tagMatureMay to December Ch. 03

May to December Ch. 03


She reached for him, needing to touch the prize she wanted, and for a minute he let her stroke and squeeze him before pulling away from her.

"No, love. Tonight is just for you. I only want to give you pleasure, to make you come, to make you happy."

"But what about you?" she wondered in a cracked voice. "I want to touch you, too."

"And I promise you next time you will, okay? But just let me be selfish tonight and enjoy making you come over and over. Please!"

He nudged her legs wider and sent three fingers up, opening her up, preparing her for his invasion. And while he finger fucked her, he speared her mouth with his tongue. She rolled her hips and moaned into his mouth as her passion rose again, and his fingers stroked that sweet spot inside her, leading her closer to the edge of bliss. She felt a fire raging out of control around the walls of her pussy, and felt them swell. She was so aroused, she could hardly think, and she was still trying to keep her eyes open so he could know how it felt to have his fingers sliding in and out of her, touching her g-spot, winding her up, burning her up with passion and desire. His fingers went faster and with his other hand, he stroked her clit and growled,

"Come for me again, baby! Come now!"

Dawn's hips rotated wildly as she came again, and he kept fucking her till the last spasm squeezed his fingers.

"I can't wait any longer, Dawn!" he grunted, covering her body and thrusting his cock into her soaking depths. He seated himself till his balls touched her bottom, and then he didn't move. He waited, driving Dawn crazy. She twisted and rolled and heaved under him, feeling him jerk inside her. She growled when he still didn't move, and bit his nipple. He groaned, and pulled his cock almost all the way out. She protested when only the head remained inside her, and when he plunged back in, she squealed with delight. He withdrew again, teasing her, teasing himself, and thrust back in.

"Please, oh please, Scott..." she begged him.

"Please what, baby? Tell me!"

"Fuck me! Now!" She bit him again, completely out of control, and he growled and began a hard, deep, wild fucking, his hips rising and falling as he slammed her into the mattress. Their flesh slapped together, their hips joining with each thrust, their breaths coming in faster gasps.

"Open your eyes, love. See who it is who's making love to you, who's showing you passion. Look at me while I gut you the way you're gutting me!"

His voice was harsh with the strength of his emotions, and he fucked her harder, faster, wilder, making her feel him everywhere inside her. Her walls gripped him, feeling him jerk, feeling his head stroke her sweet spot, feeling the steel of him drill her and stroke her and burn her. His rod was so delicious, she could taste him, and she squeezed him hard each time he pulled back, welcoming him when he thrust in.

"Oh God, Dawn, look at me!" When Dawn dragged her eyes to his face, he groaned and bent his head to her mouth, kissing her wildly, eyes on hers, hips pumping her, hugging her close as he rode her. It felt so good, tears washed her eyes, and he licked them away, riding her faster and deeper.

"Come with me now, baby! Come now!" he growled, plunging into her soaking depths. She felt herself spilling cream around his pistoning shaft, and she fucked him back, wildly thrusting her hips against his, hungry for him more than she could explain. She ate his mouth, sucking on his tongue and making him groan.

The orgasm rolled over them, swallowing them in its fire. They both cried out, gasping at the sunburst of feeling that welded them together, driving their hips to milk each other of every drop of cum. When the last waves subsided, Scott collapsed on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close, squeezing his cock inside her, still hungry, still aching, still needy. More tears slipped beneath her now lowered lashes. She knew she would never be the same again. He tried to roll off her, but she held him still, not wanting to break the physical connection, not wanting to let him out of her body.

"Stay with me, Scott, please!" she begged.

"Baby, I'll kill you," he answered her, laughing softly.

"Then kill me, but don't go, please!" She reached up to kiss his mouth, and rolled her hips, wishing she could wake him up. He wasn't totally dead, and she wanted to bring him back to hard, pulsing life inside her, so he could pleasure her again and again, and fuck her into mindless oblivion.

"I want you so badly, love," he said, resting his weight on his arms but staying between her legs, feeling his cock stir inside her. He bent to kiss her, and stroked her nipples as he sucked her tongue, winding her up again, and feeling himself harden as she gasped beneath his touch. He knew he could go longer this second time, and since he was already still half inside her, he let his erection grow while he attended to bringing her more pleasure.

