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May December


It all works out okay in the end, folks! I've been accused of typing this type of story with only one hand. Guilty as charged. It is a nasty stroke story which turns into something more. My idea of a good story is one which gets me off and brings a tear to my eye. I hope this works on both levels for you as well as it did for me.


He certainly wasn't expecting anyone when he heard the door bell ring. The dogs had gone nuts as they usually did but had quickly calmed down and were whimpering at whoever was on the other side of the door. That was very strange. He opened the door.

An attractive young blond woman, sun glasses perched on her head, awaited him. Small breasts, nice legs, an alluring swell to her hips and big blue eyes. He knew her well; his son had dated her in college and asked her to marry him; she had returned the ring a week later. They had been on again off again for almost seven years and now it was finally and very permanently over. She had used him; he had been her fallback lover. She had cheated on him, lied to him and misled him.

His son had moved on and up in girlfriends. His current squeeze, an old friend from high school, was a major babe and they were madly in love. Wedding bells were definitely on the horizon.

He didn't hate the girl named Kristie who stood before him; he'd always had a soft spot in his heart for her and had always treated her like a daughter. She had fucked-up parents, lots of issues and too much baggage. She had never worked through unresolved issues with an often absent father.

She and his son had enjoyed a magical year living together in their senior year in college but never again were able to recapture the magic. He was thankful that his son had finally gotten closure and moved on. What the fuck was she doing here?

"Ben! I know I'm probably the last person you ever expected to see again. If you'd rather..."

"Come in, Kristie! I see you still have the same effect on the pups. They've missed you. What brings you to this neck of the woods?"

"Driving through, actually. I spent a few days with family north of here and I'm on my way to..."

"You're always welcome, hon. We always cared for you a great deal and were disappointed that. . . you know." In spite of his wife's passing a year earlier he couldn't stop saying "we."

She hugged him; they'd always hugged like a father and his daughter might hug. Her hard little body was pushed tighter against him than on past occasions. It was a lover's hug, not a one time potential daughter-in-law's hug. Her sweet young face lifted, he assumed, to peck him on the cheek. He was unprepared when her lips found his own and startled when her tongue probed inside. In spite of his misgivings, he responded as any healthy man would respond.

His hand slid down to her pert little ass and ran along its crease; to his shock, hers strayed to his rapidly inflating cock.

He'd always found her sexy; he'd masturbated on more than one occasion with the vision of her athletic young form bouncing on his cock. His son had been in love with her and he had been happily married. Now he was a widower and his son had moved on. He knew from what his son had told him that she'd had a thing for older men. Evidently she'd been fucking some guy old enough to be her father off and on for years. He hadn't gotten laid since his wife had passed on a year earlier. Fuck it; he was going to bone this fucked up little bitch.

He had her tight shorts unzipped in seconds pulling them and the thong he knew she always wore down below her knees. She kicked them away and had his shorts off before he knew it. She never wore a bra; he massaged her firm little nipples through her tee and quickly removed it.

He broke the embrace as they stood naked in the front hallway. "Let me kick the dogs out," he said ushering the overly curious pups to the back yard.

He made a brief stop to piss and decided to pop a tear drop shaped pill. He had no idea how long she would stay but he was going to give her as much cock as she could handle as often as she could handle it. When he returned to the hallway, he discovered that she had already made herself comfortable in his king-sized bed in the master bedroom.

He looked down at her perfect young body lewdly displayed on his bed and stroked his cock. She was fingering herself and grinning. She crawled across the bed and took his stiff tool in her mouth. He was sure that she was an accomplished little cock sucker but that wasn't what he craved at that moment.

"Later!" he whispered hoarsely. He grabbed her by the shoulders and roughly pushed her down, over on her side and ultimately on her front. Her sweet little ass came up to greet him as she rose to her knees. His long fingers found her slippery little slot; she was very wet. She fucked his fingers with her cheating little cunt. She'd never cheated on him, only on his son. His son was a sweet kid who deserved better than what this little slut had given him.

