tagIncest/TabooMe & Emily & Daddy's Cum Ch. 03

Me & Emily & Daddy's Cum Ch. 03


I squealed when I whipped my head around and saw Dad leaning in the doorway of my room with his arms folded in front of him. He had his amused look on his face as he watched Emily riding the masturbation machine and cumming all over it. I'd always known that my father was a pretty good looking guy – daughters always harbor a secret crush on their dads. But I had never thought of him as sexy before that very moment. There was no doubt about it - he was absolutely the sexiest man I'd ever seen. Tall and rugged and handsome and very, very masculine. Of course, it might have had something to do my needy pussy and my girlfriend cumming as she rode Mom's Symbian. But I think it was more the sight of the massive bulge in Dad's pants that made me see him in this new light. I'd sure as hell never seen him with a hard-on before, and there isn't a daughter alive who wouldn't remember the first time she saw that.

I should have been humiliated caught using my mother's secret sex toy on my girlfriend. I think I was too much in heat and too delirious with desire. Come hell or high water Emily was mine now and not even an interruption from my dear old dad was going to stop me or my needy pussy. Not that he looked all that shocked. He seemed quite happy to stand in the doorway with his massive hard-on, watching his near naked daughter and her cumming friend.

I didn't have much time to examine my reaction because I heard Emily gasping for air again. I dragged my eyes away from Dad to look at her. You'd think that she'd be so embarrassed at being caught riding a big vibrator that she would have jumped off, grabbed something to cover herself with and then probably just died of shame. But to my amazement Emily hadn't stopped at all. Obviously seeing a real live man with a real live hard penis in the same room had sent her straight back into a sensual oblivion. She was cumming again.

"I, uh, had to come home to pick up a CD I forgot for a presentation this afternoon." Dad laughed. "I always knew you two were up to no good up here." He raised his eyebrows as if asking for an explanation. But of course there wasn't one.

Dad stepped close and looked down at Emily with a twinkle in his eye. Obviously he enjoyed the sight of her half naked body as she floundered and gasped and oozed girl juice all over the rubber penis. We both stared at her together, absolutely entranced. I felt so close to my daddy right then. We were sharing something that girls never ever share with their fathers – the erotic sight of a young girl cumming just for them.

Emily seemed delirious, grinding her clit against the oscillations of the machine. Dad squatted down next to me without taking his eyes off of her.

"She's got it bad, doesn't she?" he said conspiratorially.

Having a man this close to me while I was in such a state was almost too much to bear, even if the man was my father. And since I had seen his bulging erection through his pants I knew that I was in over my head. I didn't trust my voice, so I just nodded. Emily's hair bounced and her body trembled as the machine ground away inside her, keeping her on top of a peak most girls never climb. She held on with her hands between her legs and moaned softly.

Dad chuckled quietly. "I think she's stuck, don't you?"

It came to me in a flash. Emily and I just hadn't had enough experience with this whole sex thing to see what was obvious to someone who had, like, actually fucked somebody. But as soon as he said it I realized he was right – Emily had been cumming for an awful long time. My fingers sure as hell had never been able to tease that kind of orgasm out of me. I was jealous. I wanted my turn. I wanted Emily. I swallowed hard as I realized that I even wanted my father. A low keening burbled from Emily's lips as her orgasm quaked the life out of her. I couldn't take my eyes off her slippery pussy and flat tummy, and I found myself nodding in agreement with Daddy – she was stuck.

"Well, there's only one thing to do," Dad said, standing up in front of Emily, who continued to pant and gasp and hold on for her life. I don't know what I was expecting exactly. You know how it is – parents always seem to know what to do, and I guess I thought he had some kind of trick that would help Emily slow down. He did, but it wasn't anything I expected.

Right in front of my eyes my Dad unzipped his slacks and took out his hard penis. Ohmigod. I was so astonished that I froze in place, all of my attention riveted on the proof of Daddy's excitement right in front of me.

My mouth started to water and my pussy gushed a little more. His penis was so much sexier than the rubber one that Emily was riding. It was long and pink and swollen, the end distended like an overripe plum. There was clear fluid dripping from the little slit, which confused me because I'd always heard that sperm was white. Somehow his for-real shaft emanated need and want, things that I knew the poor Symbian machine could never manage to do no matter how tireless it was.

