tagIncest/TabooMe & Emily & Daddy's Cum Ch. 01

Me & Emily & Daddy's Cum Ch. 01


I was just trying to be helpful.

I guess my intentions weren't entirely altruistic, but my ulterior motives were innocent, I promise. I wanted Mom and Dad's permission to have Emily over to spend the night. We were both 18-year-old seniors in high school, and I didn't really want to spend my last spring break ever just vegging out and watching Fear Factor. And every teenage girl knows it never hurts to grease the wheels when she wants something, especially when it comes to her parents.

I was about to do a load of laundry and I thought that I could pick up a few brownie points with Mom if I threw some of her whites in with mine. Emily spends the night over pretty often, but usually it's on the weekend. This time it was the middle of spring break and I knew that Mom and Dad didn't really like to let me have company on nights when they had to go to work the next day. If I got on Mom's good side by doing a household chore without being asked, I'd have a much better chance of getting what I wanted.

It had been a long time since I'd been in Mom's walk-in closet, and I was a little surprised at how messy it was inside. But then I realized that most of the mess was just dirty clothes thrown all over the floor. I got down and started rooting through them and throwing Mom's whites into a laundry basket. I figured that I had found most of them when I spotted her white nightgown kind of thrown over some other stuff in the corner.

I grabbed the gown, and I was surprised to see that it had been covering a large machine of some kind. It was about the size of a breadbox and shaped like a beer keg cut in half lengthwise, with the cut side resting on the ground. It was covered in smooth dark vinyl, and there was some kind of remote control with two knobs and a logo that said, "Symbian."

I had no idea just what I was looking at. I was curious, but I didn't feel like I had stumbled onto some kind of big secret or anything. It was probably something that Dad used at work, or maybe an old science project from his college days. A pair of blue satin panties was draped over something long and skinny poking straight up from the top of the machine. Curious, I lifted them off.

I gasped with surprise at what I had uncovered. A big plastic penis was sticking out of the top of the machine. An amazed giggle escaped my lips as realized that this machine was some kind of serious giant mechanical dildo. I know that if there was a mirror in Mom's closet I would have seen myself turning sixteen shades of bright pink. I could see how it was supposed to be used - the girl would straddle the machine with her knees on the ground and push the penis inside her. She could slide up and down on it while she used the remote to make it vibrate or move around or something.

My amazement turned to shock when I realized that my own mother had probably used this thing last night, since her nightgown was the piece of clothing that had been hiding the machine. Trust me on this – no teenager likes to think of her parents having anything to do with sex. Never mind enjoying it or, god forbid, having an orgasm. But my very own mother, the woman who raised me and took care of me when I was sick and warned me about boys, had obviously put this penis inside her just because she liked how it felt. The vision of her bouncing up and down naked on it came unbidden to my mind.

Hastily I pushed the picture away. I wished that I had mental fortitude to stop thinking about it. But I couldn't. The whole idea of doing yourself with the machine took root in my head, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to slide my pussy down over that big rubber penis. What would it feel like to have that huge thing inside me? As I pictured lowering myself onto the machine a small jolt of anticipation jerked my body and I felt a tiny gush of pussy juice leak into my panties.

I think I blanked out for a second there, because the next thing I remember my hand was lightly stroking the business end of the machine. It was an unnatural shade of white, and was obviously supposed to look like a real penis. I guessed that it didn't matter too much what it looked like because it was meant to be buried inside a girl where nobody could see it. The rubber was slightly cool and even though it was pliable, it wasn't as soft as a real one would be. At least I didn't think so.

Although I'd done some heavy necking with assorted boys, I hadn't ever actually touched the business end of a boy. I marveled at how the vibrator felt in my hand, at how natural it seemed to have my fingers wrapped around that shape. So this is what one looked like. A guilty thrill washed through me as I wondered what Emily would think if I ever told her about my discovery.


I suddenly remembered why I had come into the closet in the first place. If I was going to make some brownie points so that Emily could come over, I was going to have to do something other than wash Mom's whites for her. Mom had been hiding her toy from me, and I just knew we'd both die of embarrassment if she found out that I knew about it. In order to preserve her secret, I couldn't let her know I'd been in her closet. And sure as heck she'd notice if I took all of her whites to the laundry room.

