tagGroup SexMe And My Old Grad School Buddy

Me And My Old Grad School Buddy

byArt Martin©


I know I should be pissed off at him; after all he's been humping my wife. Fucking her all weekend, ever since they arrived Friday night. I go out for thirty minutes to make a beer run and BANG; he's putting it to her. Bastard didn't give a shit if I was upset or not, in fact, he was surprised when I didn't react with glee, told me to get over it and mounted her again!

Shit, we've only been married for six months! His slut wife says, "C'mon honey, we can have a little fun too. Let me see that big ole dick that Reese's been telling me about."

Like I said, I should be pissed off, but hell, this really has been great fun, just like in graduate school.

I met Reese when I started the master's program at a university in the Upper South. We had both been in the military, him Coast Guard and me Air Force. We were older and lot more experienced than the kids who had gone straight through a B.S. and immediately went for a M.S. We were like the two wise men in a sea of children and had a lot in common, even though we had completely different personalities.

I remember the first time I saw him. A geeky looking kid was showing me around the chemistry department when Reese walked into the room. "Drop your drawers! The fleet's in!" he roared, mouthed off a few other crude remarks and then went about his business. He was big, loud and thoroughly obnoxious.

I thought to myself, 'Who's this asshole?' The geek informed me that he was really okay and that Reese was some sort of Judo master. I thought to myself, 'Yeah, right!'

Later that night, I joined the geek and another turkey for a beer at a bar where Reese had been working as a barkeep as he wasn't on any sort of graduate assistance. I ordered a Schlitz and was sipping my longneck, checking out the sleazy crowd. Three rough-looking hillbillies walked up to the bar, and a few minutes later they were hassling some college kid. The kid unwisely told them to fuck off or something to that effect. I saw at least two knives flash.

It seems like it was all in slow motion but it couldn't have taken all but five, maybe ten seconds. In one fluid movement of consummate grace, Reese reached out, grabbed the first hick by his knife hand and pinned it to the bar. Using that as a leverage point, Reese swung over the bar and landed a kick to the chest of the second hillbilly, sending him flying across the room with a cracked sternum. The very moment Reese's feet hit the ground, he rotated the first guy's arm up and behind his back; the sharp, sickening crack of the arm breaking was clearly audible.

The third guy unwisely slashed at Reese, who gracefully deflected the attack, and while still holding the first guy's broken arm, delivered a powerful jab to the third guy's nose. The guy's face erupted in blood like he'd taken a 38 hollow point to the head; about the same time his nuts were crushed with a knee. Five, maybe ten seconds tops and all three hillbillies needed serious medical attention. Needless to say my opinion of Reese changed somewhat, he was a big, loud, obnoxious asshole for sure, but he was definitely someone you wanted as your running buddy.

As luck would have it, I was assigned office space in one of the labs down in the basement, and my office partner was Reese. I also lucked out that day and heard about a small house for rent. Nothing spectacular, the basement of a two bedroom Jim Walker special tucked away in an alley, but only three blocks from the university. It was a great place. I was a bachelor, mid-twenties with multi-sources of income, GI Bill, Air Guard pay as well as my graduate teaching assistantship, and as grad students went, I was well off. I didn't need the money, so I eschewed roommates, allowing me a great deal of privacy.

Over the next two years, Reese and I got to know each other quite well. I soon discovered that Cap'n Dildo had been a boatswain's mate and spent most of his time rescuing dumb asses from their own stupidity and sometimes interdicting dope smugglers. He was married with two little kids and had played football for the Ohio State before dropping out and going into the Coast Guard due to a financial problem. The financial problem being that he had knocked up his girl friend and got married, and joined the Coast Guard for the medical benefits. By and by I also got to know his wife, Dani quite well.

My basement abode was a great place to entertain the college girls I met at the pickup bars at night. Within a few weeks of arriving, I had met several girls whose idea of a good time perfectly coincided with mine. They weren't all beautiful, but they weren't a bunch of dogs either.

One evening, Reese and I were sitting around my house, drinking a beer, discussing the materials of an imminent test on organic chemistry or some other esoteric subject, when a girl I had banged a couple of times showed up at the door. I don't remember her name, so we'll just call her Debbie. Debbie was rather stupid and I really didn't want any kind of continuing relationship with her. But what the hell, a slut with all her teeth knocks on the door wanting to fuck, you don't tell her to go away, you simply adjust your standards and invite her in.

