile.

Hitting speed dial number 1, Maxine dialed the Doughboy at home to give him the news that his weekend of sex has just been cancelled.

When the call was answered Maxine informed him "Hi, its me……. Aunt Alison has had a fall at home………….Yes she is alright, but I need to go and take care of her this weekend to ensure she is alright as she is badly shaken up…………Yes,I know we planned our weekend, I'm sorry………….I don't know when I will be back, I'll ring you and let you know once I have seen how she is………………Yes I love you too," as she ended the call.

"Now what?" she asked as we entered Mansfield.

I gave her directions to my home and told her to park her car on my drive.

As the car came to a halt I reached across and took the keys out of the ignition before getting out of the car.

"What's happening?" Maxine asked as I got out of the car & went around to the driver's side.

Opening her door & pulling out a Stanley knife Maxine's eyes went wide in fear, as I reached across to cut loose the cable tie and release her seat belt.

"Get out," I instructed as I pulled her out of the car and pulled my house keys out of my pocket.

Keeping a firm grip on her arm I opened the front door & shoved her inside for a weekend of fun & sex.

As the door closed behind us Maxine finally got over her fear and hesitantly asked "What are you doing with me?" with fear still in her eyes.

Griping both of her wrists I lifted her arms above her hand & forced her against the hall wall. I pressed my lips against her mouth and increased the pressure on her wrists to make her open her lips to me. My tongue forced its way into her mouth as I sucked on her lips and I looked hard into her eyes, seeing them full of fear & loathing.

As I kissed Maxine & she resisted I slowly lowered her arms until they were down behind her hips. I pushed forward trapping her hands behind her with the weight of our bodies as I reached slide ways to reach for a Velcro restraining strap from the telephone stand in the hall.

Maxine's eyes went wide in panic as I quickly secured her wrists.

Removing my lips from her mouth I slid my hands on to her hips; I quietly whispered into her ear, "I am going to give you the child you so desperately want, and in return I am going to have a lot of fun with you this weekend."

Maxine went pale & slumped against the wall as the information slowly registered.

"If the Doughboy can't make you pregnant then I will, and I will enjoy doing so. I have so much cum for you, so I am going to fertilize those hot eggs of yours." I informed her and I leaned forward to kiss her again. She was still dazed as I savoured her sweet lips.

Finally pulling away from her, I instructed her "Now get up those stairs & into the bathroom."

Still in shock Maxine stumbled up the stairs as I walked behind her looking at her tight arse cheeks moving inside trouser suit. For being such a bossy bitch she does have a mighty fine arse. I was looking forward to obtaining pleasure from every part of her body this weekend. I grasped a shapely firm buttock in each hand as I helped her up the stairs.

Once in the bathroom I closed the door and sat on the stool in front of the door so Maxine could see there was no means of escape.

Reaching down I picked up the video camera and Maxine's eyes went wide in horror.

"Come here & turn around so I can undo you wrists" I instructed.

Maxine just stood there not moving.

"This weekend is going to happen whether you like it or not," I stated "and it is up to you whether it is going to be by force & pain or you can make it easy on yourself by doing as you are told."

Maxine looked at me with loathing.

"Your choice," I said

Maxine stood there as we eyeballed each other, in a contest of wills between the bossy office bitch & the maintenance man who had had enough of her bullshit attitude to men.

We stood for a couple of minutes staring at each other. Maxine didn't realise who she was up against and that she would not win this battle of wills.

Finally she walked forward and turned her back to me.

"Good girl, you know who is boss," I smiled as I undid the Velcro and she stepped away from me & turned to face me from the far side of my bathroom.

Lifting up the video camera and turning it on, I focused on her face and started recording. "Now strip very slowly, showing all of your body as you do so," I instructed.

Her face was a picture in the viewfinder as a look of contempt passed across her face.

I zoomed the lens back to wide angle as I waited silently for her to start taking off her clothes. I panned up & down her full height as I waited for the show to begin.

Realising that she couldn't change what was happening to her Maxine slowly started to take off her jacket, staring straight at me. After that she started to undo the buttons on her blouse as I zoomed in to record the detail of this wonderful slow strip, As the blouse opened I could see her white bra underneath and the swell of her cleavage still covered by the sides of the blouse.

Once the blouse was undone Maxine slipped off her shoes trying to delay the moment when she would have to unveil her body to me, even though I have seen it previously in Dave's barn and in the bridal suite at Maxine's wedding.

Next she undid her slacks and slid them down her legs before stepping out of them. The lens of the camera followed their descent as the white flesh of her thighs came into view followed by her knees & calves. A pair of white panties covered her mound for now as she looked at me hoping I would say stop and end her ordeal.

No way Jose I thought. I had invested too much in this weekend to stop now.

I just kept admiring her through the lens, awaiting the next installment of the strip.

Maxine turned her back to me so I could just see her tight white panty covered arse cheeks showing below the bottom of her blouse. Her beautifully curved arse filled the viewfinder. I panned up just in time to see the blouse start to slide off her shoulders and down her back & arms before it fell to the floor. Her arse looked stunning as she reached behind to undo her bra, before slowly turning to face me again. Her bra hung there as Maxine decided whether she had a choice as to whether to continue or not.

I silently sat there filming her until she accepted that she had no choice but to continue exposing her body to me. Cupping her bra across her tits with one arm she slid the bra straps off her shoulders with her other arm. It was hard to decide if Maxine was doing this slowly hoping that she might be rescued by Superman, or that she was putting on a sexy strip as she was maybe starting to enjoy this. Who knows?