He rolled with her so she was on top, and pulled her head down for another kiss before releasing her so he could suck her nipples into his mouth. Each little bud was licked, and suckled, and teased with sharp nips, before he slid back up to capture her lips again. And as he kissed and loved her breasts, his thumbs stroked her clit and fondled the lips of her sex, making her grind her hips against him, which only made him grow harder.

"Feel good, baby?" he asked, stroking her clit faster.

"Oh...oh yes!" She could barely find breath to answer him. "Oh God, yessss!" She began to ride him, circling her hips over his raging-again erection, pumping him, raising and lowering her pussy over his swollen cock. The ache was exquisite, the pleasure extreme. They groaned into each other's mouths as she rode him, and when she tired, he grasped her hips and pulled her down to meet his thrusts up into the core of her. He rammed into her, and she slammed down on him, over and over, fucking like wild creatures who had not yet been sated.

"Fuck, yeah!" he cried as she sped up and wailed in an agony of pleasure, imploring him to make her come. They rode each other hard, mindless now except for the driving need to fall over the edge together. When the wave hit, Dawn screamed his name and fell over him, still riding him hard. Scott shouted his completion, fucking into her uncontrollably, gasping when the last jets of his semen shot into her convulsing vagina.

They held onto each other, trying to catch their breaths, sated and shocked at what had just happened. Dawn had come four times, and she still felt wide awake, the tingling in her pussy telling her she could go another round if Scott made her. Scott was without a doubt the best lover she had ever had, and she was afraid she would become addicted to his loving and not be able to let him go when he was ready to leave her. She held him to her a moment more, and then felt him move to her side, and draw her to spoon against his chest, his arm under her breasts a possessive weight.

"You okay?" Scott's voice was husky and warm with emotion. He kissed her damp temple, brushing the hair away from it.

"Yes, I'm fine," she answered, smiling at how very okay she felt. She pushed away the troubling thoughts of a moment ago, and basked in the afterglow. "You?"

She felt his chuckle along her spine and smiled when he said, "Never better, baby!"

"We should take a shower," he said into the damp curls by her ears. "Come on, I'll get you started."

He pulled her up with him as he spoke and walked her to the bathroom. "You can use this towel and washrag. I just changed them this morning," he said, pointing to a deep red towel set on the rack. "I'll get you something to put on."

"Are you going to join me?" she asked, watching him from under lowered lashes.

Scott turned back to her, his cock at half-mast again, and said, "Since you ask so nicely, of course!"

He smiled and walked away, leaving her to set the temperature and step in to soak away the soreness of the past hours' sexual excesses. Just when she was about to call out to him to ask what was the holdup, he pushed the door and stepped in behind her. Closing the door, he reached around her to hug her close, loving the weight of her breasts in his hands, the feel of her belly under his palm, the silky smoothness of her pussy lips under his fingertips.

"You're insatiable, aren't you?" she asked laughingly.

"For you, yes!" was his instant reply. "But I know you must be tired, and you've given your arm quite a workout tonight. So as your physician I must insist that you finish your shower, and get some sleep."

Without waiting for a reply, he soaped the cloth and washed her tenderly, not letting her do anything but wash her pussy, which was throbbing for need of him again. When she hissed as she washed it, he groaned and leaned in to steal a kiss. It was quick and deep and hot, and over much too soon, but he seemed determined not to take her again before she slept. When she went to take the rag from him to return the favor, he raised it above his head.

"No, baby! Not tonight. I'm serious that you need to sleep." She pouted and he smiled and sucked her lips into his mouth. "Go on, dry off. I've left you a T-shirt to put on. I'll be out in a jiffy, okay?"

He pushed her gently out of the shower stall and closed the door firmly between them, resisting the urge to palm his cock and relieve the ache building in it again. He had his woman now, and it would always be hers to relieve. He hurried through his shower and dried himself off, wrapping the towel around his middle and stalking back into his bedroom. Dawn was sitting up in bed, the clean sheet he had put on draped over her knees, reading the book he had on his side table. He snagged a pair of boxer briefs from his drawer and put them on before joining her on the bed.

"You have very interesting taste in reading," she said, smiling. "Are you done with this one?"

"No, but if you like what you've read, you need to start at the beginning, which is three books before this one. If you like, I can give you the first three to take home with you."

