tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMe and My Camera Ch. 05

Me and My Camera Ch. 05


Peter Greene, having returned from traveling to visit his daughter at college and discovering that Alison was not only aware of the surveillance camera he had placed in her room, but had actually performed for it, was now back home.

For the first time in 18 years, there was nobody in the house except for Peter and his wife Dawn. Peter had hoped that with the new found privacy, their sex life would perk back up to way it used to be.


Chapter One: Back in the ice box.

Peter's return home after his "business" trip was not the joyous and passionate occasion he had been hoping for. Dawn had greeted him like he had come back from the store instead of returning after a couple of days halfway across the country, and now Peter was on his back in the bed, while next to him Dawn was on her side facing the wall, snoring lightly.

"Should have saved a couple of those tapes from Alison's bedroom," Peter mumbled to himself as he stroked his cock under the sheets.

He had made an attempt when they had gotten into bed, but the hand he had put on her breast was politely but firmly rebuffed, and now he was playing with his dick once more. What made it worse was that the air reeked of pussy. It was like the bed was dripping with it, and the more Peter tried to ignore it the stronger it got.

Maybe Dawn had been playing with herself, Peter wondered. Perhaps she spent the time alone with a giant dildo inside of her, which would explain why she was so disinterested in him. The thought that Dawn may be fucking somebody else had occurred to him, but he had always dismissed it before now.

The camera! Peter straightened up in bed, his eyes going up to where it had stuck it. He had forgotten all about putting it in here, what with all the drama that had gone on during the last week. Who knows? Maybe it had recorded something interesting.

Peter went downstairs and fired up the big screen TV, hoping to find something that had happened in that bedroom that would give him something - anything to jack off with. Dawn dressing or undressing, even shaving her legs or playing with herself would be fine.

The other possibility - that of watching some other man go in there and fucking her - was not something he wanted to see, no matter how shitty the marriage had become. That would be grounds for throwing in the towel, and kicking her ass to the curb.

Peter settled in and watched as the screen revealed what the camera picked up each time the motion detector was activated. After a few minutes, Peter found that Dawn went in and out of the bedroom a lot during the day.

Making the bed, putting away clothes and vacuuming the carpet were all things that needed to be done, but not something that inspired an orgasm. Peter found himself nodding off when Dawn suddenly appeared near the camera.

Dawn was undressing, and when he saw her his cock came back to life. The woman still had it, Peter noted as he looked at the body that was nearly a half century old but was still damn hot. Dawn had only gotten a little thicker in the waist and hips over the years, and while her tits had begun to sag a bit, the full globes were still really nice.

Now Dawn was bringing her hands up to her breasts, and as Peter began to stroke himself harder, Dawn started kneading the doughy globes, her nipples springing to attention as she did. A husband playing with himself while he watched his wife playing with herself?

What a waste, Peter thought, but he found himself stroking harder at the sight which he found strangely erotic, and he was on the verge of cumming when Dawn turned and went over to the bed. After getting something out of the night table drawer - her vibrator - she rolled onto the bed.

"Yeah!" Peter said to the TV, as he watched Dawn turn on the device, and as Peter's enthusiasm became even more intense, Dawn leaned over and turned out the light.

"FUCK!" Peter half-yelled at his wife, who had managed to accidentally do what she had been doing for the last few years, which was to let him down right when he thought things were getting better.

With the movement hidden in the darkness, the camera showed the darkness for a few more seconds, while Peter fumbled for the remote control so he could replay the previous minute or so.

Just as Peter was about to hit the rewind button, the screen brightened. It was daytime, with the sun streaming in through the curtains, and Dawn was walking into the room, heading directly to the bed, and as Peter sat in stunned silence he saw that Dawn was not alone.


Chapter Two: Movie time,

Peter forced himself to turn off the tape after watching it several times, and when he slipped back into bed next to his wife, he realized how much watching that movie had changed his mind about the woman he had thought he knew.

