tagIncest/TabooMe, My Girlfriend and Her Mother

Me, My Girlfriend and Her Mother


Tamra's mother had a wild beauty that both intrigued and repelled. Her eyes were dark pools of sensuality that forbidden pleasures never guessed. Jason always found himself drawn to those eyes. He knew he'd do whatever she asked, whatever her teasing lips commanded. But she never seemed to see him. Those wonderful, seductive eyes would slide past him, always landing on the rock hard captain of his football team.

Jason had the burly shoulders and strong legs of a quarterback. At six feet four he towered over the five foot Ms. S. But it wasn't enough to attract his dream woman. Jason started dating Tamra's daughter out of spite. Both had recently turned nineteen. It was their last high school fling so to speak. The girl practically worshipped him. She had been stunned when he asked her out. Not that it was very romantic. He mumbled something about taking her to a Saturday night movie. When he picked Tamra up that night he lingered in the living room.

Her mother was putting the finishing touches on brownies for a fund raiser. She was dressed up for a date herself. He didn't want the staring to be too obvious but couldn't help himself. Tamra's mother had long, slender legs-the kind he could imagine tightly wrapping themselves around his waist. Jason could see himself burying his face in her flowing blonde curls. Her breasts! They couldn't be any more perfect. She looked up as Tamra pounded down the stairs. There was a moment when they both stared at each other in awkward silence.

Jason mumbled, "Sorry Mrs. S."

Her reply was interrupted by Tamra's "Got it!" She triumphantly held up a sparkly pink purse. Jason felt Tamra pulling him by the arm towards the door.

She yelled a hurried, "Bye mom!" as they disappeared outside.

Jason continued to date Tamra for a month. He started to fuck her to get the images of her mother out of his mind. But he found himself transforming Tamra into her mother. She had the same long slender legs that would embrace his waist with passion. In the moonlight dark of his SUV's back seat he would transform her dirty dish blonde hair into her mother's delicate white blonde. He would find endless pleasure tracing her translucent pale skin.

The only thing that reminded him Tamra was not her mother was the voice. Not that it was unpleasant. Tamra had a soft voice that always sounded breathless. When she said his name it was like hearing the dying breath of a storm. He still wished she had her mother's velvety, seductress voice. Every time he heard Ms. S speak it was as though she was teasing him with hidden fantasies. He could see her tongue tracing his ears and devouring every inch of skin. Inevitably he would realize at the end of sex with Tamra that nothing would satisfy him except his forbidden lust.

Now he stood in front of Tamra's door on a muggy summer afternoon. She had sent him a note explaining they needed to talk about something. He had almost not come. Jason knew this was it, the point of no return. Tamra's mother had slowly taken over his fantasies-waking and sleeping. The door opened and Mrs. S stood in the doorway. He felt himself becoming flustered. She had just come from the pool. Glistening beads of water traced pale skin. The bright red bikini left little to the imagination. She didn't seem surprised by his visit. Instead she gave him a coy smile and gestured for him to come in.

"I was sunbathing by the pool. I don't suppose you'd like to join me?" These last words were spoken in a sly, taunting voice. She didn't wait for a response, instead walking back to the pool. Jason happily followed her. She stood waiting in the pool. Her eyes silently traced his muscular build. She placed her hands on her hips. "Well Jason, aren't you going to join me?" Jason wanted desperately for his legs to move. But they couldn't get past the rising excitement he felt rushing over him.

"Not unless you want me to, Ms. S," he heard himself mumble in a strangely excited voice.

Tamra's mother cocked her head, "You can call me Katie." She smiled adding, "Perhaps I can give you some incentive."

Her hands slowly rose over her belly, working their way towards her breasts. She traced her fingertips lightly around the outline of the bikini's top. The bright red fabric began to peel away from her breasts. Jason felt the excitement rise as two beautiful, wonderfully round globes were revealed. The fabric fell softly, gracefully into the water. Katie smiled as she traced her fingertips around her nipples. She began to play with them. The coy smile returned and she whispered, "I know you want me Jason. I'll let you in on a little secret, I want you too. Now why don't you join me?"

