tagNonHumanMe and Maric

Me and Maric


Humans think they know everything. Six months ago, I would of agreed with them. That is, until my re-birth, when I became one of them, a creature of the night. A vampire.

I was an accident, or soo my step-mother, Julie loved to tell me. A mistake that my father took on due to a death bed promise to my mother. I grew up around vampires. Maric, my so called half brother is one of them. I knew from an early age that I was different from Maric. I had plain milk, He had milk flavored blood. (He was a growing boy after all.) I had regular food at lunch time, he had blood. A couple of times, if there were older vampires visiting my father, I was over looked. If your thirteen and this happens no biggie, but I was six the first time this happened. Geo, one of the daytime guards, was told to take me out for lunch. It was fun.

Maric and I were the same age, but I was way smarter then him, this became obvious when I was in second grade and started to do the work of a third grader. Julie was furious. She wanted Maric to be better in everything. While he was big for his age, (a future football blocker) he just did not get his school work. Maric meanwhile had two personalities. With his mother or while in her presents he was a big jerk to me. Poking fun at myself for being human. But as soon as she was called away, He changed to a boy that wanted a friend. I was the only other child in the castle near his age. There were at least twenty other youngsters in the castle besides us, but they were five years older then us.

So as I skipped grades, I would help Maric with his school work. I was ten when I started highschool, Maric was only one grade behind me. Julie was sent to live at another castle, as she tried to take over for the teacher. Mr Hoopersmith, was told before he agreed to teach us that if anyone interfered with his teaching, All he would need to do is speak with the Master, and everything would be taken care of. After Julie left, Maric was easier to teach.

At fourteen I finished highschool, but I felt I was missing out on a normal teens life. My father stopped by one day. He took me to the family wing of the castle, to a section of five rooms. He told me they were mine to do with as I wanted. Up until that day I had been in the nursery wing with Maric and three others. He gave me three credit card and a checkbook and told me to go shopping.

Geo was told to go with me. I was to decorate my suite any way I wanted. I was fifteen and a girl. Up to this point I had not really been into my looks. I was 5ft 7in tall, golden blond hair, bright green eyes. I worked out in the gym at least two hours a day so I was very trim. I had dragged Maric with me to the gym so he was fit as well. Maric was 6 foot, a reddish gold blond hair by then it was longer then his shoulders and bright blue eyes. Several times, by the older vampires Masters, we were confused as being sibling. This was cool with me and Maric. Father had also given Maric a suite of rooms and a couple of credit cards to go shopping with.

Maric went with sports as what he wanted for his rooms. I, on the other hand went with a Victorian idea for my sitting room, an English garden for a spar bedroom for company, Ivy for my dressing/bathroom and for my bedroom, I went with Arabian nights. I spent over fifteen thousand dollars total. Father was there to see what cost so much, but after to saw he understood. He was there for the finished product.

After he saw the bedroom, he told my the truth behind my birth. He explained that he was a young vampire master, only sixty years old. He had stayed in contact with his family. He had a younger brother that knew he was still alive. His brother, David, had a family and made sure that Father was included in that family. David had two children, who also included Father. So nobody was really freaked out that Father was a vampire. He made sure they had good jobs, either there at the castle or in the company that Father started. The company made blood for other vampires, it was very cutting edge. It helped the Humans stay off the menu for Vampires and allowed new Vampires to be safe from humans until they could handle the blood lust that happens to them when they don't feed right away after first being turned. The older Vampires, were at first afraid of this new way to get blood. But every since the invention of blood banks, many had been getting blood that way. But it was found out that the bagged blood did not have enough nutrients for the vampire.

Father stated that my mother was really his great niece, Violet. When she was in her youth she came to live with him and that one night, a mistake was made. I was the result of that. but I was in no way a mistake to him. Violet made him promise that he would take care of me for life. He had agreed no questions asked. Julie had given birth to Maric a day later.

When I asked him why I was not a vampire. Father said that he wanted that to be my choice, that at my birth if I had been given his blood, I would now be a vampire, but as Violet had not told anyone about the birth until after, the blood was not given.

I closed my journal, I had just found it and had spent an afternoon reading it again. I could not believe how young I was at fourteen. I was now twenty eight, a full grown woman. Still human. Father had stood by his vow. I could live as a human, or he would give me a re-birth. In the end, he did make me over as he did not want to loose me.

