tagRomanceMaybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 03

Maybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 03


Over the course of the next few months John began to feel much like a yo-yo, seemingly constantly in motion and usually somewhere else in the world than where he'd rather be. To he and Dee's initial disappointment she had not 'caught' immediately, but they soon learned the delight of Rae Jeanne's old saw about "Practice makes Pregnant" - enjoying the opportunity to 'practice' at every possible opportunity. It began to look like things might settle down for a while for them though. His latest orders included both some recruitment and advanced training duties, and he was looking forward to the 'rest'.

Dee meanwhile had 'branched out', finally confessing to Rae Jeanne about the 'boudoir' pictures she had taken to send to John while he was gone. Rae Jeanne had demanded to see them and despite blushing, initial refusals and vociferous protests, Dee had ultimately given in, showing her the downloaded disc John had made of her pictures. Rae Jeanne had applauded and raved about her skill and artistry before demanding a set of her own...for PAY.

Again Dee had protested that this was just a hobby, something she had done for John and that Rae Jeanne was her friend and she couldn't possibly accept pay but Rae Jeanne had given her "that look Johnny, you know - her 'Mother look'" and she'd given in to that as well. Inevitably other women in the neighborhood and housing area had found out and she was 'in business'.

Just thinking about her set John's blood stirring and his cock filling. In the time they'd been married she'd put on some weight. She'd never be fat but now she was voluptuous, a pint-sized elfin Sophia Loren. With her copper hair cut short-short, wispily framing her face, her ivory skin and huge blue-green eyes, she looked fey - leading John to finally understand the term 'faerie' in terms of 'faire-folke'. From early morning, waking to suckle and finger her to orgasmic wakefulness, to late at night when they could finally lie coupled together, touching and stroking, life with Dee was a never-ending delight. An erotic buffet, he thought, but aware also that without their growing love for each other and commitment to their relationship, it would all be 'just sex'. Wonderful sex, true, but what they had was so much more complex, and richer than just the sex. If only, he thought, he could think of some way to tell her, to show her....

She was one of the smartest women he knew, not perhaps, as well educated as some but self-taught and rich with native intelligence. They could carry on a conversation on almost any topic and she understood many things about his job almost intuitively. The longer he knew her, the more things he found to love and admire about her, but it frustrated him that at times her earlier life experiences still colored her self-worth.

Pulling into the drive in the Santa Fe he found both she and Mimi with their butts in the air and heads buried together in the front flower bed. Wondering what they were planting now he walked over to find his beautiful, generally retiring wife holding a snake.....while his lovely curly-haired daughter petted it.

"Ummmm....Is that wise?"

"Hi Daddy! Lookie! 'nake!"

"Yes Baby Girl, Daddy sees the snake. Daddy sees Mommy holding the snake."

Dee giggled, "You sound like my Kindergarten Reader...'See the snake'." And she giggled again.

"Kiss Daddy! Holch me!" Which John successfully translated as 'Kiss me daddy' and 'Hold me', picking up the toddler and giving her a peck.

Dierdre held up the writhing creature and John took an involuntary step backwards.

"He's a pretty little thing isn't he."

"Uh huh. Honey, be careful he might bite."

She looked up at her husband, the Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, inquisitively, and then burst out laughing.

"John, it's a little grass snake. I don't think he can even open his mouth wide enough to bite me! Don't tell me that you of all people....."

"C'mon Mimi Fi. Let's go have a snack!" He mock glared at his pixie wife while kissing his daughter's forehead, stomping loudly up the wooden stairs in pretend anger. Dee, having let the snake go, was now rolling happily on the ground with gales of laughter. John winked and blew her a kiss as he closed the door, enjoying her delight at being able to do something he.....wouldn't do. He emphasized that thought to himself, that he COULD handle a snake if he chose to, he just wouldn't choose to. He was, however, glad she was teaching Mimi to be fearless around the reptiles.

Having already promised Mimi a snack he knew he'd better deliver and began the hunt for something the toddler would like, that would also be nourishing and wouldn't ruin her dinner.... Two mistakes he would never make again with one snack, he vowed. Dierdre seldom lost her temper but when she did it was a truly impressive display of wrath. She had apologized later 'for blowing up over such a little thing'....a little thing it turned out that had been the end of a long string of little things that day. Still, he had learned his lesson about too many cookies before dinner and found some baby carrots in a baggie setting the little red-head in her high chair with a Mimi-size hand full. Turning in time to wrap both arms around her mother, kissing her soundly.

