tagIncest/TabooMaybe the Son Knows Best

Maybe the Son Knows Best


This story includes descriptions of male incest, mmf, and gay sex. This is presented as a fantasy only. This is not the kind of thing that would normally appeal to me...but was inspired by the true story of a trusted friend.


At the age of 40, I feel like I've already had more than my share of distress. I fathered a child at age 22, and married a friend I barely knew at the time. That part turned out well...Kate and I turned a potentially horrible situation into a wonderful marriage that lasted 17 years...until she died of an undiagnosed medical condition. The only thing that kept me from wallowing in self-pity was our son, Jake. Even at the age of 18, he had the ability to keep it all in perspective, and helped keep my feet on solid ground. It always seemed that it should have been the other way around, but I was grateful for his determination that we would weather the storm together.

When it came time for Jake to leave for college, I was a jumbled mess of immense pride and selfish insecurity. I did my best to keep up the façade of a strong man who was simply stepping into another phase of life, but Jake knew I had some uneasiness about truly living alone for the first time in my life.

"Dad, I promise to call at least once a week and fill you in on how things are going." Jake said as he put the last bag in his overstuffed car. "Just promise me you'll take advantage of this time to go out and meet people. If nothing else, just get laid, for god's sake." He said with a laugh as he slapped me on the back.

Being an all male household at the end of his teenage years, I probably allowed too much "guy talk" into our everyday routine. Even when his mother was alive, Kate and I wanted to raise our son with what we thought was a healthy outlook on self-image, sexuality, and emotional relationships. Our family was openly affectionate with each other, and frank in our discussions about health and body image during his developing years. We weren't granola-munching naturists who ran around the house nude...but seeing his mother briefly topless as she changed, or Jake and I seeing each other step out of the shower was not considered embarrassing or taboo. We certainly didn't make love with him in attendance, but we didn't steer away from the fact that we had a fulfilling sex-life. When Jake hit his later teens, we tried to emphasize the responsibilities of sexual behaviors, instead of making it seem "mysterious" by insisting on abstinence until marriage...even though we loved him more than anything, his conception was a major stress on a young couple, and we wanted him to avoid the unnecessary drama.

"Yeah, well...I'll work on that. Just be careful with all those available coeds. I'm not dumb enough to think you won't mess around...but please keep your dick in a wrapper. I know you'll do the right thing, but I had to have my last "parental moment"...so just cut me some slack." I answered while giving him a firm hug. "And for god's sake...no fucking drugs."

"I think I'll have my hands full keeping my scholarship...a piece of ass is low on the list, and becoming a stoner is even lower. But really, Dad...you're too young to be a lonely widower. Get out there and let the ladies see that buff bod. I have it on good authority that you were high on the cheerleader's DILF list." Jake said with a huge smile as he got into the car.

Jake's former girlfriend was on the high school squad, so I had a good idea who the "authority" was. "What the hell is a DILF?" I asked, feeling mildly out of touch.

"Have you been under a rock or something?" Jake asked sarcastically. "That's a Dad I'd Like to Fuck. They really are a bunch of immature sluts...but I thought you might enjoy the odd compliment anyway."

He was right...I did feel good to think I wasn't just a gross old man, but hardly the age-group I wanted to attract. I have managed to take good care of myself, and as a family we enjoyed a variety of physical activity. I played baseball in college, and dabbled in gymnastics until the continual training schedule started taking a toll on my grades. As an adult, I still enjoy basketball and the community soccer league. At six feet tall, and 170 pounds, I have a lean and muscular frame, with just the faint hints of grey creeping into my dark brown hair. Jake also enjoyed athletics, but never really focused on any particular sport. Spending a lot of time in the weight room with his high school buddies, he has a more developed upper body than his Dad, with a narrow waist and v-shaped torso. I have to admit, he's a good looking kid...with his mother's blond hair and blue eyes, standing 5'-10", and a lean 165 pounds...it was no wonder he had as many girlfriends as he did. I took a bit more pride, however, in his academics...his attention to grades certainly made it easier to get him into college.

"Take care, son...don't do anything I wouldn't do...whatever that is." I said as he pulled away. I had no idea how much we would test that statement just a year later.