Dad put one hand in Emily's hair and took his erection in the other and guided it between her panting lips. Emily's eyes went wide when Dad's cock disappeared inside her mouth, and a low muffled moan escaped her lips as her orgasm turned up another notch. Dad tangled his fingers in her hair and threw his head back in ecstasy as he felt her tongue and slippery lips.

Emily gurgled and gagged but made no effort to lean back and away from the first penis to ever get put in her mouth. It was as if her body knew what her mind hadn't - that this was the thing that she'd needed even more than the machine between her legs. Her jaws went slack and her mouth stayed open when Dad slid out, waiting for the return of his glistening shaft. He pushed himself back into her so far that he drove her head back and his shaft should have choked her. He did it again, and again, working himself in and out of her, picking up speed, going faster and faster. Somehow it all made me think of a freight train, and I could easily hear the sloshing sounds of girl spit and sperm over the humming machine.

I was young and inexperienced and I'd never seen a man cum before, but I still knew the exact moment that it happened. Dad's shaft got even bigger and harder in her mouth, and then he grabbed her head in both hands and thrust himself deep in her throat.

Daddy closed his eyes and moaned, his penis buried deep in Emily's mouth as he came. Emily swallowed frantically, trying to keep up with the goo that was spurting into her, but it was no use. There was so much of it that she couldn't slurp fast enough to keep up, and it spilled out of her and drooled down the corners of her mouth.

Emily seemed to lose consciousness, her body quivering of its own accord as she was impaled by a rubber penis in one end and by a real one in the other. Dad and Emily froze together as he squirted jets of sperm into her willing mouth. It seemed like forever, Dad holding Emily's head in his hands as his penis jerked and squirted gooey sperm into her. I think she was still cumming when Dad finally slowed down and then slid his dripping wet penis out of her mouth.

My pussy twitched in sympathy as I looked at the aftershocks of Emily's orgasm. Her naked legs were still spread wide over the plastic penis, her hands holding tightly to the top of the Symbian, her lifeline to reality. I could clearly see her puffy pussy trembling with the pleasure. The machine ground away relentlessly inside of her and gooey white cum dripped down from her mouth. I'd never seen anything so sexy in all my life.

I just had to hold her as she finished cumming, and so I got up on my knees, leaned forward, and took her in my arms. Her glistening cheek was near my mouth, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to have my Daddy's sperm inside of me. There it was, pearly white, dripping from Emily's lips and calling to me in a voice that I couldn't resist. It didn't seem fair that she got to taste it and I didn't – we were supposed to be sharing, weren't we?

So I slurped Dad's warm sperm from her cheek. The taste, all masculine and salty, made me dizzy and I swayed as I held tightly onto Emily, her breasts pressed against mine. I swirled the goo around in my mouth, savoring the flavor and trying to etch the memory into my brain. As if a girl could ever forget her first taste of Daddy's cum. I had been craving this stuff for years – I just hadn't known it before. I felt completed, as if taking sperm inside me was what I had been born for. I wanted more. I wanted to swim in it, to drown in it. I wanted it in my pussy and on my tits and in my ass. I swallowed it slowly, and I had a mini-orgasm courtesy of my father's seed and the girl in my arms.

Emily still seemed to be in a daze. I suppose I was, too. Daddy put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I think you'd better turn her off, now."

Duh. I wondered why I hadn't thought of that. I guess my mind was just too fuzzy from all of the new erotic stuff that was happening to me. I gave Emily a wet kiss and steadied her with my hand as I knelt back down to the floor to do Dad's bidding. The sound of Emily and Dad trying to catch their breaths filled the sudden silence after I switched the machine off.

Emily drooped down, worn and wan and weak. I was afraid that she was going to actually lose consciousness. Dad stepped over to her, his wet penis drooping from his open zipper. He picked her up under her arms and gently lifted her off of the Symbian. A quiet sucking sound came from her worn pussy as it reluctantly let go of the pleasure-giving machine.

"Give me a hand," he said.

I took Emily's feet and we carried her over to the bed. Together Dad and I laid her on the pillows and made her comfortable. Emily closed her eyes and sank into the mattress. Her breathing became deeper and her color started to come back. She looked drowsy and sated and peaceful. We stood there together looking down at my semi-conscious girlfriend. Dad leaned down and brushed her hair away from her forehead, like he sometimes used to do to me when I was little. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and I thought he was the sweetest man in the world.

