tagIncest/TabooMe and My Brother Paul

Me and My Brother Paul


Sorry guys--No oversized male or female equipment here--No ANAL no cruelty. I work hard on these stories for which I receive 0 cents per hour so if my spelling or grammar doesn't suit don't expect a refund.

I was 23 when these events began. I had just received my Masters in Special Education. My brother Paul 2 years my senior had just been recruited into a job entry level job with a major company after serving his military obligation.

Paul was hunting for appropriate living space near his job when tragedy struck. Mom and dad were killed when they were somehow overcome by carbon monoxide at the auto repair shop they operated.

Long story short, after the funeral, when we dug into our parents financial's we found that our parents had died broke. Actually more than broke. The house was heavily mortgaged and the business would at best at break even when sold.

This was, we figured out, because while we thought that our college expense was being paid out of savings and current income they actually were being paid by a mortgage and several personal loans. This was before the widespread availability of 'Student Loans'.

My brother was the one who finally put the situation in the proper perspective.

"Gail." He said. "Legally we can simply walk away. The estate is negative. Even though if there was a surplus we would be entitled to share it, we are not obligated to pay the debts.

"But." He said. "The debts are what they borrowed to send us through college. They were able to get them to a large extent because they were honest and everyone knew it. As far as I am concerned we should repay them. In fact I intend to assume them and will so notify each of the lenders."

I agreed but was concerned with how we would do it. The end result of that discussion was that we would keep the house. I would continue to live there full time and commute to work. Paul would scale down his housing search and find something simple and cheap, He would spend his weekends at home keeping the house in good repair. We figured that three years of tight living would be necessary.

Actually it only took two. We both put every spare cent into the pay off. The local bank which was owed about half the money was so impressed with us that they decided to forgo the interest which was a considerable help.

Paul was at that time in a traveling capacity which kept him on the road most nights which meant that he seldom needed to use his modest apartment.

After the loans were paid we were so comfortable with the situation that we gradually began improvements to the house. Meanwhile our lives took on a pattern of sorts. Socially we attended most events together. We hardly ever discussed our relationship. Those who knew us as siblings continued to regard us as siblings.

Other's took it for granted that we were married, after all we had the same last name. We never enlightened them either. Perhaps, unconsciously we were thinking ahead to a time when ............

Sexually we were both relatively chaste but fully aware of the other's activities and thought nothing of teasing each other about them. Me? My only human encounters came from a BI monthly encounter with my college roommate and her husband. They were incidentally both nicknamed Pat. He was Patrick she was Patricia.

I had a nice collection of toys which helped fill the bill for me. Paul knew of them and had presented me with one of those hard to open gag gifts for my birthday. When I finally got it opened I found that it was a package of 24 double A batteries.

In retaliation I was able to scare up one of those blow up females reputedly used by Japanese sailors on long voyages. I also made sure that there was always a box of tissues next to his bed.

Paul was occasionally bedding his High School girlfriend who he had long ago deprived of her virginity. She captured his at the same moment. She was married and lived in a nearby town and she and her husband apparently had an arrangement.

As the holiday season approached however I was getting increasingly horny. I was starting have my brother's image creep into my fantasy encounters. It was a New Years Eve almost four years after our parents passing when the event that changed our lives occurred.

We had gone to a party which had broken up before midnight because of a fight between our host and our hostess. We joined four old friends at their house to continue the party. As midnight approached the dancing became quite intimate between the two married couples. Paul and I were sitting it out simply enjoying the interaction when our hostess took note of us.

"Hey everybody." Said Janet. "We can't have Paul and Gail left out of the midnight activities how about we all switch partners for awhile. I'll dance with Paul, Bill you dance with Gail and I'll give my husband a break from me and make him dance with Gloria. Everybody game? OK then, let's switch."

We did just that and Bill and I danced and enjoyed a midnight kiss then I danced with Janet's husband Jim. He and I eventually found a dark corner and kissed intimately for a few minutes and we each copped a feel or two before the party broke up. That only added to my horny vibes.

Paul and I walked home then we each headed for our own rooms to get rid of the constricting clothing. We met in the living room for a final drink each of us now wearing pajamas. Paul was wearing a sexy silk set which had been my main XMAS gift to him. I was wearing a hostess pajama set which had been a gift from my bi-monthly friends.

The only light was from the gas fire place and a couple of XMAS candles. W stood next to each other in front of the fire place and rehashed the party. Eventually the conversation turned to the final dance.

"I saw you making out with Jim." He said. "Were there tongues?"

"Certainly, I caught Janet's action with you and knew that she couldn't complain. I was thinking of inviting them over. Maybe there's some action there for both of us. I have a hunch that they might swing. In fact they might swing both ways. Interested?"

