tagBDSMMay/December Romance Ch. 04

May/December Romance Ch. 04


Lori awoke with sunlight streaming into her bedroom. Still groggy, she took stock of her situation. The first and most important thing she noticed was a female hand cupping her breast and a definitely female form snuggled into her back and their legs intertwined. Her warm breath was on her back. With a sudden flash of insight, the events of the last couple of days came back to her. Yes… Karen, the body belonged to Karen; sweet, sweet Karen; Karen with the delicious pussy, pert breasts, and seemingly boundless enthusiasm for sexual discovery. Delicious memories of the last few days flooded Lori’s thoughts.

Lori’s revelry was interrupted by the overwhelming urge to pee. She slowly slid out of Karen’s soft embrace so as to not awaken her and padded across the soft, carpeted floor towards the bathroom. As she wiped, Lori noticed that she was just ever so slightly tender from Karen’s energetic service of her pussy the previous evening. Mmmm… yes, she does have potential, she thought. While Lori had initiated more than a few women to the mysteries of woman to woman love and the darker world of BDSM, she couldn’t recall ever encountering one that she was so taken with. Certainly she had never encountered one that seemed so naturally talented for both areas of her sexuality.

Feeling the incessant need for caffeine, Lori brushed her teeth and made her way to the kitchen and soon had coffee brewing. While sipping her first cup of the morning Lori made a full appraisal of the recent events and began to finalize the plans she had considered the previous day. Lori is a planner, a result of her type A personality. “Plan the work and work the plan,” was her professional motto and it extended to many parts of her personal life as well. Just as she was finalizing a checklist of items to take care of for her future plans with Karen, the object of her thoughts came bounding naked out of the bedroom. Lori couldn’t help but marvel at her youthful energy. The wonders of youth, she thought.

“Good morning Ma’am,” she said.

“Good morning little one, it seems like you rested well,” Lori, replied.

“Mmmmm… Yes ma’am, I loved sleeping with you, it was wonderful,” Karen replied.

“How are you feeling today?” Lori asked.

“I feel great, thank you Ma’am. I do have one problem that I need your help with though.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I fell asleep with the large plug in and now I can’t get it out and I really need to get it out if you know what I mean,” Karen stated, a slight grimace on her face.

Lori giggled and said, “Yes, I know what you mean. The lube just dried overnight and its locked in place. Just try using a little lube around your asshole and it should come out. Call me if you need some help, I’ll be in here. I think you have had enough of the large plug, why don’t you give yourself a rest for a while. After all, we don’t want you to get too stretched, do we?” she said.

Lori went to retrieve the Sunday paper and had just settled in with a fresh cup of coffee when she heard a rather loud, relieved groan come from the general direction of the master bathroom. She couldn’t help but be amused by Karen’s predicament and the resulting vocal demonstration of her relief upon resolving the issue.

Lori scanned the front page as she heard the shower being turned on in the bathroom. She quickly decided her mind wasn’t into the paper and got up to go join Karen in the shower. Karen was pleasantly surprised when she felt Lori body slide in beside her. Lori’s shorter, more compact body pressed up against her lanky frame and she felt Lori’s arms reach around her to cup her buttocks.

“MMmmm, you feel so good,” Karen commented.

“Is your ass sore?” Lori asked.

“Yes, a little tender, but a good sore. You know what I mean?” she replied.

“Yes, I think I do. You probably over did it with leaving the large plug in overnight. You probably should lay off them for a few days,” Lori stated, a slight smile adorning her face.

“If you say so Ma’am, but I have gotten used to the plugs, and I like the way they make me feel connected to you, even when we are apart,” she replied.

“Well, its not like we have been apart all that much for the last couple of days. We have been practically joined at the hip,” she said as she picked up the bar of soap and began to run it over the exposed tight flesh of Karen’s body.

Karen giggled and said, “Yea, isn’t it’s been great and I know the realities of life are about to take over. This weekend has been more wonderful than I could ever explain to you. I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to make it through the week without you. I know Greg and the kids will be home this afternoon and I need to get out of here.”

“We have some time, before then, to be together,” Lori said, continuing to wash Karen, her slippery hands rubbing across her taut, smallish breasts and feeling the hard nipples pressing into her palms.