He felt stiff fingers fumbling with his shoelaces. The knots seemed to take an eternity to untie. He finally kicked the troublesome shoes off and started towards the pool. Footsteps behind him made his heart skip a beat. He felt himself freeze at the sound of a familiar voice.

"Is there room for one more?"

There was something odd about Tamra's voice. She sounded remarkably calm, almost playful. Jason turned to see his girlfriend in a tight blue bikini. She didn't seem to notice her mother at all. In fact her lips had a wicked smile on them. He'd never seen her face so excited. She glanced at his slowly bulging manhood and the grin got bigger.

Tamra walked to the pool and turned towards him. She wrapped a strand of her long blonde hair around a finger. Jason had imagined her pounding him into a smear just a few minutes before. Now she stood beside the pool's steps with a smile of glee. He practically tore his t-shirt off. He was starting on the pants when Katie interrupted. "Not yet," she commanded and then added with a coy smile, "You'll want some help with that." Jason managed a feeble nod. Tamra was leading him by the hand into the pool.

She put her hands on the small of his back and guided him towards her mother. Katie ran her petite hands through his unruly hair. She held his face in two soft palms. He could feel the water soaking into his jeans. Tamra was working her hands slowly around his waist. Jason felt a sharp intake of breath as the women began to cover his chest and back with small, wet kisses. He could feel Katie's firm breasts caressing his chest as she hungrily devoured his neck and shoulders. His dreams had never come close to this.

He gently lifted her face to eye level. His hands cupped her perfect features.

"I've dreamed of this moment forever," he said in a quivering voice. Katie's eyes softened for just a moment. Her smile deepened and she leaned closer.

She whispered delicately in his ear, "Never forget how perfect his moment is." He gently tugged on her earlobe with his teeth.

His whisper replied, "You are so freaking beautiful." She nibbled his ear in return and commenced tracing his jaw with her tongue.

Tamra's bikini top was slowly pulling away. Jason let his fingers stroke Katie's hair, fiercely glowing in the sun's warmth. Her mouth had begun sucking his nipples. Her tongue flicked them gently. Simultaneously, Tamra began tracing his spine with her tongue. He could feel shivers rolling through his body. The shivers intensified as Katie peeled his pants and boxers off. The shock of cold water made him gasp. But it only lasted a second before her mouth enclosed his cock in warmth.

He was moaning now, each one sending a deep shudder through him. Tamra had pulled her bikini completely off by now. Jason could hear her sighs of pleasure as she masturbated. Her mouth had switched to overkill. She was alternately licking and sucking. He could feel Katie stroking the shaft of his penis with her tongue, her mouth sucking on the head with hungry passion. Her tongue darted along his shaft with tiny exploratory licks. She took his penis deep into her throat, engulfing him with increasing hunger. Jason could barely manage to gasp, "I want to see you Kate."

He felt the pressure on his penis stop as she stood up to face him. Tamra let out one final sigh before collapsing herself on his back. Jason saw his fantasies running through his head. Katie's face held a mischievous grin. Neither said a word. He buried his face in her skin. His lips finally explored her perfect breasts. Jason barely felt Tamra and her mother pushing him against the pool's edge. He felt Katie shudder as he finally tore her bikini bottom off and penetrated her. Jason felt her pelvis grind against his. Tamra's lips caressed and sucked on his ear. His eyes barely registered Tamra's hands tracing her mother's spine, the petite fingers running their nails down the smooth pale back.

Katie's sighs became more frenzied, her movements wilder. Her legs had wrapped themselves around his knees. Jason's lips had finished their exploration of her torso. They now pushed themselves onto hers, tongues eagerly combining into one. He was thrusting into her now, violently claiming her as his own. His rhythm barely interrupted itself as Katie pulled herself apart from him and Tamra took her place. Their bodies molded into own and with one final gasp his orgasm won. Their moans rose in concert. Katie added her own sighs of pleasure as she masturbated herself to a climax. He felt Tamra pull herself off him as his hard on disappeared. Jason lay against the pool's side. His mind numbly questioned the reality of what had just happened. Through half-open eyes he saw Tamra and Katie leave the pool. Both of them were chatting about a new sale at the local Hot Topic. For now Jason gratefully accepted his exhaustion.

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