Me, My Slutwife & Brian


"Mmm, that's true," Kitty mused. Her eyes had found the bulge of his shaft in his jogging shorts, then she looked up quickly to the man's handsome face -- making sure that he, too, saw her examining his meat. And she grinned, demonstrating her approval of what she saw. "You know how they say, it's easier to talk to a stranger? Like on a plane, or in an on-line chat room?"

The tall stud nodded down to her, hardly breathing, hoping she would give him a green light.

My wife looked around too, her slanted brown eyes preferring to lock onto his strong face and his manly physique, not to mention the big bulge in his shorts. She sighed then diffidently looked up at him again. "Maybe it's easier for me, I mean, I don't have kids, and I'm on my own a lot."

He grinned, sensing Kitty and he were having a magical moment that the two of them weren't supposed to have. "What's easier, what do you mean?"

"I mean," my playful wife giggled, looking away from him as if caught with her hand in the cookie jar, then smiling as she "forced" herself to look at him again. "I mean, you know -- if, like, I want to, you know, satisfy my needs, then, I guess its easier for me to get what I want."

"Oh?" He stepped even closer to her, remaining far enough only so no one looking at them would think they were hitting on each other. "You gonna tell me what you want, Kitty?"

My slutty wife had no compunction about telling him. Staring up at him, her hand reaching out to stroke the hair on his lower arm briefly, she muttered her answer to him with a hoarse, throaty slut's tone. "More, baby, I want more." She grinned at him then, her toothy white smile relaxing his tensions. "My husband, well, -- I have more drive than him, in bed, and, he's not around a lot anyway -- and, well, can I be honest?"

Brian immediately nodded, his smile extending from ear to ear on his pleasant face.

Kitty giggled before expressing the deepest truth to him. "I just need more -- bigger -- he's, you know, only adequate -- I really, really need MORE, like, BIG. And he knows it, and he lets me have it -- whenever I can get it, from anyone I want it from."

The married stud snickered, giving Kitty a very devilish grin, a visual indication he hoped Kitty would want it from him. Seeing Kitty's equally evil gleam back in his direction, Brian leaned towards her and intentionally bumped his hip against her small body. "So -- you allow anyone to give it to you?" he joked, playing back her words.

"Shut up!" Kitty cackled, smacking him more forcefully across his arm, pretending to be horrified he suggested she was that loose.

He threw his hands up in defense of himself. "Hey, you said it." Then, getting more serious about his offer, he leaned his mouth down to her ear and whispered in a rhaspy voice, "But, maybe, you'd like to help me out."

"Oh?" Kitty was hoping an offer would be forthcoming from this very sexy man.

"Mmm hmm." He grinned at his luck in meeting this slut at the boring party. "Maybe -- I dunno -- after that lousy dinner, you're still hungry for something?"

My wife gasped at the offer, enjoying how he put his words. "Maybe," she giggled, "like, I don't know -- some big sausage?" She and he both nodded and laughed at each other, and she added, "And are you hungry too -- maybe some fish taco for you?"

"Fish taco!" Brian roared with a deep belly-laugh. "Yeah," he agreed in a more subdued tone, "that's it -- I'm VERY hungry for some of that."

"Good, baby," my slutty wife purred with a lusty breath, "let's go someplace where we can, you know -- eat!"

* * * *

I ate my dinner at a table with two other men I didn't know, trading small talk about the upcoming football season, where out of nowhere Kitty appeared standing at my side. She was giggly, almost nervously so. "Need you," she told me in a rush, wiggling her finger at me. Her hands shot out to my nearest hand, pulling it and stretching my arm out, trying to get me to stand up quickly. I hurriedly balanced my plate and soda on the small table and excused myself from the two guys, standing up to follow my wife to a private corner of the backyard.

She pulled my ear down to her mouth, whispering excitedly. "David, sweety, please, you gotta help us," she moaned, her brown eyes looking across the backyard at Mr. Orange Shirt, who was introducing one of his sons to some curvaceous teenage girl. "I really hope you don't mind, but, please, we need you for a little while, is that okay?" She made it sound like a request, although, my answer was preordained.

"Uh, sure," I offered, not knowing my mission.