I reluctantly let go of the rubber shaft and put Mom's blue lace panties back over it. Then I tossed her nightgown over the whole thing. I knew even then that I hadn't seen it for the last time. One way or another I'd be back. I took Mom's whites out of the laundry basket and tried to put them back where I'd found them. My mind was distracted with visions of me straddling a big rubber penis when I left Mom's room, the half full laundry basket under my arm and a pleasant throb between my legs. I threw the load of my whites in the washer and resigned myself to my other brownie point option, which was to mow the lawn.

I'd much rather watch some tube and fold clothes than mow, but the real fact of the matter is that mowing our lawn isn't such a big deal. It's a very stylish yard, with lots of plantings, rock walkways, and even a pool in the back – there's just not very much grass. The whole job took me about 20 minutes.

Not that I was concentrating on what I was doing. As I walked around behind the mower I discovered that if I walked just so, I could keep my pussy lips squishing gently against each other, which suited my horny mood just fine. The vibrations from the mower kept my thoughts centered on the vibrating machine in Mom's closet. I couldn't wait to finish mowing so that I could go to my room, throw myself on my bed and relieve the growing tension between my legs. Lately it never seemed to take much to prompt me to think of sex, and with all of the ammunition I had now there way no way for me to think of anything else. I was definitely not considering using the thing myself. But the thoughts of maybe having my very own Symbian machine – now there was an idea a girl could embrace.

When I was done with the lawn I modified my plans. I was feeling kind of sticky and dirty, so I decided to move my self-pleasuring to a more suitable location. I practically ran upstairs to my bathroom.

I kicked off my socks and peeled off my shorts and sticky panties and threw in them in the laundry basket. Would I ever be able to do any laundry without thinking of that machine again? I giggled as I thought of years of laundry and dirty thoughts ahead of me. My breasts popped free as I took off my t-shirt and I gave my tittys a quick rub. I turned on the faucet and let the water start to get hot. Like most teenage girls I kept pretty close track of how I looked, and while I waited I turned to the mirror for some naked self-inspection.

Dad always kidded me that I was too skinny, and I suppose that he was right. But the fact is I was proud of my figure, even if it was kind of boyish. My legs were long and lean, and as I looked at them in the mirror I tried to imagine what they would look like wrapped around some boy. I kind of liked the image. What would it be like to have a man laying on top of me and pushing his penis in between my legs? My pussy throbbed, begging for my touch. I indulged it a little by stroking myself and smearing the wetness around. Gosh, could anything feel better than fingering yourself?

Then the memory of that damned machine popped into my head again. How sexy would a girl look straddling on a Symbian? Watching myself in the mirror, I slowly squatted down on my heels, spreading my knees as I pretended that I was impaling myself on the machine. God, I looked so sexy. I couldn't believe the ache between my legs when I saw my white thighs spread open so that my pussy was exposed for easy penetration. I watched myself as I bounced up and down a little, pretending there was a Symbian machine under me. What would it feel like to have that thing inside you? What did it do when it was plugged in? My breasts bounced a little, and each jiggle sent a shiver of pleasure down between my legs.

I braced myself against the door with one hand, and I watched in the mirror as I reached between my legs with my free hand and tickled my clit. The pent up needs of my slippery lips practically gushed out of me, and I was halfway to an orgasm after a few seconds of wet diddling. My eyes felt dazed and I could barely focus on the mirror. I'd never seen myself like this before – a young girl ready for penetration with her pink lips begging for attention. I was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, even if I was a girl. I was a little scared at how much I needed sex at that moment.

I didn't want to cum squatting on the bathroom floor. A girl's got to have some dignity, right? Shakily I stood back up and got into the shower. I adjusted the spray on the hand-held showerhead to a gentle massage and climbed into the shower. The warm wet fingers of hot water, the soft susurration of the spray, the gushy throbbing between my legs – I was in heaven. I lathered up and rinsed off, using my ever-so-slippery liquid shower soap with extra moisturizers. Orange blossom and jasmine scented, if it matters. Every once in a while I'd take my soapy fingers and massage my dripping pussy, nudging it back up to that spot where I was only a few strokes away from a good cum. I liked to balance on that edge, stringing it out before I gave myself to that release that every girl likes so much. I kept the drain closed and let the hot water rise around my ankles.