I took my son's advice, and finally got out of my cave and started dating again. It still felt odd...almost like cheating on my deceased wife...but I was getting more comfortable as the months wore on. It's been nearly a year and a half since Jake left home, and I've been dating a woman named Lisa for the past few months. While I enjoy her company, there was no denying that I wanted a physical relationship as well...and going without sex for nearly three years was getting very old.

"Why don't we take this upstairs...where we have more room to play?" I whispered in Lisa's ear as I nuzzled her neck, and the swelling in my pants began to grow.

"I don't know, Ben. Isn't your son coming home today?" She said with uneasiness in her voice.

"He's not due for hours. Besides, he's a big boy...what we do isn't going to shock him. You've met each other before...it's all cool." I replied, trying to ease her tension while softly brushing her breasts through the fabric of her top.

Lisa kept brushing my hand away, and seemed to growing more uncomfortable by the minute. We had been getting along great, and felt we were ready for the next step...but it seemed she had other ideas.

"Lisa, look...I'm not trying to be pushy...we just really seem to enjoy each other, and I'd really like to express that in a more personal way." I said, in the most "understanding guy" voice I could manage, while I thought I may have heard a car door close outside.

"Ben...no...I'm sorry...I thought I could do this for you...but, no." Lisa said, sounding frazzled as she pushed me back and reached for her purse. "You're a great guy, and I enjoy hanging out...but I just don't want another physical relationship right now. If you want fucked...go hang out at the bars." She got up from the couch, and went through the front door without saying a word. To say the least, I was a bit stunned.

I just sat there on the couch, my hard-on fading, when I heard a knock on the door frame behind me. Jake had come in the house through the back door, and no doubt heard Lisa's farewell words.

"Ouch...sorry, Dad...didn't mean to eavesdrop...just came in at the wrong time. Guess it's safe to say she's not quite over the divorce yet." Jake offered with compassion.

"That would be my guess. She'll probably call in a few hours trying to apologize...but I've been down this path a few too many times with her...I'm over it now. She's just going to have to figure this out with her other friends...I'm tired of being the doormat."

"Can't say I blame you...I know you've been going out with her for awhile." Jake said as he stepped into the living room. "Like I told you last week, Lindsey came with this time...she's outside finishing a call on her cell phone."

"Oh, yeah...sure...everything still good with you two?" I asked with mild interest.

"I know you think its weird...but once we both decided we were better as "friends with benefits", instead of a dating couple...things got much more comfortable and relaxed. We're both too focused on school right now...we like having fun together, and we both know that's as far as it is ever likely to go." Jake said as though tired of having to explain it to me yet again.

"Hey...it's alright...you don't have to keep justifying it to me. As long as you're both on the same page, and know what you're doing...there won't be any judgment on my end."

"Hi, Ben...when you two are together, I can never decide who's hotter." Lindsey said as she came in the house, in an attempt to embarrass me. "Jake...if you get the luggage, I'll get dinner started."

Lindsey is a strong-willed young woman who tends to "take charge" whenever she enters a room. Two years older than Jake, I was unsure what to make of her at first, but it didn't take long for me to see why my son was intrigued. While physically not much like his mother, her attitude is really quite similar. An attractive girl, at about 5'-4", nicely built, with pleasantly firm c-cups...she had the skin, dark hair, and brown eyes that revealed her Spanish heritage. She also had a casual attitude around the house...making coffee in the morning wearing only Jake's t-shirt and boxers...that seemed perfectly at ease with his upbringing. A policy I now debated in my own mind as I found myself staring at my son's "main squeeze"...or whatever they wanted to call each other.

Jake and Lindsey were planning to stay the entire week of their semester break...and I was happy to have the company. Two days into their visit, they came home late after a night out with friends. I was already in bed, but not sleeping well...still wondering what I could have done to make things easier for Lisa. Roughly an hour later, I heard what sounded something like cries of pain. Without thinking, I got up to investigate. The door to Jake's room was partially open, and I saw quite plainly the source of the noise. Lindsey was straddling Jake's waist, his hands kneading her breasts, as she rose up and down on his erect member. I was mesmerized by the scene, both moaning in pleasure as she reached down to play with her clit...Jake's cock glistening with her wetness as he raised his hips to meet her writhing form. I grew instantly hard, and green with envy, as I witnessed the intensity of their lovemaking. It quickly occurred to me that I was watching my son have sex, and immediately felt remorse. The floor made a small creak as I stepped back from the door, alerting Lindsey to my presence...Jake seemed oblivious. I half expected her to scream, or cover up...anything but what she did. All I could see was the top of Jake's head...but Lindsey was looking me directly in the eye as she smiled, licked her lips, and increased the intensity of her riding motions.

