Me, My Slutwife & Emily


Still . . . Olya was really creamy and pretty. Before Brendan introduced her to Olya, it had been quite some time since Kitty had fucked another girl, and she'd forgotten how fun it was. She would have loved having a girl/girl date with Olya herself, although she'd never attempted to find out if it was possible.

So that made my wife think of what she really wanted to do that night with me, her adoring husband, to make the night special. Oh, it would be special if Kitty could bring a horny female home -- like Olya -- for me to fuck along with herself, but they don't exactly grow on trees. Kitty knew that was not an option, at least not for tonight. Instead, she'd do something else fun -- something she knew I enjoyed.


Yes, Kitty would drag herself out into the sweltering heat, drive over to the sex shop a mile or so away from our house, and pick out some fun toys for the evening, because she knew I loved to use them on her.

And, if she found a toy for herself for the afternoon while she waited home alone, that was not a bad thing either.

* * * *

Sex with Olya, sex with Brendan and Olya, and sex with her boyfriend Matt were all on Kitty's mind, as she stepped into the Late Night Video store in the strip mall near our house. The little shop seemed innocent enough from the outside; all the shop windows were blackened out, and there was nothing other than the store's title to indicate was one could buy inside.

But, oh, inside was an amusement park for horny people.

Videos and DVDs, thousands of them around the walls. Sex toys for boys and girls, filling a room off to the side. Slutty outfits and lingerie filling the middle racks of the room. Even a bulletin board for swingers and females to use, to post hand-written ads for new lovers and playmates.

Closing the door behind herself, shutting out the early afternoon heat and feeling immediately refreshed by the store's air conditioning, Kitty looked around the store behind her large dark sunglasses. She felt some nerves, realizing it was the first time she'd ever been in the sex store alone. Every time in the past, she'd been with me or with a boyfriend. The store was brightly lit by overhead lights, which justified Kitty in keeping her sunglasses on her small face, hiding her anxiety about being there alone. The local rabble was already there, the unemployed or underemployed looking for an escape from their daily boredom. Wearing tight-fitting jeans that exposed her hot little ass, Kitty became aware of a couple of guys eyeing her up. It was ironic; with her ample makeup and body-tight outfit hugging her petite Asian frame -- and with the 3 carat diamond ring on her finger -- my wife was actually so sexy that she was too pretty to be approached. So the males in the store kept their distance, admiring her from afar.

Kitty kept her eyes off of the males, she wasn't expecting to find anyone particularly attractive there, and she certainly didn't want to tempt herself by getting a new date. Instead, her eyes went to the counter in the middle of the room, directly in front of the front door. What she saw made her pause.

Oh boy, my horny wife thought to herself, the girl working behind the counter was very pretty -- as in, very, very, very sexy and attractive. Not much older than Olya, certainly in her early 20s, the chick had blondish hair but olive or tanned skin, and a pretty, round face with big fat lips and huge brown eyes. The hair looked died, and the girl's factial features looked mixed-race -- part Asian or Latina? Part black? Standing behind the tall counter, the girl looked petite. She wore a tight green top showing nicely-formed curves, maybe B-cups or A-cups in a pushup bra.

Kitty made her way past the countertop, glacing at the girl again. The female worker there saw Kitty and a toothy grin broke out across her face, as she gave Kitty a little friendly hello and waive. Kitty figured, not a lot of women came into the store alone. As socially proper, Kitty said hello back, then made her way to the small room off to the side with the female toys.

Standing in front of the wall of toys for a few moments, Kitty heard a soft thump from the room behind her, and the light patter of footsteps slowly making their way across the carpet. The counter girl was coming her way. Kitty didn't move much, largely not paying attention to the worker, and in fact a little embarrassed at the attention from another female while Kitty was in the process of picking out sex toys to entertain her pussy. It was leaving the very wrong impression that Kitty couldn't get any live cock for herself.

The girl walked up to a large cardboard box on the floor, directly beneath the display of female toys. Kitty's eyes sized up the young lady. Like Kitty, she was wearing tight jeans that wrapped around a hot little ass. The girl was a couple inches taller than Kitty, but curvier in the hips. Bending over to open the box and pull out the latest wares that were just shipped into the store, Kitty found herself staring at the girl from behind. Your brain immediately thought about Olya's hot little Russian ass, which you enjoyed spreading apart to stick your tongue in her cunt and asshole, and your pussy creamed a little at that thought -- but also at the sight of the girl's little butt.

