tagFetishMe, My Mum and the Vacuum

Me, My Mum and the Vacuum


Hi. My name is Sam and I am 20 years old girl from Europe. This is a story about how me and my mother further developed our already close relationship.

It was on Saturday's morning, which meant it was time for cleaning. Mum told me to vacuum my room, as usually. But on that day, I decided to make it a bit special.

I wore my new dress, which I bought in the evening the day before. You think it's strange, that I should have go clubbing with my friends instead? Yes, I do that too, but I also like to spend time with my mother. We enjoy shopping together and to make it special, we sometimes go shopping on Friday nights.

My new dress was a white, short floral dress. Why would I dress like that for cleaning my room, you ask? My mum wondered too. I told her that I liked it so much that I just couldn't wait to wear it. Truth be told, I was horny and I simply wanted to dress sexy.

I knew that once I finished vacuuming my room, I won't end there. I have been using the vacuum cleaner for masturbation for years. I can tell you about it some other time, if you wish.

I took the vacuum to my room, closed the door, plugged the cable in the socket and turned the machine on. The sound of the engine reminded me of the many times I used the vacuum on myself and it instantly made me more aroused. Work first, fun later, I told myself.

I started cleaning the floor, beginning from the doors through the room, to the window, where I looked out on our garden. I like to spend time there, chatting with mum, reading books or just listening to the wind in trees. I guess I am a somewhat romantic person. Maybe I will go there in the afternoon, once the cleaning is done.

Then I turned left, where I had a table with my cosmetic accessories and a mirror in which I saw myself in the new dress. I love my body. The view at it made me horny so much that I shivered. Luckily, I was finished with cleaning my room. Now was time for having some fun.

At first, I teased myself with posing in front of the mirror. I held the hose of the vacuum with one hand while I touched my inner thigh with the other under the end of the dress. I moved my hand from my thigh up to my panties, which were already wet.

I checked that the vacuum's speed is set to minimum. After that, I removed the vacuum hose from the rod and tested the strength of the suction on my palm. Then I looked at the doors if they were really closed. After all, I didn't want to get caught. They were.

After checking that everything was okay, I bent over a bit and placed the nozzle on my inner thigh, just where I touched it with my hand a moment before. The vacuum sucked on my skin. What a beautiful feeling.

I looked on myself in the mirror again. I adjusted my hair so that it would fall only over my right shoulder, crossed my legs and puckered my lips. It was a nice view if you ask me. The vacuum was still sucking the skin on my thigh, making me more horny.

Despite that, I decided to tease myself a bit more. I straightened up, turned around and stuck my butt out. Then I put the nozzle on it and enjoyed the sucking sensation there. The vacuum engine's speed went up while it was trying to get some air. It was a machine without a brain, thus it couldn't know that it wouldn't get much air in the forthcoming moments. What it would get was meat and juices.

Okay, time to get things more interesting. I revealed my breasts from the dress, put my bra away and let the vacuum cleaner suck on my left nipple. The vacuum gladly took it into the hose, it's engine speed increased again, as if it was even more eager to suck it now that I depraved it from air with my breast. This thought made me even more excited.

After a bit of playing, I unclenched my breast from the grip of the milk-hungry vacuum and let it breathe a bit. The engine's speed returned to normal. However, I soon smothered the vac with my other nipple. As with the left nipple, the vacuum was sucking on my right nipple. I couldn't resist but to moan through my closed mouth. Quietly, slowly. Sensually.

After playing with my breasts for a while, I took off my panties, sat on the end of my bed and let the vacuum kissed my clit. Hey, you just said that the vac is just a brainless machine, so how does it know how to kiss? Let me explain that to you.

I attach the nozzle to my pussy and let the vacuum muffle on it for a second, then detach it. Rinse and repeat. It feels good because in the moments of attaching and detaching, the air that is being sucked in the hose vibrates my pussy. After that, my pussy get sucked in the hose, thus clogging the nozzle. Voila! The vacuum is gladly choking on my pussy, as a good slave. What's more, I can let it choke on me as long as I want. A partner may need to take a breath between sucking on me, but the vacuum doesn't. Then there is the sound of the engine going up and down every time I reattach the nozzle to my crotch that turns me on.

