tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMe and My Brother Home Alone Ch. 01

Me and My Brother Home Alone Ch. 01


This is a piece of complete fiction, and is not based on anything or anyone.


"Bye mom, bye dad! I'll see in a week, thanks for the gift." I yelled from the front door waving my birth control in the air that my parents gave me as an early eighteenth birthday present.

Finally there gone. I still can't believe they won't leave me home alone still. I mean I'm turned 18 last month and they still don't trust me. Well the fact that they caught me drink didn't help. And at least they ask my brother Jack to watch me and some random babysitter.

"Jack I'm going out." I was going on a date like every other Friday night. Guys are always asking me out not only because I'm the only 5'2" girl that's a 42 DDD, but I'm also still a virgin.

"Sorry but no you're not, mom and dad said you're grounded." Jack said as he walked to the front door

"Fine! I'll just read."

"Mom said chores first."

"Fine I'll do my chores."

"Good; I'll be in my room."

Great! My parents are gone for the week and I'm stuck at the doing chores. The wonderful thing in my family is when you are grounded you have to do everyone's laundry as a chore.

So I got started on collecting laundry in my room and moved on through the house. Luckily my parents were gone so there wasn't any laundry in there room. Of course though sense Jack was home I have to get his laundry.

So I walk done the hall from my room to Jack's room and opened the door. "Hey Jack I need your lau- What are you doing! "

"No close the door!"

"Are you masturbating?"

"What does I look like! NOW CLOSE THE DOOR!!!"

"Holy shit! I just saw my brother's dick" I said to myself after I closed the door and walk towards the laundry room. "It was huge! Seven inches at least." I probably only thought that because it was the first dick I ever saw, I mean I'm still a virgin.

About an hour later my brother came out with his laundry, and gave it to me.

"You need to learn to knock," Jack said.

"I'm sorry I haven't needed to knock on your door for a while. Umm.....can I ask you a question, and it's kind of embarrassing."


"Umm...how big is your dick?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because it looked so big, and I can't compare it to any other dick I've seen because that was the first one."

"Are you serious?"

"Well yes."

"Wow thought you were a whore."

"What made you think that!?"

"You dress like one. Anyways it's nine inches."

"That huge!! I thought you were seven."

"Well you thought wrong. Now hurry up I'm about to start dinner." Jack said walking away.


Nine inches, I never thought it could be that big. Why does my pussy get wet when I think about it? And I get hot to, it's very strange.

It's been two days since I walked in on Jack masturbating. Jack went out with some of his college buddies, and I had the house to myself. Now of course I'm debating whether to have a drink or not. I decided to and I knew that my dad always kept a case of beer behind his gun safe in the garage. I walked out to the garage and reached behind the gun safe and grabbed my dad's case of beer, and just as I took my first sip, my brother pulls into the garage. And of course I just stood there with the beer in my mouth, staring into the head lights.

"What the hell are you doing!!?" Jack said as he got out of his car.

"Well I I...."

"Just get into your room now!!"

I ran into my room about to cry, knowing he was probably going to call our parents and was going to be grounded for months and won't be able to go to my friends' 18th birthday party next weekend.

I was sitting in my room my head buried in plow crying in plow. When Jack walked in, "Stop crying."

"But you called mom and dad. And now I'm gonna be grounded forever."

"I didn't call mom and dad, yet."

"Why not?"

"Because you need to talk to them to and explain what happened."

"Don't call them; I don't want to get grounded again."

"I have to call them. I promised them I would call if anything happened."

"But I only had one sip."

"Sorry, but that's still against mom's and dad's rules."

"Please don't, I'll do anything, please."


"Ya anything." I said my eyes full of tears.

"Alright then take off your clothes."


"You heard me." Jack said with a perverted smile across his face.

"Ok, but why." I said as I took off my T-shirt.

"You said you were a virgin right."


"I think that if you're willing to anything I should be able to take your virginity."