I had been playing with myself for a few years, but it was a pretty recent development to do it in the bathtub. Before I had always been on my back in my bed - the covers pulled up and trying not to moan out loud as I imagined some boy laying on top of me and thrusting his penis into me. But once I discovered the pleasures of bathroom diddling I learned some new things about myself.

One of them was that when I cum my legs tend to get so shaky that it's way too hard for me to stand. And I sure didn't want to have to explain to St. Peter that I had slipped in the bathtub and died because I was cumming too hard while I was playing with myself in the bathtub. I don't think he'd understand. So when I was all clean and it was time to play I laid down on my back, taking the pulsing showerhead with me.

The other thing I had learned about bathtub diddling was that the spray from the shower could bring me to an intense orgasm so quickly that it was almost painful. It was better to bring myself close to cumming with my fingers, taking my time until just the right moment. Then I would point showerhead at my clit and ride the spray of warm water through a mind-boggling orgasm.

I adjusted the water level so that as I lay on my back it didn't quite cover my pussy. I reached for my newest best friend – the can of Gillette Satin shaving gel that I used when I shaved my legs. I used the Floral Passion scent so that it would kind of match my soap. A girl tries not to mix her scents, you know. I remember being disappointed that the gel wasn't pink like the can – that would have been so pretty. Anyway I had discovered that this stuff was so slippery that it was the perfect creamy mate to my own fluids. I giggled and I wondered why I'd never noticed it before – the can was pink and long and skinny with a round top. It looked pretty much like a big penis. Kind of like the thing on top of Mom's machine.

I got myself comfortable in the warm water and put the gushing showerhead by my side. I put my feet up on the edges of the tub so that my legs were spread as far apart as I could get them. Once I was all settled in the warm water I squirted a big glob of the white goo into my palm. I reached between my legs and cupped my hand over my swollen pussy.

The jolt of pleasure that shook through me caused the water to splash, and I was glad that the sound of the running showerhead covered the noise. It also covered the low moan that I couldn't hold back as I smeared the gel into foam with my fingertips. My clit throbbed, and I couldn't believe how sensitive it was. It had been almost an hour since I'd discovered Mom's machine and I'd been aroused ever since, so I knew this was going to be a good one.

I began breathing harder, forced to gasp for air as my fingers did their magic. I covered my whole pussy with my palm, gently massaging the foam into my swollen lips and sliding one finger inside me. The gel made a frothy mess between my legs, mixing with my own ooze and splashing into the bath water. Every once in a while I would flick my clit with my finger a few times, sending shivers down my spine and taking me one step closer to heaven. As I got more excited I began bucking against my hand. God, it felt so good. My breath started coming in shallow gasps as I got closer. It was time.

I lifted the showerhead and pointed the wet tingling spray at my pussy. The warm nubbins of water splashed against my clit and spread my pussy lips wide, massaging me up and over the edge.

I came hard, involuntarily drawing my knees up to my chest and spreading myself wide open to the pleasures of the spray. My whole being centered into that small spot between my legs. Ohmigod, it felt good. I moved the spray around in little circles, coaxing, teasing and drawing out my orgasm.

I bucked against the spray, wishing that I was being screwed for real as the waves of delight wracked my body. Wishing that the spray of warm water that was trying to find its way inside me was actually a big penis. It was too much. My clit was so sensitive that I couldn't stand it any longer. I took the spray away and straightened my legs as every muscle in my body went taut. I gritted my teeth and stifled a moan as my orgasm slowly snaked its way out of my body, going back to wherever good orgasms go when they're not using me. The muscles in my back and ass were contracted so hard that it hurt, and I knew that I was going to ache for a while. Slowly my muscles relaxed and I gradually sank down into the soapy hot water.

I took deep breaths of the moist air, letting my body slowly return to its non-orgasmic state. I stretched my whole body and relaxed after my cum, soaking in the hot water and letting my mind drift slowly back from the sexy place it had gone.