I was driving home after a hard day at my father's company. Human resources is not the best place to be, when you need to hire or handle the firing of employees. It was well after midnight, on a rain filled night. The day before Halloween. I was taking the next week off to relax and to get some sleep. Putting in what felt like eighty hours each week, is hard on anyone. I was coming around a curve in the road. I had just passed the entry gate, the tree lined drive looked like a tunnel in the dark. The lighting and thunder did not help any. I slowed down from my normal sixty mph to a crawling twenty. There were deer all over the wooded area.

I saw flashes of a person following me, their shadow on the black top and in the trees. I had just rounded the last curve in the road when my car decided to die in the middle of the road. No amount of cussing or turning over the key would make it start again. I was only a half mile from the entry of the castle. I slipped out of my heels and pantyhose. I had not grabbed a coat that morning and my suit was dry clean only. I was not happy about the dead car, and having to walk in a downpour was not making things any better. I had gone only about a hundred yards, and could see the lights from over the front door from where I was walking, when I was slammed in the back. I landed in a puddle ice cold water.

"Where you going, daughter of mine?" a high voice said from behind me.

"What? Who the hell are you? What are you doing here, this is privet property." I said as I stood up and turned to look at the hooded figure behind me.

"What no hug or kiss for your step-mother? For shame, I know you were raised better then that." Julie pushed back her hood. Her appearance had changed. "Like my new look?"

"Oh My God! What happened to you? Julie have you seen Father? He will know what to do to correct that." I was shocked, she had been a vampire and had always been young and beautiful.

"Living in that dump he sent me to, without my child did this to me. But you knew that don't you. You're the one that wanted me sent away. You told that teacher to whine to the Master, and he sent me away. It's all your fault. Now you will pay." Julie took two steps and leaped, knocking me down back into the cold water, then she sat on my chest.

"Get off of me! I never wanted you to leave. I liked you there, sometimes. Maric loves you. I know that Father missed you on some days and that he would visit you." I gasped for breath.

She ripped my blouse and bared my neck. "You lie! Billy never visited and Maric never wrote to me! I wrote to him everyday, he never answered a single letter! You stopped him didn't you, I know you did. You were always interfering with Maric and me." She opened her mouth and went for my neck.

"Please Julie, no! I had not idea you were writing to him. No!" I screamed as I felt her fangs sink into my flesh. I could feel my life slipping away from me. Slipping into Julie.

She had been at my neck for a few minutes, when she was pulled away. I saw a blurry outline of two males, I was lifted and told everything would be ok. I must have made a sound as I lost consciousness. I woke later in the library. Father was there hooking up an iv of blood. "Father?" I mumbled out.

"Oh thank the gods, my child, I must ask you. Do you want to live? This is barely keeping you alive." He shot a glance to the hanging iv, " You must answer me!"

"I want...." my voice broke here as my eyes saw Julie sitting in a chair by the fire. She was tied to the chair. but she looked quite sane.

"What child, what do you want?" Father demanded his hand caressed my face, so the my gaze was on him and not on Julie.

"I want ...... to ........live," it came out in a faint whisper, my eyes closed and my breath went ragged.

"Thank you, my child." He kneeled down by the couch. "Open your eyes."

My eyes opened, I saw that he had cut open his wrist and it was being held at my mouth. I opened my mouth when I felt the blood trickle on my lips, I tightened my hold on his arm and started to suck the blood deep into myself. After several minutes he pulled his arm away. I fell into a deep sleep.

Four days later, I woke up in my room. Even with my eye closed I knew that the light was off, there was a mouse crossing the floor in the walk-in closet.

"Awake, my daughter." Billy said "Open your eyes to your new life."

I smiled, not wanting to open my eyes yet, "Do I call you Father or Master now?" I cracked open one eye and glanced at him. "So this is what it feels like as a vampire."

"You may still call me Father and you will get used to this feeling."

"What happens now Father?" I sat up and looked at him. I stretched my arms and looked around. I saw that Maric was standing at the foot of the bed, a solemn look on his face.

"You live." Billy said simply.

"I live." I said in agreement.

The end.


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