"Hi, Rick! You busy?"

"No, just studying for an exam tomorrow," I answered as sarcastically as possible.

"Can you spare an hour?"

"If you're here to fuck I sure can."

"You don't have to be so blunt."

"Well, are you here to fuck? If not I have other pressing matters."

"Okay, okay, yes, but..."

"C'mon in." I grabbed her by the jeans and pulled her inside, unsnapping her fly button. Reese had go to take a shit, so she didn't think anyone else was there. I pulled her t-shirt off and as I expected she wasn't wearing a bra. Next I immediately unzipped her jeans and pulled them to her ankles along with her panties. While she was struggling with her shoes and trying to get her jeans untangled from her ankles, I stripped down in about twenty seconds. She managed to get the jeans off and stood up. I hugged her from behind, nuzzling and rubbing my hard cock in the crease of her ass while I mauled her tits with one hand and frigged her clit with the other.

"Oh, Rick, you make me feel so good," she cooed as she ground her ass into my crotch.

"You're a naughty bitch, you know that?"

"Yes, I love being naughty. Gwad, I just love your big dick, and the way you make me feel...Oh shit, oh shit, Rick, you sure know how to make me cum quick. I..." I felt her suddenly tense up. I looked over her shoulder and saw Reese standing in the hall, frozen in his tracks. I guess the surprise of seeing Reese come out of the bathroom sent her over the edge as her body began to jerk as I continued frigging her.

Her knees were wobbly and she was panting, trying to recover when I asked, "You know my friend, Reese? He's studying tonight too." I looked up at Reese, he was grinning ear to ear. "Reese, this is...never mind, she's here to fuck. I told her I could spare an hour. How about you? You're welcome to stay if want and help me out."

"Oh, no! I can't," Debbie protested.

"Can't what? Fuck? Girl, that's why you came over here,."

"But, but, I..."

"Tonight's your lucky night slut, you get a double header, two for the price of one. Now lie down and spread'em honey!"

I pushed her to the floor, got between her outspread legs, and ran the head of my dick up and down her wet trench a few times. She grabbed my prick and guided it to her needy fuck hole. Her pussy lips spread wide as I pushed into her.

She stayed a lot longer than just an hour as Reese and I took turns with her. She was an eager beaver. No sooner had one of us had ejaculated and pulled out her, she was gobbling the other's dick, trying and succeeding to get it up again and again. It was great fun until Reese's wife called looking for him.

"We're not finished studying yet," said Reese evenly to his wife Dani as Debbie mouthed his glans trying to get one more rise out of him. Actually, he was telling her the truth. We weren't finished and the phone call gave us a good excuse to kick Debbie out so we could finish.

Reese ran into her on the campus a week or so later and brought her over for another three way screwing. When they arrived, I had been trying to put the makes on another girl, getting nowhere fast. The two girls apparently knew each other; exchanging knowing glances as Reese took Debbie back to my bedroom and closed the door. A few moments later and the headboard of my bed began thumping against the wall. The other girl's eyes got wide and she excused herself, relieving me of asking her to leave. I joined the party in progress.

Afterwards I told Reese how I felt about Debbie and how I really didn't want her hanging around too much. He said I was nuts and too damned picky. "Never turn down a piece of ass, it just might be your last," he sneered. My dad had told me that too when I was about sixteen.

"Yeah, you're right, but I didn't turn her down. What I'm saying is that there are better pickings out there. Debbie is just fine, as long as no one else is available. I just don't want her think that she can just come over here anytime she wants like the other night."

"What the fuck was wrong with the other night?"

"Nothing, but next time she shows up here I may be busy."

"What if you aren't?"

"Shit Reese! Look it's simple. I really don't like her. I'll fuck her, but I really don't like her."


A week or so later I was chatting on the steps to the library with a fine chick that I had scored with, and she asked me about Reese. She had heard from a friend that Reese and I had doubled up on Debbie a few times. I pondered how I should answer, wary of a loaded female question. "Yeah, she likes it," I simply stated.

I was surprised when Mindy tossed back her long flowing auburn hair, smiled with a devilish look in her green eyes and said, "Sounds interesting."

I cautiously ventured, "Well, in that case, are you free tonight?"