She put her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, inquiring about his day, laughing with delight at some of his stories. While she washed up and finished dinner, he entertained Mimi Fi playing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". They chatted, laughed and flirted through dinner, despite Mimi's best efforts to remain the center of their attention. He was, he thought, a lucky S.O.B. - a beautiful wife who was always willing and ready, and a daughter who, schooled by her mother, was going to give him premature gray hair. After dinner it was his night to take Mimi upstairs for bath time while Dee washed the dishes. Later they would switch and she would put Mimi down for bed while he finished up any dishes, drying them and putting them away. As divisions of labor go it was not ideal. He much preferred times when they would have a chance to do the dishes together - talking, touching, and 'accidentally' bumping into each other in a subtle foreplay they both understood and enjoyed a great deal.

Bath time with Mimi was an event of a different sort - usually leaving him drenched from eyebrows to knees as the future mermaid loved the water, taking every opportunity to splash and kick, then squeal with delighted laughter. He'd learned to keep his uniform on until AFTER her bath when it was his night, knowing through experience that whatever he chose to put on would be soaked by the end of the half hour. Heading back downstairs, his daughter in her nightie slung over his shoulder giggling, the riot of copper curls coiling damply along her neck - kissing Dee they traded off and he got bedtime 'sugar' from his princess who then walked sedately back upstairs holding her Mommy's hand. One bedtime story later a pair of slender arms crept around his waist and a barely disguised voice asked, "Guess who?"

"Jennifer Aniston?" He asked mock-hopefully, trying to name someone different every night.

Her response was a snort of laughter, "Hardly, try again?"

"Jennifer Lopez?"

She poked him in the ribs with one hand, while the other slid carefully under his waistband to cup and stroke him.

"Hmmmm. THAT seems familiar somehow...."

"Better be. Might be all you're getting from here on out...."

"Might it be the woman o' the house then?" he asked in an exaggerated Irish brogue.

She giggled, stretching to kiss the back of his neck, giving him goosebumps.

"Aye, it might," she agreed, grabbing another dishtowel to help him finish drying so they could head for bed that much more quickly. He'd never met a woman more willing - always ready to share a moment - sometimes a fast, hard fuck....driven and intense - other times slow leisurely lovemaking - or a playful, spontaneous quickie. It never seemed to matter to her - she never complained of not being satisfied - quite the contrary. On the other hand she never said 'no', or 'later' either. The one time he'd half teasingly said something about not being able to satisfy her she'd just laughed, kissed him soundly and shortly thereafter left him convinced that, if nothing else SHE could certainly satisfy HIM.

That night was no exception. They showered together in what had become their nightly ritual - and the bathing became touching became foreplay. John had 'invested' in a bigger bed so that they had more playroom together, but he admitted to missing the close confines of their first bed when time came to sleep, frequently waking up on the opposite side of the bed from the little red-head he so enjoyed cuddling. Waking next to her with his morning wood pressed firmly into the cleft of her buttocks was a heady pleasure to be enjoyed at every possible opportunity. As they moved from the bathroom to the bedroom their quiet teasing and gentle loving became increasingly urgent and as he plunged into her that night he bent down, taking one of her fat nipples between his lips on impulse he nipped it sharply. She gasped with delight and spasmed almost immediately, her hot wet cunt milking his cock delightfully. Unable to last under the stimulus he stiffened, spurting his seed deep into her womb, neither of them thinking for the moment about making a baby, just enjoying each other and the moment. Lying together afterward in a half doze, kissing and cuddling and murmuring words of love neither would remember in the morning.

He woke sometime later in the night, his prick nearly glued to her body with the remains of their earlier loving, lying curled around her, one hand cupping her breast. He settled back, enjoying her warmth and the steady peace of her quiet breathing, prepared to return to sleep until he realized he had to pee. Getting up quietly so as not to wake his wife he kissed her on the shoulder and headed down the hall to the bathroom. As he peed and washed up, using a warm wet washcloth to gently remove most of the dried cum from his thighs and genitals he realized he could hear another sound.