"I like," she said, hiding a yawn behind her hand.

"Time for bed, baby," he said, and pulled her down beside him before pulling the sheet up over them.

"You are something else, aren't you?" she mumbled sleepily.

"Why do you say that?" he asked, looking down at her tired face.

"Stopping to change the bed linen. Which man does that?" She reached up to cup his cheek.

"Apparently this one does," he replied, turning his head to kiss her palm. "The sheets were wet with cum. I couldn't bring you back to soaked sheets, could I? You said you wanted to enjoy the evening thoroughly."

"And I have," she informed him on another yawn.

"So do I get an encore?" he whispered against her lips.

"Mmmm..." She closed her eyes and drifted off. Scott curled around her and relaxed. For the first time that he could remember, he was completely at peace. He had wanted to make love with Dawn tonight, but he hadn't dared to hope that she would spend the night in his bed, sleeping in his T-shirt, with his arms wrapped around her. He would wake her again in the night, he knew it, but for now, he would let her sleep, get some of her strength back, because he meant to wear her out again by morning.

Dawn felt a rod of iron against her back and a hungry mouth on hers some time later. Hands roamed over her body -- where was the T-shirt she had gone to sleep in? -- squeezing her breasts and kneading her belly, fingers caressing her clit and probing her wet pussy. Hot breath warmed her neck, and soon her legs were pushed open so a hard, hot tongue could pierce her flesh and drink from her. Dawn moaned in pleasure, and writhed under Scott's wicked ministrations, feeling the passion rise inside her, wanting him as fiercely as she had before she fell asleep.

"I need you again, baby," he whispered against her mouth before taking it in a wild kiss, his thigh pushing between her legs, his rod sliding along its inner length. "Give me what I need!"

Rising up without warning, he shoved her legs apart and thrust in, his hard cock finding home in the depths of her hot core. His lovemaking this time was without any restraints as he rammed her over and over, taking everything he could get, giving her his tongue and his cock and his whole being. He fucked her wildly, passionately, devouring her in his greed to have her completely. Dawn felt the intensity of his emotions as they rolled over her, and she let him have her body, holding nothing back from his hunger because she couldn't, and when he plunged them over into the abyss of pleasure, she screamed, and he swallowed it in his kiss.

He was shaking when he rolled off her, and she turned her body into his, hugging him to calm him, realizing that something was happening that she didn't understand, but that it was important.

"It's okay, Scott, it's okay. I'm here!" She whispered to him over and over till his breathing slowed and he held her in his arms.

"Thank you," he whispered back when he could speak. "I promise to be gentle next time, okay?" He hugged her tightly to his heart, kissing the top of her head. "Will you stay with me this weekend, Dawn? I can't let you go so soon. Please say you will."

Dawn wasn't sure why he sounded almost desperate, but she knew she wouldn't leave him feeling like that if she could help it. She had nowhere to go, and as long as she remembered to call Dana, no one to worry about.

"Okay, I'll stay with you."

She settled into his embrace, listening to his heartbeat, letting its steady rhythm lull her back to sleep. The next time she woke up, she was alone in bed, and music was filtering in through the open bedroom door. She was naked, and she looked around for the T-shirt Scott had given her to sleep in, but before she could drag it over her head, he was back, his boxer brief doing nothing to disguise his morning wood.

"Ready to shower?" he wanted to know, smiling down at her.

"Uh...sure," she stammered, unable to take her eyes off his cock. She felt like a teenager on her first morning after, and she ducked her head as she got out of bed, dragging the sheet with her to wrap around her nakedness. Her body in the light of day was not a sight she wished on her worst enemy.

Scott stopped her in mid stride, and turned her to face him.

"Why?" he asked. "After all we shared last night, why are you still hiding from me?"

When she kept her eyes lowered, Scott put his finger under her chin and raised her face.

"Look at me, Dawn." Then he waited till she complied. "Now, tell me why."

"Daylight and I don't do well together when I'm...not dressed," she said at last, trying to sound casual and failing utterly. She lowered her eyes and tried to step past him, but he held her there, his arms stealing around her to hold her close to his heart.

"Is it so bad, your body? Will it blind me if I see it in daylight?" He was smiling, trying to lighten the mood.