Okay, so a human can kiss you on your vagina, so why do I prefer a vacuum cleaner instead, you ask? There is something that a human can't do to me.

I can put the hose a bit further from my pussy, so the hose won't grasp on it, but close enough that the vacuum would be able to suck it, along with some air. This causes my pussy to flutter in the nozzle. It's like an outer vibrator that doesn't just vibrate, but also sucks.

Apart from the sound of the engine that is going up and down, there is another sexy sound, cause by my pussy constantly running into the inner walls of the nozzle. When I had used the vacuum as a toy for the first time, I was giggling, because the sound reminded me of farting, but after a short moment, I was moaning with pleasure.

Not that I find farting sexy, that's not what I mean. What I mean is that my brain got rewired from masturbating with vacuum. Whenever I hear the sound of the vacuum's engine, I get wet.

But back to the technique I was describing. If I use the vacuum this way, it can bring me to orgasm in seconds. Or in minutes, if I can withhold the urge to cum and tease myself. In this case, I was so horny that I wanted to orgasm immediately. And I did. Oh God, I did.

As I was having my big O, I noticed that the doors to my room were slightly opened. I was sure that I closed them. What's more, I thought that I saw my mum standing in the doors for a moment.

Once the orgasm faded away, I turned off the machine and looked at the doors again, but there was nobody. I was laying on the bed still, listening for any sounds, but there was quiet for a while.

When I began to believe that everything was okay(except for the lock on my door), I heard as another doors were opening, followed by footsteps and her voice calling my name. That meant only one thing- mum was coming to my room! I quickly stood up, ran to the doors and closed them. What now? I don't have anywhere to go. In panic, I hid behind the doors. I was about to fix my clothes, when she knocked on the door.

"Sam, sweetheart, may I come in?"

I didn't dare to make a sound, so I just quietly stood behind the door.

Yes, I told you in the beginning that me and my mother have a good relationship and that we can talk about anything. I had even confessed to her once that I was using the vacuum for this purpose. Even though she was okay with it, it is one thing to just talk about it and another one to being seen doing it.

The doors opened and she walked in.

"Sam, sweetie", she called me.

I kept quiet. The doors covered my view into the room. I could guess what was happening behind them only from what I heard. I thought that if I kept quiet, she would resign and try to find me elsewhere in the house. I was expecting to hear her footsteps, signalizing that she finally gave up and went elsewhere. Instead, I heard the vacuum cleaner coming to life.

I peeped out from the door and what I saw surprised me big time. It also aroused me as much. I saw my mum sitting on my bed. Her legs were spread and she was holding the nozzle of the vacuum between them.

I hid behind the doors so that she couldn't see me. Based from the sound of the engine, she haven't attached the nozzle to her crotch yet. Nevertheless, my heart beat quickened. Partly from arousal, partly from nervousness.

I've never seen my mum masturbating. Frankly, I never wanted. Who would like to see their family members pleasuring themselves?

The engine's speed went up, which could mean only one thing- my mum finally let the vacuum suck on her. At first, I only heard the vacuum's engine, but after a while, I began to distinguish her soft, slow moans as they got louder. Suddenly, I felt aroused by the thought of seeing the vacuum cleaner making love to another person than me.

There was an inner fight going on within me. My fear of being caught vs my curiosity allied with arousal. The disgust of seeing my mum doing it to herself was diminishing, soon to be the first victim of the fight.

I would peep on my mum for a second, only to hide behind the door afterwards in fear of being caught, so I can not tell you all the details.

I remember that each time I looked from behind the doors, the nozzle was always attached to her vagina. She probably just attached the nozzle to her pussy and let the vacuum do its job. The constant speed of the vacuum's engine assured me of this. Her moans, on the other hand, were not constant. They were getting louder and more high pitched. I could not help but started touching myself down there, listening to her and the vacuum while I hiding behind the door.

I peeked one last time and saw my mum cum. She was still holding the hose firmly, as if it wanted to let go of her pussy. Although she was clothed in her new, grey dress, it was tight, so I could see her belly going up and down as she was breathing heavily, releasing moans from her throat each time she exhaled. She was leaning forward, looking at the nozzle as it was successfully sucking out the orgasm that was hidden in her pussy. Or was she begging her pussy with her eyes to not resist any more? Her moans got quieter, shorter, but they remained somewhat high pitched(she has the usual, deep voice of a mature lady that many women of her age have). I couldn't see her facial expression, because her black hair was getting in the way.