While bending over all the way, leaning over the box, the round-faced, olive-skinned blonde looked looks back at Kitty, over her shoulder, about to tell my wife about the new toys. "If you want--" But then, she spied Kitty's face -- even hidden behind sunglasses -- pointed at the direction of her ass. The girl smiled softly, not offended whatsoever, and she giggled casually. "So, um -- like anything you see here?"

The girl's voice was sweet and playful, as was her grin, and Kitty knew it was more of a joke than anything else. Still, Kitty blushed, not intending to be caught staring at the girl's butt nor intending to be a flirt. Kitty was going to laugh off the request -- until she noticed that the girl was remaining bent over, shoving her small ass in my wife's direction, even rocking her hips a bit to show off her ass. The girl's face remained affixed with a girlish grin.

Kitty, ever the slut, had a little fun with the situation, assuming it would lead to nothing. "Oh, mmm, yesss, I do, " she giggled back, taking off her sunglasses and now allowing the younger gal to see my wife's brown eyes directly riveted in the direction of the hot young ass in the tight jeans, "But I don't know if I can take home exactly what I want?"

All of a sudden, Kitty was a little nervous, wondering if the girl thought it was a pick-up line. But the girl didn't seem to react that way. Standing upright now, she went into salesgirl mode. Standing not quite shoulder-to-shoulder with Kitty, she began pointing out some of the toys for girls on the wall and shelves, saying which ones are the most popular, and which were the "cheap ones that break." Then, hands on her hips, she cocked her head to one side. "Lots of things to keep a pretty girl busy, while her man is away." But then, as if not wanting to assume Kitty was heterosexual, she corrected herself with a grin. "Well, I shouldn't assume -- while your special someone is away, that is."

Kitty didn't think much of that comment at first, but then she realized the girl was holding out the possibility that Kitty's "special someone" was a female. "Oh, my man," Kitty said softly, making it clear she prefered boys, while her eyes looking around to make sure that none of the other customers in the store were close enough to the two of them in the room reserved for girl toys. "Yeah, he's a lawyer, he works really long hours -- but, you know, sometimes my husband or my boyfriends like to have a toy or two handy also, for some extra fun."

The comment was intended to draw a grin from the pretty, younger girl, and it worked; her rounded face and plush lips curled up with a devilish grin. "Your boyfriends, huh?" Kitty saw the girl's eyes glance over Kitty's figure, head to toe, sizing up the little package that was the slut standing next to her. "Well, I'm not surprised you have a man AND boyfriends -- you're really pretty -- one man can't satisfy all that you need, am I right?"

Looking at the girl who had such a inviting, knowing smile on her face, Kitty felt relaxed. The girl worked, after all, in a sex shop; she knew Kitty was there to satisfy the aching in her pussy, and for no other reason. She didn't need to pretend or talk in tongues. "Oh, something like that," my horny wife giggled, thinking about her "needs" for as much cock as she could fuck, "I definitely have my needs -- like, what my husband doesn't have -- a really, you know, big, huge, hung, hot cock -- now that is a lot of fun!"

The olive-skinned beauty's face winked with a knowing gleam. "Well, you sound a lot like me -- since you like that kind of fun," she said, pulling a big, fat black rubber dildo from a nearby drawer, "maybe this is what you're looking for, for today."

My slutty wife snickered at the sight of the 10-inch, ultra-fat cock that looked so incredibly huge in the salegirl's petite hand -- its size reminding Kitty of Vaughn's hot big black cock, back in the motel room with Janae and Brendan -- but something else caught Kitty's attention, a box on a shelf that contained a different kind of toy. The picture on the box showed a device with a red-rubbery piece the size and shape of a long tongue, being held against a clit or stuck into a pussy like a tongue. "Hmm, maybe," my wife said of the huge black toy cock in the salesgirl's hand, while pointing to the box with the toy tongue, "but -- maybe, what about this, instead?"

When the girl's eyes spotted the toy tongue, a bright look of realization crossed her eyes and face, making her smile in understanding. Maybe Kitty was in the mood for a good cunt-licking instead of a straight-up fuck. "Well," the mixed-race blonde moans, "that's not a bad one -- if there's no one around to give you the real thing."