In spite of the soft spot he had always had for her, he was pissed at the way she had strung his son along for so many years. He spanked her fleshy globes with his hand...hard. She squealed but continued to fuck his fingers. The third time he slapped her ass she came, furiously fucking his fingers with her tight little cunt.

Removing his digits from her slimy hole, he pushed her flat against the bed, moved astride her perfect little ass and took her with a single forceful thrust. She grunted and immediately started to work her talented little twat muscles along his cock. His strong hands caressed her smooth tanned back. Pushing her lithe body down into the mattress, he started to fuck her in earnest.

His spit-moistened finger found it's way up her tight little shitter; she squealed but did not protest. He started fucking her very hard...almost brutally. Her small body would have slid across the bed had he not been holding the back of her neck to keep the slut where he wanted her.

He rode her like a cheap whore, alternately slapping her fleshy globes and finger fucking her tight little tail. He was glad he'd jerked off in the shower just before she had arrived. He had the staying power that came with maturity but even at that it had been a marathon fuck. He'd fucked enough women in his life to be damn sure she had come more than once. With one final thrust, he deposited his load deep in her cunt.

He whispered in her ear, "Take that load of cum, you nasty little cunt...sweet little slut...fucked-up little bitch."

He was still moving his slowing deflating cock inside her. He got off her, slapping her red little ass one last time for good measure. Her ass hole was winking at him. . . begging him. . . he'd have it in short order. He reinserted two fingers in there to be sure she knew what she was in for if she hung around. She rolled over and grinned. He pulled her face to his cock none too gently. She cleaned him completely with her hot little mouth, then pulled him down and kissed him so they could share the remains of her cunt and his cock juice.

The Cialis was kicking in and she was a very competent little mouth whore. He pushed her back down and shoved his cock to the back of her throat. She gagged and her eyes watered. The sheer depravity of the scene had him rock hard sooner than he had anticipated. Removing his cock, he pushed her down on her back, grabbed her ankles and rotated her ass hole to a near vertical angle. He deposited as much spit as he could muster on her tight little entrance.

"I always took you for an anal slut, Kristie. Was I right? Are you a good little ass whore?"

"The best you've ever had, old man!" she replied with an evil grin.

"Don't count on it; you always did have an overblown impression of yourself."

He tested the blocked entrance; it opened liked magic. He watched her eyes, looking for a sign that she needed to adjust to the invasion. All she did was grin. He was balls deep far sooner than he had anticipated.

It was a hard, nasty and almost brutal ass fuck. As tight and hot as the little slut's rectum was, he lasted a very long time, quite probably a bit longer than she had expected but the little cunt never stopped grinning. She had been right; it was the best damn butt sex he could ever recall.

After he came in her ass, he cleaned her up with a warm cloth. He encouraged her to push his load out of her ass into his hand. It was the most delightfully dirty, nasty and depraved sight he had ever seen. She never stopped grinning as she farted his juice out of her abused little chute. In spite of the nastiness, they ended up curled up together in each other's arms.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you; I know I hurt your son. I knew you were getting back at me when you spanked me and fucked me. You probably couldn't have known that...it's the only way I really enjoy it...your son made love to me...loved me...I could never get off that way..."

"So you like it rough, young Kristie?"

"Even rougher...like to be tied down...spanked...whipped...the pain is good...gets me off...humiliation...just a fucked up little slut."

"How long can you stay?"

"I lied to you...lying comes too easy to me. I've got no place to go right now. The guy I cheated with...older guy...I started working for him.... really dumb! It's over now. It seems he fell in love and his wife-to-be ordered him to fire me. I'd moved in with him---even dumber! Mom's had enough of my shit. . . she doesn't want me back. I don't even know where daddy is. I've got a degree and good credentials...I'll find another job. Right now I've got no place and no one who ever gave a shit about me...other than you."

"So you want to stay? How long?"

"Not long---just a few days. You enjoyed fucking me. . . and I liked it a lot. You can fuck me any time and anyway you want to...please don't kick me out."

"The pups will be pleased."

"What about you?"

"I've got no one anymore other than my son; my daughter isn't speaking right now and he is on the other side of the country; I'm not sure how he'd take it."