***[This was a common occurrence, not knowing my mission. Maybe the most memorable time was around Christmas last year, something like that. It was cold, all I recall. I was driving home one Friday afternoon, wondering what Kitty might have in store for the rest of the night. Fridays are usually playtime for her and me, or just her. My cellphone buzzed with a text message; it had to be from her, because my work emails went to my Blackberry. At a red light, I glanced at the message, and good thing I did. "HONEY PLZ GET MOTEL ROOM 4 2NITE." Wow, that sounded extremely playful, something too involved to just have someone over to our house.]***

***[Gladly I drove straight to the nice inn down the highway from our house, and booked a double-bed room for the night. Then I called her from the room, but she didn't answer her cellphone. So I watched a ballgame for a bit. Called again, no response. Called a third time maybe an hour after the first call, still no answer. I hoped nothing was wrong but was sure she'd contact me when it was time. Maybe two hours after getting the room, she did call me, her voice hushed. I tried not to sound disturbed about the long, secret wait, but she didn't have a lot of time to talk. "David, I'm soooo sorry, but, please, don't ask right now," she said in a rush, almost whispering into the hpone "but, I know you might not like this, but, please, really, can you, you know, stay in the hotel room, maybe come home tomorrow -- even, like, afternoon, like, late? Please?"]***

***[I put aside any potential misgivings and immediately said yes, still unsure of the mission I was on. Thus, as she so politely and sweetly requested, I stayed in the room overnight, went out for dinner myself, and went to the office on Saturday for the majority of the day until driving home past 4 p.m. I found my pretty wife napping in our bed, completely naked. Sensing me in the room she roused herself up greeted me with a very loving, tongue-filled kiss, and told me I had been a "very good husband" for putting up with her request, so I deserved a very big present that night.]***

***[Later that day, she explained what had happened. She told some guy she was cheating on her husband who was out of town, and she hoped to end up in a motel room but never really made it out of our house. Obviously I couldn't come into the house while she was fucking the guy, when I was supposed to be out of town. For my present, as she promised she turned down a couple of offers for dates that night with men with better bodies and much bigger cocks, and instead she stayed with me at home, and the sex was fucking wonderful, as usual.]***

Her small cheeks were flushed, and she was holding a strand of her long hair, twirling it around her fingers, which was one of her nervous traits. "So, honey, you know Brian is leaving tomorrow, right?" She saw me nod. Then she rambled with her request, clearly slightly embarrassed for having to ask. "Well, um, I really don't want to, you know, treat you like this, but well -- I mean, it's his last night here -- so, like, can, you, um, come stand downstairs here, like, kind of -- um, protect us, I mean -- we're, like, I mean, he's going to, like, take me into the house and show me this room down there, the guy's 'man cave,' and, um, you know, it's private and all -- but, like, you know, we don't want to be disturbed?"

My penis instantly grew to its not-quite six inches in length. I'm a typical cuckold, I find enormous satisfaction from my wife wanting to fuck other hot men, getting something for herself that I can't provide her. My knees almost buckled from the blood rushing to fill my prick, and I giggled at the fact my wife can find a fuck-buddy for herself in any party anywhere. I'm so proud to be married to such a hot slut! "You're kidding," I protested in shock, "you're seriously going to go down and fuck him -- NOW?"

"Shhh!" Kitty's small hand darted out and smacked me across the arm, the slat delivering a wincing pain on my skin. "Shut up! And, no, we're not going to FUCK!" Her arms stood akimbo, her hands on her small hips, as she glared at me disapprovingly -- but smiling at me playfully. "Well, I mean, I might suck his dick or something, maybe, but not fuck, are you crazy?" Then she added with a wink, "I love you, you do know that, right?"

She looked so divine and beautiful, so loving, her smile and eyes enlightened at the prospect of having some fun private time with the hot married male. I loved that she was excited by this sudden twist to the party; I wanted her to have exactly whatever she wanted, whatever would really please her deepest cravings.

My petite wife stepped up directly in front of me, her arm around my waist, letting me lean my ear down to her mouth so she could whisper the instructions. "Wow, thanks so much baby, but -- please, just, don't be obvious, okay. After we go in -- make sure no one goes into that room, okay? It's somewhere down in the basement."

What was I going to say? I said exactly what she wanted; I always do, because I love her and her happiness makes me happy. And she, too, does things for my happiness.