"But you're my brother. That's just gross."

"I don't care. Now take off all your clothes, while I do the same."

"No I refuse, and you might as well put your dick away because I'm not doing this."

"Oh yes you are, and now I'm going to stick in my dick with no lube at all. And you can't even suck it either; anyways you would probably bite my dick."

"Now bend over and take my dick in your tight virgin pussy and ass."

"My ass to."

"Ya. You want to drink, well when you drink you get drunk and this is what happens when you're drunk."

Now I'm bending over waiting for my brother to stick his dick in slowly. Then I felt him put his hands on my hips and he stuck his dick in hard and fast, all nine inches inside me in a couple seconds. "OWWWWWW!!!!!!! Go slower you know I'm a virgin."

"Not anymore, and damn you are tight. And no I'm not going slower, this for my pleasure more than yours. Anyways by the time I'm done you'll love it and be begging me to fuck you."

He really didn't slow down, as a matter as fact he went faster. Then all of the sudden my pussy started to get wet and then I started to moan uncontrollably. "Ohh fuck! Go faster, please go faster, PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

"See I told you would like it. And anyways this proves when earlier this week that you're a whore. And if your pussy is this tight I can't wait to fuck your ass."

"I feel something happening, it feels sooooooo AMMMMAAZZIING!!!"

"That's an orgasm just ride the wave."

I did ride the wave as he sped up. Then all of the sudden he pulled out. "Why did you stop?"

"I'm about to cum. Get on your back."

I just did what he said. Then all of the sudden he sprayed whit stuff all over my body. And some of the white stuff landed in my mouth.

"Sallow it and take a shower. I'll fuck you again afterwards." Jack said as he put on his pants and walked out of my room.


After my shower I couldn't find Jack, so I figured he just went back out and I went to bed. I woke probably a few hours later to my brother pinching me in the arm.

"I told you I would fuck you after you showered." Jack said pulling my hair now.

"I couldn't find you."

"Did you look in garage?"


"Well that's where I was, and don't ask why because that is none of your business."

"Are you going to fuck me now?" He never really answered me he just throw me over his shoulder brought me to his room and throw me on the bed.

"Now get on your knees and suck my dick."

"I've never done that before."

"Well now you're going to." After that he just forced his dick into my mouth, and I did the best I could.

"Oh fuck for someone who has never done this before you're doing a good job; just one thing, too much teeth. There you go that's better. Make sure you get it nice and wet because this is going in your ass."

I kept suck for a little while longer, then he pull his dick out of my mouth and turned me around. Then without any warning he shoved his dick into my ass, even harder then when he fucked my pussy a couple hours earlier.

"Fuck this is even tighter than your pussy."

"It hurts, even more than my pussy did too."

"I already told this for my pleasure not yours, so just shut up and take it will stop hurting soon."

He wasn't kidding, after a few minutes it stopped hurting and felt even better than when he fuck my pussy. Then he rammed his dick all the way and stopped. "Why did you stop? It was just starting to feel good." Then he grabbed my hair and fucked me even harder.

"OH fuck, Jack that feels so good. Go faster so I cum. Ya like that. I'M ABOUT TOOOOOOOO." After I came my body went limp and he just kept fucking me.

"OH FFFUCKKK, I'm about to cum in your tight ass." Then he rammed his dick in all the way again, and I felt something hot shot into my asshole.

"Ok now I'm done, you might as well just sleep in here; I mean you won't be able to walk." After that Jack and I just laid there and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. I rolled over and saw that Jack wasn't lying next to me anymore. I got to go get some breakfast but when I went to get dress I couldn't find my clothes. I went in my room to get some but there weren't any in my drawer, so then I went to go check the laundry room and there weren't any there either.

"You're not going to find any of your clothes" Jack said as he reached around and grabbed my tits and nearly scared me to death

"Holy shit Jack you scared me, and what do you mean I won't find any of my clothes?"