"So let's not tell him."

"That'll work for a few days. What the hell? Why not? You are a nasty little fuck and I've been deprived for the last year. Look, Kristie, I may be old enough to be your father but I'm a horny old bastard. I still think about fucking every fifteen minutes."

"You have a big cock...bigger than..."

"You know I'm retired and write from home. I don't wear much around the house and generally write without a stitch. You can sleep in if you like; I get up early and do my best writing then. When you do get up, don't even bother getting dressed. At my age, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I can get it up four or five times a day without meds...with them, it's just a perpetual hard-on. I intend to fuck your dirty little mouth, cunt and anus almost constantly...at least until you get tired of being treated like a fuck toy and move on."

"Will you...punish me? I need that."

"I don't have a lot of experience there but I'm sure you can educate me."

"Do you have any toys? You know...anal plugs...if not..."

"I'm sure there's something appropriate in the bed side table."


"Anything else in your book of kink I should know about?"

"Piss on me...in me. . . anywhere; no scat, though."

"I'm okay with that."

"One more thing...can I call you daddy?"

"If it floats your boat."

"Will you call me daddy's little girl?"

"That's pretty sick but I'll work on it."

"And wipe my little...pee, pee for me?"

"You are one fucked up little bitch, Kristie. Whatever."

"Enemas...too. No scat...but sometimes daddy needs to clean my little ass...before he sodomizes me...ATM?"

"Of course."

They fucked every time his cock got hard until late that first night. It got sicker and more depraved with each episode. He was more than a little ashamed at how much he was getting off on having a nasty little fuck toy in his bed that would let him do anything he could imagine. Her imagination was far more advanced than his.


She had left him alone the following morning while he wrote.

"Ben, let me know when I can come up to your office...when you're done writing; I have a surprise for you."

"I'm just closing the file I've been working on...come on up."

He wrote erotic short stories; today it was a stroke piece. He was stark naked and had a boner. It was a damned good little stroke story.

She bounded into the room in pig tails wearing a short plaid skirt like Catholic school girls wear. Her pert little tits were hanging out of her white button down blouse. She had on bobbie sox. The skirt was certainly shorter than school regulations would have allowed. She had nothing on under it. She wanted to role play.

"Daddy, I was a bad little girl at school today. I let Mr. Roberts, the English teacher, finger fuck my ass. He put something in there and told me not to take it out...wanna see?"

She turned around, flipped up her short skirt and displayed the end of the large red butt plug just peaking out between her tight little cheeks.

"Did you suck his cock to thank him for being so generous?"

"Of course, daddy. . . he came oodles! But I didn't spill a drop...just like you taught me. I think he really shoved this huge plug up my hole to get me ready for an ass fuck tomorrow...I didn't tell him that you corn holed me every day at least once and I didn't need any stretching back there."

"You've been very naughty; daddy's little girl needs a spanking. Over my knee now! That's a good little girl."

He alternately reddened her buns and fingered her dripping little twat. He wasn't sure which she enjoyed more but he was enjoying all of it.

"Okay, it's time for daddy's little girl to push that big plug out of her ass."

"Won't you help me, daddy?"

"You need to learn to do things for yourself."

The pert little blond worked her rectal muscles and agonizingly slowly pushed the probe out of her ass.

"Oh, daddy...I miss it! It feels so empty now. Will you please put your big fat cock in there...my tiny little ass hole is so lonely."

He swiveled his chair around and repositioned her tight little rump. "Sit on daddy's cock, you nasty little slut; show daddy what a dirty little ass whore you are."

Kristie was indeed an accomplished anal slut; she needed no further instruction. In no time, her pert little rump was against his thighs and his fat cock was buried in her dirty little hole. She bounced up and down in his lap and squealed with glee.

"Daddy's fucking his little girl in the ass." She spoke the same obscene phrase over and over. He pulled her head back by a pigtail and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. He pinched her firm little nipples until she cried out. He reached around and found her clit and massaged it vigorously. He came; she quickly followed. She stood up, bent over and spread her ass for his inspection.

