Me, My Slutwife & Emily


"Fuck," my horny wife groaned, stating the obvious, "I'm not gonna be able to wait all day!"

The younger slut agreed, letting out an exhilarated gasp of dismay. "Huh, yeah -- I know -- here, wait!" She reached into her pocket and took out a single brass-colored key, then she quickly stepped to the back corner of the little side room they were in. There was a single door there, locked, adorned with a sticker, "EMPLOYEES ONLY." Emily fit the key into the lock and unfastened the door, pushing it open, revealing a small, darkened room. With a fit of responsibility, she quickly strode back to look at the front desk of the store, seeing that a male employee had it covered.

"We're good," the girl grinned, grabbing Kitty's hand and leading my wife into the small storage room. Clicking on a light then shutting the door quickly, the two were now locked in a very small area with metal shelves along opposite walls, and a ladder pushed up against the back wall, leaving only a couple feet square for the two of them to stand together.

Kitty felt silly, like a schoolgirl, but her sudden lust for the young, exotic-looking woman was taking control. Standing face to face, the girls wrapped arms around each other and instantly their lips were together, smashing in a hot kiss, tongues immediately probing each other's mouth. Kitty tasted the sweetness of the girl, the aroma of a soft musky perfume mixing with the fresh flavors of the girl's lips and tongue. My wife felt two hands groping her small buttcheeks through her jeans, and Kitty did the same, sliding her hands down to Emily's buttocks, fondling them through the girl's jeans, finding them firm and squishy.

"Ohhh, fuckkk," my wife moaned into the hot wet kiss, "I'm so fucking turned on!"

"Yeah, me too," Emily panted, stepping back from the kiss, and without hesitation dropping to her knees. She pushed Kitty backwards a step, so my wife found herself leaning against the step-ladder right behind her, nowhere to go, as the salesgirl was reaching to Kitty's crotch and unfastening her jeans. "Shit, I've sucked cocks and gotten fucked in here -- but never with a girl." Kitty stood stiff, her knees together, weak, anxious for the girl to pull her jeans and thong down. Emily had the jeans unfastened and, curling her fingers around the thong's straps and the jeans over Kitty's slender hips, with a yank pulled them both down my wife's legs simultaneously.

"Fuck -- yesss!" Kitty leaned back now, jeans and thongs at her ankles around her sandle-clad feet, prying open her knees. Emily held the clothing against the concrete floor, so that Kitty could lift one foot out of them, allowing her to spread more widely. My petite wife slipped both her arms backwards, elbows resting on one level of the metal ladder, while she delicately placed her naked butt against a lower rung of the ladder, able now to spread her legs to the sides with both feet on the floor. Staring at Emily's eyes as they gazed at my wife's shaved wet pussy, Kitty growled for what she wanted. "You made me so wet, baby -- eat my cunt sweetie!"

Emily stared at my wife's puffy pussylips and the wet pinkness inside. Reaching one hand up to the cunt in front of her, the salesgirl pried open my wife's petals to expose more of the pinkness as well as her little hard clitty. She leaned forward on her knees, lapping her tongue against my wife's clit, tasting the wetness and making my wife moan and shiver. "Mmm yeah," Emily grunted, lapping more at Kitty's clitoris, suckling it, "sooo nice!"

Kitty reached one hand down, wanting to wrap her fingers around Emily's blonde head, but instead she found her fist grabbing Emily's ponytail and holding it, able to move Emily's mouth with it. "Fuckkk -- yesss -- ohhh, god, fuck, yesss!" Grinding her cunt against Emily's mouth, my wife started masturbating herself with the younger woman's tongue playing the role of a toy. "Fuck -- I'm so wet -- fucking do it, baby, eat your little slutty bitch!"

"Mmmm!" The sexy, olive-skinned girl was devouring Kitty's juices, lapping them off of her cuntlips, sucking them down, licking for more and more. "You're a little slut, huh?" she asked my wife, looking up at Kitty's smallish breasts past her shirt, up at my wife's brown eyes, "you like lots of cock in this hot pussy, huh?"

My wife was in ecstasy, gyrating her pelvis in a circle, rubbing her wet aching cunt against Emily's soft mouth and tongue, feeling the relief in her vagina from the feminine attention. "Fuck -- yesss -- I'm a fucking whore, I love cocks -- big cocks -- I can't stop, I fuck so many hung cocks!"