A cheater. The woman he had lived and loved for all these years had been unfaithful. How many times in the past had I climbed into bed with Dawn, Peter mused, and put my cock - even my tongue - into her pussy right after she had been with somebody else?

As tempted as he was to wake Dawn up and confront her, he decided he would use another approach. After all, a few weeks ago Dawn had suggested he play some adult videos in the bedroom. Peter hadn't owned any besides the ones from their daughter's bedroom, and they certainly would not do.

This would be different though, and imagining seeing his wife's reaction as the screen came alive and showed her infidelity was something that really got his interest.

So Peter managed to keep from saying anything to dawn the next morning, and after work they ate dinner as if nothing happened. When Dawn said that she was tired and was going to turn in earlier than usual, Peter followed her into the bedroom.

They undressed, and after Dawn had returned from the bathroom, Peter was already in bed with the tape in the machine ready to go.

"Thought we could watch a movie," Peter suggested as Dawn came around to her own side of the bed.

"Well, just keep the volume down," Dawn said.

"I thought we could watch it together," Peter said. "You might like it."

"I had kind of a tough day," Dawn said.

"I'll bet you did," Peter said with a grin. "This is pretty good though. It's called "While the Cat's Away". It's kind of a chick flick."

"Well, maybe I'll watch it until I drop off," Dawn said.

"Oh, I'll bet it gets your attention," Peter assured his wife, and as he spooned behind her he hit the play button and the TV lit up the room.

"It's about what a wife does when he husband is out of town," Peter whispered into Dawn's ear, and he grabbed her shoulder when she tried to get up.

"OMIGOD!" Dawn almost screamed as she looked at herself on the television. "I... You spied on me. How could you..."

"How could I?" Peter said with a chuckle after hitting the pause button, freezing the image of his wife sitting on edge of the very same bed they were in now. "That's not me. That's you."


Chapter Three: A secret love.

"Please don't make me watch this," Dawn whimpered as Peter got the tape rolling again. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Peter hissed into Dawn's ear as they watched the television. "I think it's really sexy."

On the screen, Dawn was sitting on the edge of the bed while pulling Lois Angelo close to her. The busty little redhead was about the same height standing up as Dawn was sitting down, and as Peter watched his wife lifting the the t-shirt off of the teenager he felt his cock stiffen.

"You aren't mad?" Dawn asked, feeling her husband's cock against her buttocks.

"No," Peter said. "How long has this been going on?"

"Since just after Alison left," Dawn said. "Remember when I found her bra mixed in with our clothes?"


"I invited her to stop by when she got the chance to pick it up," Dawn said as the screen image of her unhooking that very same bra was playing. "She was upset about Alison - both about her being away and about her seeing Will. I told her how amazed I had been at the size of her bra and asked her to show me her breasts. She was lifting up her top before the question was finished. I think she really wanted me."

"Who wouldn't? Ooh!" Peter groaned as he watched his wife taking the bra off of Lois, the harness lurching forward as those huge breasts exploded from their restraint.

"You were right, you know," Dawn said, moving her butt into Peter's cock. "About Lois and Alison. They were lovers.

Peter said nothing, his eyes unable to leave the screen as his wife buried her face in the cavernous cleavage while her hands kneaded the huge jugs that overwhelmed Dawn's hands.

"I feel so guilty," Dawn said. "Almost like I'm a predator."

Lois was undressing Dawn now, and when Dawn's bra came off the two rubbed their tits together. Peter's cock was oozing pre-cum all over Dawn's backside as he watched the action. Dawn's breasts actually looked small to him for the first time in his life, compared to the voluptuous teen, and as Lois eased Dawn onto her back on the bed those pendulous jugs swung down over his wife.

"I want to fuck you," Peter said, lifting Dawn's nightie up and reaching around to feel her pussy, which was wet. "While we watch this."

"Yes," Dawn said, letting Peter lift her leg so he could stick his cock in her while they lay on their sides, and she was halfway to cumming when his cock slid in.