***["David," she spat in the phone excitedly, not in a state to hear an argument, "really, is this meeting really so important? Can't you please just tell them something came UP and you have to get home, like, an emergency?" She was panting, rhythmically, as she spoke, and I thought I heard the familiar bumping of our guest room's headboard against the wall. "Please, really, trust me, just get home as soon as you can, baby, really, alright?" Then she added with a friendly moan, "I love you, baby, please, do it for me -- but, I promise, you WANT to come home!"]***

***[Her insisting voice and pleasant request left me no room or reason to negotiate, so I agreed; I made apologies and excuses to my boss, a coworker and my client, then I headed home as fast as I could race through traffic. The driveway had an unfamiliar Jeep on it, caked in dried mud. The house's first floor was silent, but I spied Kitty's black thong on the floor near the front door. My cock throbbed in anticipation, as I climbed the steps to the second floor. Indeed, there was noise from the guest bedroom, the one where she usually takes men home to fuck her. She always reserved the master bedroom was for herself and me alone, except for sleep-over dates of course.]***

***[The guest room's door was half-closed, so I pushed it out of the way slowly and peeked inside. My wife was naked, riding the very large penis of a very naked younger man. Her back and ass were facing the door, as she humped a long fat erection that was dripping juices onto big bloated hairy balls. The guy was thin and wiry, with tattoos all over his arms and thighs, and I could see his long blonde hair spilled around the pillow as he lay beneath my wife. Her hands were on the headboard, and she was screaming in delight riding his enormous cock. She'd been expecting me, looking back at me with glee. "Baby!" she panted at me as soon as I walked into the room, "oh god, John here wanted my hubby to see how fucking good he fucks me -- before he goes home to his wifey -- don't you love seeing this?" Then she leaned to the side, and the mustached face of a 20-something stud smiled at me, like a cat who ate the canary.]***

***["I'm fuckin' your bitch, man!" the guy named John cackled, smacking Kitty's small butt and showing me how he had his prick up Kitty's cunt. "She's one hot fucking whore, dude!" Kitty laughed and, looking back at me over her shoulder, winked. "Mmm David, I'm so fuckin' horny, he's so fucking goooood -- aren't you glad you came home and got to see this?" She was so right; to thank her, after the guy left to go home, I sucked his loads of sperm out of Kitty's soaking wet, gaping-open pussy.]***

"Sure, alright, no problem," I said without hesitation or compunction to Kitty's request. But, inside my head, I was already wondering what exactly this might entail.

"Awesome," Kitty purred at me, standing on her toes in her sandals and kissing my cheek briefly, "thanks so much -- you're wonderful to me, I love you!" And with that, Kitty slithered off to Brian, and the two of them disappeared into the house's kitchen together.

I looked around, making sure no one seemed particularly bothered that the two of them went into the house together. Not that anyone should have noticed. Adults and kids alike were coming and going in the house, whether to use the bathroom, carry food or drinks in and out, or whatever.

So, it seemed, I had a role to play in this. Kitty wanted her cock tonight, and there would be hell to pay if I failed my duty and someone discovered the married father of four fucking my horny married Asian slutwife.

* * * *

Charging down the dim hallway in the back of the fully-furnished basement, Kitty ran ahead of her new friend, looking for the right passage. "Which way?" her light voice chirped, as she turned down a dead-end hallway.

"No, this way, sweetie," Brian chided, stepping right up behind her and reaching both hands to the small of her back -- and using just his fingers to tickle her, making her jump in place.

My wife giggled, swatting away his hand. "Then YOU lead, Mr. Know-it-all."

"It's here," he reported, taking her hand and stepping past a door that he was just opening. It was, indeed, the very last door on the darkest hallway. He flicked a switch, and bright lights flooded a small room. This was Mitchell's "man-cave," his place to escape. The far wall had a 32 inch flat-screen TV, and the other walls were covered by rows and rows of bookshelves of DVDs, videotapes, and a small number of books. An expensive computer sat in the far corner. In the middle of the room, pushed near the TV, was a black-leather chair, but more of a reclining chair really. It had a thick, plush backrest that leaned back slightly, and the bottom cushion was several feet long -- allowing someone to sit on it upright and stretch his legs out all the way, or, lie flat on his back with just his knees and feet bending off at the bottom.

Brian let Kitty walk into the room first. "Mmmm," my playful wife mused, looking it over. It was nothing more to her than a private room; it didn't have a sofa or bed, but that long chair had some promising features.

