"Damn car," Laina thought as she stood waiting for the bus. "Figures that it wouldn't start today of all days." Her day seemed to have been one disaster after another, and then she'd come out of work just after 9 to find her car wouldn't start. Of course she'd had to stay late to finish a report on a night when her best friend was out of town and unable to pick her up. Thankfully, there was a bus stop just down the street so she'd decided just to take the bus home.

Now here she was, standing in the cool air as the sun slowly dropped below the horizon, waiting for the bus. Her briefcase slung over her shoulder, she reached up to knead the back of her neck. The headache forming was causing a dull ache in her neck and shoulders.

Jake watched her from the bench about 20 feet away. His eyes roamed over her body, over every curve. As she reached up to rub her neck, brushing her shoulder-length black hair aside, the strap of her briefcase caused her light blue button-down shirt to pull taut across her ample breasts. It made him wonder just what a man would find under her proper business wear. Her black skirt hugged her hips and ass perfectly before flowing down to stop just above her knees. The four inch black heels and sheer black stockings completed her professional look, but also gave him the feeling that she had a bit of a wild side.

They worked together and were more acquaintances than true friends. They always smiled at each other in the hall, flirted often. They both knew the attraction was there, but neither had acted upon it yet. They'd had some interesting conversations during happy hour get togethers. One of those discussions came to mind now. They'd all had a bit too much to drink and Laina, Jake and another female coworker decided to play truth or dare. Jake recalled that on one truthful round, Laina has confessed her desire to be submissive to a man. Then realizing what she'd said, she blushed and excused herself to the ladies room. Jake had been active in the D/s lifestyle for many years, so his interest was piqued. But after that night, he hadn't found a way to get close enough to Laina to press her on the subject.

As he discreetly watched her, Laina pulled out her cell phone and checked the time again. Jake heard her frustrated sigh as he stood and walked closer to her. "Laina," he said.

Laina jolted a bit at the sound of his voice. She hadn't realized anyone else was around. "Hi," she said softly as she turned. She found herself smiling as she looked over and recognized Jake as the owner of the voice. He was a rather handsome man who she judged to be about her own age, with dark hair and even darker eyes. He was dressed in tight jeans and a plain white t-shirt that clearly showed he kept in shape.

Jake felt her give him the once-over, and waited until her bright blue eyes met his again before speaking. "You seem distressed, Laina. Everything okay?"

"Oh, well, yes. I'm just waiting for the bus, and it seems like I've been waiting forever.

"You're going to be waiting a lot longer." Seeing her confusion, he continued, "The bus doesn't stop here again for about another hour since it's after 9."

"Oh for crying out loud. Could this day get any worse?" she complained. Laina saw Jake raise an eyebrow and grin.

"I live just across the street there," Jake told her, pointing at the apartment building across the street. "If you'd like to come and wait there until a ride can come for you or until the next bus comes. Or I could take you home. It really isn't a good idea for you to stay out here alone."

"I could just go back to my office," Laina said quickly, suddenly a bit nervous from the intense way Jake looked at her. She felt a flutter in her stomach though she couldn't determine quite why.

"Don't be silly," Jake said. "Come have a glass of wine and we can just chat for a bit while you wait."

Laina hesitated. She had never been very daring, but she knew Jake was nice enough and getting to know him better was certainly more exciting than going back to her desk. But she hesitated ...

As if reading her thoughts, Jake smiled and said, "I promise I won't bite ... unless you ask nicely." He ended the statement with a laugh, making Laina wonder if he was joking but somehow she sensed truth in that statement.

Laina couldn't help but smile. "I'd like to take you up on that offer I think. Thank you."

She followed him across the street and up the stairs to a second-floor apartment. They made small talk as they walked. Laina thought about how nice he was, how she'd always wanted to get to know him better, yet a small nagging voice in her head kept telling her there was more to him than she really saw.

Jake unlocked the door of his apartment, pushed it open and stepped aside to let Laina in. He intentionally brushed against her body as she passed.

"This is very nice of you," Laina started as she set her briefcase down just inside the door. Her next thought didn't even get past her lips. Before she could react, Jake had spun her, leaned in close and pinned her against the back of the door with his own body.