Karen gasped as she absorbed the sensations of her hands on her sensitive breasts. “I can’t believe how easily you can turn me on Lori. I’ve never been like this before. It’s like I’m constantly turned on when I’m with you. Sometimes I feel like I could cum just from the way you look at me.”

“Do you want to cum now?” Lori asked.

“It wouldn’t take much for me to cum. Your hands feel so good on my skin. I can feel myself dripping,” Karen replied.

“Oh really? Let’s see.” Lori slid her hand down to Karen’s bare pussy and felt the slippery juices mixing with the shower water. Lori slid her finger into the cleft of her wet labia and found her clit. A few quick strokes with her finger tip left Karen moaning with pleasure.

“Cum for me,” she whispered. Seconds later Karen cried out, her screams echoing in the enclosed space of the shower. Lori felt the younger woman’s legs buckle as the orgasm washed over her and had to hold onto her to keep her from falling.

Lori looked at Karen, an amazed expression on her face as she struggled to regain her composure. Karen’s legs again locked into place and Lori was able to release her grip that had kept her from falling.

“I never… I’ve never… cum that fast before,” she gasped, the surprise still evident in her voice.

“Maybe you have learned something else about yourself, eh? Maybe you are capable of much more than you had ever thought possible. Hopefully this is just one of many things you have yet to learn about yourself and your sexuality,” Lori replied.

“Yes Ma’am, I hope so,” Karen said, still somewhat startled.

“We’re going to be running out of hot water soon. Why don’t you help me wash. No more playing for now. I don’t really want to take a cold shower. We need to talk and make some plans. We’ll do that after our shower,” Lori stated, somewhat authoritatively.

“Yes Ma’am,” Karen replied, with a certain degree of disappointment in her voice. Karen took over the soap and washed Lori, her hands still lingering occasionally of her more erogenous areas. Lori languished in the feeling of her young lover’s hands as they moved across her sensitive body, especially her breasts, ass, and pussy. They washed each other’s hair with fragrant shampoo and finished rinsing just as the hot water heater gave out. The first blast of luke-warm water was enough to motivate the two women to shut off the water and exit the steamy shower in search of towels.

They dried each other, teasingly, like two kids romping after a bath. Lori couldn’t help but marvel at the childish feelings she had with Karen. It was if she was being transported back in time to a more care free time in her life when the stresses of her professional life and family did not exist. In some ways it provided a relief, a way to vent the stresses that could sometimes seem so overwhelming.

Lori delivered a lingering, smoldering kiss on Karen’s luscious lips and said, “Let’s go talk, OK?” Karen merely nodded in agreement.

Lori took Karen’s hand and led her out of the bathroom. She saw the rumpled sheets on the bed and she flashed back to the memories of the torrid sex they had shared there last night. She was tempted to pull her onto that bed and try to relieve some of that passion, but her rational, mature side took over and she continued her journey to the living room. She needed a more neutral space for this discussion.

They settled on the couch and snuggled in together. Lori threw her around the slender yet muscular shoulders of the taller woman and Karen placed her head on the offered shoulder of her older lover. They shared this tender position for a few moments while Lori gathered her thoughts. Finally she launched into the discussion she had been considering for the last day.

“Karen, just listen to me for now. I have very strong feeling for you and I think you do for me as well. We both know this and have discussed it. Also, as we have discussed before, this is complicated by the fact that I am married to Greg. While Greg and I have shared others lovers in our lives since shortly after we met, they have never been anyone who I felt as intensely about as I do about you. I have never felt the kind of intense intimacy that I do with you. While I have felt love for many of my lovers, it has been the type of love you feel with an intimate friend. I guess what I am trying to say is that this is all new to me and I need to work out some things in my own life to make room for you. I’m not saying that won’t happen. I’m just not sure how all this is going to work out. A lot of it will depend on Greg. I don’t feel that Greg will be threatened by you in any way. I think a lot of this may come down to what sort of chemistry that you and Greg will have together. Needless to say, Greg and I will need to have a long discussion about you when he gets home. Do you understand all this?” Lori said, taking a deep breath and allowing Karen to respond.

“Yes Ma’am, I understand perfectly,” she replied.