"I'm gonna cum," Peter said after only being inside of Dawn's steamy pussy for a minute, the sight of his wife writhing on the bed while Lois went down on her becoming too much.

"I'm sorry," Peter gasped after filling Dawn's pussy with a copious amount of his semen. "Couldn't help myself. Seeing you like this is such a turn-on."

"It's alright," Dawn said. "I'm just so relieved you aren't mad."

"If it was a guy in there with you, I would have thrown you right through the window, but this? It's different."

"I've never cheated on you with a man," Dawn said. "I swear."

"Oh Dawn," Peter hissed. "This part is so hot."

Lois was on her knees, squatting over Dawn's face as she reached down and mauled his wife's tits with one hand while squeezing her own with the other.

"OH!" Dawn said, looking at this for the first time. "I couldn't see Lois..."

"Because her pussy was in your face," Peter grunted, finishing his wife's thought. "There! When she leans forward, are you..."

"Eating out her ass?" Dawn responded. "Yes. I hardly ever do that, but hers is so sweet."

"Does she have a hairy asshole? Peter asked.

"No, she's got a cute pink one that was made for licking. How much of this film do you have?" Dawn asked.

"At least a couple of hours," Peter said. "After this part comes the time when she lets you do her with the strap-on. I'll be hard again by then."

"Good," Dawn said, reaching back and pulling on her husband's limp and sticky cock. "You know, I'm actually glad about this. I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders."

"Were there others?" Peter asked. "Other women?"


"Tell me about them."

"Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"We are husband and wife, aren't we?" Peter reminded her, and Dawn squeezed his cock affectionately at hearing that.

"Do you know Teresa Patterson?" Dawn asked.

"Vaguely," Peter said. "Is she the blonde from church who helps take the collection? The one that's built like an amazon? About six foot tall with broad shoulders and big tits?"

"Yes," Dawn said. "And then there's Gail Comstock."

"The school bus driver?" Peter said, and laughed when Dawn said yes.

"I know she's kind of butch," Dawn said.

"That's not what I'm laughing at. You seem to have a thing - a fetish maybe - for women with big breasts," Peter suggested.

"I do," Dawn said. "Why is that strange? Men haven't got a monopoly on fetishes."

"I guess not," Peter said, still watching the end product of his own fetish on the TV. "I think it's sexy. You know, Alison was, shall we say, intimate with Gail Comstock."

"Omigod!" Dawn said, spinning around. "Wait. How do you know that?"

"Alison and I - we had a heart to heart," Peter confessed. "We talked about a lot of things. Don't tell her that I told you that."

"I won't, as long as you never say anything to her about Lois," Dawn replied.

"Deal," Peter said, feeling his wife's body shudder. "What's wrong?"

"Just thinking about our Alison with Gail Comstock," Dawn mused. "She's very rough."

"I think Alison can hold her own with anybody," Peter said, feeling his cock begin to rise again. "Are you planning on seeing Lois Angelo again?"

"I was," Dawn admitted. "That was before - you know."

"You can still see her," Peter said, knowing that he likely couldn't stop his wife anyway, even if he wanted to.

"Are you going to watch?"

"I'll tell you what I would really like to do," Peter confided.



Peter was wrong, he realized. Watching his daughter, and then his wife through the lens of a camera was great, but it wasn't like being in the same room, even though he had thought so at the time.

THIS was like being in the same room, Peter thought to himself as he looked through the slats of the closet door he was peeking though. The radio playing would mask any sounds he made, and Dawn was making sure that the Lois was occupied as well.

Peter's hand worked furiously as his wife played with those enormous breasts, and when Dawn casually lifted Lois' chubby arm and kissed and nibbled at the wisp of burnt orange hair nestled in her armpit, Peter came.

Good girl, Peter mused, pleased that his wife had followed through on his request, and as Peter before took a sip of the wine he had brought into the closet with him, he made a silent toast to his camera, which had made his humdrum life fun again.


thanks for reading.

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