A few moments and her pussy finally gave up, releasing mum's orgasm and probably it's fluids into the stomach of the vacuum cleaner.

She turned off the vacuum, stood up and then... she saw me!

I was so into watching her that I forgot to hide. Well, no point in hiding any more. I came out from behind the door. Only now I realized that my boobs and pussy were naked because I didn't fix the dress. Too late for that now.

The battle of emotions in me was still raging on. I was afraid of what was going to happen, but I smiled in order to hide my fear. On the other hand, I got a bit playful and horny by what I've just seen.

"I was watching you masturbating with the vacuum cleaner," I said while walking slowly towards her, moving my hips more than it was necessary. Neither she fixed her dress, so I could see her bare vagina. She was shocked and I wanted to calm her down a bit, so I said, "It's okay, I did it too."

"How long have you been using the vacuum this way," she asked me, which surprised me. As I said before, I had confessed to her that I had been using the vacuum to pleasure myself. She hadn't scolded me for it back then, but maybe will do it now? Or maybe she was so terrified by being caught that she forgot about it? After a bit of hesitation, I answered, "For years. I can't tell exactly. I think I told you about it before."

"Yes, I remember know," she released a deep breath. I was awaiting her yelling, but she remained quiet. I looked in her eyes, but saw no sign of anger in them.

She came to me, hugged me and kissed me on forehead. I realized that she wasn't angry at me, which was a weight off my shoulders. I laid my head on her shoulder and hugged her back.

"So, you were watching me?" I giggled, feeling aroused by the thought. Who knows? Maybe the sight of me masturbating aroused her?

"A bit, yes. I heard the vacuum was making strange noises while I was cleaning the dust downstairs, so I got curious and came here. I opened the door to check what was happening. Then I saw you lying on the bed, just before you got an orgasm. Then I left since I didn't want to disrupt you."

I wanted to ask her if we could play with the vacuum, but still wasn't sure if it was a good idea. She was watching me masturbating. That could mean she was interested in me, but maybe she just wanted something from me and came here in the wrong moment. In addition, she was my mother.

"I guess we should continue cleaning, shouldn't we?" I asked. My desire won the battle, but my fear won the war.

My mum surprised me once again by asking with a smile on her face, "Or, maybe we could stay here and play with the vacuum a little longer? The cleaning won't go anywhere."

I almost let out a scream of joy. My mum wanted it too. Of course I agreed. I didn't wanted to sound too excited though, so all I said was just, "Okay."

She was relieved, I could tell. She probably too struggled whether she should give in to her fear or conquer it. Luckily, she was more brave than me and chose the latter.

We decided that I would go first. I took of my clothes and laid down on the bed. I saw that my mum still wore her dress, so I told her to took it off, along with her underwear, which she did. Naked, she turned on the vac.

At first, she used the vacuum to suck on my nipples, which felt quite nice. It was clear to me that she knew what she was doing. Perhaps she had used a vacuum cleaner on another women before?

Then she sucked my belly, which tickled, but also added to my arousal. Then she moved the hose further down, but not on my pussy, but on my thighs instead. After that, she finally put the nozzle on my vagina.

But she didn't hold it in one place. Instead, she moved it in circles with my clit sucked in the nozzle. It felt good, because in the upper half of the circle, a part of the nozzle went above my pelvis. Partly freed from my pussy, it sucked some air, which caused my clitoris to vibrate. Then, when mum moved the nozzle down, the vacuum muffled on my love button.

Mum was changing the speed of the movement at first to give me some variation, but as I was getting closer to orgasm, she began to move the nozzle in a regular speed.

With each circle movement of the nozzle, I was closer and closer to my big O. After a while, I felt that the vacuum started to gradually conquering my body, trading it for the feel of pleasure in the parts it had taken possession of. I couldn't resist. Why would I?

Briefly, I was once again amazed about what the vacuum can do to my body, but the thought diminished as the vacuum took possession of the last part of my body which I still maintained control of- my brain.