Quiet whimpering was coming from the area of Mimi's room and he padded over to her crib softly, reaching to pat the baby girl and soothe her back to sleep he only realized she was awake and fussing when she held up her arms to him.

"Holch' Daddy..." she whimpered, and he picked her up, laying her against his shoulder where she felt perhaps a little warm. He could hear her grating her teeth together too and recalled Dee saying that their daughter was teething again. Turning on the little light on her dresser he searched for and found the numbing gel, rubbing it on the little one's gums as she chewed on his finger enthusiastically. Almost too enthusiastically he thought as she caught him with sharp incisors.

Settling back into the rocking chair in her room his princess held snug in his arms as she gummed one knuckle, he had every intention of staying awake until Mimi went back to sleep, returning her to her crib and rejoining her Mama in bed. That WAS his intent..... The reality was that he woke, startled when he felt Mimi slipping from his arms, clutching for her only to intercept Dee's warm body and hear her whispered, "Shhhhh, it's okay, I've got her." Realizing he had fallen asleep he got out of the rocker, easing his stiff limbs and yawning silently as he waited for Dee to put Mimi back to bed and join him.

In the doorway she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her warm naked body next to his and he found himself responding again to her presence. She snuggled even closer to him as he stiffened, giggling quietly and murmuring, "Want more do you?"

Bending his head he captured her earlobe with his teeth, whispering for her ears only, "Of you? Always!"

She sighed happily, tilting her neck to allow him to nibble and suck at leisure downward to the juncture of her shoulder, suddenly shivering with goosebumps and pressing her hard nipples against his chest. Pulling away from him and drawing him behind her she moved back to their room, closing the door and adjusting the volume on the nursery monitor. John moved toward the bed but she shook her head, pulling him over to the bentwood rocker resting in a pool of moonlight.

"Here?" He asked with amusement, and she nodded vigorously, barely waiting until he had sat down and settled before she was clambering on top of him. "Wait.....," he muttered, and once sharply, "Ouch!" when she accidentally pinched his thigh between her butt and the chair. Finally she settled her warmth around him - her legs draped over the arms of the chair, her breasts pressed snug against his chest, her arms reaching over his shoulders to grip the back of the chair. His hands dropped to cup her buttocks as he began to rock in the chair - each time he rocked feeling much like what he imagined sex in a swing would feel like - neither of them having to move, the rocking motion itself providing all the internal action needed. Looking over her shoulder he realized the chair was still perfectly positioned for viewing oneself in the cheval glass, watching the sweet, pear shape of her ass as it lifted and dropped in the chair.....between his thighs...on the hard staff of his cock...

Watching in the mirror mesmerized him. It was like watching an excellent porno movie...one he could feel and even smell he realized as she began to writhe in his lap and the sweet musk of her arousal began to fill the night air. Having cum once already he found he was in no rush this time and she spasmed around him again and again. Urging her hands lower on the back of the rocker allowed her to lean back, giving him room to bend over her suckling freely from each of her breasts in turn - drawing life and sustenance from her body along with the love she gave him so willingly and this time when she began to buck against him, her pussy gripping him tightly, he gave in, thrusting up against her and filling her again and again with the proof of his own love.

It was several long minutes before either of their heartbeats or breathing rates settled sufficiently that they could move or stand, finally clinging to each other as they moved back into bed to lie cradled together the remainder of the night....

~ ~ ~

It was a scant three weeks later when he woke to Dee's absence in bed. Thinking at first she might have gotten up with Mimi he realized he could hear the sounds of someone being quietly sick down the hall in the bathroom. Worried about her he padded down the hall to check on her, opening the bathroom door to find her quietly brushing her teeth - softly radiant in the morning light.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded happily, passing him something that, at first glance he thought was their digital thermometer - which, he assumed, meant she wasn't running a fever. It took him several seconds of staring at the blue plus sign before he realized what he was holding...and what it meant. Pulling her close and running his hand over the belly that would soon be swelling with his baby.....their new baby.... he kissed Dee soundly, not minding the taste of the toothpaste, or his wife's giggling high spirits - knowing only that he was, perhaps, the luckiest man alive, and looking forward to the next few months.

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