"I hid them all, you are my bitch now and you're not going to where any clothes as long as mom and dad are away; unless of course ; unless of you want me to call them and tell them you were drinking?"

"No don't! I guess I doesn't matter anyways I can't go anywhere."

"That's right now go eat breakfast really quick I need to take a shower and you are going to join me and I'm going to lay down some more ground rules for now on." Jack said as he finally let go of my tits and walked away.

As I was eating breakfast I heard Jack turn the shower on so it would warm up. I quickly finished and ran into the bathroom so that Jack wouldn't get mad at me again.

As I walked into the bathroom I saw that Jack's dick was already hard. "Get in and get on your knees." I did and he got in right behind me.

"Do you want me to give you a blowjob again Jack?"

"No I'm going to fuck your tits, now wrap those melons of yours around my dick." I did and then he started to thrust in and out of between them. "Damn that feels good and I hope you are ready because I'm going to be fucking you until I have to leave. I'm about to come so get ready and afterwards you can just sit there until I'm done with my shower and the fucking can begin." Right after he said that he came all over my tits, and I couldn't decide on whether I was excited about him fucking me for hours on end.

After master finished his shower, that's what Jack told me to call him for now on as rule number 2, we got out and has I was drying of he bent me over right there and rammed his dick in my pussy. "You could have warned me you know."

"Rule number 3 don't, EVER be rude to me." He said as he was thrusting in out of me. After he came he gave me the last two rules, which were do whatever he says with no questions ask and be ready to fuck anywhere at any time with anyone, and if I ever broke any of the rules he call mom and dad.

Two hours later as my master was fucking me on the couch the phone rang he pulled out, and reached over me to the coffee table where he had left it and answered it. "Hi mom, you know just hanging out.....Oh want to stay another two weeks, I don't have a problem with that.....Ya sure she's right here," Jack handed me the phone and started to fuck me again.

"Hhi...mom. Nno I I feel fine just my allergies...really I can go to the party, th that's awesome! You wannnna talk to mas- I I mean Jack aggain," that's when I started to come. "K BYYYYYYYYEEEE!! SEE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS!!!"

"You naughty girl you came when you were talking to mom. Well I got to go soon so turn around so I can come on your face," after he came he said I clean myself up I just have to be waiting for him in mom and dad's big bed when he got home.

I slept until about 10pm, and then I felt a dick being jammed into my ass, but it was too thick to be masters. I turned around and saw it was some random nerd I saw around school.

"Who the fu-"

"Shut up bitch, they are with me." I heard my master's voice from the other side of the room.

"Master what do you mean they," then a an older guy laid in front of me and put his dick in my pussy, hi dick wasn't thick as the nerd's but it was longer. Then they both pulled out and came on the sheets.

"That's not all a ton of other guys paid to dollar to have sex with you, and don't worry I test them all and none of them have any STDs," after he said that is sat up and saw that guys were lining out the door waiting.

I fucked a bunch of different guys with all I had. Some wanted blowjobs; some wanted to fuck my tits; some my pussy but only two in my ass, but no matter what my brother charged them 100 bucks each time they came and some them came five or six times. It was over around 6 in the morning and I was sore and covered in come. My brother told me to take a shower then get back in bed.

After my shower my brother let my sleep only because he was tired to from having to stay up all night making sure the other guys didn't do anything funny.

My brother woke me up in the afternoon and said it was time to fuck again. "But I'm still sore."

"Rule number five," he reminded me and then I got u on my hands and knees and he started to fuck my ass. "So mom said you can go to that party this weekend right?"

"Ya, my friend Kristy is turning 18."

"Nice, I she still a virgin?"

"Ya, we said we were both gonna wait until we were both 18, as you know that didn't really work out"

"I see, alright this is what is going to happen," as my brother continued to fuck me and told me that he was going to rape her and I was going to help.

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