tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMcKenzie's Post: Final Celebration

McKenzie's Post: Final Celebration


Note to readers: This story takes place in between the Non-consent/Reluctance story "Making a Woman of McKenzie" and the Exhibitionist/Voyeur story "McKenzie's Special Office Hours".

McKenzie turned in her test and left the classroom. She was finished with all of her finals, at last! And of course, just as her luck would have it, this last test had been on Friday. Most of her friends had already left for summer break, having finished their last finals earlier in the week. How she envied them, even though it was just a couple of days.

She did have to admit, however, that it was interesting being on the campus when so many people were gone. Her roommate had left on Wednesday, giving McKenzie her own dorm room for a couple of days. It had been nice being able to study in her room without any risk of interruptions. That and being able to have a nice, long masturbation session like she used to do in her room back home. Sure, she couldn't make all the noise she liked the way she could back home when her mom was at work, but just being able to strip naked, spread her legs wide, and play with herself using both hand and bullet vibe for as long as she liked while watching some porn on the computer was nice after months of going without.

Not that McKenzie didn't have any sexual release all term. She had a boyfriend that she was pretty serious about, and whenever they could manage some private time in either of their rooms, sex was bound to happen. Scott had left on Wednesday also, but the two of them had managed to have a goodbye fuck while her roommate was taking her last final. As the memory crossed her mind, she smiled, feeling herself become slightly aroused as she remembered the feeling of his cock driving deep inside of her.

She hadn't bothered bringing her backpack with her today, as she only had to take her final. The only thing she brought with her was a pen, which she had tucked behind her ear. In the early summer warmth, she had chosen to wear a simple yellow skirt with a dark blue tank top. Her breasts, which had always been large, bulged the top out, showing ample cleavage, but covering enough to not be considered immodest. With her pixie-like face, along with her hair, dyed blue and worn in a high ponytail except for the long bangs framing her face, she made quite the attractive picture.

Lost in her thoughts, McKenzie continued walking down the deserted hallway. It wasn't until she heard the voice that she realized she was no longer alone. "Hello, slut," it said from right behind her. She froze, recognizing the voice. It was the voice of the man who owned her. He had followed her ever since her last year of high school, doing to her whatever he wished, whenever he wished. She had learned the hard way not to fight him. If she did, he held no qualms about hurting her, and if she continued to fight, or told anyone about him, he promised to hurt her more by harming her friends or family.

She felt his hand grip her shoulder, directing her toward one of the classrooms. "Congratulations on finishing your finals," he grated, voice rough as always. "I thought I should help you celebrate."

"No," she whispered, fearfully. "My mom will be picking me up soon. I have to be back at my dorm." She was at the classroom door, and she saw his hand reach out and open it. Then he pushed her inside.

He moved her towards the front of the classroom, where the desk used by the teachers was. It being the end of the school year, it was empty. "Don't lie to me, I know she won't be here for hours yet." He stopped her in front of the desk. "Plenty of time to celebrate." He roughly gripped her hair and pushed her head down over the desk, forcing her to lay face down on it. With her short legs, her toes barely touched the floor, giving her no leverage to work with, even if she had intended to resist. The desk top was cold, sending goosebumps up her arms, a shiver down her back, and making her nipples stiffen as the cold penetrated her thin top and bra.

She felt the cold air of the classroom on the back of her legs as he lifted her skirt, folding it up over her back, exposing her panty covered ass. He ran a finger over her ass, gently, caressing her through the fabric. His finger slid inside the elastic, lightly brushing her skin. As he did this, McKenzie felt her earlier arousal increase, and she flushed in shame. Despite this man forcing himself on her whenever he liked, her body always seemed to respond to it. She felt her nipples harden even more beneath her, and some wetness begin to flow between her legs. She clenched her fists in frustration at the betrayal by her own body.

The man must have been able to sense her feelings, because she felt him remove his hand, only to jerk in pain as he gave her a hard spank. "Ah, my slut. I've been thinking about this hot little ass of yours all day." He spanked her on the other cheek.

"I'm not a slut," she returned, woodenly. She always denied his label of her, but it never made a difference. He always called her that. And even worse, she had begun to believe long ago that he may be right. Otherwise, why would she get so aroused by him?

In response, he gripped her panties and pulled hard, tearing the fabric from around one leg and stretching the other side enough that they fell down around her ankle when he released them. She felt him run a finger over her pussy, and she could hear the sound of her wetness as he slid his finger through it. "Of course you are a slut," he said. "Dripping as usual." McKenzie let out a small gasp as he pushed his finger into her pussy. It slid in so easily and damn it all it felt good.

Feeling him move his finger in and out, she forced herself not to push back against him, even as she desired to feel him deeper inside her. When he removed his finger, she stifled a disappointed moan. She listened to him suck his finger, and he moaned, but in approval. "I always love the way you taste," he said. Then she heard the sound of his zipper and of clothing being moved. She tried to look back at him, knowing what was happening but having some morbid desire to see it, but his hand still gripped her hair, holding her head still.