But her pussy was desperate to cum not from a big cock but Emily's small pink little tongue, now digging into her tight hole, while the girl's upper lip ground against Kitty's clitoris. Still grabbing Emily's blonde ponytail to keep the girl's face immobile, Kitty spread her knees more and rubbed her vagina against the tongue protruding inside, thrusting hard, smearing her leaking cuntjuices all over the store employee's pretty face. Kitty felt the girl's hands clutching my wife's sexy, tight little bumcheeks, long fingernails digging into the flesh as the girl held my wife's pelvis in place to keep eating her cunt. Forcing herself to bite her lip, so as not to scream and alert the entire store to the lesbian fucking taking place in the storage closet, Kitty growled and moaned in delight while she felt the sensations of a cum building in her body.

The big, brown eyes of the horny younger girl stared up at my face's face, watching the feelings of lust spilling over Kitty's eyes and lips, my wife's mouth open agape as she trembled towards a climax. Kitty was really yanking Emily's head now, back and forth, forcing the girl to thrust her tongue into my wife's pussy as Kitty concentrated on that penetration. "Yesss -- fuckkk, yesss -- oh god, oh god, yesss -- eat me," my wife cried, wincing, eyes closed, her small chest heaving with deep breaths, "eat me you bitch!"

The girl pulled her tongue out of my wife's pussy to say just one thing, before shoving it back inside. "You gonna cum in my mouth, huh?"

"YESSSSS!" As soon as that tongue slammed back into Kitty's twat, my wife lost it, her cunt exploding with a hard orgasm. She felt the liquids spilling out, filling Emily's mouth, while my wife felt the world get dizzy and she almost fell from her perch against the ladder behind her. Emily didn't retreat, she kept her tongue shoved up my wife's cunt throughout the hard orgasm, drinking in ever drop of the climax as my wife's little body spasmed and shook from the body-wrenching cum.

The orgasm left the salesgirl on her knees with a mouthful and faceful of Kitty's cunt juices; looking down, my wife found the sight delicious. Kitty bend her head and leaned forward, while Emily stayed on her knees, and they began kissing once again, hard, my wife tasting the flavors of her own twat inside Emily's mouth now. They shared the liquid, their tongues pushing it back and forth between their mouths, until they mutually devoured it.

Emily stood up now, rotating the two of them until Emily had her back against the ladder, and my wife was dutifully dropping to her knees. Then, with a twist, Emily spun around, shoving her jeans-clad ass in my wife's face. The salesgirl quickly unfastened her pants and pushed them and her panties down to her feet, bending forward and placing both elbows on a rung of the ladder so that her torso was at a 90 degree angle, almost, with her stiffened little legs. Kitty found herself staring at Emily's shaved wet pussy from the backside, dripping just beneath Emily's puckered little brown asshole, surrounded by two soft, little buttcheeks.

"Oooh yeah," encouraged the horny salesgirl, still licking my wife's pussy juices off of her own lips, "lick me too -- I want it so bad -- I've been so fucking horny all day!"

Kitty didn't need to be told, the sight of Emily's young wet cunt and naked ass made her mouth want to be filled. Placing her palms on Emily's small asscheeks, prying them apart, Kitty leaned forward and immediately sank her tongue hard against Emily's little asshole. The younger girl didn't expect that, shrieking for a moment then laughing that she was so loud, feeling my wife start lapping and tonguing her tight little poophole. Kitty made the small, tight hole all wet, then she licked down to Emily's cuntlips, just licking the pink, wet outer lips, tasting their juices, before licking further down south to the girl's hard little clitoris. Puckering her lips, Kitty swallowed it and tugged it into the vacuum of her mouth, before releasing it and using just her tongue-tip to flick furiously over the clit, rapidly, over and over, teasing it and torturing it. The girl was on fire, pushing her hot cunt backwards to my wife, gasping in lust. Kitty suckled the clitoris a few times, draining it of juices, before licking upwards to the entrance of the girl's pussy.

"Yeah!" silently screamed the horny, olive-skinned slut, "do it!"

My wife jammed her tongue forward, thrusting it into the tight lips of the salesgirl. She felt the girl's body quake in delight, and a moment later Kitty felt Emily's fingertips on her own clitoris, rubbing it while Kitty tongue-fucked her hole. Kitty pressed her mouth against the girl's soft pink petals and thrust her little married tongue hard into the salesgirl's vagina, feeling the soft, wet warmth of her pussyhole, fucking it over and over with her tongue probing in and out. The bent-over girl shoved her ass backwards into Kitty's face, her own fingers on her clitoris driving her vagina to its first orgasm. "Fuck -- ohhhh yessss!" the girl announced, as her cum spilled out of her vagina, her body shaking and juices flowing into Kitty's mouth. She let out a low whine, squealing in pained pleasure, cumming against my wife's face.

