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Me and MrE


After I finished high School I had no idea what to do. Thankfully my mate 'Jonno' had an elder brother named Phil, who managed a local theatre restaurant. It was called Mr-E's (as in mystery - get it?)And it ran whodunit style plays on Fridays and Saturdays, at 8pm.

Phil was defiantly a hottie.

I was unable to look at him without wondering if he wore boxers or briefs. If he was circumcised or not; but I had to try, not to let these questions show on my face, as we chatted.

One evening after we had finished cleaning the stage, he asked me if I'd fancy a drink. I accepted happily, and soon was drinking beer and chatting with him on the loading bay.

"So, are you interested in Theatre?" he asked me.

"Sure" I replied, "I'm thinking about moving to Sydney and getting some acting work." I knew from chatting with Jonno, that Phil had once been on a TV show. Apparently he played a life guard & I would often wank, while thinking of him in his little red Speedo.

"Well, it's a tough job" said Phil, moving closer. "A lot of people will try to rip you off, and a lot of people will try to screw you" he said, rubbing my shoulder, and flashing his perfect white teeth.

This made me laugh and the alcohol increased my confidence. I decided to be brave and throw my arm across his shoulders. If he brushed it off I'd pretend, it was a mate gesture. But if he let my arm linger, I'd know I was in for a chance.

"Well there are only a few people I'd let screw me Phil."

He laughed. "oh yeah? You're a tough guy, are you?"

"Yeah" I said. "I can handle myself."

He replied in a deep sexy tone. "But can you handle this?"He asked, grabbing my hand, placing it on the big rock hard lump, behind his zipper.

"Not too sure about that, but I'd give it a red hot try," I said. He rolled on top of me and kissed me long and hard. A rush of electricity shot through me, as our groins touched.

Suddenly Phil jumped up. Confused I stood and looked at him. He smiled, wrapped his arms around my waist and said, "We'll be seen here, it's not safe. Let's go this way."

We walked towards the small office in kind of a waddle. When we got there, Phil told me to lie down on the bed. He walked over and closed the curtains, making the room dimmer. He walked over to the over stuffed couch in the corner. I knew he sometimes used this to take a nap during rehearsals.

With a smile he said, "So....show me what you got player?"

I sat up, and immediately went for his zipper. After unbuttoning his striped blue shirt I started kissing his stomach, while slowly unzipping and unbuttoning his pants. Turned out, this man didn't wear undies – at all!. As soon as I started tugging his jeans down, his beautifully pink, cut dick flung up and hit my throat. It actually kind of hurt, but I played it off like it didn't. As he discarded his shirt and stepped out of his jeans, I looked down and reached out with my hand. Even though I'd only ever been with one other guy, I knew that this was no ordinary dick. It was as long as any average cock. But it was nice and thick. I bent down and started licking the head like a lollipop.

I was trying to anticipate how much of this big thick dick would fit down my throat. I decided to go for it, and dove down as far as I could on it. "Oh yes!!" he said aloud. "Now that's how I want my knob polished." I bobbed up and down, sucking and licking the length of his snake. After a bit of this, I let his dick slide from my mouth making a "POP" noise. I lifted his dick up, onto his stomach, sucking on his hairy balls. "Mmmmm, yeah....." he said grabbing the back of my head. I decided to go for the gold, and started working my tongue lower; towards his bum hole.

"Oh fuck man, are you one of those nasty little fuckers?" he said smiling. He spread his legs a little, and slid down on the couch. I got off the couch on my knees, and shoved my head between his legs. My tongue slithered its way between his hairy ass cheeks, and started licking, for all it was worth.

"Mmmm...Shit.....that feels nice." He said. I reached up, grabbed his spit covered cock and started stroking it. I licked my way back across his nuts and up his shaft and once again swallowed as much as I could. His dick was covered with my spit. I began

To slide my hand up and down his shaft; on the part that wouldn't fit into my mouth. I did that for about 5 minutes, and I could see his muscles tense up. "Let me blow in your mouth; I want to watch you swallow my cum," he said. I couldn't help, but to rub my dick through my jeans.

Phil put both hands on my head and started fucking my face. I gagged a little on his dick. I squeezed my hand harder around his dick. "Mmmm...Yeah....yeah....fuck.....mmmm," he mumbled.

"I'm gunna cum," he said increasing his pace. After a few more pumps he said, "Stroke my dick and point it at your mouth....I wanna see my hot sticky cum on your beautiful face." I did as told and continued stroking his Dick. "I'm gunna bust," he said, elevating onto the tips of his toes. A large burst of cum flew out of his dick right on to my tongue. Then another larger squirt flew into my mouth.

I rubbed myself over the edge and started Cumming in my boxers. He stopped Cumming and stood there, with the tip of his dick resting on my lips. He put his finger on my chin to tell me, to swallow. I swallowed the entire load, and he pushed his dick back into my mouth. I sucked the last few drops of cum from his Dick and swallowed. Taking his dick out of my mouth, he pushed my shoulders back, and laid me down on the couch. He leaned over me and laid his body right on top of mine looking into my eyes.

"That was hot." he said. With a sexy little giggle, he licked my lips. I instantly opened my mouth and started kissing him. I could've cum knowing that he was kissing the same lips that just swallowed his load. We kissed for about 30 seconds when he got up and went to put his clothes back on. "Please don't say anything to my brother about this," he said.

"Alright....I won't, if you promise to fuck the shit out of my ass, next time," I said.

"Sure. But I like hot shit mashing and lubricating a tight and dry ass, and I do not like other lubricants," he said.

That was exactly what I wanted too!!!

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