Purely from instinct, I reached down and started to stroke my aching cock through the fabric of my boxers. Their young, lithe bodies', moving together was truly a beautiful sight, and I stood frozen in place as Lindsey kept her gaze upon me.

"Oh yes...yes, Jake...fuck me, fuck me hard, baby...make me feel all of that beautiful cock!" Lindsey screamed as she silently mouthed the words "show me" in my direction.

I was obviously not thinking at all, as I pulled my steel-hard shaft through the opening of my fly, revealing the swollen seven inches within my grip. Lindsey's nipples grew even firmer, and her breathing became short as she obviously approached her orgasm. Jake's groans were coarser, and more guttural as his thrusts grew shorter and more rapid.

"Fuck...oh, fuck...I'm cumming Linds...uuugghhhh...mmmppphhh...aaarrrrrgggghhh!" Jake screamed as his body tensed and his load shot deep into Lindsey's folds.

"Uh huh...uh huh...oh shit, yes...yes!" Lindsey squealed as she gripped Jake's shoulders and her body convulsed with the power of her climax.

Lindsey turned her gaze away from me as she slowly regained her breath, and eased off Jake's deflating cock, allowing it to fall heavily against his thigh. She stroked his body, gently dragging her fingers across his naturally smooth chest, and over his still highly sensitive member. My son's body shook as she slid down and took his softened cock into her mouth, lapping at their combined fluids with a lustful hunger. My own need for release was growing uncontrollably, and I was brought to the edge as I saw her reach below him and remove a bright pink vibrator from Jake's ass.

"Didn't I tell you it would add something special?" Lindsey cooed as she sat the tool aside, and lay across his body, pecking his face with kisses.

"Mmmm, yeah...better than thought it would be." Jake said softly as they embraced. "You've shown me some wild stuff before...but that was hotter than hell."

At that moment, my mind paid no attention to where I was, or what I was doing. It was amazing I had enough self-awareness to stifle my groans as I shot a heavy load across the hallway floor. In my mind, it wasn't the taboo nature of watching my son have sex that got me off...it was the longing for something I hadn't felt myself in three years, and the similarity to the play Kate and I shared. We were sometimes very "inventive", and unafraid to try new variations. The first time my wife decided to try licking my ass, or massaging my prostate...it brought unexpected intensity to a fairly vanilla-minded guy. How I longed to share that kind of intimacy again.

As they lay together on the bed, and the fog in my mind cleared, I became worried that I would be caught playing the peeping-tom. I quickly removed my t-shirt, and knelt slowly to the floor to wipe-up the evidence of my illicit voyeurism. Lindsey looked briefly in my direction and winked as she snuggled tightly against Jake's muscled frame.


I slept poorly the rest of the night, and woke up with a case of morning wood that just wouldn't go away. The images from last night were running through my mind as I slowly stroked myself...hoping for a little relief. My fantasies were disturbed, however, as I heard Jake and Lindsey downstairs making breakfast.

"Hey, Dad...you're burning daylight...come down for breakfast before Lindsey burns it." My son yelled up the stairs, knowing I would be awake.

"Ok...be right down." I answered back, as I stepped into the bathroom for a piss while my dick slowly deflated.

I threw on a robe and was a little surprised to see Jake sitting at the table in a t-shirt and boxer-briefs, with Lindsey in panties and another of Jake's shirts.

"Hey Ben...sorry about the skimpy clothing...hope it doesn't embarrass you, but I forgot my robe, and my other stuff is in the washer." Lindsey said with a smile as she turned from the eggs on the stove to greet me. "Jake convinced me you'd be alright with it."

"Careful, Dad...I wouldn't be surprised if this is some elaborate scheme to seduce you." Jake said with a wink as he picked up the paper and drank his coffee.