"No, not tonight but how about tomorrow?"

"I'll pick you up at eight."

"Make it seven thirty."

"Seven thirty it is."

That afternoon I told Reese what had happened.

"Don't bull shit me, Rick!"

"I'm serious. Unless I have completely misread her, she wants to try out some double dick action. I'll pick her up tomorrow at 7:30 from her dorm."

"Well I'll be god damned! I'll be there Fuck Face! I'll tell Dani we have a 'poke-her' game."

Next evening at 7:30 PM I whipped up to the dorm where Mindy was living in my red Z-car. I went to the desk and called her room. Thirty minutes later she came downstairs with her roommate, Linda, in tow. This was not what I was expecting.

Whereas Mindy was long bodied and sleek like a model, Linda was a short, and solid as might be expected from a competitive swimmer. She kept her brown hair short so that dried quicker and wore very little makeup. She wasn't bad looking, but what the hell was she coming along for? I discretely asked Mindy about it after Linda crawled into the trunk area through the lift back.

"I'm sorry, Rick. She didn't have anything to do tonight and besides, I felt a little nervous. I hope you don't mind."

"Uh, no. That's okay," I lied. "Let's just see how the evening goes."

We went back to my place and while waiting for Reese to arrive, I fixed them both a rum and coke with Baccardi 151. The girls were on their second drink when Reese burst through the door, sniffed the air snorting loudly and then bellowed, "I smell pussy!" Like I said, he was big, loud and obnoxious and he scared the hell out of the girls.

"God damn it Reese! Mind your manners! I have lady guests here." It wasn't until then that he noticed that there were two girls, neither of which had he ever really met.

"Oh sorry Rick, I thought you were alone," he lamely said. "Mind if I come in?"

"No come on in Asshole." Then I whispered to him, "Don't scare them off for Christ's sake."

I introduced everyone, "Reese this is Mindy." I could see him mentally undressing her. "And this is Linda." He momentarily glanced over at the swimmer before returning his attention to the lovely Mindy.

Trying to break off his predator-like stare, I pointed to the two bags he had in his hands. "What's all this stuff?"

He turned in my direction and as he headed to the kitchen said, "Oh yeah! I brought some beer and some snacks."

He put the beer in the fridge and then he put the snacks on the table; freshly cut veggies, carrots, celery, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli and a big bowl of homemade artichoke dip. I couldn't believe it; the jerk really had some brass balls. It was obvious that he had his wife fix the veggies and dip, and then he brings it to a fuck party. I kind of felt sorry for her.

Back in the living room, Mindy had put on an old Bee Gees album. I smelled the sweet smoke of pot and glanced at the girls toking up. I looked over at Reese. We were both straight arrows and didn't consume the evil weed. Mindy passed me the joint. I took a puff and like Bill Clinton, I didn't inhale. I tried to pass it to Reese who simply passed saying, "Damned shit makes my dick limp!"

I handed the joint to Linda, who took another deep hit. I dimmed the lights. Soon the girls were giggling and moving to the disco music. It was the first time I had seen Reese dance. For some reason I expected him to be stiff and uncoordinated, but he was as smooth as they come. We took turns, changing partners, giving each girl the attention she was due. We danced to both sides of the Bee Gees album. Someone put on another album.

It was break time and I fixed the girls another drink, while Reese retrieved two beers for us. Sitting around the table, munching on Dani's snacks, I pulled out a well-worn deck of cards. Mindy had a flash of inspiration. "Ooooo! Let's play strip poker!"

Reese and I looked at each other and grinned. Linda looked a bit mortified and started to protest. "Don't be such a fuddy duddy," chided Mindy. "You'll see. It'll be fun." Mindy lit her roach and passed it to Linda.

I set the rules of play. "Five card draw. High hand of the opposite sex gets to remove the object of clothing selected by the losing hand." The hands were pretty well evenly distributed, but still I was at a disadvantage as the girls both wore bras plus I only had sandals on without any socks, not that a disadvantage makes much of a difference in this game.