His lips paused only a breath away from hers. "Laina, it's your choice. I want you. I want to show you things you haven't experienced, things you long for, but it has to be your choice." He could feel her tremble beneath the weight of his body. The nod was almost imperceptible. "Laina, you have to say it. I need to hear the words to be sure."

"Yes please," she whispered breathlessly.

Laina gasped as his lips brushed hers softly and then pulled away. Taking her hand Jake led her toward the couch, gesturing for her to sit. Turning, she looked up at him as he stepped in front of her. She was visibly shaking, her mind and heart racing as she tried to think of what might happen next.

He sat beside her, letting one hand rest on her thigh. The other hand lifted to her neck, guiding her lips to his. He kissed her until the room spun around her. Her cheeks flushed and her breathing grew ragged. He pulled away and simply looked into her eyes for a few moments. She felt as if he could see her soul.

Laina watched Jake move to a small chest near the end table. Her eyes widen as he opened it and pulled a long length of rope from it. "I'd like to bind you Laina. I know this is new and you're probably a bit scared even though you're excited. Do you trust me?"

Laina paused, seriously considering, and she realized that she did indeed trust him, much more than she thought she would trust anyone else. "i'd like that. i'd like to try it. i do trust You," she said softly.

Smiling, he then took hold of her wrists - his hands were large and he could easily hold both of her wrists in his grip. He wrapped the rope several times around her wrists, knotting and securing them together, then tied the other end to the overhead hook in the ceiling that Laina imagined was originally meant to hang plants from. With her hands tied above her like that, she was barely sitting on the seat and was stretched, though not uncomfortably.

Jake leaned over Laina and undid her blouse, revealing her creamy breasts just barely covered by a black lacy bra. She tested the bindings just a bit as he lifted her hips and pulled off her skirt. He grinned when he saw matching black panties and the lacy tops of her thigh highs. Jake looked at Laina. "You don't wear pretty underwear and sexy stockings like these unless you're hoping someone will see it Laina." When she blushed and tried to look away, he laughed. "Good girl," He whispered and she felt her heart skip a beat.

When Jake pulled a knife out of his jeans pocket and flicked it open, Laina's eyes went wide and he could clearly see her mild fear of the unknown turn to panic. He watched her try to pull a bit at the cord holding her wrists. He brushed his empty hand over her cheek. "Shhh, little one. I won't hurt you." He felt her relax just a bit as she nodded.

Her eyes closed and she barely breathed as Jake pressed the cool steel blade between her breasts. He cut her bra off of her and heard her release of breath when he set the knife aside.

Laina's nipples stiffened at the exposure to the cool air, and he reached out, cupping a breast in each hand and gently rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Jake gradually pinched her nipples harder and harder until she was biting down hard on her bottom lip in an effort not to cry out. Still pinching Laina's left nipple, Jake bent down and began sucking and biting on the right nipple, increasing the pain level until he could hear her groaning though clenched teeth. He stopped suddenly and knelt back, and Laina gasped with relief.

"So, did you like that?" he asked.

Laina quickly, breathlessly, replied "i ... i don't know."

Jake reached out, pushed her legs apart, pulled her panties aside, and traced a finger up and down her cunt lips. He grinned widely, and said "I think you know Laina. I think you wanted this to happen, you've been just waiting for some man to recognize what you need ...your cunt is very, very wet, you can't disguise that fact."

He worked his finger up and down, over her inner and outer folds, coating his finger in her juices, which he then held up to Laina's lips. "Go on, taste it," Jake ordered, pinching a nipple with his other hand. Tentatively she poked her tongue out and flicked it over his finger once, her cheeks flushing bright pink in embarrassment. Jake slid his finger between her lips and said "Suck it, little one."

Laina whimpered and began to suck on his finger gently, cleaning it of her own juices. "Good girl. Now, hmmm..." Jake said as he sat of the coffee table and looked at the beautiful, willing girl before him. He grabbed the knife again and, leaning close, whispered in Laina's ear, "Stay still doll."

