tagIncest/TabooMe and You and Baby make... Six?

Me and You and Baby make... Six?


Ok before we start let's do some 'Housekeeping' shall we. The following story contains individuals all above the age of consent, let say 18 but if they have to be older they are. Secondly this is fiction and as such none of this is real it is all made up. It may be sick and perverted but none the less it is not real life and is not intended to encourage, taint or cause anyone to want to emulate what the characters in this story do, are doing, have done or are going to do. Now that being the case the author does not endorse or condone or approve of the activities in this story if they were real that would just be sick and fucked up.

Now about grammar and editing: I have said this before and am saying it again "Grammar is not my friend!" for all intents and purposes "I am Grammars Bitch and she screws me around every chance she gets." Yes I have tried to find Editors and have had three different ones all of which failed me. I am not a prolific writer so I write when I can or when I have time... Life does happen and I do have one.

Lastly be kind and vote, feedback is appreciated but if all you're going to tell me is that I need an Editor, well you're being redundant. Oh yeah one more thing... This story is strictly PORN, no real plot, no real story, it may go somewhere it may not... It was simply stuck inside my head and had to come out.


Syd (Yes it's a pseudonym)

Jason couldn't believe his eyes but there it was happening in the basement Rec. Room of his family's house. His sister and mother were both naked and writhing on top of his sister's boyfriend. His sister, Merriam was facing away from him, sitting on top of Scott's face her hips gyrating back and forth in an attempt to grind the lips of her pussy and clit onto his mouth and tongue as he desperately tried to lick and suck the flow juice that seemed to be pouring from the orifice of her sex. What he could see of her vaginal area looked slick and wet with no sign of pubic hair. Her firm round ass cheeks flared apart making the delicate rosebud of her anus more pronounced and open to Jason's view. The tattoo across her lower back increased Jason's arousal. The fact that his sister had a tramp stamp at this point only made her look sluttier in an oddly sensual and sexy way. Her thighs were spread wide apart as she rode Scott's face, arching her back in such a way as to emphasize the firm roundness of her breasts and their erect nipples more fully, although the nipple rings that pierced both her nipples did an excellent job of that by themselves. At the same time his mother; Sarah was mounted on Scott's large throbbing cock, which was sliding in and out of her impossibly stretched cunt.

To Jason's amazement and subsequent delight his mother's pussy was shaved completely bald allowing him greater opportunity to succumb to his voyeuristic pleasure. Her firm large breasts with their tight erect nipples were highly evident and glistened with a sheen of sweat that shimmered off of her, radiating her sexual delight. All the participants' bodies were covered in the same sheen of sweat that only comes from excessive sexual activity. And as if orchestrated out his own devious and twisted mind or some raunchy pornographic movie both women moved forward and became locked in a passionate kiss, each of their mouths appearing to devour the others lips and tongue. Merriam was pulling and twisting her mother's hard nipples as her mother held Merriam's head with both hands holding her captive not allowing her to break free from what could only be described as the most erotic kiss between two women. The room was alight with the sights, sounds and smells of sex as the erotic trio writhed through the throes of lust and sexual delight.

When the kiss finally broke his mother spoke. "Fuck he's deep baby."

"I know mom, I know. Ride him out, ride him." Merriam spoke from experience she had, had that magnificent cock inside her on numerous occasions and had rode it to the heights of sexual gratification.

As if commanded by her daughter Sarah immediately brought both of her arms forward and placing her hands on her daughter's thighs lifting her hips in order thrust herself ever faster on the boy's large truncheon like erection. She kept her face close to her daughter, their lips almost touching as she continued to speak.

"He'll cum soon won't he?" There seemed to be a slight hint of both panic and forlorn in their mother's voice. It seemed echo a sense of loss as she spoke of the eventuality of the carnal act she was indulging in coming to a climatic end. Even as she said it her body continued its relentless pursuit of pleasure as she thrust down hard driving the large member deep into the pit of her sex. For his part the boy continued to thrust back in return moving his hips in almost imperceptible circular motions, the effect of which was to inflame and drive mad the little nub that was the older women's hardening clit.

"Not for a while mom, not if you don't want him to." Again her daughter sounded as the voice of experience. Her knowledge of the skills of their mutual lover seemed vast indicating a well-travelled sexual relationship.

Jason was glued to the seen before him. The two women were moving in a constant sensual rhythm as they writhed atop their mutual lover. Their mouths mere millimetres apart from each other, lip grazing lip, in wet sensual caress that made him want to explode in his pants. As her mother continued to ride the large cock Merriam spoke to her.

"He's good isn't he mom? He's stretching your pussy so deliciously you won't be able to just fuck him once will you? Oh god and when he cums in you it'll blow your mind."

"He can't cum in me baby I'm not protected." Again the hint of panic presented itself. This unknown knowledge sent a thrill through Jason's body, eliciting a completely unexpected reaction from him as his now completely erect cock surged and his balls tightened. He fought the desire to cum and continued to watch the trio from his vantage point, secure in the belief that their mutual lust would keep him safe as their focus was their own self-indulgence. It only just occurred to him that he should be recording this event for posterity and grabbed his iPhone and began recording.