When I'd been recovering long enough I climbed out of the tub, and I was glad that there was a rail to hold onto because my legs were so shaky. Note to self – wait a little longer before getting out next time. I grabbed a towel and dried off, savoring the feel of the soft terrycloth on my sensitive skin. My pussy felt silky smooth under my fingers thanks to the lubricants and moisturizers in the shaving gel. Those Gillette people really know their stuff. But they need a new marketing campaign, that's for sure. If women only knew what this goop was really good for, sales would triple. My pussy was as soft as baby's skin, and somehow that made me feel extra sexy and feminine.

I reluctantly stopped playing with myself and daydreaming of boys and sex and hidden machines just as Dad got home. I got dressed and ran downstairs to give him a welcome home kiss and make sure that he'd seen that I'd mowed the lawn. He said something like, "Good! I'm glad that you're not just vegetating your vacation away."

I caught Emily online and told her I was going to ask if she could spend the night. She said that she hoped so because her little brother was being a pain and she was kinda bored with spring break. I got the impression that there was something else she wanted to talk about, but I thought it might have just been because we were talking online.

Mom was home and talking to Dad in the kitchen by the time I went back downstairs. As I looked at her I couldn't help but imagine her in her room, naked and lowering her pussy onto that thing in her closet. Where did she do it? In the middle of her bedroom? And where was Dad when she was using it? Ohmigod! Dad! I hadn't even thought of him! Did he even know she had it? He must, right? Or was it her secret? Or maybe she didn't even like using it, but Dad liked to watch her on it. The images jumbled through my brain, and I had a hard time pushing them away.

Fortunately Mom and Dad were talking about work, and it was a few minutes before they really paid any attention to me. As it turned out, it was a good thing that I'd mowed the lawn. Mom was already on my side – it was Dad I had to convince. But between Mom and me we managed to get his permission for Emily to spend the night.

I called her up and she drove over right away. We went up to my room and hung out. Now that we were in the same room I was sure that something was bothering her, but I couldn't get her to tell me what it was. We spent a while watching TV and chatting online to some of our friends like we usually did. We helped Mom make a lasagne for dinner and we all sat down to eat.

Dad really likes Emily. He calls her his other daughter. I think it's because she's so smart. She isn't like the other girls at school – she can talk to adults almost as if she's one of them, discussing politics and history and everything else. I wonder sometimes if Dad likes her just because he hopes that some of her smarts will rub off on me. Anyway, he likes to say things just to see if he can shock her. He likes to shock me too for that matter, but I'm more used to it.

"What are you guys gonna do tonight?" he asked us.

"Oh, just hang out," I said.

"Yeah, we're gonna talk about boys," Emily said. We broke out laughing.

"Well, as long as you're just talking, that's OK," Dad said. "It's when you start doing that I'll get worried. Now you two be sure to leave your door open – I don't want any hanky-panky going on up in your room." Daddy wiggled his eyebrows, and Emily rolled her eyes, which caused him to laugh. It was a running joke with my father. He liked to pretend that there was something sexual going on every time there was someone in my room with me so that he could pretend to be horrified. I never quite knew if he was kidding or not.

We helped Mom clean up and then we went back to my room. Now that our mandatory time with Mom and Dad was behind us I was determined to find out what was bugging Emily. But she kept telling me that nothing was bothering her. I've known Emily long enough to know when she's keeping something from me, and this was one of those times. So I begged, I whined, I joked.

Finally I said, "If you don't tell me, I'll have to give you 'puppy dog' eyes." I pleaded with my eyes and pouted with my lips. Emily laughed, and I knew I had her.

"It's Josh." My heart sank. Emily had enough trouble getting dates. If Josh had hurt her somehow, it'd be even harder to get her to go out on another date in the future.

Emily's problems with boys were twofold: she was pretty, and she was smart. The cool boys and the jocks didn't like to go out with her because they all knew that she was smarter than they were. And the smart boys all thought that she was too pretty to give them the time of day, and so they never asked her out either. Not that she was very interested in the geeks anyhow. It was just frustrating, that's all.

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