"Much as I would like to taste you more," he continued, "I have other plans today." McKenzie felt something at the entrance to her pussy, larger than his finger had been. In a smooth motion, the man thrust his cock inside her, and she couldn't help a moan of pleasure as he sank deep into her pussy. Her hands moved up to grip the edge of the desk, preparing for what was to come.

But he just stayed there, fully inside her and unmoving. She could feel, even through the condom he always wore, the slight pulse of his blood moving in his cock. His free hand squeezed her ass, one side then the other. She clenched around his hard cock, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of it, but refusing to move and make it feel even better. She would not give in to him, not completely.

After a minute or two he slid out of her, leaving her feeling empty, having become accustomed to his presence inside her. Then she felt the head of his cock pushing against her anus, and her eyes widened. He didn't usually do this unless he was upset with her. She hadn't done anything. "Why," she asked, pleading.

McKenzie let out a squeal as he pinched her ass hard. "You don't get to ask questions, slut," he whispered, leaning over so his voice was right in her ear. "But, this once, I will answer you." Barely audible, feeling the hot breath on her ear, she heard him breathe, "Because I want to." Then he pushed into her ass.

Thankfully, he thrust in slowly. Years of this had given McKenzie an instinctive knowledge to relax her anus and accept this invader, though a hiss of pain escaped her lips as he filled her. Despite being soaked with her slippery juices, his cock did not slide in easily. It took a minute of gentle maneuvering until he could completely fit himself in her ass, and he sighed in pleasure once he was. Unusually considerate, he waited a moment for her to fully adjust to his large member violating her ass before beginning to move his hips.

Using his grip on her hair, he pulled himself into her, forcing her to push back against him to relieve the pain in her scalp, but adding to the discomfort inside as his cock penetrated deeper. As always though, the pain changed to pleasure and she could feel her body react to it, her juices beginning to run down her legs. She desperately wanted to rub her clit, knowing she could orgasm that way, but not daring to give him the pleasure of seeing her finally broken completely. It was the only way she could fight him.

Occasionally she could not help herself and clenched her muscles, gripping his cock in her ass, feeling waves of pleasure roll through her when she did. This made the man groan in his own pleasure, and he began to spank her as he fucked her ass, eliciting more of her own cries.

"Hello-oh my God" a nervous voice exclaimed from the door. McKenzie's eyes, which had been half-lidded as she enjoyed the sensations flowing through her body, jerked open, and she tried to look back at the door. The man's hand still held her head though, and she couldn't move. He paused for just a second, then kept thrusting into her ass.

"Hi," the man said in his gravelly voice. The person at the door must not have moved because the man continued. "Like what you see?"

The voice, quavering a little, asked, "Are you okay?" McKenzie was certain he was speaking to her, but she knew better than to answer.

"Oh, she's just fine. Aren't you, slut?" He gave her a sharp pinch on her ass, not as painful as the one before, prompting her to speak.

"Yes, I'm fine," she said, her words broken up a little by her panting breaths as the man continued to pump her ass in a slow rhythm.

"See," the man said, "she's fine." His hand left her head for the first time since he'd bent her over the desk, and she took the opportunity to look back at the door. The person standing there was Sean, one of her classmates, who must have just now finished his final. He was a bit of a geek, thin and pale. He was looking at her in shock, probably never having seen a half naked woman that wasn't on a computer. McKenzie knew Sean had a bit of a crush on her, even though she was dating somebody else, and could not imagine what was going through his head at the sight of her being fucked in the ass in an empty classroom.

She saw that the man had released her to wave Sean over. "Come here, perhaps you could help me." Looking doubtful, but not seeming to want to leave (whether from worry over McKenzie or enjoying the show, she didn't know), he did. "I assume you heard this slut crying out, which is why you looked in here, yes?" At Sean's nod, he continued. "Well, as you can see, I'm busy at this end, but if you wouldn't mind doing something to keep her quiet, maybe placing something in her mouth," McKenzie could hear the smile in his voice, "I'd be most appreciative." He slapped her ass again. "And she would, too. Wouldn't you, slut?"

McKenzie couldn't believe what she was hearing. The man was going to let someone else join in? And he wanted her to approve of it? She was silent as her mind worked over this, but she knew what her answer had to be. "Yes," she said, flushing.

The man spanked her again. "Yes, what?"

Her cheeks burned redder as she said, "Yes, I would appreciate you putting something in my mouth, Sean." Her eyes were on him as she said this, and though she felt disgusted with herself, another part of her wanted to taste his cock, to feel him thrusting into her mouth, to feel him cum. The look in her eyes must have been convincing, because he walked around the desk, eyes locked on hers the whole way, stopping in front of her. He reached down and unfastened his pants, pushing them and his briefs down, revealing an already hard cock.

Sean, still looking into her eyes, moved forward until the head of his cock was just in front of her lips, not entirely confident of what he was doing. McKenzie let out a sharp gasp as the man thrust hard and deep into her ass suddenly, pushing her forward. With her mouth open as she gasped, Sean's cock slid inside. He was not very long, but he was thick, a snug fit in her tiny mouth, but not making her gag.