“OK good, as for now lets make a few tentative plans for how we will proceed from here in the short term. You have told me that you have no firm plans for next weekend. I’d like you to plan on going away with me next weekend. Don’t worry about packing a lot, just a few personal items like your tooth brush. I don’t think you will need a lot in the way of clothes.

Karen giggled upon here that, but Lori kept going, “I still need to work out some details for what I have in mind. It’s a surprise, so you shouldn’t expect a lot of details. I will say one thing and that is the weekend will be dedicated to exploring and testing yourself sexually and as a sub.”

“Mmmm, that sounds good to me,” she replied as Lori stopped for a moment to catch her breath.

“Before you agree so readily, let me say that your limits will be tested very thoroughly. It may be the most exhaustive experience of your life. When I say exhaustive I mean not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Does that scare you little one?” Lori asked.

“Hmmmm… Yes Ma’am, I suppose it does, but at the same time it excites me. I have never been afraid of a challenge. Well… not too much anyway.”

“OK, good. If he agrees, I plan on Greg joining us for part of the weekend, but not all of it. I need some time alone with you. Do you agree with that?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am, we have talked about him joining us, or I should say me joining the two of you, and I would be happy to share myself with him if that pleases you.”

“Spoken like a true submissive,” Lori said as she planted a kiss on the top of Karen’s head.

“Well, there a couple of reasons for him to be there that I won’t go into now. I will say that I think it’s absolutely necessary in order to determine if there is the chemistry between you two that I mentioned before. We know that you and I have that sexual and emotional chemistry. The missing ingredient is Greg. That’s what we have to determine before we can figure out where all of this is going.”

“I can understand that Ma’am. Now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense actually,” Karen replied.

“OK, good. I’m glad you see that. Now here is what I want you to do. You’re going to leave this afternoon and go back home. When you do, I want you to email me your class schedule. I expect you to work your ass off on your school work this week. I know that you are probably behind on some things after spending the weekend with me and I don’t want you to be further behind after taking next weekend off.”

“Yes Ma’am, I was actually a little bit ahead on most of work. Now that I have someone like you looking over my shoulder, so to speak, I’m sure I will be highly motivated to get what I need done,” Karen said.

“OK, that’s good, but I won’t let our relationship cause a slip in your performance. Is that clearly understood?” Lori asked.

“Yes Ma’am, crystal clear,” she replied.

“We will have an opportunity to see each other a few times this week to prepare a few things for next weekend. However, I don’t expect that we will have an opportunity to play. At least for now, the only time we will be able to share together will be on weekends. Is that understood and accepted?” Lori asked.

“Yes Ma’am, it’s actually more than I could ever hope for. I’m sure I will miss you during the week, but if I can at least see you it will help. Can I make a request?” she asked somewhat emotionally.

“Yes, go ahead,” Lori replied.

“Can I use the plugs when I’m away from you? I think it will help me feel like I’m still connected, if that makes any sense.”

“Yes, I think that would be OK, as long as you don’t overdo it like you did last night. The large plug should only be used for short periods of time, no more than a couple of hours. The small and medium plugs can be used for longer periods of time,” Lori replied.

“OK, I can do that Ma’am, thank you,” she said.

“Finally, one more thing, you are not allowed to masturbate this week. I want you to be ready for me next weekend. I expect to see some self-discipline from you and an example of your ability of self-control. Is that understood?”
“Yes Ma’am,” Karen said, casting her eyes down. “It will be very hard for me, but I will do as you wish. I know that I will be constantly thinking about everything I experienced with you this weekend and anticipating everything yet to be explored next weekend. I know I will be constantly aroused by these thoughts and memories,” she said.

“I realize that. This is as much of a test of your ability to follow directions as it is my desire for you to be ready for me next weekend. Can I trust you to follow my directions?” Lori asked.

“Ohhh yes Ma’am, it would kill me to displease you,” she replied.

Lori couldn’t help but be amazed at how naturally submissive this young woman was. Her response was without thought, and without consideration. It simply flowed from as if it was part of her.

“OK good, now that we have that out of the way there is one more thing. We need to go run an errand together this week. It would be better if it was early as possible. Can you meet me between classes tomorrow?” Lori asked.