Dad turned to me and put his hands on my shoulders.

"Now it's your turn, daughter o' mine," he said. He pushed down hard and I sat on the bed by Emily's legs. Before I knew it Dad had grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it off over my head. My breasts popped free, their erect nipples calling out, 'do me!' I was too shocked and stunned to even begin to object. I was as naked as I could be right in front of my own father, whose penis was hanging out of his pants and oozing white sperm. I should have screamed. Or run away. Instead I sat there waiting to see what was going to happen, a little girl waiting patiently for a lesson from her father. My mind was fixed on the tingling between my legs caused by the sight of Daddy's penis. It glistened with his and Emily's fluids, a drop of his sperm dangling from the little hole in the end. And I wanted it. I wanted it so badly.

I was like a deer in the headlights, transfixed by the fate that was coming my way. I think I went into some kind of shock. It was one thing to watch him with Emily, but it was another to think that he wanted to do it to me, his very own daughter. My brain froze. But my pesky slit had mind of its own, pulsing and oozing and calling for Daddy to penetrate it.

I guess Dad was waiting for me to say something. "Me, too? Oh, goody!" Or maybe "Are you sick?" But my mind so full of conflicting emotions that I just couldn't say anything. Not that I knew exactly what he was expecting from me. He must've taken my pause for an objection.

"Come on," he said sternly. "If you don't, I'll tell your mother how I caught you two using her toy. Now open up your mouth."

He wanted to do me like he had just done Emily. I couldn't believe it. I guess I was too surprised at the whole turn of events to consider the obvious comeback - what would Mom say if she knew that Dad was trying to get his daughter to give him a blowjob? Not that I realized it at the time, but his threat had no real hold over me. His demands to his daughter were a far worse offense than my using a vibrator, even if it was my mom's. All I had to do was open my mouth and object.

But I didn't.

"Here," Dad said. He took my unresisting hand and put it on his penis. The sticky wetness that was all over him got on my fingers. My breathing became ragged as I looked at the slimy evidence of what he and Emily had done. I watched fascinated as his penis started to get bigger, regaining the stiffness that it had when it was in Emily's mouth.

It was so different from any part of my body. A girl just doesn't have anything at all like a penis. Nothing that hard or big. Nothing that pokes out so far and looks so damned sexy. A girl's sexual organ is hidden inside the folds of her pussy, not obvious and big and angry. The one thing that it had that matched part of my body was that it emanated need, just like the hole between my legs.

Something deep inside me made me want to give it what it wanted, and I began stroking it just like I had fondled the rubber Symbian penis earlier. The little slit on the end oozed a drop of that clear sperm. I smeared it around the top where the skin was stretched so thin that it looked like it might burst. I wondered what it would feel like to have part of me swollen so hard that it almost turned purple. I watched my hand fondling Dad's shaft, his bag of balls swaying underneath.

Every girl has a little voice in the back of her head. You know the one - it's implanted there by her parents when she's very young. You're supposed to listen to it in times of trouble, those times when you're about to do something that your parents wouldn't approve of. My little voice, usually pretty strong, had grown faint under the throbbing between my legs. It insisted that I shouldn't be holding Dad's penis, that I shouldn't want it inside me, that this was all wrong. It yelled at me from its distant place, "Stop! Don't!" But I pretended that I couldn't hear it, and I opened my mouth.

Dad held my head in his hands and pushed the end of his penis between my lips. He gave a little moan and a big shudder as he sank it into me. I was amazed at how big it was, how wide I had to open my mouth so that it could fit in me. It was slippery with sperm and Emily's spit, and I shuddered at how delicious the combined taste was.

He pulled it out of my mouth and then pushed it right back in. And again. It was the most amazing and erotic sensation in the world to feel that thing sliding in and out of my mouth. Its intent was clear – it wanted to be inside me, to spurt and shoot love and life deep into me. He pushed it a little farther into me each time. It started touching the back of my throat, blocking my breathing and making me gag. I coughed and slobbered all over it, and Dad either didn't notice or didn't care, because he kept right on thrusting it into my mouth. How had Emily managed?