"You can be so evil-minded." Lindsey replied as she gently smacked Jake's left cheek after placing plates of eggs and bacon in front of us. "I'm going down to check on my laundry...be right back."

Actually, I was mildly embarrassed. The thin cotton material of the t-shirt did little to hide the shape of her breasts, or the firm tips of her nipples. She's a very attractive young lady, and I certainly didn't mind the show...but I still felt awkward leering after the woman who's fucking my son.

"No shit, Dad." Jake said in a low town as he leaned toward me at the table. "You're in danger of becoming her favorite project. She's convinced you have to be miserable without a physical relationship for so long. She spent the whole damn morning drilling me on your sex life. You know...maybe you should let her. She's thought you were pretty hot since the first time she met you."

I nearly gagged on my breakfast. I sat stunned for a few moments, truly not sure of what to say. "Did you honestly just suggest that I have sex with your girlfriend?"

"Well...really, that's between you and her...and she's not my girlfriend...at least not in the "lets get married and have kids some day" kind of way." Jake said with a wide grin. "Lindsey is honestly not a "sleep with anybody she meets" slut...she still wants to meet the right guy...but isn't afraid to have a "small group of friends" in the meantime."

I was still struggling to put this in perspective. "Aside from how unconventional this situation already is...aren't you a little freaked-out that you could be having sex with the same person as your "old man"?

"Fuck, no..." Jake declared with a laugh and choking through his coffee. "We're just two guys having a good time with a beautiful girl who's really into us. We're talking about having fun and getting off...not buying an engagement ring. I know you think Lindsey and I are way too casual about this kind of thing...but maybe something casual is what you need right now."

I was at least thankful for the robe I was wearing, as the thought of fucking Lindsey was certainly gaining approval from the head between my legs. "Well, it takes a lot to embarrass me, and I think you managed to do it. But I think you should discourage Lindsey from pursuing this project."

"I'll let her know we talked about it." Jake said with a sly grin. "But if she asks, I'll have to admit that I didn't get a clear "no" from you on the subject."

I was just about to add a definitive "no" to my answer, when Lindsey came up the stairs now fully dressed and carrying a basket of clean clothes.

"Come on, Jake...we need to meet our friends downtown for the movie." Lindsey said as she walked past us towards the stairs.

Jake grunted as he took a last sip of coffee and got up to follow behind her. I could swear he was showing more of a tent in those boxer-briefs than normal...no doubt the result of our conversation.

The rest of the day I kept myself as busy as possible...trying to keep my Son's illicit suggestion from spending too much time in my thoughts. I had actually done pretty well, until Jake and Lindsey returned home around 9pm. They filled me in on their day, and we shared friendly conversation as Lindsey poured wine she bought that afternoon. The wine was great, and all of us had a comfortable buzz going...though nowhere near being drunk. Lindsey had turned on the stereo and invited Jake for a quick spin on the living room floor. They danced slowly and close together...Lindsey whispering in Jake's ear as she slid her hands into the back pockets of his jeans. They looked great together, and I thought it may be time for me to give them a bit more space. I was getting ready to go upstairs when Lindsey broke from Jake's embrace and stepped toward me.

"Why, yes...of course you may step-in" She said as she took my hand and led me to the center of the floor. "I hear you're a very smooth dancer."

"I think the rumors are exaggerated." I replied as I clumsily tried to avoid stepping on her toes. "I'll just leave you guys alone to enjoy your evening."

"The evening will be much more fun if you stay." Lindsey said in my ear as she pulled me closer...her breasts pressing against my chest and her right hand resting on my ass. "I told Jake how hot it was having you watch us...just relax and enjoy yourself...everybody needs some fun in their lives."

Jake must have seen the look of horror on my face as I realized he knew that I saw him and Lindsey together. My heart pounded as I glanced in his direction while Lindsey held me close and nibbled on my ear. Jake just grinned broadly as he raised his wine glass in a mock toast and watched from the sofa with approving interest.

"I'm flattered as hell...but this just isn't right." I stammered as Lindsey ran her tongue across my throat.

"Don't you miss feeling another person close to you...sharing the things that make us all feel so good?" Lindsey cooed as she guided my hand to cup her ass. "We want you to feel good, Ben...that's all...relieving some tension in a way that's just not the same on your own."

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