The two girls' eyes met, and Kitty realized that the salesgirl was as horny as she was herself. The girl peered back at my wife with a mix of lust and playfulness in her stare, her body language indicating she was relaxed, but the look in her eye and the slight turn of the corner of her mouth suggesting she was on the prowl for sex. Kitty suddenly hesitated, not sure if she was really in the middle of picking up a younger woman for sex at a porn shop, or if she was misunderstanding. She wasn't even sure she wanted to do it; she'd only played with women while swinging or in threesomes, never one-on-one before. But the sexy young girl's exotic face blessed with a very amicable smile made my wife relax, and not worry about where the conversation was going. "Well I most definitely prefer the real thing," Kitty explained with a shy smile, "but I don't have a date with a boyfriend today, and my husband won't be home until around 8 at least." Then, looking down and blushing a bit -- an honest reaction -- she spoke aloud what she probably should have kept to herself. "And I'm not very good at just walking into a place and, you know, getting a new date."

The salesgirl snickered at the last comment, and her body language changed. Standing with one hip crooked to the side, her hand on that hip and elbow bent out in midair, she leaned her head to the side and gave Kitty a very friendly look -- the one a girl gives a man at the bar who buys her a drink. "Oh, you're doing just fine today," the girl mused, making sure Kitty understood what she really meant. "So -- uh, anything else here I can interest you in?"

Kitty's brain screamed -- honey, that was a pick-up line. But, being part shy and part honest, Kitty actually answered the question, although in a provocative way. "Yeah, here," she said, pointing at a box showing a black stiff dildo attached to leather straps -- a strap-on. Kitty knew what it was for, but she played dumb. "That looks hot, is that a strap-on -- how do you use it?"

The olive-skinned blonde let out a single chuckle, stepping forward to take it off the shelf and look at the box up close. Then, turning to face my Asian wife, her eyes looked around the store to be sure no one could overhear the conversation. "Well, this one," related the horny femaile with a greedy grin and throaty voice, "is for one girl to fuck her girlfriend with, you know -- and, like, it's better than a real cock, 'cause it won't get soft or cum, ever!" Then she added, with a flip of her shoulder and casual smile, "I mean, we use them all the time, we have sooo much fun with them."

Now it was my wife's turn to chuckle. "'We,' huh?"

"Yeah, 'we.'" The salesgirl was staring right into Kitty's eyes, searching for a reaction, as she exposed herself as a bisexual. "I got a couple girlfriends -- I mean, girls who are friends, not, like 'girlfriend' -- but, ya know, girls I play around with -- like, one of them I met in the store, even, a few times back."

That made my hotwife even more nervous. The girl was indeed bisexual, and she was most certainly hitting on Kitty.

Feeling a little put on the spot, Kitty felt defensive. She sensed her already-horny vagina was creaming in her thong inside her jeans, but her stomach fluttered with butterflies. "I've never used them before with the other girls," she related truthfully to the salesgirl, "I'm not sure I'd know how to use it right."

The girl grinned at Kitty, her brown eyes smiling too, and the look on her face suggested to Kitty that she wanted to say more in response than she actually did. "Well," is what she offered in a hushed, anxious tone, "you just need someone who, ya know -- is good with the equipment." Reaching back with a hand to run her fingers through her long blonde ponytail, she tossed her head to the side with a coquette's flirty smile. "You, uh, know anyone who might show you how to use them -- like, really, really well?"

Kitty's knees were weak, she felt light-headed, unsure if the pretty salesgirl was inviting her to extend an invitation for the girl to come back to our house and play with the toys. "Um -- I dunno -- doubt it." My wife was blushing, her eyes locked onto the salesgirl's face, unsure if she wanted to admit to herself that the two of them were really thinking the same thoughts. "Like -- I wasn't going to play with them anyway, until my husband got home, tonight--"

"Oh -- right." Now the girl's face seemed a bit less anxious, like a bit of stress was relieved; Kitty thinks maybe she took the answer the wrong way. "I guess, I didn't want to mislead you -- I mean, I wasn't asking to show you myself this afternoon -- I'm working this afternoon -- like, obviously!" A short giggle added a drop of levity into the sexually-charged, thick air between them. "I mean -- not that you'd want me, like, some dorky stranger to show you how to use a dildo." Laughing at her self-depricating comment she then added: "I mean, you're so pretty -- you can probably get just about anyone you want to show you how to use it -- I'm sure you hot a really hot husband!"