"Oh, daddy...my tiny little ass hole is so full of cum! Will you..."

"Push it out little girl...that's right...push daddy's fuck juice into his hand."

He stood up and turned her around. "What does daddy's girl need to do now?"

She grinned; she sucked ever drop of his cum from the palm of his hand. It was beyond nasty.

Three weeks later she hadn't left and he wasn't sure he wanted her to. Their role plays had gotten even more intricate. He was enjoying a steady diet of hot, tight, young cunt, mouth and ass. It was the best fucking he'd ever known. They'd quickly gone through her initial list of preferred perversions and come up with new ones.

She found a good job in town; he was glad she had because he'd been slacking off on his writing. They'd fuck and suck before she left for work and resume their carnal exploits as soon as she came home. He assumed she'd find her own apartment or meet someone at work and it would end.

Instead she kept bringing more toys home: ball gags, whips, restraints...a sling that hung from the ceiling. She had developed the cute little custom of waking him each morning by sticking her tongue up his butt; then she would blow him. The little slut was the best cock sucker in the free world.

A few days had stretched into several months; Kristie had become a permanent fixture in his life and his bed...or wherever else they chose to engage. What amazed him was her obvious split personality. They would cook together, play with the dogs, go shopping and go out to dinner. She would be so completely normal. He liked having her around and was developing a scary affection for her. When they engaged in sexual pursuits, she was a stark raving loon and a completely different person. As much as he became addicted to the depravity, it was that very depravity that kept him somewhat grounded.

They had gone to a favorite restaurant one evening for dinner, intentionally arriving early so they could have a martini at the bar. An untrained observer might well have assumed they were father and daughter. On the other hand, their intimate touching and familiarity said they were lovers. Love? No...hardly.

Kristie had always worn short skirts; she had the legs and youth to pull it off without coming across looking like a cheap hooker. On that particular evening, they were laughing, joking and genuinely enjoying each other's company. She had swiveled her bar stool around so that she could look at him when she spoke and speak in his ear without others hearing. He noticed it first.

"The young business type sitting at the table directly behind us is peeking up your skirt every time you swing around, babe."

She surreptitious checked him out.

"I do believe you are correct, old man. There's not much to see; I am wearing panties if not hose and at least my mother taught me how to cross my legs to avoid flashing too much inner thigh."

"He's trying not to be obvious; he's readjusted his cock several times. I think he's got a boner."

"Shall I up the ante? Shall we have some fun?"

"It's your call."

"I'll be right back."

When Kristie returned she handed Ben her tiny thong making no attempt to hide the gesture from her admirer. They were seated at the very end of the long curved bar. If she swiveled her stool, only he would be able to see her treasures. The place was filling up and the bartenders were getting busy.

"Here goes," she said as she nonchalantly swiveled her stool and allowed her legs to part.

"Keep talking to me...he can't hear us. Let him think it's accidental---for the moment."

Ben was getting hard. Kristie was expanding the game, alternately opening and closing her creamy young thighs more often and more provocatively.

"I'm getting very wet, baby...before we eat dinner..." With that final statement, she turned with her steamy little cunt directly in front of him and opened her thighs sufficiently to ensure that her admirer had an unrestricted view. "What now?" she whispered.

"Look him in the eyes; flash that nasty grin...let him know you know he's looking right at your pussy."

Kristie complied.

"Oh, he knows...damn. . . I thinking he's touching himself!"

"Show him your cunt, Kristie...open it with your fingers...inside...no one can see but him...fuck yourself with your fingers."

"How far are we going with this?" Kristie asked.

"Do you find him attractive?"

"He's cute but..."

"Do you want to fuck him?"

"No...yes...no! What are you saying?"

"You're not bringing him home with you, that's for sure. But if you want to go with him..."

"I don't...I couldn't...I like you...I like fucking you...it would be like cheating on you."

"You have some experience in that area."

"That hurt in spite of the fact I deserved it."

"I'm sorry; it was over the line and cruel."

"Thank you."

"Fuck it! Let's up the ante; go sit with him. . . touch him...stroke his stiff cock."

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