"God that would be so hot mom, if Scott knocked up your cute little cunny." Her daughter grinned from ear to ear as her right hand travelled down her mother's stomach to the place where she was joined with her boyfriend. She began to finger her mother's clit as the large cock continued to move in and out of her dripping sex.

"What would your father say if I got pregnant baby? How would we explain that to him?" The two continued to kiss and suck each other's mouths as they spoke. "Oh fuck honey you're going to make me cum."

Jason's mother suddenly stopped her moving and her body appeared to shake as she held herself still. The large cock continued to plough in and out of her sloppy hole making slapping sounds as it continued its brutal invasion. The woman on top of him closed her eyes and her mouth open and became slack as the orgasm took her. Merriam continued her manipulation of her mother's clit even as it tried to evade her diligent and ever pressing fingers.

"Oh fuck baby I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

"Cum for me mom, cum for me," Merriam urged. "Show me what a fantastic slut you are."

"Gaaawwwwdddd!" Jason thought his mother's scream was going to bring the neighbours. "Fuuucckkk you bastard. Fuck!"

Her hips began to move violently back and forth over her young stud's virulent cock. Increasingly she ground her clit hard into the boy's groin with more force, pushing his hard tool deeper into the velvet grip of her cunt.

"Oh my god mom you're so sexy when you cum." Merriam was just amazed and thrilled that she and her boyfriend could bring her mother to such heights. "Fuck mom I want to see him cum in you for sure now."

Sarah was just getting her breath back when those words registered. "Oh honey what would your father say if his wife came home knocked up?"

"I bet he wouldn't say much if you told him while my mouth was wrapped around his cock." Merriam said a devilish smile across her face as she gave thought to the very act of sucking her father's cock.

Sarah lunged forward, her body convulsing her legs visibly shaking as she vibrated atop the young and virile boy. Just the thought of what they were considering was enough to make her want to cum again. And as if on cue her virile lover began to thrust harder into her ever sopping cunt. On the fifth thrust her eyes opened and panting desperately she spoke, "Oh baby you'd do that for me?"

"Of course mom what else is a nasty slutty daughter good for?" Merriam's fingers were ablaze as she frantically manipulated the tiny hard bud of her mother's clit again. She was not content with letting her mother's sexual release end their tryst; she intended to have more, to fuck until she was fully sated. She would see her boyfriend's seed deeply planted in her mother and after that it would be her turn. She planned to have him cum in her at least twice more before this night was over. Further, her mother would have her mouth on her daughter's sex, swallowing the copious flow of sexual juices and giving her at least two gut-wrench orgasms before anyone gave thought to rest or sleep.

"I'll let you in on a little secret."

"Oh... gawd... uh.. uh.. what baby what secret do you want to share with mommy?"

Merriam looked deep into her mother's eyes hesitantly and then spoke. "this isn't the first time Scott and I have had sex with another person."

"Really baby? That's so nasty."

"Promise you won't freak mom?"

"Honey I'm naked riding on top of your boyfriend's terrific cock, without a condom, allowing you to kiss and suckle my breasts and finger me...

Oh gawd." She moaned between breaths. "And I'm considering allowing him to cum deep inside me. How much more freaky does it get?"

"Look at me mom." Merriam held her mother's face between both her hands. She immediately noticed how sexy and wanton she looked and was astounded by her mother's beauty. If only she could look that gorgeous at her mother's age. Even with her mascara running and her body covered in sweat her hair clinging to her forehead in that oh so sexy only women seem to have. "We've fucked Scott's mom, his dad and both his brother's. Well I've fucked both his brother's Scott doesn't swing that way but he watched me and fucked my ass while I rode Andy."

Meanwhile unbeknownst to the erotic trio Jason kept recording, desperately hoping his battery would not die. His devious mind suddenly locked onto listing the many advantages of possessing this intimate confession on DVD. Not only would he never be grounded again, but his pain-in-the-ass sister would no longer be a pain in the ass. He zoomed in close so that he framed his sister and his mother as they spoke. His mother's beauty seemed magnified tenfold, even though she looked exhausted.

"God Mimi, where did I go wrong?" His mother said.

"Oh mommy you didn't go wrong, in fact you've been perfect. I'm a liberated, independent girl in charge of my own body. Yes I like sex and I am adventurous to the point of promiscuous but I sleep with and fuck only those I want and no boy or man tells me what to do unless it's what I wanted to do in the first place. Trust me."

Merriam kissed her mother's lips ever so gently as she rose off of Scott's face. She immediately circled around her mother holding her in a tender but firm caress. One arm held lovingly under her mother's breasts as the other smoothly glided down her mother's firm, soon to be impregnated belly.

She softly kissed her mother's ear and spoke, "Let's see if we can't get you on your way to being knocked up shall we?"

"Oh god Mimi, oh god."

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