"Wow. You really must be getting desperate. That's a bit close to home, don't you think?"

"Our opportunities are pretty limited, don't you think?"

Paul didn't answer that remark but instead said.

"We didn't have a New Years dance. Let's dance and discuss our prospects for getting laid another time." With that he found some good romantic slow dance music and held out his arms.

As we dance we moved ourselves closer and closer until we were dancing more like lovers than siblings. Our legs slipped between the other's and I could feel Paul beginning to grow an erection. We were soon cheek to cheek, our mouths each close to the other's ear.

I could feel myself begin to breath harder, I could hear Paul breath beginning to come faster. After a few more minutes Paul whispered into my ear those life changing words.

"It occurs to me that one possibility for getting laid that we have overlooked is each other." As he spoke his erection became a rigid pole probing my female lips. With only two thin layers of silk separating us it had no trouble parting them.

I didn't answer but pressed even closer. The dance then became totally erotic. There is an old saw that dancing is 'vertical intercourse', we proved it to be correct. We moved our feet occasionally but humped, moving our bodies against each other.

The two thin layers of silk separating the tip of Paul's hard cock from my clit became soaked both from my wetness and his precum. This seemed to enhance the eroticism of their contact.

"We keep this up and I'm gonna come." Paul whispered.

That was all it took. "I AM coming." I whispered back. I stuck my tongue in his ear just as my body began to tremble. Seconds later my whole vagina began to contract and release convulsively.

At that instant Paul's pelvic movements became much harder as he seemed to be trying to push himself into me. He did succeed to some extent. He was about an inch inside of me when I felt the warmth of his cum which had escaped through the flimsy silks begin to heat my vaginal tunnel.

This was followed by a mad frenzy of us unbuttoning and unsnapping each other to get our upper bodies naked. After that getting the bottoms down was a minor effort. That accomplished we fell on to the imitation bear skin stretched out in front of the fire place.

We wasted no time in getting ourselves into the missionary position and it took only seconds more for me to guide that hard cock into my hot, slippery, cunt. There was no pause as we began that in out motion commonly called fucking.

And what a fuck it was. The why's and the wherefore's can be debated but for me it was the most exciting fuck of my life. It was only a moment until I came again. A few minutes later it became one continual orgasm. Moments after that Paul's cum was heating my insides as they had never been heated before.

My cunt contracted and released itself around Paul's pulsating cock again and again until I had milked the last drop of cum from him.

Then still intertwined we began to kiss and between kisses to whisper incoherent sweet nothings into each other's ears. Finally we came down enough to speak.

"What a way to start the new year." Said Paul. I didn't reply directly to his remark but said instead.

"Is there any champagne left? That definitely calls for a toast."

There was some left. We kneeled facing each other. We first quenched our thirst then Paul lifted his glass to mine and offered a toast.

"To more of the same." To which I replied. "To a lot more of the same."

We touched glasses. There was still a few drops left in my glass. Paul's penis was beginning to perk up so I spilled the remainder on it then bent forward to take him into my mouth. His penis grew larger and harder in my mouth as I bobbed my head to slide my lips up and down his shaft.

I could taste myself along with the champagne and him on my busy tongue. After a moment my brother placed his hands on each side of my head. He held them there for a few seconds then urged me away from my pleasant task.

"This calls for sixty nine." He said. We repositioned ourselves side by side and head to toe. Then for the first time ever I felt my brother's tongue begin to explore my pussy. His tongue moving from end to end between my labia was heating my cunt from clit to uterus.

As I again took him into my mouth I felt his tongue bore into and lap my hole. Then he moved further up to pause and pay homage to my clit. To say that the whole situation had my entire body aflame with desire might be an understatement.

I took a couple of inches of my brother's cock into my mouth then sealed my lips and tightened my mouth around it. Then my tongue went to work as I lapped it from it's tip back to the place where my lips sealed it.

After a minute or two of that I began a full length sucking and licking. I could feel his cock twitch and quake I knew that my efforts were producing results. I couldn't wait to feel that first spurt of cum to arrive.

Meanwhile Paul was doing his best to cause my orgasm. He stopped at the top and sucked my whole clit area into his mouth then stroked my clit with his tongue.

We seemed to be in perfect sync as we adjusted ourselves to orgasm together. A few minutes later I felt my brother's cock grow and his strokes shorten and speed up. He was about to come and so was I. As the first spurt of his cum covered my tonsils my thighs tightened around Paul's head.

I slammed my slopping wet pussy against his face as he flooded my mouth with his cum. I had one hand on his head pushing it against me and the other on his butt pulling him deeper into my mouth. It was one of the most prolonged orgasms my body had enjoyed and one of those time when I actually enjoyed my partners semen for it's own sake.