“Yes Ma’am, would lunch time be good for you. I don’t have a class until 3:00 in the afternoon on Monday afternoons.”

“Hmmm… let me see.” I picked up my PDA lying on the coffee table and quickly checked my schedule for a forgotten lunch or early afternoon meeting. Seeing none, I said, “Yes that will work. I will give you an address where I will meet you tomorrow at noon. We can get a bite to eat afterwards. I’ll take a long lunch.”

“OK, that’s all for now. Do you have anything else you want to add little one?”

“No Ma’am, except that I think I like you calling me ‘little one,’ it makes me feel so warm inside. I’m really looking forward to this, more than you can ever know. I feel more alive right now than I think I ever have, and definitely more loved,” Karen said, looking up adoringly into Lori’s eyes.

“I’m glad to hear that little one, I hope you always feel that way and it just grows with time,” Lori replied. Lori felt, and heard, Karen’s stomach growl and looking at the clock and noticing it was almost noon, decided it was time for something to eat. “Do you think you can manage to whip us up some breakfast while I make some phone calls?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am, it would be my pleasure to cook for you,” she replied.

“Ok, get with it. I’ll be in the office if you can’t find anything. Just come ask,” she replied.

Lori kissed her young lover and pulled her up from the couch, sending her to the kitchen. She gave her ass a swat as she sent her off, which resulted in a warm, if not slightly lusty, smile from Karen.

Upon reaching her home office, Lori retrieved her private phone book which was reserved for “lifestyle” friends. First she called Sharon and Ken. They were long time swinging friends that were also deeply into the BDSM lifestyle. They were careful to keep the two lifestyles separate, as many swingers could not appreciate their BDSM activities. They made a few discrete exceptions to this rule in the case of friends such as Lori who shared an interest in both lifestyles. Ken is a very talented and experienced Dom and Sharon is his very submissive partner. They have a weekend cabin that is very extensively outfitted as a BDSM “play pen,” as they call it. Greg and Lori had been invited up to their cabin for a few play parties that included several other dual lifestyle couples such as themselves. While these parties were more swinger type parties, it did allow for some mild D/s play for those among the attendees that were BDSM oriented.

After punching a few buttons, Lori heard Sharon’s voice come on the line. She quickly explained the situation with Karen and asked if they had plans for the cabin the following weekend. Sharon replied that they were not planning on going to the cabin, that they had family obligations the next weekend. Lori asked if she might be able to borrow it for the weekend. Sharon replied that she didn’t think that would be a problem but that she would need to clear it with “Master.”

Lori heard Sharon calling Ken and soon heard his voice on the phone. After recounting the story of a novice sub that she was planning to train and the request to borrow the cabin, Ken quickly agreed. Lori realized that Ken seemed somewhat surprised and pleased at the request. He knew of Lori’s past involvement in the BDSM lifestyle but other than occasionally “borrowing” a sub at one of his, or similar parties that she had been out of it for some time. Lori realized that Ken was honestly excited to hear that she was getting back into the lifestyle to some degree. In addition, most Doms are excited about the prospect of a new sub. Lori made sure to leave the unstated prospect of Ken “borrowing” her new sub at one of his future parties hanging out there, as further motivation for his cooperation. Her description of Karen was the final nail that was needed to seal the deal.

Ken made arrangements to meet Lori in order to get her a set of keys to the cabin. He said he would be looking forward to hearing more about the new sub and the details of her training. It was clear he hoped to voyeuristically share in Lori’s excitement from training this new sub. Lori was happy to do so for such a good and cooperative friend.

After saying her goodbyes and picked up the phone again she called her friend Misti. Misti, another long time lifestyle friend, owned one of the most exclusive lingerie stores in the area. In addition to lingerie, she carried a wide range of sex toys. Her clientele included most of the folks from the swinging and BDSM communities in the surrounding area. The prices of her products were a bit high, but not unreasonably so. More importantly, the quality was impeccable. Misti always claimed that she wouldn’t sell anything that she wouldn’t use. Lori was totally confident in Misti’s statement that she had “tested” most of the products that she sold. Misti also had a very talented seamstress named Susan that did custom work and alterations. Susan and her husband were also active in the lifestyle.

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