Dad said, "Just relax your throat, baby," and kept right on fucking my face. I choked and tried to do like he said, but it still wasn't working. That thing was filling my whole mouth more than it had ever been filled. I felt like throwing up. This wasn't what it was supposed to be like, was it?

Dad slipped it all the way out, and then he pushed it against my lips, trying to put it back in. But I closed my mouth and turned my head away so that I could catch my breath. While my mouth was empty I managed to swallow and grab a big gulp of air, and I felt better immediately. I had it figured it out. Air! Air was the key. I opened my mouth wide and let Daddy put his penis back in me.

I started to time my breathing with his thrusts, breathing through my nose only as he was pulling himself out. I relaxed my throat and all of a sudden everything was all OK. It was more than OK. I had it figured it out. You could ignore the tickle that made you want to gag if you made sure that you had air. I was getting fucked, even if it was my mouth. God, it was so sexy to have Daddy pushing himself into me, to taste his leaky penis, to slip and slide my tongue over the bottom of his shaft. I was in a heaven that had to be right next door to the one that Emily had just visited.

"That's it, baby," Dad moaned. I felt so proud! I was doing it well, and a girl always likes to do well for her father. I kept on doing it just the way I was, licking, slurping and even just a little sucking as Dad fucked my mouth. I couldn't believe how far he pushed it into me.

I let my hand drop between my legs so that I could cup my pussy in my hand – I needed to be touched there so badly! Dad let go of my head and began to unbutton his shirt, all the while slowly fucking my mouth. I took it as far into my throat as it would go, and my nose touched his belly. I was proud of my new skill – taking a man so deeply into my mouth without choking. His penis leaked slimy salty juice, and I had to add swallowing to my breathing, licking and sucking duties. This was a lot of work!

Dad took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. I felt him take my head in his hands as he slowly pulled himself out of my mouth. Immediately I missed his penis desperately. I swallowed hard as Dad stepped back and started to take off the rest of his clothes.

I watched him but all I could really think of was my empty mouth. I wanted it back. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I couldn't take my eyes off his sex. It was poking straight up, angry and red. The end was swollen taut, dark pink and dripping that clear kind of sperm. And I had done it! I had made him hard and needy.

Dad threw his shirt on the floor and kicked off his shoes. I put my hand between my legs so that I could rub my wet pussy. It was sloshier that it had ever been and the sheet under me was soaked. When Dad stepped out of his pants I took my free hand and tweaked my erect nipple. I couldn't seem to keep my hands off myself as I looked at my sexy father. All of those trips to the gym had paid off for him – his tummy was flat and the muscles in his chest called for my kisses. He had a little trouble getting his shorts off over his shaft, and then he was naked. His long red penis dripping with sperm and spit was sexier than anything I had ever imagined. Looking at him like this made me way wetter than I had ever made myself. I blushed as I realized by the lusty look in his eye that Dad knew exactly the effect he was having on me.

Dad stepped back over to the bed and put his hands on my shoulders. He looked down at me and I looked up into his craggy face, unsure of what he wanted but willing to let him lead me. I thought maybe he was going to say something romantic and sweet, but instead he just gave me this animal look of need and pushed me so hard that I fell back onto the bed.

I was surprised when my head fell into Emily's lap. She had been watching from behind me as Dad fucked my mouth like he had hers. She held me gently and brushed the hair back from my head as we looked up at my dad. It was so exciting to be held in her comforting arms, naked and looking at Dad's penis.

Dad put his hands on my knees. I couldn't believe it but I shivered all over when he touched me. Who would have thought that my knees were such an erotic zone? I mean, he'd seen my knees all the time when I was wearing shorts or my bathing suit. But I never imagined that I could almost cum just from being touched there. Dad pushed my knees up towards my chest and suddenly I was in the same position that I had been in the bathtub yesterday afternoon. Only this time my dad was between my spread legs, his penis wet and hard and ready to pierce my virgin pussy.

I was kind of afraid. I was gasping for air. It was one thing to kiss Emily and watch her masturbate. It was another to taste Dad's sperm or suck on his penis. But now it looked as if I was going to give up my virginity, a milestone that in my imagination was always going to happen some far off day with a boy my own age in the back of a car somewhere. Or maybe at some college party. But not in my own bed, being held by my girlfriend and fucked by my father.

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