The girl was left gasping, after my wife drained that cum out of her. "Oh shit, sooo good," she yelped in delight, "you're so good -- I can't fucking wait for tonight!"

Licking juices off of her lips, my wife giggled as she stared at the girl's naked ass. "Mmm," she agreed, "me neither!"

* * * *

Sitting on our sofa like a nervous teenager, I anxiously watched my wife standing in front of me in a flimsy, see-through negligee covering a barely-there black lacy thong. The clock said 8:15 p.m., and ever since I had gotten home ten minutes earlier, Kitty planted me on the sofa and told me not to move until our "guest arrived."

Seeing my wife in a negligee and awaiting a guest, I fully expected one of her boyfriends -- or perhaps a new playmate she'd just met online -- come into our house and bone her with a massive dick right in front of me.

So, you can imagine my shock after the doorbell rang and Kitty opened our front door, when I saw that our guest was a petite, young, olive-skinned blonde with a long ponytail and tight t-shirt and jeans, toting a duffle bag over one of her slender shoulders. My cock had been hard from seeing Kitty in the negligee, but upon seeing this woman, my dick wanted to burst out of my pants. Kitty brought home a girl -- and not just any girl, but an extremely pretty, sexy gal in her young 20's, with a nice-looking bust and slender hips? Suddenly a million thoughts raced through my mind -- what if this wasn't for sex? What if the girl didn't like me? Was there a hot guy coming over too?

Kitty saw the surprised look on my face, and she grinned proudly, wanting to see my reaction to the surprise visitor. The very attractive, exotic young beauty entering our house first laid her big brown eyes on my wife's petite body and the very slutty lingerie barely covering her -- exposing her little nipples on her A-cup boobies, the flatness of her tummy, the small size of her pelvis. I even saw the guest's eyes stare a moment at Kitty's crotch, undoubtedly making out the dark slit of her pussy visible through the mesh of the thong. When the girl smiled ear to ear, there was no doubt, she was here to fuck Kitty.

Then the girl's eyes turned to me, and her look was a little different. More standoff-ish. She observed me, measuring up the stranger (to her) sitting on the sofa, fully clothed, probably twice her age. She didn't exactly explode with lust, but she did grin -- part nervously, part amicably -- and stepped into the living room. Whatever she saw in me, it wasn't scaring her away.

Before making introductions, she had me relocate onto the easy chair facing our sofa, then she and Emily sat together on the sofa -- not quite touching, but close to each other. I saw Emily's big, brown eyes still looking over my wife's body -- tits, thighs, pussy and all -- visible through the black-mesh lingerie. The younger girl definitely looked attracted to what she saw sitting next to her on the sofa. The young blonde with the ponytail then again turned her eyes towards me, seated a few feet away on the chair. I saw energy in those eyes, electricity; a touch of nerves, perhaps, but also a playful humor.

"David," Kitty purred, leaning into Emily's shoulder and touching her arm with her hand, "this is Emily, and -- well, I met her at the sex shop earlier today, she works there -- she's gonna -- well, she came here to kinda, you know, show us some new products, to use?" The two females giggled at each other as Kitty clarified, "So, she's kinda a salesgirl, I guess -- making a housecall tonight."

"Oh yeah," Emily laughed, dropping her duffle bag onto the sofa next to her, the side away from Kitty, "I guess I'm selling something, alright." It was an inside joke, and both she and my wife chuckled. "I brought a few of my favorite things from the store -- they won't miss them, I do the inventory too."

I chuckled, realizing the girl was on a sales call, or something like that. "Ah, is that right -- well, I'm sure Kitty will buy one of everything you have -- two, maybe, just in case she breaks one from, ah, overuse." I snickered at my joke, and my wife gave me a pretend mocking howl of disdain.

I was really liking how this was going, with the beautiful young woman obviously here to play with my wife. Wanting to be a gracious host, I felt I needed to speak up for myself. "Well -- welcome, Emily -- you're really beautiful, aren't you?" She mouthed a "thank you" to me, as I continued. "I gather you already know that my sexy wife loves beautiful men and women -- so I'm sure the two of you will get along just great."

My wife giggled. "Oh, I think we already know that." The two petite women shared another inside joke, giggling away.

The two inside jokes had an immediate effect on me. Already I felt like a third wheel. Because Emily didn't immediately fawn over me, I wanted to make sure my wife's evening would be the most pleasurable one possible. "Baby, if you two want, I can go down to the basement and do some work on the computer -- or, even, I mean, I have a bunch of errands to run, if you want the house to yourself for a few hours?"

