tagFirst TimeMe and Blaise on a School Bus

Me and Blaise on a School Bus


It was another late Saturday night on the bus. I was a senior in high school and I was in marching band (really cool, I know). It was a Saturday in late October, and we were coming back from a contest that had been held two hours away from our school.

These bus rides would normally suck, but the past month or two I had been hanging out with this girl, Blaise , who was also an eighteen year old senior as well. Most of the girls in my marching band, and I'd assume in most bands, were not exactly what you'd call attractive. Blaise was smokin' Hot . She was a former soccer player; long, slender thighs, a tight, big ass, a rock-hard stomach, and cute supple c-cup tits all contributed to her hot physique. She was a brunette as well with gorgeous hazel eyes.

We'd been sharing a seat for away football games and marching contests since we started hanging out. Luckily for us, we had been able to claim the back seat. The other back seat, like on most school buses, was a single seat, and the band would use that seat as a place to put our uniforms. So we were basically all alone, isolated in the back of the bus.

The first weekend we had sat together we made out on the way back from a football game. Each bus ride we grew more comfortable, and went farther. The past few weekends I had fingered her and even licked her boobs a little, and she had given me a couple handjobs. All this we got away with late at night on the back of the bus, just feet away from our friends and sister . But we were about to get away with a whole lot more.

Like I said earlier, this particular Saturday contest had been really far away. After a long day of driving out there, warming up, marching, and waiting for awards, everyone was exhausted by the time we got back onto the bus for the long ride home. Blaise and I made our way to the back seat, and helped each other unzip our uniforms and get them put away. She was wearing athletic shorts. Her tits formed Big hills that projected from her tee shirt. It was a little chilly since it was October, so we crawled under a blanked that I had brought and cuddled until the bus started moving.

For about half an hour or so after the bus had started moving we just sat there spooning, whispering to each other, knowing we had plenty of time. Blaise made the first move and began to grind her tight big Ass into my dick. She turned her head and we started to make out. She slid her hand down my shorts and into my boxers, rubbing my Big 11" cock as it got hard. We kept kissing and I reach under her shirt and started to feel her up as she began to play with my balls.

This went on for a few minutes and then she stopped. I took the hint and slid my hand under her thong . I slowly massaged her inner thighs, working my way to her snatch. I rubbed the outside of her panties and could feel the wetness seeping through. She made me pause for a minute as she unhooked her bra, leaving her shirt on.

I reached around her back and massaged her left breast with my left hand. Her nipples were hard and she was horny. I slid my right hand under her thong and worked my way down. She was smooth and had shaved recently, leaving just a small landing strip. She began to quiver and breathe deeply as I reached her wet pussy. I massaged her clit and then slid my middle finger into her, moving it slowly in and out.

This went on for a few minutes and then, breathing heavily, she turned her head and whispered, "I'm so fucking horny."

"Me too," I whispered back, licking her neck for effect.

"Want to have sex?" she boldly asked.

"What? Here? Right now?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. "There's some noise in the front but the back of the bus is dead quite. Everybody's probably asleep. Besides," she continued, "we'll be under the blanket, so if anyone comes back here we can just pretend like we're sleeping or something."

"Do you have a condom?" I asked.

"Shit, no. Do you?"


"Well, just pull out or whatever," Blaise said.

"Alright," I responded. I was nervous, I had never had sex before, much less sex in on a school bus. Blaise knew I was a virgin though, so I knew she'd be cool.

Blaise started stripping and removed her shorts and panties. She took her shirt off and was completely nude. I got completely naked too and we tossed our clothes in the corner.

Both still under the blanket, I sat upright and Blaise, with her back to me, hovered over me. She grabbed my 11" cock in her right hand and slowly lowered herself. After a couple attempts of fumbling around in the dark, my head penetrated her cunt. She was so fucking tight and wet. Blaise let out a little moan of pleasure and quivered as she slowly lowered her body.

My cock was completely in her and she began to do all the work, pumping up and down as I sat there holding her hips. She started getting into it, pumping faster, working her hips. It felt amazing and we were both moaning, trying to be as quiet as we could.

All of a sudden the bus stopped and the lights went on. Fucking railroad crossing! Blaise pulled out and we quickly got into a spooning position, her butt cheeks pressing against my penis, pretending to be asleep with the blanket pulled up past her neck.

A minute later it was all over and the bus was moving again with the lights off.

"That scared the shit out of me," Blaise whispered.

"Yeah me too," I whispered. "You wanna keep going?"

"Fuck yeah," she said.

We sat back up and she slid my cock into her pussy. We shivered together as the whole thing slowly went it. We slowly started fucking again, and this time got more into it. Blaise forgot about the blanket and let it slide off of us onto the floor, leaving the both of us naked in the back seat. The dim highway streetlights and the moon illuminated her body in the night, and I stared at her tan back and pale white ass with panty tanlines, the remnants of a long summer sunbathing her hot body at the pool.

She was riding me hard and I started to finger her clit with one hand and rub her tits with the other as she fucked me. The pleasure was intense and she began moaning harder and muttering 'Fuck, fuck, fuck' under her breath.

This built up and my cock was getting close to bursting. With my one hand that was on her chest I pulled her back to me, and whispered in her ear, "I'm gonna cum soon."

"Squeeze my hand right before you do," she commanded, pulling my right hand off her tits and holding it tight.

Half a minute later I couldn't hold back anymore so I squeezed her hand hard. She pulled out right as I began to cum. I squirted a powerful shot high on her back, into her hair. My next shots squirted onto her lower back and slowly dripped down onto her firm ass cheeks and into her crack. I grabbed my cock and stroked, cum spurting and oozing out onto my head and down my shaft.

Blaise sat down beside me and we spooned again, pulling the blanket off the floor and back over us, me rubbing the outside of her wet cunt and her grinding my softening dick with her butt. She was pressed firmly against me and we were both sticky from my cum.

We put on our clothes and the next thing we knew we were back at school. Besides the back of the bus smelling like sex, none of our friends and sister said anything to us, though I have my suspicions that they might have heard.

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