My wife blushed more. "Oh, he's okay -- cute -- very sweet man." Then she reacted to the complement, and she couldn't hold back the lusty thoughts swimming in her brain. "And you're not dorky, you're adorable yourself -- yeah, I mean, if you weren't working this afternoon, ya know, maybe you could have shown me how to use them."

Kitty grinned wrily, having admitted that very slutty idea to the pretty girl she'd just met minutes earlier. But as my wife blushed a crimson shade of red on her gorgeous face, the salesgirl responded with a giggle and moan. "Ohhh -- well, you know -- that, ah, would be something I could do." Then, with the two of them staring at each other while dancing around the edge of the thing both wanted, the girl made an offer that proved she was as much a slut as my wife was. "You know -- I get off at 7 tonight, I gotta do this thing first -- but, I could be free about 8, when your husband gets home -- if you think the two of you might want some help using them?"

Kitty's cunt gushed with juices, she felt weak-kneed, like she was going to fall over. The pretty girl was asking her for sex; she'd never done this before, she'd always had the Internet between herself and another female when setting up a fuckdate. She suddenly thought to herself, maybe this is what I can bring home for my husband -- a hot girl! But, nervous and unsure of herself, Kitty fumbled. The first word -- well, sounds, really -- out of her mouth were not what she should have said. "I -- uhhh -- ummm--"

Instantly, the exotic salesgirl seemed apologetic, waiving her hand in the air a second. "Oh, I, uh -- sorry, I didn't mean--"

"No!" Kitty frowned, realizing she almost blew it. Instead of letting the moment pass, however, she snapped it back onto its tracks. "I know what you meant." Glancing around the store yet again to be sure no one could hear them talk, Kitty lowered her voice and used the most sexually provocative, husky tone she could muster. "And, I know my husband wouldn' t mind watching -- I mean, watching you, um, teach me how to use some of these toys -- I guess, it would be really great, if you wanted to come over and, um, show me how to use some of this stuff? I -- we, don't live too far away."

Kitty felt really proud of herself -- and relieved -- having said that; facing the dragon, she slew it.

The salegirl's pretty brown eyes grew larger, as one of her slender eyebrows raises up to pretend to consider the offer. "I suppose -- I mean, we don't normally do housecalls!" she laughed, waiving at the store generally. "But, gee -- I guess, I can make an exception -- for an exceptionally pretty girl." She winked, her big eyes staring at my wife's face, searching her emotions, liking the response she saw. Politely, but lustfully, she finally introduced herself. "I'm Emily, my friends call me Em."

"Ah," my wife coughed, at an awkward moment, realizing they were exchanging names after having already agreed to fuck, "I'm Kitty." Then, with a laugh, my wife injected her sense of humor into the conversation, mixed with her insatiable lust. "But my, um, friends usually just call me, you know, their little Asian fuckslut!"

The two sluts laughed together, her admission breaking the tension for a second. "Is that right?" Emily snickered, looking at the toys, formulating a gameplan. "Then you're my kinda girl, Kitty -- can never have enough hot little Asian fucksluts in your life, right?"

Kitty wrinkled her flat little nose at her new friend. "Oh, I didn't say I was 'hot,'" she protested softly.

The salesgirl's response came swiftly and firmly. "Yeah you are." Emily took a step closer to my petite wife, now shoudler to shoulder, but her face turned to peer into Kitty's eyes. The girl's voice was rhaspy and hungry. "Well, tell you what -- maybe what you really want today is a horny blonde bitch to come to your house and show your husband how his hot little Asian wife can have fun without a man around, hmm?" Her brown eye twinkled. "Is that what you want today, sweetie?"

Kitty's words were hushed, a gasp, from deep inside. "Yessss," she cooed, wanting to sink into Emily, but keeping herself upright and just brushing her shoulder to the slightly taller girl's upper arm, "he needs to see me getting fucked all night by a gorgeous blonde bitch -- just like you."

Emily returned the look of desire, gazing into Kitty's eyes. "Well he's gonna see it -- 'cause I'm gonna fuck your brains out!"

The two sluts looked at each other and, anywhere else, would have immediately kissed each other. Instead, they both looked behind themselves, ensuring none of the males in the store could hear them. Realizing they were thinking the same thing, they giggled and playfully pushed each other a bit.

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