Laina held her breath as Jake cut her panties off. She then gasped loudly in shock as Jake pressed two fingers into her exposed cunt, circling her clit which rapidly became quite hard with his thumb. Jake began to slide his fingers in and out of her tight pussy hard and fast, while she moaned. Then, she felt her own body betray her, craving release even as her mind told her she shouldn't enjoy being so open and vulnerable ... she began to stiffen and shudder, letting out a low groan of pleasure. "Cum," He whispered so close to her ear that Laina felt the warmth of his breath on her neck. Laina's hot juices covered his hand as she came for him.

"See? You're having so much fun! Tell me you're a slut," Jake whispered to Laina. She shook her head no. "Tell me" he coaxed.

"I'm a slut," Laina whimpered.

"Whose slut?" Jake asked as he stood and moved a little away from her.

"Y...Your slut," she said on a moan.

"Such a good girl. Now it's my turn," Jake said. He unbuckled his belt, and slid his jeans down, taking out his very hard cock, which was by now aching incredibly for some action. Laina couldn't help but stare at his cock. Laina hadn't been with many men, but Jake's cock was bigger than any she'd had before. She tried to deny to herself that she wanted to feel him inside her.

Jake wrapped a hand in Laina's hair, pulling her head back gently as he stepped close to her. His hand tightened until she looked up at him. "Would you like to suck My cock Laina?" She blushed profusely, refusing to answer, yet she smiled. "Oh sweetie, I know you do. You don't have to say it. Now open," Jake said.

Laina part her lips and tentatively wrapped them around the head of Jake's cock as he pushed her head forward. She opened her small mouth wide as Jake used her hair to control her movements. Soon he was fucking her mouth, occasionally making her softly gag as he pressed his cock deeper into her throat. Laina moaned and her tongue began lapping at Jake's cock.

As much as he was enjoying having Laina suck his cock, Jake pulled her off him, knowing he had much more in store for her. He laughed when she almost pouted as he took his cock away from her.

Jake positioned himself between Laina's legs. She tensed as Jake took hold of her around her waist. Jake began to suck and bite at Laina's nipples and breasts as he pushed his cock slowly inside her. Her tied position and wetness made it easy for him to slide in, and he moaned deeply, holding still, inside her all the way feeling how incredibly hot she was.

Laina bit down again on her lip as she tried not to think about how wanton she seemed, but was unable to ignore her own need and desire as Jake began thrusting inside her, grinding into her, enjoying the feel of his entire cock enveloped in her hot, tight flesh. Jake looked up and saw Laina's head fall back, her chest heaving from her ragged breathing.

Much to Laina's surprise, Jake pulled out of her. Before she could stop herself she whimpered at the sudden emptiness. Then, grinning, Jake pressed back into her, making her groan deeply.

Laina could hard breathe. The feeling of having her cunt filled was driving her wild. Jake leaned up close against her ear again, and whispered, "Just let go. Don't fight it. You're safe."

He began to fuck her, thrusting in and out only a little way at first. Reaching between them, he gently circled his fingers over her hard clit, and as his thrusting increased speed, so did the rubbing on her clit. The sensation was incredible - for both of them. Laina's own muscles began clenching around him as Jake pushed her over the edge to her to her second orgasm.

She was quite worn out now and hung almost limply from her bonds, but Jake held her tight and kept fucking her harder and harder until he could stand it no longer, thrusting deeply into her one last time and emptying himself inside her causing another cry of release to flow from her lips.

He withdrew, cock softening, and slowly pulled away, watching Laina as he did. He untied her, and she collapsed back onto the sofa. Jake covered her with a soft blanket and sat on the coffee table waiting for her reaction, a hand on her leg, gently caressing but otherwise giving her space. He was stunned when she looked up at him, smiled, and whispered "Thank you."

"For the blanket?" Jake asked.

"No, for giving me what i've been waiting for," Laina laughed. Glancing at the clock on the wall, then back at Jake, Laina said, "I think I missed the next bus too."

"Maybe you should just stay here tonight," Jake said.

"Maybe I should," Laina answered...

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