Finally her arm started to lower peeling the bra away from her tits as Maxine tried to slow down her breathing so her tits didn't heave up and down as her breasts came free. As her breasts came in to full view they looked larger than normal. They were pert & full, probably due the fertile time of the month. Her breasts looked magnificent through the view finder as I panned across to see her nipples before panning down across her flat stomach in anticipation of her knickers being lowered.

Hesitantly Maxine slipped her fingers into the side of her knickers and slowly pushed them part way down so the top of pubic hair started to show. Then she did a beautiful thing and turned around so I could see her beautifully shaped arse cheeks emerge from under the white panties. As the material slid down, the crack of her arse showed as the material came to rest cupped under her cheeks. As I admired this spectacular view Maxine slowly turned to face me again, this time her full mound was on show appearing to be resting on the top of her panties. As I took in this view in close up, Maxine started to lean forward to push her panties down her legs. Doing this made her breasts come into view in front of the lens giving a great view of her black mound between her full swinging breasts.

As she bent & pushed her panties down to reach the floor I could see over her bent back to the valley of her arse at the base of her spine. I was going to sampole that fine arse in more than one way this weekend.

I zoomed out in time to see Maxine standing upright fully naked in all her glory as the camera panned up & down the beauty in front of me.

"Maxine, you are a beautiful woman." I told her, "so have a shower to freshen yourself up."

She hesitated before turning & reaching into the shower cubicle to turn on the shower. As she reached forward I could see her right breast swing forward and her arse rode up slightly as she stretched. What a beautiful sight to behold, one of many to come that weekend. Maxine kept her back to me as she waited for the water to warm up. I dreamed of running my tongue down between her buttocks & teasing her puckered ring. Finally she stepped into the shower and slid the frosted door shut. Side ways on her body looked outstanding as she reached up to shampoo her hair, showing her perky tits in silouhette, and a lovely curved back leading to her shapely arse above her long legs.

I watched through the view finder as she started soap herself under the streaming hot water. I lusted as her hands soaped her breasts, rubbing the firm full globes in her hands are they roamed across her chest. As the water washed the lather off her tits she eased her legs apart to soap her mound & pussy, before rubbing the soap over her outstanding arse. I was so fucking horny I just wanted to get in there & slip her a length of cock from behind as the water washed over us.

‘Slow down,' my mind thought, plenty of time for that over the weekend.

As Maxine turned the water off I turned the video off & passed her a warm fluffy towel off the towel rail so she could dry herself.

Reaching into the airing cupboard I pulled out a large gift wrapped present & left it for her on the washbasin, before leaving the bathroom so she could get dry & dressed in her new outfit, taking her street clothes with me. I hid her clothes until she would be released on Sunday..

I went into my bedroom & turned on the stereo to play some preselected music for our evening, before ringing for a taxi to arrive in half an hour.

After 15 minutes Maxine walked into the bedroom sheepishly. She looked stunning in the white bodice, lacy panties, white stockings & suspenders that I had left wrapped in her present from the sex shop. I stood & admired her beauty, gone was the bossy office bitch, here was a beautiful woman who was about to become pregnant with her longed for child.

I stepped forward & wrapped my arms around her & slid my hands down onto her exquisite arse, gripping both cheeks firmly in my hands; pulling her crotch forward to feel my bulging prick through my trousers.

After giving her a quick kiss I turned her round & tipped her backwards onto the bed. I climbed on top of her pinning her to the bed. Maxine's eyes went wide with fear again as things suddenly seemed to have turned rough again. Reaching under the pillow I pulled out two Velcro restraining straps that were already secured to the bed head posts. I quickly strapped in her wrists as Maxine started to struggle.

"Too late girl," I said as I climbed off her, keeping my hands firmly on her legs as I took one leg & pulled it towards the edge of the bed to secure it to another prepositioned strap. Maxine started to kick with her free leg as I laughed at her and walked around the bed ready to restrain her kicking leg in the fourth strap.

Maxine was firmly spread eagled on the bed as I switched on the video camera on the shelf to record her plight.

"I am going to collect my van from the yard & pick up a takeaway on the way home. I hope you like Chinese?" I stated simply as I headed for the bedroom door.

"You can't leave me like this you bastard," she cursed as the taxi blew it's horn outside.

Taking a final look at the spread eagled bound beauty I left the room, heading back for my van.

About an hour later I returned home complete with Chinese takeaway for us to enjoy.

Maxine looked at me with hatred in her eyes as I walked into the bedroom with a large tray containing our meal and a bottle of wine & two glasses.

Undoing her wrist restraints I helped her sit up on the bed, leaving her legs fixed. I spread out the meal between her legs, before opening a bottle of wine & filling two glasses. Maxine took her glass & looked at me.

"To pregnancy," I toasted and enjoyed by my wine, the look on her face, and the sight of a meal set out between her stockinged thighs. I was going to eat well tonight – both Chinese (food) and English (pussy).

We both tucked into the meal after a long day and ready for a late night.

"Have you a favourite position that we can try first to get you pregnant?" I offered as an attempt at conversation. This was not very successful as Maxine tucked into her sweet & sour pork and washed it down with some wine, without responding.

"What do you like as foreplay?" I asked between mouthfuls of food. No response

"Would you like me to tease you through your new outfit until you are begging me to let you come?" I asked generously. Still no response.

We slowly worked our way through the food on the bed beautifully framed by her legs clad in stockings & topped by bare thigh either side of her lacy white mound.

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