Kitty looked at me kindly, sweetly, as she always did. "No, baby," she respond. There had been other times she politely and, somewhat with a guilty face, had asked me to leave the house because a boyfriend or date (like Patrick or Matt) was under the constant illusion she was cheating on me. Tonight was clearly different, and it made me more relaxed. "I thought, you know, Emily would show us together -- right, Em?" She turned her head and flashed a smile at her new friend.

The blonde was untying her ponytail, brushing her thick golden-blonde hair with her fingers fanned out from her hand, letting it cascade halfway down her back. "If he wants to watch," she said softly to Kitty, "I think he might learn a thing or two."

I liked the young woman's spunk. The scent of sex was in the air, not just from Kitty's barely-covered pussy; this other girl came over to our house with a bag full of sextoys, it seemed, and the sexual energy in the room was palpable. "So Emily," I asked, as aroused as my wife was, "you're really fucking hot -- I bet you have a boyfriend who has a huge fucking dick -- doesn't he?"

Surprised at my question, she looked at me with these big brown eyes checking me out. Perhaps she didn't expect me to be so direct -- I didn't exactly look like a horny pervert, I guess, I'm too non-threatening in appearance. It's my boyishly-young face, plus I'm not exactly muscular or stud-like. Although, I have trimmed down considerably, living with my sexy Asian second wife, working out every day -- in bed and otherwise. "Yeah," Emily snickered, her eyes giving me a friendly look, "he's got a huge one, like, this big." She stiffened her pointer fingers from both hands, holding them a good 9 inches apart. "And, like, this." She then used finger and thumb on one hand to make a circle, holding it up. Her fingertip wasn't touching her thumb, indicating an extremely large penis.

My wife howled in appreciation at the description of her boyfriend's cocksize. "Oh yeah!" She clapped once. Putting on a bit of a show for her horny husband, Kitty had war stories to tell too. "One of my boyfriends, Matt, is like that -- he's a fucking horse, I mean, the guy has the equipment, he's a fucking thrill to fuck!" Then she looked across the room at me, blushing. "As David can tell you, he's seen me with cocks big like that -- remember Brian's cock, when we went on vacation down to the Shore? I fucking scream like I'm dying, I love the feeling of a huuuuge cock ripping me open and sticking sooo deep into me -- it's the best fucking sex."

Emily's eyes grew wide and her grin inflated too, hearing her little story -- particularly intrigued that Kitty spoke so openly about fucking big cocks in front of her husband. Emily nodded as if understanding. "So, David," the girl asked me, unable to contain the huge smile on her pretty face, "you like her fucking other guys, huh?" Her voice grew tepid, as if afraid she might make me angry.

I shrug, not offended at all. "Oh, I love fucking her myself, but -- she's a little whore, she loved cocks, big cocks -- and I love her, I don't mind whatever she does -- or whomever she does -- Patrick, Matt, Tim, Joe, Keith, Kent . . . shit, I forget all of their names."

"Oh my gawd!" Emily's face whipped around to laugh at my wife. "You ARE a little slut, aren't you?"

Kitty's playful brown eyes stared back, her small flattened face nodding. "Ohhh yeah," she admitted freely, "you don't mind, do you?"

"No way," the girl answered, leaning closer to my wife now, touching shoulder to shoulder, "I wish I could be like that, I'd love to have a bunch of hung boyfriends." She looked across the room again, at me, her gaze a little different now. It was friendly, like we were all part of the same team now. "You really must love her, David -- letting her get what she really wants -- 'cause, that's, like, so wonderful -- I wish I had a boyfriend like that!"

My wife clapped her small hands again, giggling at a joke in her head. "Oh I can arrange that -- okay, then," she offered to Emily, "let's trade -- I'll take your boyfriend with the huge dick for a night, and you can have David as your boyfriend -- and he'll let you go fuck a guy with a really big dick too!"

Both girls laughed their little asses off at the joke, which took me a moment to realize was at my expense. "Hey now," I snickered, "your little friend here, she had nooo idea how long your husband can keep it up in bed -- hell, it's not always just the size of the prize, but the motion of the ocean."

Lovingly, my wife gave me a soft smile. "Oh, David, we're just playing," she snickered, but then laughing again she retorted, "and, baby, I just say that -- it always IS the size of the prize that counts!" She took one look at Emily, and the two girls started laughing yet again.

"God, you two," the long-haired blonde giggled, "are a trip, too funny."

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