Her playful giggled continued as Brian moved directly behind her quickly, pressing the fat bulge of his crotch against her lower back and butt through her sundress, while his arm reached around her body. His hot breaths fell on her exposed slender neck, where he began nibbling on the soft sensitive skin there and, above it, her dangling earlobe. "Hope I'm not distracting you," he snickered with his wet lips against my wife's skin. She chuckled, holding her hand against his arm that was reaching across her. As he kissed her ear and neck his hand slid to her waist, and his lips moved southward to lick a wet trail to her exposed shoulder in the sleeveless sundress, planting a soft kiss there.

"Mmm," agreeably moaned my wife, "I have sooo missed this kind of attention from a hot man." She spun in his arms, facing him, letting him continue to kiss her shoulder while she slipped a hand between their bodies. Her small married hand, sporting her 2.5 carat engagement and rings, slipped inside Brian's jogging shorts. She gasped, feeling the extremely impressive shaft inside. It drew a soft moan from him, with his lips moving back to nibble and suckle her earlobe. Her hand slipped around the inside of his shorts, now grasping his firm muscular butt, admiring how tight and fit it was compared to her husband's much more flabby derrier. Brian giggled at that feeling, which ended soon enough as she returned her small hand inside his shorts to his penis, wrapping her fingers around that cock, getting it even harder in her hand, even thicker.

Moving her face to find his, their lips met, and she exclaimed as encouragement, "Mmmmhhhhmmmm." Brian and my wife began a mad, passionate kiss, full of tongues and saliva. With her hand around his penis, she felt his strong large hand raising her sundress above her waist, then immediately it dove inside the front of her panties. "Ohhh fuckkk -- yesss!" she erupted in their kiss, totally approving of his approach to her married vagina. Inside her black satin panties his fingers dove deep, touching her recently-shaved vagina, and one of his thick fingers curled upwards and instantly began rubbing firmly against her gaping-wet cunthole. Kitty responded to his aggressive move by kissing more firmly, shoving her tongue into the depths of his married, cheating mouth. "Oh, god, Brian," my wife grunted into the kiss, lost in the heaven of his company, "sooo good!"

Brian's fingers was circling her clit inside her panties, teasing it, toying with it, smearing liquid all over his fingertip, while his mouth broke their kiss and moved down to her neck again. Kitty groaned as her head fell to the side, offering her skin to his mouth, and she gripped his large penis inside his shorts for support as his warm breaths and wet kisses devoured her slender Asian neck again. Finding his ear near her mouth she moaned into it, "Ohhh baby," panting hard and trying to remain standing while Brian's finger was grinding hard on her throbbing wet clitty.

His two hands, both of them now under her sundress, moved up Kitty's slick flat tummy to her chest. As the dress bunched around her armpits and hung loosely over Brian's paws, his thumbs hooked under the bottom edge of her bra and raised it too, exposing her A-cup titties to his palms. Instantly he was palming first one then both of her soft orbs, squeezing a little harder each time. "Mmmmm!" encouraged my wife, her hand stroking the monster cock inside his shorts. She felt his thumbs out now, playing with her sensitive nipples, making her knees feel weak. She continued to encourage his attention. "Ohhh, yesss!"

Brian kept nibbling on her earlobes, his tongue flickering out to lick them too, then back down to her neck his mouth went. Kitty couldn't wait, she let go of Brian's penis and reached both of her hands to her sundress, pulling it up and off of herself and dropping it uselessly to the floor. Now his big hands could easily grope at her small Asian boobs, still teasing her nipples relentlessly with his thumbs, while Kitty gyrated her hips over the bulge in Brian's groin.

Kitty moved her face down, brushing her nose on his cheek, and he responded as she wanted. Their lips found each other again, madly pressing together in an animal kiss, making my wife's pussy gush with delight. "Mmm, love the way you kiss, Brian. . . oh my god . . . makes me sooo wet."

Their forbidden kiss continued, the married father of four making out with my wife, as the stripping began in more earnest. Kitty reached behind herself to open her bra, which wasn't covering her small breasts anyway. Brian's hands, meanwhile, slipped down her body, stroking her smooth velvety skin, then hooking inside her panties over her hips to push them down. Kitty allowed the man to make her naked, lowering her panties to her knees, fully exposing her bald shaved twat. Brian didn't finish the job, leaving her panties at her knees, instead pushing his hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clitoris again, lightly but quickly. "Ohhh fuccckkk!" screamed my wife into his mouth, loving his playfulness.

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