The girls were quite giddy as the first few articles of clothing were removed with great fanfare. Linda lost a hand and I won the right to remove her last sock. I knelt and caressed her muscular leg in my hands as I slowly removed the offending sock with my teeth. Once the sock was gone. I kissed her bare foot; much like you would kiss a girl's neck, with several kisses starting near the ankle and leading to her toes. I glanced up at her as I sucked in and mouthed her big toe. Her brown eyes got big as saucers and then slowly closed in rapture. I figured that no one had ever sucked this girl's toes before, so I took my time and did all five properly. When I finished she had a glassy look in her eye.

The next big moment for me came when I got to pop Mindy's bra and reveal to all her freckled and taut 36C titties. As I let the lacey bra fall away from her magnificent bosoms I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, before I lightly touched her dark pink nipples, sending them into a state of erect perfection.

Reese was nearly beside himself, snorting and mumbling obscenities. He shouted out in absolute glee when on the next hand he had won the honors to do Linda's bra. She had a front clasp bra and when Reese approached her, she gamely thrust out her chest to him. Once the bra was unfastened, he cupped her chocolate-capped tits and mauled her, roughly rolling her big nipples between his fingers. She closed her eyes and began breathing heavily, swept away by the licentiousness of our game.

Next hand I literally lost my shorts. Linda had the honors. I stood up and she knelt before me. Her hands were trembling slightly as she hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of my boxer shorts. My semi-erect dick sprang free as she pulled down my shorts and went immediately to a full nine-inch erection, bobbing just inches from her face. As she got a full measure of the length and expansive girth of my cock, she muttered, "Oh my God." I was hoping she would give it a kiss, but she kissed my thigh instead and 'accidentally' brushed her face across it as she stood up.

Now that I was completely nude, it was time to change the rules slightly. I declared that if I lost a hand, I would have to do whatever the winning hand wanted. Next time I lost, it was to Mindy, who wanted a toe sucking like I had given Linda.

After I sucked toes a few times, everyone but me was finally down to last modicum of modesty. I won the right to remove Linda's panties. I made a big production of removing them with my teeth, a little here, a little there, rubbing my nose and face in the smooth skin of her hips and buttocks, in the soft curly fur of her bush and teasing her sheathed clit, then down her powerful rock hard legs.

As much as Reese was enjoying the show, he got impatient and dealt Mindy and himself a final hand. I had made it all the way down and had started licking, kissing and nibbling my way back up Linda's somewhat spread legs when I heard Reese bellow, "I lose! C'mon baby, come and get your treat!"

Approaching Linda's inner thighs I could see Mindy out of the corner of my eye, kneeling before Reese, pulling down his white cotton briefs. His hand came around the back of her head clutching a handful of her auburn hair. Then I heard a gruff, "That's it baby. Suck it before you fuck it!" That pretty well decided who was fucking whom for the moment.

I nuzzled Linda's vulva and teased her mercilessly. Licking up the crease between her thigh and her vulva, and then nibbling back down. Alternating back and forth between sides. I licked her with the flat of my tongue up her slit, from her asshole to her clit. She suddenly slumped down onto her chair. Wrapping my arms under and around her legs, I spread her out and dove head first into her dripping snatch.

Linda cried out lustily, "Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwddddd!"

She tasted wonderful, clean and fresh, with just the right amount female muskiness, a perfectly delightful pussy taste. My tongue explored her sweet gash before settling in on the base of her swelling clit, swirling around and around. After a few minutes of tongue play, her moans and groans turned into an animalistic howl as she came for the first time that night. Turns out that that was her first orgasm not self-induced with a vibrator. Also it turned out to be the first time anyone had eaten her out. Her body went limp after the climax had subsided. I knew her clit would be supersensitive for the next minute or two, so I pulled my glistening face from her quivering snatch.

I got up and got myself another beer. She was still slumped in the chair recovering. I straddled her and raked the tip of my dick across her lips, moistening her lips with my slippery pre-cum. She opened her eyes and recoiled from my prick. I pushed it to her protesting lips again, reducing her protests to an incoherent mumble. I got part of my fat dickhead between her lips and she raked it with her teeth.

"Ow! Watch the teeth baby! You don't actually eat it. Just kiss it and make love to it. Oh yeah, that's better, much better." Turns out she'd never sucked cock before. She wasn't broad mouthed like Mindy was and she couldn't get much more than just my head in her mouth. Still she seemed to like it. Over the next few months she became an accomplished cocksucker, relishing the texture of hard and soft cocks alike and especially the flavor of manly emissions.

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