tagIncest/TabooMe & My Dad in our Sleeping Bag

Me & My Dad in our Sleeping Bag


In the fall, me, my brother and my dad would go camping. I remember I had my first experience with a man the year my aunt Sue came with us. I was 18 at the time, and so wracked with hormones that I would masturbate 3 or more times every day. My brother is only a year younger than me, and our dad is a still-fit former athlete who we look up to a lot.

Anyway, the night we got there it ended up being me and my dad in the tent and Sue and my brother sleeping in our small trailer. When we went to bed, my dad took the sleeping bag and gave me a thin blanket. I tried to fall asleep but found I was way too cold. Shivering, I asked Dad if he could share the sleeping bag, thinking he would unzip it so we could use it as a blanket. Instead he propped himself on his arm and unzipped part of his sleeping bag, indicating that he wanted me to squeeze into the zipped bag with him.

As I slid myself in next to him, I noticed that we were both wearing only our boxers. I could feel his huge pecs and biceps and bulging abs on my ass as I slid down, and his soft, tentacle-like appendage felt like it was at least 6 inches long and quite thick, even when flaccid. He didn't seem to mind the close contact and wrapped his bulging arms under mine. And that's how I first fell asleep that night, my dad pressed against me with the length of his cock gently pressing apart my ass cheeks through his underwear.

I don't know when I woke up, but it was almost pitch black and the forest outside was silent. I felt very hot and could tell that both me an my dad's bodies were covered in sweat. It smelled terrible but somehow it turned me on a little bit. I moved my legs a bit and was shocked to feel the tip of my dad's uncut dick pressing into my sweaty thighs, just where my legs were pressing together below my dick. My dick instantly pricked up and I felt a flood of wooziness spread quickly from my tip throughout my body. I moved my legs again and his dick slid into my thighs more. I felt it pulse a little bit and it grew a little thicker and pressed harder into my legs. Dad made the quietest moan and squeezed me a little, pressing his cock even deeper in. I felt it grow longer and after a few seconds it touched my balls. I felt them squirm with pleasure and retreat further into my tightening scrotum.

By now my dick was rock hard and sending wave upon wave of horniness through my body. I spat in my palm and tentatively slid my hand down, no easy task as we were pretty tight together in that sleeping bag, and lightly grasped his whole tip with my fingers. I started to rub his tip with my wet hand while sliding back and forth with my body and squeezing his shaft with my slippery thighs. I could tell even in his sleep that he liked all my rubbing because his glorious 9-inch cock finally sprang to full attention. I became more energetic and slid my legs back and forth over his cock and jacked him off with hand between my legs. He actually started humping my legs. We did this for about 5 minutes until he was vigorously fucking my thighs from behind with his well-muscled arms wrapped around my chest. I was in ecstasy and my dick felt like it was going to explode the whole time. I felt all his muscles tense and he started bucking and groaning. I felt the cum shoot through his cock and splatter quite loudly on the inside of the sleeping bag. He shot his load like this a full 8 times and I could feel the cum pooling at my knees before he was finished.

I slithered out of the sleeping back and looked at my father. He looked more asleep than ever. Facing him, I crawled back down the bag and came face to face with his throbbing, shrinking cock. I watched with fascination as it shrunk back to it's normal size and started leaking cum. Not wanting to pollute the bag with semen any further, I quickly licked the cum off his foreskin. Holding my mouth open, I lifted his soft dick with my tongue and advanced my neck until his head was almost touching the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue on it and closed my mouth around it, then I sucked him dry. I felt with pleasure how the silky soft tissue gave way under my tongue and cheeks and how it's tasty treasure slid gladly out of it when I sucked hard enough. After I had been happily slurping away for a while, he started to grow hard again. I increased my tempo while he slowly expanded my jaws with his hardening manhood.

By now all my sliding around had ridden my boxers up and my dick was sticking straight out of the leg. I was a bit taller than my dad so when I slid down to suck his balls, my dick popped right into his mouth. At first I panicked and thought this would wake him up, and that I would be in a lot of trouble. Then I felt pressure on my dick- I could feel him actually sucking it in. He rolled his tongue all around it and sucked it in and out. Now I knew he was awake and that made me so horny I almost came right there. We were wholeheartedly sucking on each other's cocks now and I felt like I couldn't be that horny without coming right away in his mouth. As our warm, wet mouths glided in unison over each other's dicks I was in so much sexual ecstasy that it felt like torture. I finally exploded in the biggest orgasm I would ever have- my whole body shook as if I was having a seizure and I shot 6 huge loads right into my dad's mouth. My eyes rolled back and I passed out for a second. He grunted and kind of yelled and his dick flexed and exploded into my mouth a few times. We swallowed each other's cum and lay there feeling our cocks shrink and soften even as we continued to suck and swill them. I enjoyed that so much that I continued to do it long after he had fallen asleep.

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