"It's not funny, Scott!" she snapped, squirming to escape his hold.

"I'm not laughing, Dawn!" he retorted. "But don't you think it's silly to hide your body from me now, after what you let me do with it and to it last night and this morning?" He moved away an inch so he could pull her chin up and look into her eyes again. "Your body is soft and sexy and so seductive, it ties me up in knots just thinking about it. Seeing it last night was a dream come true for me. Don't hide it from me, baby, okay? I love your body. I love looking at it and touching it. I love making it tremble and heat up and fall apart for me."

He let her go and stepped away, and looked at her with an emotion she knew he could not already be feeling -- it was impossible, it was too soon! -- and said,

"Drop the sheet, baby!"

Dawn's nipples peaked, and she could feel her whole body flush with color as she reluctantly released the sheet and let it fall. She fought to keep her hands at her sides, but hung her head, unable to meet his direct and heated gaze. She waited for the rejection...he might think he didn't mind, but when he saw her in all her middle-aged glory, he'd run a mile. She was convinced of it. No young man in his prime wanted a heavy woman on his arm, especially not one as sexy and handsome as Scott was.

The silence was unnerving, but she refused to move. Truth be told, though, she was rooted to the spot by her embarrassment, and couldn't move, even if she wanted to. Which only made her humiliation worse. When he still hadn't spoken after an agonizing minute, she stole a look and found...nothing. He had moved, behind her as she realized when his hands went around her, cupping her heavy breasts, as he nuzzled her neck and whispered,

"You're so fucking sexy, if I hug you from the front, I'll end up taking you right here, right now, no foreplay, no tenderness, no seduction. You're driving me insane, baby!"

He pressed his erection against her bottom, and hissed when she returned the favor. "Let's go shower, love!"

They struggled to keep their hands off each other, but could not quite manage to avoid the soul-stealing kisses that left Scott painfully erect. Dawn saw how he held himself and knew he needed relief, and she also knew instinctively that he would not take her again so soon. He was being considerate again, something she was discovering was part of who he was, and she decided she would give him back some small measure of the pleasure he had given her all night.

Reaching down, she grasped his cock and held him for a moment, not moving, just looking into his eyes and smiling. He held his breath, fighting for control, and she made up her mind to make him lose it, as he had done her. She began to stroke him, long, slow strokes from his balls to the top, circling him on every downward stroke. After a few of those, she began to pump him with one hand, while manipulating his balls with the other. His leg muscles tightened, and she increased the intensity of her strokes. Then, taking them both by surprise, she knelt before him and took the head into her mouth. Scott groaned and leaned against the shower wall, his hands splayed on the tiles at his sides, the knuckles white with tension.

Dawn suckled the head of his cock, tasting the drop of semen that pooled at its tip. She slid her tongue along the slit and was rewarded with another burst of precum. She savored it, humming her enjoyment, and feeling his legs begin to tremble under her hands as he struggled for control. She smiled and took him in as far as she could, holding him in place within the circle of her fingers and licking him with every upward stroke of her mouth over him. He let go of the wall suddenly, and cupped her head in his hands, pulling her into his body, fucking her mouth helplessly, speeding up when she licked the underside, and when she returned to caressing his balls, they tightened, warning her he was close to orgasm. She resisted his hands, and suckled the head of his cock, making him growl, and when she hummed around him, letting her tongue slide under the rim to that most sensitive spot below, Scott howled as he came, flooding her mouth with his cum.

Dawn let him fuck her mouth till he was spent, letting his cum spill down the sides of her mouth. He shook with the power of the orgasm, and leaned against the wall, exhausted. She licked him clean, and rose to her feet to smile at him.

"Better now?" she asked, reaching up to kiss his mouth.

He took the gift of her tongue and devoured her, raising her hips to cradle his still semi-erect cock and rubbing her against him. He didn't let her go, even as his cock came roaring back to full life, and when he urged her to raise her legs, she was soaking and ready for him. He raised her and lowered her over his penis, and pumped into her wildly, fucking her fast and hard and deep, pushing her up and over the edge, showing her no mercy, until she crashed down around him, crying out his name as she came. He couldn't seem to stop, even when Dawn just clung to him, letting him carry her weight, his passion pushing him to an almost painful climax. His shout was probably heard around the neighborhood.

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