I could not thing about anything, nor do anything with my body. It all belonged to the vacuum. I was only a passenger on a joyride controlled with the machine. To be honest, I enjoyed it. But every joyride must end and this one was not an exception. To make it memorable, the vacuum left the best part to the end. It gave me an orgasm, let me feel it for a few seconds. If only I could control my body right now. I would try to fight the vacuum cleaner and keep the orgasm in me for a little longer. But I could not. The vacuum could, however. After a while, it decided that I had enough and sucked the orgasm out from me through my pussy. It also took some of my fluids, in return of the ability to control my body again.

"All right mum, that's enough," I was catching my breath after what the vacuum has just done to me. I got up, freeing the space where I was lying a moment before so that she could lay down there.

She gave me the hose and lied down. I started by using the hose on her breasts. My mother have big pair of breasts, so when I was moving the hose with her nipples sucked in it, they swayed. It was funny to look at how they were wobbling, yet there was something sexy about it.

I wanted more, so I began to suck her pussy with the vacuum. I was tilting the nozzle in order to find an angle in which the vacuum would make my mum cum hard and the hose would make as much noise by flapping her pussy as possible. My mum was enjoying it the whole time, softly moaning and smiling with her mouth closed.

After some experimenting, I found the right angle. I knew that because she started to groan through her clenched teeth.

The vacuum had made me cum twice and my mum once, yet it was sucking on my mother's pussy without getting tired. Soon, her body narrowed and stiffened. She bent her head back. The groans changed to long moans. Since her neck stiffened with the rest of her body, the moans were coming out of her with difficulty. The vacuum cleaner continued sucking on her relentlessly, her pussy quivering in the hose, making a loud, fluttering sound.

After a while, her face and chest became red, her legs trembling. Long moans changed to quick, heavy gasps and groans. She tried to lift her head in order to look at the hose which was sucking her pussy, but the coming orgasm pinned her head to the pillow.

Loud groans were coming out from her now wide open mouth. Was it really an arriving orgasm, or was I causing her pain? I was afraid of what to do. I didn't want to cause pain to my mum, but neither did I wanted to ruin her orgasm. So I let the vacuum to do what it can do best- suck and vibrate.

After a while, I could tell that she was having a good time, which made me happy.

I could also tell the big finale was near. I looked at her to see if she had enough or not. I could see body covered in drops of her sweat. Her chest was wildly going up and down. I think it became even more red, along with her face. Her teeth, clenched. Her eyes, shut tight. She was close, but not there yet. So I let the vacuum work her more.

It didn't protest.

It never does.

I looked at her pussy. It was releasing a white, creamy fluid, which was immediately lost in the depth of the vacuum's hose. The vacuum wanted more, so it was slurping on her pussy, gulping every love fluid that came from her.

My mum's pussy started contracting and squirting. The contractions were altering the frequency of the fluttering sound at regular intervals. The vacuum didn't mind it, instead, it continued to hungrily guzzle every last drop coming out of my mum's most private part.

A few more loud yells got out of mother's clenched throat. With the last of them, her body eased. I put the hose away from her crotch and turned off the vacuum.


No reaction.


Still nothing. I was getting worried. At least she was breathing, I tried to calm myself down. She just probably needed more time to perceive the world around her again.

At last, she came back to earth. Panting heavily, she looked at me. Relieved, I lied down next to her and hugged her.

"My sweet child," she caressed my hair and kissed me at the top of my head.

"Mum," I said, with a bit of discomfort in my voice. I was a bit uneasy to say that word to somebody I've almost had sex with.

"What, am I not your mother?" she pretended umbrage.

Of course she is, I thought. My doubts faded away. After all, I didn't have sex with her. We were playing with the vacuum cleaner and in the end, that was what I wished for. So why should I worry about it? "Of course you are," I said.

Would I want to have sex with her? I should think about it later.

We were laying on the bed silently. I was enjoying her body's warmth. She covered us both with a quilt.

It seemed that my mum still haven't had enough, because she drew the vacuum cleaner closer to her side of bed by pulling the hose. She turned the machine on, put the nozzle under the quilt and let the vacuum kiss her down there. True, I could not see exactly what was happening under the quilt, but I saw the movement of the quilt and heard the vacuum's engine going up and down, both of which aroused me.

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