The man behind her increased the speed of his thrusting, causing her to moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. However, now her moans and cries were muffled by Sean's cock. Her body rocked back and forth on the desk, in time with his thrusts, forcing her mouth up and down Sean's hard shaft. His head just barely tickled the back of her throat as he began his own thrusting motion, pushing his cock completely into her mouth, rubbing her nose into his pubic hair. He let out a groan of pleasure, having probably never felt anything other than his own hand on his cock. His hands went to either side of her head, fingers entangling in her blue hair, holding her steady while he pumped her mouth.

Being sandwiched like this between the two men, McKenzie felt more like the slut she was accused of being than ever before. Mostly because, even though she would have been punished if she had refused, she had asked for it. And she was enjoying it. Her pussy was completely soaked, she could feel the wetness running down her legs, and she knew a second or two of clit stimulation would bring her to a massive orgasm. An orgasm she desperately wanted. Her hands clenched the edge of the desk in frustration as she willed herself to cum. At this point, she probably would have begged the man to let her cum, to thrust into her pussy, to rub her clit, to finally break her, but she could not speak around the thick cock in her mouth.

And the orgasm would not come. But Sean had no such problems. With a loud groan he began to cum, erupting in her mouth. She immediately began to cough as his semen clogged in her throat, and he pulled out. Sean reached down to jerk himself off through the rest of his orgasm, spraying the rest of his cum on her face. McKenzie's eyes watered as she coughed, and she closed them when she felt the first warm glob hit her cheek. The original spurt of semen dribbled down her chin as she finally cleared her airway, along with more that shot into her mouth and all over her face as Sean stroked himself.

The man behind her gripped her hips and fucked her hard and fast as she coughed, her spasming muscles forcing her ass to grip him tightly. As Sean finished, the man let out a moan of his own as his own orgasm hit. McKenzie could feel the heat of his seed through the condom as he came. She opened one eye, the other covered with semen, and saw Sean looking down at her somewhat guiltily. He quickly pulled up his pants and dashed out of the classroom as the man's orgasm finished.

He slipped out of her, and she could hear him pulling up his pants as well. McKenzie was panting, out of breath both from the coughing and from sheer sexual need. One hand began to move down between her legs, but she forced it to stop. She would not give in now. It was over, and she was still unbroken.

The sound of his zipper being pulled up seemed to echo in the room. She felt something pushed into her hand. "Clean up with this. Congratulations on finishing the year, slut. I'll see you again soon." Footsteps moved to the door and were gone.

McKenzie brought her hand up to see what was in it. It was her torn panties. With nothing better at hand, and knowing they were ruined anyway, she wiped off her face with them, only now noticing the bleach-like smell of the semen. She pushed herself up off the desk, her legs a little shaky under her, her ass feeling very stretched out and aching from where she had been pinched and spanked. Looking down, she noticed a spot on her skirt, from where her own wetness had soaked it. Pulling herself together, re-tying her hair and trying to get her racing heart under control, she left the classroom, heading for the nearest bathroom.

She cleaned herself up. Washing the remaining semen from her face. Wiping up the long trails of wetness down her legs. Wetting the rest of her skirt in the sink so the spot didn't stand out. She was still aroused, but was determined not to touch herself. Maybe once she got back to her room. She left, and the few people who she passed on the way didn't notice the slight oddness of her stride.

As she entered her room, still incredibly aroused, an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her fully inside, pushing her to the bed. Scott, her boyfriend, stood there smiling and naked. He quickly shut and locked the door. McKenzie pulled off her top and unfastened her bra, but was unable to remove her skirt before he was atop her.

Scott pulled her skirt up and slid his long hard cock into her still soaked pussy, and she let out a cry of delight as she felt herself filled with him. He began to thrust in and out of her, his lips surrounding a nipple and sucking hard. McKenzie hugged his head to her chest, savoring the feeling of his tongue running around and around her nipple as his cock slid into her again and again. He held himself in such a way that he grazed her clit with each thrust and it wasn't long before McKenzie screamed as a long overdue orgasm ripped through her body. Her whole body tensed up, gripping Scott hard with both her hands and her pussy as she climaxed.

It seemed to last forever, but she knew it could only have been a few seconds before it ended. However, Scott wasn't finished. He continued to thrust into her, kneeling now and moving one hand to her clit, rubbing it with a thumb. Even though her orgasm had ended, McKenzie felt like she was ready for another after a few moments of this. Sure enough, another wave of pleasure rolled through her, making her cry out again. And again. And again. She had at least four orgasms one after the other before Scott gave one last hard thrust and groaned in his own orgasm, filling the condom he had already been wearing when she had come in.

Scott pulled out of her and flopped down next to her. Both were sweaty from their exertions, panting, but smiling at the pleasure they had experienced. McKenzie huddled next to him, laying her head on his shoulder, draping one arm over his heaving chest. He slid an arm under her, pulling her close. Using his free hand, he tilted her head up to his and kissed her deeply.

"So," he said when they came up for breath. "Did I do it right?"

McKenzie couldn't help but giggle. "Yes," she responded. "You did it just right. It's so much better when I'm not doing it all myself. Although I must admit, thought I was going to die when Sean came in and saw us."

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