Eventually we came down from our highs. Paul turned around and we began to kiss and to lick our own fluids from the others face and mouth.

Finally Paul looked at me and said. "I think that this coupling has been building for a long time. At least from my side."

"You're right. It hasn't been continual but ever since we were teens every once in a while, usually during a down period, I would fantasize of you and I making love. I would almost always have a great orgasm and I would feel much better."

As I spoke my tired body seemed to collapse into sleep. The next thing I remember is my brother coming into the room with a breakfast tray which included a large cup of delicious coffee.

He was in pajama bottoms. I sat up with the result that my naked upper body was out of the covers as the tray was placed across my lower body. I looked at Paul where I noticed a greater than normal tent. This told me that he was also feeling some residual excitement which bode well for the prospects of getting laid again later in the day.

About then the phone rang. It was Jill, our hostess of the previous evening who was very apologetic about the fight and the early end of the party. Paul assured her that all was well and agreed that maybe we might give it a try again some day.

By then I had wolfed down my coffee and toast and opted for a shower before anything could interrupt again. I quickly washed my hair and my body paying close attention to my nicely satisfied pelvic area. I began to have thoughts of trying my two other favorite positions of intercourse. Maybe too some interesting places to try some oral.

My experiences of the last couple of years with the two Pats were extremely satisfying but pretty much were much cut and dried. Mostly oral with lot's of she-ing and she-ing and usually two threesomes. One with Pat with the Pat's cock in her mouth and once with me doing the honors.

I heard the phone again while I was in the shower and again while I was drying myself. Paul came up to say that the last call was from Janet. Turns out that their plan to visit their parents had gone sour and they were inviting us to join them for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Since we had already told them of our similar intention we couldn't very well turn them down even though at that moment we would rather dine on each other.

It went well. We were all still in the mood struck the previous midnight. There were a lot of hints and touching back and forth. We left for home knowing that there were definite possibilities for extra circular wild times in all our futures.

They knew us as siblings and we didn't enlighten them as to our new status. However Jim was also a desirable guy to me as was Janet to Paul. She was desirable to me also but I didn't bother to tell that little fact to Paul. There was little doubt in my mind that the four of us would some day have intimate knowledge of each other.

But that would be then and this was now. Now it was Paul and I and I could hardly wait to get back home and feel my brother's cock in my pussy and in my mouth. Paul suddenly invented a need to confirm an airline reservation. Within minutes we were on our way home, walking and laughing and touching.

It was cold so we did make it into the house before leaving a trail of clothes from front door to my bedroom. Paul had to pee first, when he entered the bedroom he found me buck naked kneeling on the bed with my butt hanging over the side.

He got the message and came up behind me. The head of his cock was inside of me before any other part of our bodies touched. He slid about half his length into me still without otherwise touching me.

We stayed in that position for some time, simply enjoying the contact. I dropped my head to the mattress which seemed to tighten my pussies grip on his cock. I reached my arms back, Paul gripped my forearms with his hands then I did the same to him. He began to come deeper into me.

When I felt that he could go no deeper as his body was tight against mine I tightened my cunt muscles around his engorged cock. Now holding each other by the arms we began to fuck, slowly but surely. All the way in and almost all the way out.

Except when his body touched mine at the end of our strokes our contact was our wrist locked arms and our sex organs. It was erotic and wonderful. We seemed again to have the sexual part of our minds interlocked just as our hands were locked about the other's wrists.

When my brother was about to pull away I would tighten my cunt muscles as if to milk the cum from it. This produced wonderful sensations throughout my body. On the in stroke I would loosen up so as not to impede his entrance.

It did not take many strokes until I began to feel my body begin to tremble in anticipation of an approaching orgasm. At the same time I began to sense an increase in the speed of our movements.

Then I lost the concentration necessary to continue my milking efforts. We were moving back and forth faster and faster. I was reminded of pictures of a steam locomotive when the wheels would speed up as the pistons went faster and faster.

Then without warning I was coming. I moaned the words over and over again. "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming." Then just as I thought it was over I felt the heat of Paul's cum fill me. With that I felt myself come again. It was wonderful.

We were both too week to maintain our position as we came down off of our sexual high. We uncoupled and repositioned our selves on the bed, limbs inter twined covered by a warm comforter.

After a few minutes I was ready to talk.

"We are wonderful together." I said. "I have never felt like this with anyone. How are we ever going to stop?"

"Who says that we have to stop. We've been living here together for over two years now. I'm sure that there are those who had us doing this long ago. Most don't know us and the other's like Jim and Janet don't really care. If worse come to worse we move somewhere else and live as man and wife. OK?"

"Sounds good to me." I said as I reached down and gripped my brothers cock. "Feels to me like you are ready to let me ride you till we have another great orgasm. ................Right?"

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